Our patience is not unlimited

I have the memory of the speech of Chairman Vladimir OOOiR SS Zhukov at a meeting with the area of ​​hunting grounds users in April 2010. Here are his words: "In the area of ​​hunting grounds should be a reasonable balance of accessibility for hunters hunting different social strata with different incomes." Photo by Ivan Dupletova What do we see now? AT Depending on a whose conducting there are land, the cost of hunting massive game species increased to 20 thousand. Rubles. Almost hunting ceased to be public, it has become a expensive fun for the Read more [...]
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Who will stop the price of tickets?

Open letter to the head of Vladimir Gosohotinspektsii OV Anfimova hunters Vladimir regionPhoto: Ilya Antoniuk Dear Oleg! Hunters Vladimir region concerned about the situation prevailing at the moment in the field of hunting activities.Particularly interested in the issues of pricing for the permit (permit) for the use of fauna and the legitimacy of the collection of fees by private hunting farm and individual entrepreneurs which have concluded an agreement ohothozyaystvennoe. According to Hunter, the price of the permit (permit) and the state fee for issuing permits for hunting, Read more [...]
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In search of the golden mean

In hunting the media often appear materials on the topic of reducing the number of hunting animals and birds. In them shines through the question: "To whom will hunt when all knock out?" Unfortunately, we're going to this. Many hunters know a coveted area in the Tver region as Lake Verestovo with a river flowing through homology.Photo by Leonid Sonin For the first time on its shores, I was in 1966, when he studied at the Academy. MV Frunze. But the last 20 years in spring and autumn hunt only here. I can not, as they say in Odessa, said for the whole of Russia, but this corner Read more [...]
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As quarreled hunter and director of ohotbazy and what came of it

This happened in early April in one of the hunting economies in Central Russia (place of action, the name of the hunting farm and name the actors changed by the author on request). Photo by Ilya Antonyuk Orlov, director of the OPD «Elephants» from Hunter Petrov — a member of the district society, which acts named economy, it was at night the territory of one of the Jager farm plots.It was open hunting woodcock. Hearing the shots, and the Eagles Petrov came to this place and saw that the three hunters with lanterns Read more [...]
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About dogs without documents

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova AT «HORN» I read the article Lada Ponomareva «About the dangers and benefits of purebred dogs», A biologist by training, an expert on Borzov, in which it evaluates the article «Prohibition of hunting dogs without pedigree». Because the  I am the author of this article, I hasten to answer, so as not to be misunderstood. And now the rest: Lada respected, well, where did you get that I'm struggling with the pedigree dogs? In my article about this is not a word, in fact, I've seen wonderful working qualities of purebred Read more [...]
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Centuries-old traditions with a modern twist

Bialowieza Forest - the relic forest in the center of Europe. Until now, the memory vivid memories: the snow-covered trees, a herd of bison in the meadowPhoto by Andrey Akimov Bialowieza Forest — relict forest in the center of Europe. A unique place. Last time I was there fifteen years ago in the winter. Until now, the memory vivid memories: the snow-covered trees, almost impenetrable forest roads on which we UAZ hardly get to foresters, a herd of bison in the meadow, Soviet-style hotel without hot water… And so — a new meeting.Central closed entrance barrier Read more [...]
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«Russian hunting newspaper» 20 years!

My old dream was to create a hunting newspaper. And at the beginning of July 1994, this dream came true. Then it was decided to publish a weekly newspaper metropolitan hunting.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova July 6, 1994 was released in The first issue «Moscow newspaper hunting». Shortly before Then I I gathered in associates and editors the first editorial staff of experienced hunting writers invited: Igor Borisovich Shishkin, Dmitri Valerianovich Zhiteneva, Oleg Malov, L., Sergei Yurevich and Fokine the entire staff of the newly created them Read more [...]
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What awaits the Russian hunters?

Interview with the Director of the Department of Hunting of the Ministry of Russia AE Bersenyev (2010)— Anton E., our conversation is appropriate to begin with the issues of concern to many hunters who believe that the transfer of hunting grounds to legal entities, including private users, will lead to the infringement of the rights of hunters, especially local, hunted here from generation to generation.Now many who criticized the earlier society of hunters once again turned to face them, believing that the best of a bad society, guaranteeing hunting than good private sector, the screener Read more [...]
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On the 20th anniversary, «Russian hunting!»

My God! How quickly time flies! Back in 1994, I am very pleased to congratulate his fellow hunters with great hunting gift - with the start of the publication of the new edition of the hunting "Moscow newspaper hunting." If anyone remembers, she went modestly on 8 pages in black and white. Especially not standing out among their older sisters brightened Long-lived, the newspaper yet less long on no shelves stale. Hungry for hunting hunting periodicals eyes quickly found in Newspapers «crowd» what he needs. FROM First editions of the Read more [...]
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I’m hunting for a shompolkoy!

