"I had a dream to catch a Sparrow and eat... Rarely, but from time to time birds appeared in the town. Even in the spring all looked at them and thought about the same, about the same, what did I think. About the same... Distracted from thinking about food, nobody had the strength.From hunger I felt inside constant cold, terrible internal cold. Also on Sunny days. How much myself either put too cold, not warm. I really wanted to live... I talk about Leningrad, where we then lived. On the Leningrad blockade. Kill us with hunger, was killed a long time. Nine hundred days of the siege... Hundred... Read more [...]
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survival tips

Causes of RISK: hunger.These include: disease, natural disasters, hunger, heat and concomitant hunger, cold, fear, fatigue, loneliness, incorrect organization of relations inside the emergency group. That is to say, the primary enemy for a person caught in a disaster. You are not afraid to say that the conscience of this 10-CI 99% catastrophic outcomes of accidents.HUNGERHunger honey literature defines as "a set of feelings,expressing the body's physical needs for food". Oh, and "feeling" Oh, and "expresses" I, more precisely, my poor stomach - witness. Not once I had, from time to time from a Read more [...]
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survival hunger aunt

Prater Park.Mash in certain regions to the West from Moscow called the "mash" with the accent on the first syllable. Preparing it, quite simply.If you have rye or wheat flour of at least some of the grinding, it bred in cool water and drink during the day. It perfectly takes away hunger. Drink mash in small portions, so as flour like rice grains during digestion, tends to swell. Flour can be made from buckwheat, rice and some other grains. Give two or three SIPS and small children. Separated thick flour or naievely bread given to infants as nipples, tangled in 2 layers of gauze. By the way, is Read more [...]
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A little bit about fasting and Gear.

Hunger.Do not be afraid of hunger. If you do not move a lot, you can zapposto ppodepzhatsya twenty days without food. If you go pposto can persistent; six days. SOME aces travel ustpaivayut "hunger marches" to not carry a spare gpuz not tpatit Quaternary messing with cooking utensils and food.Hygiene is fasting. Starvation the carry partial easier. Hunger ppisutstvuet only subintrusive tris day. It is necessary to suppress its plentiful greater consumption of warm water. Then opganizm podstpaivaetsya to the situation. Ppimepno after 20 days of hunger strike hunger reappears. This is the signal Read more [...]
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How to find a powerful and easy muscles

Of course I am sorry that much has been written, but it is clear (the essence)How to find a powerful and easy musclesAcrobat must be very strong and, at the same time, very easy. Truth is simple and clear. But she seems to be a contradiction in terms: to be a strong need big muscles and big muscles weigh a lot ... Worse: to pump big muscles, you need a lot to eat, and while still zhirok grows up, which must somehow parallel fight.There comes to mind is the definition of some people as "wiry". That which does not have huge muscles, but has an amazing power. He does not have to be thin, but Read more [...]
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Global hunger index: 1 billion people starving. Infographics

More than a billion people in the world today are malnourished. These data are presented in the Global hunger index 2010 by the International food policy research Institute. According to the authors of the document, the main reason for such a high performance is malnutrition among children. The highest rate of hunger in the African countries of sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia. The report urges governments to fight in the first place with malnutrition among children — in order to reduce the overall performance. In most countries of the former Soviet Union indicators Read more [...]
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Solar activity was accused of provoking hunger

Scientists have found a correlation between solar activity, weather, wheat production and periods of hunger and loss of population, analyzing the European historical record for the period XIII-XVIII centuries. Work accepted for publication in the journal Astrophysical Bulletin, it is laid out in the pre-print archive at Cornell University. Summary of the article can be read in the blog Technology Review. Detect the influence of solar activity on the availability of food could search through specific areas where this effect is most noticeable. According to the authors, the ionization of the upper Read more [...]
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Global hunger index: 1 billion people are starving. Infographics

More than a billion people in the world today are undernourished. These data are presented in the Global Hunger Index for 2010, compiled by the International Food Policy Research Institute. According to the authors of the report, the main reason for the high rates of malnutrition among children is. The highest recorded level of hunger in Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The report calls on the government to deal primarily with malnutrition among children - in order to reduce the overall performance. In most countries of the former Soviet Union, hunger rates are at the lowest level, Read more [...]
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Severe drought struck Western India, millions suffer from hunger and thirst

March 8, 2013. Millions of people in Western India suffer from the most severe drought for the last almost 50 years, writes Space Daily. People accuse the authorities of incompetence and corruption that exacerbate natural shortage of water. The Central districts of Maharashtra, whose capital is Mumbai, face even greater scarcity than during the severe drought in 1972, said AFP chief Minister of state Prithviraj Schavan. \"In our history, water tanks never been so low in Central Maharashtra,\" said he. \"Every day reservoir more runs dry\".Minister Schavan blamed the crisis on two consecutive Read more [...]
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The locust live in hunger Madagascar

March 29, 2013. In Madagascar was hit by swarms of locusts, hitting almost half of the territory of this island nation. According to the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO), were under threat planting the main fodder crops, which could lead to mass starvation in the country. Under the threat of hunger is up to 60% of the population. For locust control are urgently needed to raise $ 22 million, according to FAO. According to them, such a large-scale invasion of locusts Madagascar has not been seen since the 50-ies of the last century. The last locust plague occurred in Read more [...]
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Forced starvation

It is known that man for a long time can do without food, while maintaining a sufficient level of physical and mental activity. The lack or absence of food is not as dangerous as the lack of water. In the absence of food the body after appropriate adjustment begins to spend its internal resources. They are pretty impressive. Thus, a person weighing 70 kg has about 15 kg fat (141 thousand kcal), 6 kg of muscle protein (24 thousand calories), 150 grams of muscle glycogen (600 kcal), 75 g of liver glycogen (300 kcal). Thus, the body has an energy reserve of about 166 thousand calories. According Read more [...]
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