Answering questions of hunters

So waited for the opening of the spring hunting in 2015. Our readers went to a meeting with his hunting luck in the woods and on the water. Many of those who went on an expedition with the purpose of hunting does not indulge in the same region. Photo Eugene Lutsk     On the eve of the opening of hunting the author had to answer questions from hunters who do not lose their relevance. They are allowed to prepare a compilation of the following recommendations.Vladimir T. Hunter with a decade of experience, MoscowWith me at the opening of hunting on a feather something Read more [...]
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Why only a decoy?

In publishing the article of our old author, an experienced hunter Boris Petrovich Emelyanov, we once again draw attention to the need for hunters to the rules and ethics of spring hunting.Photo by Andrey Fedichkin     We fully endorse the author of the need to ban hunting in the spring and a running fire, even if only for drakes, but with the approach. However, we can not agree with the proposal of the official permission to hunt drakes decoy with stuffed and without the use of decoy. We are well aware that the distinguished BP Yemelyanov and experienced veteran Read more [...]
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Hunters against burns

It has not yet begun to dawn when we stood on the porch and waited for the hunting base rangers detained in a barn. Quietly pokryakivali decoy in their baskets but the huntsman rustled in the rickety wooden structure, through the cracks in the walls of which methane is the light of his lantern.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova For the rest, — full of wonderful silence. And a special air. I noticed that the smell only when going away somewhere far away from the city. In suburban forest of sensations there. Soon, load the oars, we walked across the meadow to the broad reaches. Under Read more [...]
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Law of the jungle?

Immediately I must say that I bitterly write about hunting and hunting economy of Russia and those ulcers that are characteristic of the Russian hunting.Photo by Mikhail Krechmar In our century, the century of unbridled commerce as an oracle called him the XX century AI Solzhenitsyn, a century «Golden Calf», The power of money, you can buy and sell anything: from the plant to beauty top model, the bear and the argali to capercaillie and elk. It all depends on how much you pay. The rest does not matter. Selling hunting as a selling love: the same big money, the same Read more [...]
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In anticipation of the hunt

It seems so long ago it was spring, and it's already the beginning of AugustPhoto: Andrew Fedichkin In the old days with Petrova (July 12 began hunting for birds. Soon the time will come and we are going hunting. But something is not pleased with the recent posts on the introduction of rules and quotas birds, and fires again disturbing. However, the wait – see.VIEWS «CROP»Forecasts of future hunting I received through personal observations, he took from conversations with local hunters and rangers, friends and comrades, going fishing and outdoor recreation. Read more [...]
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Why study woodcock hunters?

Woodcock - one of the main types of game birds, a favorite object of hunting as the Russian hunters and Europe. In just one year in Europe produced more than 4 million woodcock in the European part of Russia about 200 thousand., Mainly in the spring draft. Photo by Sergey Fokin Autumn woodcock in production In Moscow times less spring. Average ratio of 1:17. The number of really working «writers» sporting dog at small us, if we consider it in ratio with areas of our hunting grounds. A databases working dog on autumn hunting woodcock Read more [...]
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One stroke of the pen we have deprived hunting

"Hunting brings us closer to nature, it teaches us to be patient, and sometimes to the coolness perfed danger." -I.S. Turgenev Photo by Ilya Lipin Time Spent hunting in by life goes. ?LP SabaneyevOne can cite a lot of expressions of great men describing an exciting experience — hunting. But Today we will focus on other.We write this letter prompted the confusion that at Over the past few years in the reigns Our Tyumen Oblast Gosohotupravlenii. What's going on with the timing of opening of hunting? If we recall the past, Read more [...]
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Provincial hunting weekday

"Nikolaitch! You have become an honorary hunter! "- Became the joke friends, after I was given a ticket with permission to hunt only on even days. Oh, those armchair hunters legislators! What has not napridumyvali they savoring game in any restaurant, and breaking with the head in "keeping watch" about ordinary hunters.Photo sussexbirder / Today — even number. I called a friend, agreed to go on Vecherka on Gone where duller place, with his friends. In of a powerful SUV.We met in the appointed hour, and Now we roll on highway Ivanovo. Read more [...]
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Dog woes

April 1 hunter-breeders have received from the Ministry of Natural Resources of an unprecedented gift of a change n. 46 "right to hunt." Now it exists as follows: "Education (nataska and nagonka) dogs hunting breeds is carried out without the use of hunting weapons in hunting seasons provided in these Regulations, in special areas allocated on the territory of the hunting grounds in accordance with the scheme of use and protection of hunting grounds."Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Prior to this amendment, the situation already was comical. It previously was allowed to train dogs without Read more [...]
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Hunter made happy with the latest regulations

Photo by Ilya Lipin In recent months, Russia «He reared and raced»As Gogol Russia troika. Media enthusiastically point out that we have awakened public consciousness and appeared so long to ripen in the depths of society dialogue with the authorities. She became more closely to delve into the essence of the requirements of the street. Even fishermen heard! However, until all the hunters have not yet reached.  On this occasion, your humble servant in the head jumped on the figurative definition of Oleg Gazmanov, thought-horses, which he wanted to share with fellow Read more [...]
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Problems of the Union of Hunters — Continuing the theme