Judge for yourself: the low rate of such a system is armed it will cause minimal damage to the hunter nature. And the pleasure of hunting with guns is akin to what you get from walking all day on the open field under the scorching sun for a flock of quailsI am writing to you young hunter from the provinces. From the hinterland — not because it lives in the two hundred and fifty miles from Moscow, but because «Russian newspaper for hunters» sometimes we have not in every newsstand and read it falls in the badly battered as a third or fourth in line. Glossy magazines about hunting Read more [...]
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In defense of the hunter with a dog without papers

Lord experts, dog handlers, what are you so afraid of what a simple hunter goes hunting with a dog without papers?Photo: Anton Zhuravkov Hello, dear editors «Russian Hunting Newspaper»! I am a regular reader of your newspaper, I decided to write to you to read in your newspaper article №35 Mr. A. Bragin «Since dogs can not hunt without diplomas».First, a little about yourself. I am a native Muscovite, an engineer, my hunting experience of about 30 years, with dogs (West Siberian huskies) hunted all the time. I hunt mainly in Peru in the Nizhny Novgorod Read more [...]
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At current grouse: advice of an experienced hunter

Are there any Russian game birds more beautiful than black grouse, especially in the spring, when his swollen eyebrow and lit a bright red fire? You take the blue-black, handsome and you can not take your eyes off. Everything in it is beautiful and harmonious: be strong, curved wings, lined with white across the bottom, and a small neat head, and even such unusual tail liroobraznogo no one.It would be easy to knock this handsome, rose from the grass and flying in a straight line, but it is such a rapid rise stirs the blood of the hunter that he forgets often let Chernyshev hit in moderation, forgetting Read more [...]
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In the interests of hunters

As previously reported «HORN»June 15, 2010 in Elista took place «Inter-regional Meeting on optimizing the use of waterfowl Kuma-Manych migration stopover in the Republic of Kalmykia, Rostov Region and Stavropol Territory».The meeting discussed the issue of regulation of hunting of waterfowl in the territory of the Kuma-Manych depression. AT «HORN» Number 27, the leaders of the Stavropol regional society of hunters and anglers B. and A. Frese Drupa gave an overview of the discussions from a position of hunters and hunting users. Allow me to present to the readers Read more [...]
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Do reserves have ohotnichgo social movement?

In recent years, only the lazy did not pass on the problem - the issuance of hunting permit uniform federal sample (OBEFO) without passing the exam ohotminimumu and other "complications", which in previous years was accompanied by a hunter in the future entry into society.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova For public hunting movement in Russia came the hard times, despite the what it exists more than one hundred years old and proved their worth in preservation of fauna of Russia, from education members of the public respect for the Nature.At the time, Bernhard Grzimek Read more [...]
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About the future of dogs

The number 5 and 6 of 1971 of the magazine "Fishing and Hunting" had published an article by Doctor of Technical Sciences A. Liverovskii "On the sporting dog of the future." The author addresses the problems that worried the hunters of the second half of the XX century. The author's conclusion is clear: the future of the hunter - a hunter with a dog.«If we talk about hunting with a dog  the right to hunt, such as a hound hunter shoots out of the rut, a hunter with a gun – after rack, a hunter with a husky – attracted to the game of his voice assistant». – he writes. Read more [...]
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«Woe,» the wife of the hunter

Why punish me so - sit at home in one day?author photoHow, though, can be difficult when you throw in the life of at least one day. Do you think: «Why? For what? What did I do wrong? Why do people want to go home alone, without me? What did I do wrong for a husband out of the house runs like a leper?»I think many wives ask themselves these questions when the hunting season begins. I know all the notorious advice of psychologists: «Each person should have its own space, their passion, their own time, and clever wife would never encroach on «enthusiasm» husband, quietly Read more [...]
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Save the spring hunting

This year's spring hunting with duck decoy was extremely unfortunate in the suburbs. In early April, it established very warm weather, and ducks arrived earlier than usual. On the eve of Easter in a ravine near the garden I saw a stormy marriage duck, duck shouted, "falling rocks" on the water Drake was a noise. Then sharply colder, and the day of the opening of hunting April 18 I have in the ravine there was no one to hunt and had no one. And this situation is typical of the entire Moscow region. Photo Peter Mishachev Neither type of hunting is not It is causing many critical Read more [...]
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What are you guys doing?

Letter to the EditorPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev The hunting season for fur-bearing animals in 2009–2010. me and my comrades came to hunt the two cases, which I hasten to tell the readers and may be found in real hunters sympathy and understanding.Everything was as always rise at four in the morning, despite the fact that went late. Breakfast, feeding the hounds, their paddock, as one had to go about a half hour in the car, a friend, who only five months, to stay at home. And now, in the middle of the sixth meeting with friends at the appointed patch. It does not take into account Read more [...]
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Shoot so shoot!

Memory stores each hunter is a beautiful shot, made them extremely difficult conditions, which are required to show respects to friends, neighbors and descendants of the steam room.Photo by the authorMemory stores each hunter is a beautiful shot, made them extremely difficult conditions, which are required to show respects to friends, neighbors and descendants of the steam room. Some hunters will remember two or even three of these shots. But there are those who simply know how to shoot. Well, always. But why?Why should I blush and angry, because it expended some in front «sympathizers» Read more [...]
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In White Russia

Of course, the exotic Africa or Latin America - it's interesting. But fun is not cheap. And if you want to hunt wild boar and the ordinary fowl, where to go? And here it is appropriate to remember our closest neighbors - Belarusians. Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Moreover, that plus this tour a lot. No language barrier, the Russians do not need a visa, it is easier with the paperwork, and go far. Tell you more about the features of hunting tourism in Belarus, our correspondent asked the Acting Director of the Republican Unitary Enterprise Ohotohozyaystvennogo «Belgosohota» Read more [...]
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