Lost priorities

Why is society deprived of hunting grounds - is the main issuePhoto: Sergei Naumov Twelve thousand hunters Ivanovo region completely lost orientation in the activities of game management. In my notes, I do not aim to subject the industry-depth analysis, and do not have the necessary data to do this. I would like to express its point of view only to change.Basically Ivanovo hunters ask why society eliminated hunters. It should be understood that, in accordance with Russian legislation, a public organization, no one can eliminate. Hunters Society formed voluntarily, only the efforts Read more [...]
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At exhibitions passionate desire to be the first usually ends with a heart attack or a nervous seizurePhoto: Timur Farushkin Fans of the memoirs, all those interested in history, well known «Notes contemporary» Stepan Petrovich Zhikhareva (1788–1860). This grandson of Stepan Danilovich, who spent his early years on Ryazan province in the south Dankovskiy County. «Scrapbook» highly regarded as the contemporaries and historians of the late 19th century. Sam SP Zhiharev, according to «Diary», not He was a rifle Read more [...]
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Selection of the hunter

I'm not one of those who wants to ban lead shotauthor photo The whole world is hunting shooting steel shot, and in Russia it is not, so I would like to better reflect in this article all the pitfalls of the issue.Since 2008, the company's designers «Pozis» actively working on the patron that would compete with the cartridges with lead shot. This was primarily due to the environment, as well as the constant increase in lead prices. Ballistic tests on the basis of 12/70 caliber cartridges have not shown satisfactory results, and at the same time, the data cartridges with Read more [...]
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Tears dripped

Hunting ethics, perhaps, the main component of the relationship with the animal world of the hunter, nature, passion matesPhoto: Leonid Carentan If you look wider, we can see that this includes the unconditional observance of hunting regulations, and environmental protection, and the relationship between people and the preservation of cultural traditions of hunting and much, much more.And not for nothing «Russian newspaper for hunters» these issues has always paid and pays attention. After all, upbringing hunter understands hunting passionately loves everything connected Read more [...]
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As hunted 100 years ago …

Count VL ants. Family moose. 1907 Kimry Society, one of many at the time as it was a precursor of modern social institutions of regional scale. Apparently, members of the society were few. But they had their own land, in which you can first of all members of society and their guests.As we hunted our ancestors 100 years ago? What was then our Russian hunting?The "horn" number 29 for the year 2010 we have already told our readers about the "Rules on hunting" 1895, adopted under Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich.Now in front of me another unique document - the "House Rules Kimry hunting Read more [...]
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On the banks of the Mologa

City Vesegonsk for hunters and fishermen - is not just a district town, and places associated with the great fishing and hunting around the fascinating Mologa Reach of the Rybinsk Reservoir.This moss bogs, pine forests, numerous rivers, creeks and bays, numerous forests deciduous habitats of animals, birds and fish. The villages along the banks of the flooded Mologi – Myshkin Plenishnik, hateful, Strelitzia, Glinski, Peremut Nikulin, familiar to fans of nature as a place of catching record pike, perch, bream, taking trophy elk, wild boars, bears, as a place, not willingly impoverished writers.Right Read more [...]
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Save spring hunting

The spring, which means that soon spring huntingPhoto: Alexander Nazarov I look forward its hunters, but not asleep, and its opponents. Every year, especially in the spring, they again raised the subject of the prohibition of spring hunting. This prompted me to prepare this article.Adopted new rules for hunting and how much we criticized the Department of hunting, we should recognize that part of the spring hunting rules biologically literate and thought out. The only pity forgot to include an item on the possibility of extending the hunting when suddenly changing weather conditions. Read more [...]
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Notes veteran

Cases such happen to me often; I can safely say that 24 of the 30 wolves fall to the hounds, and the rest on the greyhoundsfrom the archives of the editorial board Article Mr. Chelishchev placed in the February book «Jour. Hunt» for 1876, aroused in me an old veteran hunting… encouraging memories of that famous (old) hound breed, which was truly a joy for those who love hunting.[mkref = 1524]With this breed is now almost degenerated, we can not agree with Mr. Chelishchev not regret with him on such a sensitive loss for us. Therefore, our task – restore Read more [...]
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The absurdity continues

Photo Nicholas Matyushenkova Read article Rinat Zaynetdinova "theater of the absurd" ("EGR" number 35, 2012), and a note to her, "From the Editor". From the author of the article, I completely agree: in fact, get a ticket, permission for production corncrake and great snipe was harder than a passport. Hunters and rangers, these difficulties do not need (matyukatsya), but for the officials of the hunt is the courage, pleasure once again to make fun of the people sitting in the "high" seats. After all, with their departure on the hunt for a ticket they do not know, "in the general Read more [...]
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Forbidden ground

During the Soviet era nomenklatura rank high very respected driven hunt on all kinds of hoofed hunting zhivotnyh.Da and how not to love this hunt! That is because, and Nikita Khrushchev, and then Brezhnev Brezhnev enough time spent in hunting grounds "Zavidovo" indulging in hunting fun. Photos from the archives of Vladimir Cherkasov Well, of course, tracking down the beast they were not engaged in the paddock did not go. Their main task was to stand or sit in a comfortable room and make accurate shot. We must pay tribute, they shot great. Many leaders of the socialist countries, Read more [...]
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Who needs the restrictions on the maximum area of ​​the hunting grounds