- Vladimir A., ​​for a long time you - chairman of Kurgan regional society of hunters and fishermen. In a few words, please tell us about society; state hunting resources; problems.Photo by the author – Vladimir A., ​​a long time, you – chairman of Kurgan regional society of hunters and anglers. In a few words, please tell us about society; state hunting resources; problems.– Vladimir A., ​​a long time, you – chairman of Kurgan regional society of hunters and anglers. In a few words, please tell us about society; state hunting resources; problems.– Read more [...]
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Hello, we are from the Kuban. Where and who only just our team of hunters did not write his letters, appeals, complaints. Do not make their comments and suggestions, do not send their requests and requirements. Everything is useless, strong bureaucratic wall, blind and deaf himself official. Photo vic_206 / FLICKR.COM No eye sovereign nor the supervisor nor the court he did not decree…That made the decision to write to the Russian newspaper hunting collective letter.For that the hunting season for Russia and, in particular, to the Kuban hunter starts with a headache, a hassle, Read more [...]
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The congress was held. What’s next?

Photo by Alexander Lisitsyn In the first lines of his article, as in the old days, our ancestors began the letter, I want to congratulate EV Bender on his election as Chairman of the Central Board of the Association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz».And wish him even greater success than the first term of service of Her Majesty and the Hunt for the benefit of Russian hunters. I know that the Office of Edward Bender, some staff expressed dissatisfaction with my article «Towards the Congress» («HORN» Number 47, 2011). If I protect public hunting association, Read more [...]
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How young we were…

Photo by the author First, dear Valery reminded us, we hunted in the days of our youth, which, alas, can not go back. Second, give them wishful thinkingactual perceived with irony. And thirdly, the bidder owns the topic. And here's why. "To date, the Association" RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz "has about half a million hunters" - persuades us Mr. Kuzenkov and Mr. Bender in an interview with "Basic Instinct" (N 5, 2011) said that "today the Association" RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz "united only by legal entities. The Association is not citizens hunters. " And three times he's right! According to Read more [...]
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Name hare tolai or sandstone, says about where it lives. This sandy desert with dunes, saxaul, tamarisk thickets, buckwheat and very small shrub called boyalych. Last growing individual bushes, between which significant gaps. Well just love bunny to get a maturation in this form of prickly vegetation. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova As such thorns or spikes from boyalycha not. This intricately entwined with sprigs leaves and inconspicuous very rough bark of a solid impression of thorns. Anyway, my tarpaulin boots, the best shoes for such places were always scratched boyalychem Read more [...]
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With the blame on others

On the need for respect for the forest everyone knows. This cry all the posters at the entrance to the forest areas. But the forests continue to burn, causing enormous damage to forestry. An important role in the occurrence of forest fires played by the human factor. Even directly under the stands, "Take care of the forest fire!" Ever seen cigarette butts and glass bottles thrown by visitors of the forest.Photo bertknot / What should be included these facts? To bad manners, or innate rudeness? Simply stop on the second (in our country used to hang tags), is more difficult Read more [...]
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Hunter, who are you?

Photo by Vitaly Koshkin When there was a hunting channel in Russia «Hunting and fishing», My first thought was to organize all hunters (at least in Moscow) that they helped their philanthropic investments Leonid Kostyukova convert channel in the All-Russia, at the level of Central Television. For many years we have been waiting for, deprived of the attention of the "blue screen"! Any news, movies for all tastes insanely creepy cartoons that show the frightening children with their unformed psyche; there trite humor transmission with flat-liners and a few sports channels.But Read more [...]
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Hunt in the summer-autumn season, I did not succeed. I not had a chance to admire the work legasha, startled by the sudden and noisy lift lurking in the bushes Chernyshov, complain about the mistake, posobirat quail flown apart and enjoy the downed finally corncrake. Now with emotion and recall abundant night dew, and thick, reaching almost to the Belt grass, and disgusting sticking to feet wet camouflage pants, and and even the pesky mosquitoes gnats, persistently climbing in eyes ears...It would seem that the familiar, ordinary acts — Read more [...]
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What is needed retriever hunter?

In May 2014 "horn" were published two articles that have touched me deeply. One of them properly and in a timely manner to protect the good name of the Department of hunting dog POPC and personally MG Kuzin. Who are these Knockers department hunting dog? Private clubs and nurseries, registered System RWC-RKF which have no relation to the POPC and I do not understand his work. In They have the main goal — and blacken eliminate the hunting dog breeding, and only work with RKF FCI.By copying everything that is done on West, Read more [...]
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Deadly Philosophy

In the life of a hunter inquisitive happens when he suddenly thinks of the fact that takes the life of a living being that has just delighted by its beauty and harmony of movements, unpretentious expression of instincts and thirst for this very life. I have these thoughts began to stir when first I had to kill a wounded animal…Many of us have friends or even friends, negatively related to our hunting passion. Most of them are, of course, not and vegetarians question — «Do you eat meat?» respond positively and do not catch Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).