Meeting at the Ministry of Natural Resources

"HORN" Number 46Press and Information Ministry of the Environment The meeting was attended by Director of the Department of AE profile Bersenev his deputies AA Sitsko and DN Lipatov, Ministry of Natural Resources staff.The main purpose of the meeting – training and funding of measures to improve state regulation to the area of ​​hunting, identify urgent problems and ways to resolve them. To this end, a meeting of leading experts have been invited to hunting, employees of relevant agencies and institutions, scientists, zoologists and biologists, game wardens, Read more [...]
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Three hunters

Photo by the author Trips for small game in those days there were not any. Ohotbilet have paid annual fees – So much for the right to hunt. Simply and wisely. And then the gun in the store sold for five minutes, without permission MIA Going through old photos, which are filled with some old wooden boxes (apparently former casings from musical instruments), always with interest the card documenting the hunt of my closest relatives on the maternal side: Ivan Nikitich Itskova grandfather and his two sons – my family dyadek Arcadia and Vladimir.Although these people, unfortunately, Read more [...]
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Philosophy proper hunting

"HORN" №46 Ilya LIPIN For nearly a century (!) Hunters indoctrinated idea «right» hunting, about caring for wildlife reserves and the need for their protection. This theory.Actually, we got the opposite effect. A significant number of Russian hunters have little idea of ​​the «right», those. scientific, rational hunting. Still, as before, in the spring of shoot hares, grouse beating. Is not considered shameful «plop» kopaluhu or Teterka, not to mention the total extermination of the game on the road with cars. Fall under the shots Read more [...]
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The ducks are hatched

City Vesegonsk - northern border of the Tver regionPhoto: Sergey FokinAcross the river Mologa, flooded Rybinsk Reservoir, the land is already Vologda – Ulomov. The beds of the rivers, hidden high water, lowlands and floodplains of streams, gone under the waves Rybinka became not only the favorite habitat for walleye, pike, bream, perch and other underwater living creatures, but «home» marsh game and resting place of goose and northern herds ducks on spring and autumn migration.No wonder the Tver and Vesegonsk Vologda Ulomov considered among the lovers of hunting and rifle fans Read more [...]
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On the hunters of the XIX century

Essays on rifle hunting and hunting under the Vyatka. Nature and hunting, 1879 JanuaryDrawing from an archive edition Great and extensive Vyatka province, and large still in its expanse and bird and beast. Vast forests and poor soil are forcing many farmers to see in hunting great help for life. Bread in many places is born, no craft, with seasonal work greed Neve­face, and animals and birds in the woods a lot – willy-nilly will have to take up a gun and go lesovat.I think it is interesting to get to these people and to walk with them through the dark woods, to see who Read more [...]
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How are you guys?

Here are published the next new hunting rules in Russia, that's brought us another small step to the German model of game management. Slightly crushed driven hunt and seriously "corrected" spring. With spring terms of diversity of waterfowl and upland game a masterpiece - to see at least for this writer, fiction, game management luminary. Still life. Photo: Sergey Sorokin But extended periods of elk and wild boar, and all were given carte blanche. Shots ”private” farms, and even then not all, will now actually interrupted only for one month - May. Thus, it solved one Read more [...]
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On the white tablecloth winter

Our team consists of nine hunters and Russian hound PalmsPhoto: Alex Shkitin A winter day walk on the high drifts of hares, frosty breath, sharp air involuntarily squint from the blinding brilliance of fine soft snow, admire the sky above green reddish wood! ..IS Turgenev, «Sketches»There are among the hunting fraternity tribe of hunters who are ardent admirers of hare hunting. A hunting these are very diverse, but in central Russia are the most common hunting with hounds, «in uzerku» and «of tracking».Imagine a late autumn. Sheet circled, cool Read more [...]
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Looking into the distant past and the present day

Article contemporaries LP Sabaneev, published in the journals «Nature and hunting» in the second half of the XIX century, are relevant even today. You will visit the bear hunt, where hunters were required by the courage, endurance and self-control. All materials are illustrated with old prints. Hunting ... in people's lives, it has always played an important role. In Russia, among the kings, princes and boyars was loved falconry. The greatest contribution to her organization was «The sergeant falconer way» (1656), written by himself Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. From the history Read more [...]
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Fluffy passenger

On the outskirts of the hunter suddenly saw gonny rabbit trail stretching perpendicular to the roadPhotos from the archives of Peter Zverev We are all from different sources have heard that before in the winter and the snow was deeper and harder frosts, and the frost on the trees thick, and people kinder. Looking at your own life, looking for the sixty years of commercials back, convinced that it was true.From October 1941 to December 1951, I lived with my mother and sister in the village Pasykino, the present Stupino district of the Moscow region, in the house of his grandfather Read more [...]
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Winter hunting for Ustyuzhna

Finally, in mid-January he was able to get out on the hunt. We decided to go to the Vologda region under Ustyuzhna. It was here at the beginning of the XIX century played out events Gogol's "The Inspector General". Photo: Oleg Crimeans Finally, in mid-January he was able to get out on the hunt. We decided to go to the Vologda region under Ustyuzhna. It was here at the beginning of the XIX century played out events Gogol «Examiner». This we learned in a comfortable hotel, which stands on the site of a former inspector general temporary shelter.We have long been familiar Read more [...]
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Africa five on stamps