Editorial "horn" number 10, entitled "Why criticize the Department" signed Leonid Sonin, and wrote it, according to the individual familiar phrases, experts criticized the department. Photo Adrian Kolotilina In this article the author gives a lot of arguments about the need to establish a maximum area of ​​hunting grounds for which can be enclosed ohothozyaystvennye agreement from one person or group of persons. The main argument - the federal authority is entitled to give Art. 10 of the Federal Law "On the hunt ...". Just did not finish the author of that article, this is Read more [...]
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Tiger: murder hunt

November 15 four residents of Primorye went hunting in "Fauna" in the area to hunt for prey KraskinoPhotos: www.flickr.com-tambako As soon as the hunters went to the organization pen – who in the paddock, the numbers who, – both on the part of one of them heard the shots. When the hunters arrived to shoot, he said that out of the bushes at him rushed a tiger began his vomit, and then the hunter opened fire on it from the SKS carbine. Tiger gave up and left the hunter. Subsequently close huntsman hunting area was found shot the tiger, presumably the age of five or six Read more [...]
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Bear — a serious beast

Fortunately for the Russian hunters and now it may be possible to test themselves in the hunt for bearsPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev As far as I know, you can hunt bears and some adjacent areas directly to the Moscow area. So Muscovites-hunters to go this far will not have to.But I will talk about hunting, which are organized every year in the Vologda oblasti.Tak happened that with the Vologda region, I relate the past two hunting seasons. Another ten or fifteen years ago, local hunters often seeded oats relatively small portion of the field near the forest, about thirty to sixty acres. Read more [...]
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Hunting for grouse

The red grouse (Lagopus Lagopus scotticus) was until recently the only birds living in the UK.Photo lostajv / wikipedia.org It is a subspecies of the Willow Grouse, which has been proved by scientists, geneticists. Although it is found in Scotland and in small numbers in Wales, but the most numerous in the north of England.Hunters appreciate the hunt for this type of game for a high shooting sports, as the bird flies quickly, suddenly and fly at high speed. To find red grouse hunters use English setter dogs, pointers and setters, which examined the extensive marshes and moorlands. Read more [...]
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How not to shoot

Approaching the opening of the summer-autumn hunting seasonPhoto: Oleg Crimeans Many are already planning where to go on ducks, and preparing ammunition ammunition. I think now is the time to talk about security measures in the hunting rifle. This is not just beginning hunters, but and seasoned shooter experience.TO Fortunately for I do not hunt decade I had a chance to meet the accident, but prerequisites for it lacked. Here are some of the most common situations.One spring we hunted Shatura District on ducks Read more [...]
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Hunters and not very

The first evening flock of geese flying high, but it does the trick: hiding in their shalashika hunters, not visible haze from cigarettesPhoto: Anatoly Azarov After a short rest, and talk among themselves about different «cases» in the winter hunting begins not less interesting period — Preparation for Spring hunting geese. On Pechora hunting the transit game open somewhere early May days ten. Preparing for this fascinating hunt begins month.Remaining with winter cartridges, charged on capercaillie, Read more [...]
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Hunting, which was not

Once the hunters arrived in Alma-Ata, they realized that many things have changed, if not all,Photo: Alexander Grishin Hunters are combined with different purposes. European clubs give their members the right to hunt certain lands. Hunters Society of our country for a long time remained formal organizations — because membership They give a person the opportunity to have a weapon.Clubs trophy hunters in including Moscow hunting club «Safari»Combined like-minded a number of reasons. One of which is the presence of the club Read more [...]
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Shooting from a boat sitting

The latest issue of "horn" and www.ohotniki.ru online for a long time is a hot debate about internal ballistics shot wads of uselessness and superdalney shooting and everything else that a simple hunter, in fact, is not very important. Photo Shutterstock.com Finally «the chief theorist site» MB in comments to the article «Drills correct vskidku gun» («HORN», Number 25, 2013) asked a very mundane question: «I'd like to get recommendations for author vskidku tab leash when shooting from a boat sitting», Thereby confirming that the primary Read more [...]
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Hunting was

Goose hunting has not always been successful, and among us believed that to take one or two geese - a great successPhoto: Alex Mihaylin The hunting life events occur so incredible that even experienced hunters there are doubts about their veracity. However, what happened on the hunt, in which I participated myself or that I've heard from reliable sources, clearly can be classified as extremely rare, but plausible events.GrouseIn the fifties of the last century in Moscow, on the 2nd Bauman Street is a military Council of hunters Moscow Military District.In his room, in addition Read more [...]
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For free hunting!

There is no doubt that the public can be a matter of hunting, profitable for the statePhoto: Ilya Lipin I read in «HORN» Number 6, 2011 front-page article Alexei Mikhailovich Shigareva «What to do...». Ready to agree with every point. In my opinion, this is a free hunt for the free citizens of a free country legally.Today, many were able to engage in the free hunting – poaching, as well as the free hunting grounds in their own rights «owners» according to principle «I want, then turn back». And the rest gradually lose even the Read more [...]
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