Illustration from the collection of the author One of the most popular themes in philately stamps were colonies of European countries. Since 1951, the countries possessing colonies away from the monotonous picture of reigning persons or character images of their greatness on postage stamps, and began to place figures on the history, nature and animals. Hunters will undoubtedly be interested in stamps with the image of the colonies of animals belonging to the so-called Big Five: elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhino (black and white). It is safe to say that these animals are Read more [...]
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I wrote to you …

The site posts around the creation of ROS (Russian Hunting Union) developed a fruitful discussion. In general, the right idea was more a slogan than a serious undertaking, having a base of a thorough (including material) and organizational experience. In the comments I reported his address to the country's leading politicians about the current state of hunting in Russia and asked for their help in organizing the movement to protect the interests of ordinary hunters.In April this year, I have been sent a letter: the presidential administration (at the time of Dmitry Medvedev), the administration Read more [...]
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Difficult trophy

Ten years ago, I most likely would have kicked off his clothes and showed that drathaarke how to work a real hunter. But now the bad knee bending and occasionally klinyaschaya neck restrained from such childishness.Photo by the author From the EditorAfter reading our essay the author of the Ryazan region, I could not help remembering the past season in our land. Helped beavers make wonderful duck marsh where ducks were kept until frost. But the normal hunting was impossible: every night here as a job, come 5–7 shooters without dogs. Shooting was all night, in the morning Read more [...]
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Astrakhan: the fight with the wolves

The fight against predators in the region are team and individual huntersPhoto: Vladimir Bologov In the Astrakhan region with wolves and jackals being uncompromising struggle, which strongly supports the regional and local authorities. The action here bonus system hunters each produced a predator, but positive changes are difficult.«Number of wolf and its species composition, – says Alexander A. Sandrikov, head of the regional service of nature and the environment, – changed under the influence of the events taking place in the North Caucasus since the nineties Read more [...]
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Hunting in our literature

With age, knowledge and experience of my assessment of the hunting literature became more balanced, or as it is now said, adequateIllustrations from the archives of Pavel Gusev I guess I was not the first who, having started once as a child (or youth) to read «Sketches» IS Turgenev and not finding them how ever deployed hunting scenes, have experienced some frustration. Nevertheless, the book I did read, and some places even with interest, for example, stories «Bezhin Meadow» and «Knocks».But the essay «Forest and steppe» I did not Read more [...]
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It must exist!

Spring hunting is absolutely not prejudice the naturePhoto: Sergey Fokin The question of the complete closure of the spring hunting once again sharply raised in the press. This is dedicated to conferences, meetings, discussions. In short, the topic is still painful for those who can not imagine themselves without spring hunting.Spring hunting — an integral part of Russian culture, no matter what those who advocate its complete cessation. Close spring hunting — thus depriving thousands of thousands of our compatriots happy hunting. Of course, we understand the poignancy Read more [...]
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When the arguments are lame

Spring - a capricious lady, hardly ever the whole period of hunting in the fall a good timePhoto: Igor Maksimatkin Article Bonch-Bruevich got on the front page “HORN” (№ 21, 2011) — about it, and I would like to talk. I must say that in general, with the author's critique of cases perpetrated now in our hunting ground, I agree to: “brothel”How to Bonch-wrote, is missing. But given their arguments clearly limping.What can you do last spring brought us another surprise. Snow at the opening of hunting was much, however… “Spit on the circumstances, Read more [...]
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Divan Hunter

That summer-autumn hunting season in 2012 will forever remain in my memory as a very successful. Throughout the hunting season has been an abundance of ducks in our Meshchora Gus Crystal Vladimir region. Particularly successful closing of the season dawned, which fell on November holidays.These great weekend for a period of four days coincided with the mass flight as the northern duck and kryakovoy. Two hunting Zorka us for three, me, my father and my brother, managed to close the rate prescribed in the permit.The following yields were not as effective, the reason for this was Read more [...]
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Notes Vologda hunter

In September, the fall on the southern borders of the Vologda region with virtually no Indian summer came into its own. With no night frosts, excessive cold days, few showers Yes deciduous recalled that not far off the beginning of autumn migration, the first hunt of the hare and hunting will soon end - at the moose roar.Photo themadbirdlady - anne cotton Reading «neradostnye» reports Duck Hunt Online «HORN», Mining hunters bays and creeks Mologa Reach of the Rybinsk reservoir, can be the envy of many fans of shooting ducks from both the central and remote Read more [...]
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Folk ohotobschestva: reality or myth?

Photo by Oleg Panteleyev Recent rallies in the event of one of the central regions of Russia was forced to wonder whether the hunters, unlike the fishermen, the inertial mass of gray, unable to express their civil position.Finally broke through the hunting community. Finally I saw a simple hunter «savage grin of capitalism»When a high-ranking official, the governor is acting in favor of capital. And will act, not sparing the stomach, is not a whiff of fried until the governor's throne is not swayed. When the threat of losing the governor's seat will become apparent, Read more [...]
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