Respect animal rights!

According to the rules of hunting, trapping and shooting of game animals is necessary "to carry out the process, is not permitted cruelty to animals." In June last year, it was forbidden to use traps that bring the fur-bearing animals before death long and incredible suffering.Fishers in hunting them samolovy required to apply the new model, the so-called "humane", instantly killing traps.However, in the pages of "horn" often found articles in which the authors openly express their opposition to humane traps. And once they publish the edition, so she proponent of animal cruelty.According to scientists, Read more [...]
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The problems of young hunters

Many hunters hunt begins much earlier than 18 yearsPhoto: Alexey Factor Hello, dear editors «HORN»!He writes you a hunter with 35 years of experience. Years subscribe and enjoy reading your newspaper, but the newspaper I never came across an article about the problems of the younger hunters. I understand from the new Hunting Act, will now be able to write ohotbilet only to the person who has attained 18 years of age. My son is 16 years old. He was 10 years old with me on the hunt. Good shooting at a round booth for the youth team, but in the hunt but a backpack, I can Read more [...]
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Tula, Semenov, Chubarov …

It has long been in the Russian hunters were working breed stool pigeons. Duck decoy semolina called Cricova (from the word "scream"). Hunter should not be confused with wild mallard duck or kryakovoy. Species or decoy line, were significantly different from each other and were separated geographically. Semenov (Nizhny Novgorod), Voronezh, Penza, Tula, Saratov, Ryazan decoy - that dalekone complete list of breeds. Photo avtoraSemenovskie Chubarov Unfortunately, in the last few decades, much mixed breed. It happened because of the case were taken by amateurs who do not have the Read more [...]
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Motley stories from the hunting life

Wherever and however you will not find at the moment with his teammates on the passion, if you spoke to them - you will certainly need to hear from them that hunting is now reduced to anything; He became nedobychliva; dogs get decent nowhere.From the collection of Pavel Gusev Wherever and however you will not find at the moment with his teammates on the passion, if you spoke to them, – you absolutely have to hear from them that hunting is now reduced to anything; He became nedobychliva; dogs have no place to get a decent; fellow hunting – take any of the tail and throw Read more [...]
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Dog hunting in the heat of passion, in the heat of passion could not repay the attack speed and with all the swagger flew into wormwoodPhoto: Sergey Petrov In the middle of the river darkened the snow. This dark provolgly language trailed by polynyas, which attracted the attention of the forest hunter rolled out. Polynya was alive.Yes, it was moving, tossing and turning in their chains of ice, breathing, kicking up closely not the chest, not the back. Breathing this black viscous water is not only seen – it could be heard. And the ears hear not. It penetrates into the soul Read more [...]
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What it takes to be a hunter or a holder of a weapon?

Often the editorial and my personal mail come such issues as well as issues on the terms of paperwork for weapons and all those connected with it. I decided to make a brief memo in this regard, to continue to draw readers to this article. After completing all legal activities and buying weapons, you do not become a hunter once, so read ohotminimum, literature, learn from the experience of senior colleagues ...  On this topic:The flowchart of purchase (re) long-barreled smooth-bore hunting (sliced) weapons purchased for class hunting or self-defense1 First Step — obtain Read more [...]
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Lesser evil

Photo by Andrey Selivanov Dear Valentin Bodunkov with his usual categorical categorically and hit the hunting society in his article «Bitter truth is better than a sweet lie» («HORN» Number 19, 2012). And you know, I completely agree with him. Valentin Bodunkov absolutely right when he says that «association of hunters split into two opposing camps – full-time employees and members. Revenues First – Second is the cost». Who can deny it? But I would not say all full-time employees. Well ranger working for 5,000 rubles a month, he Read more [...]
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In search of a compromise

Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing For the past 17 years (from the date of adoption of the law «On Wildlife») Is the reform of Russia Hunting and hunting management and hunting. And what is most interesting in this process – officials in all their endeavors interests of hunters take out the brackets.In their understanding of the hunt - a frivolous thing, just leisure with a gun, while they forget that hunting without a gun, foot, naked and barefoot not go. It seems they do not understand that in order to hunt all over the world, there are whole industries, specializing Read more [...]
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Useful experience

In the "hunting of the Russian newspaper» (№ 27, 2013) was recently held Article VI Suslov "extra element". Its meaning is that the hunting grounds users, including ohotobschestva not needed.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova All land offer to transfer control of the state, society leave as the club association, and the former owners of land assigned to provide only the possibility of providing services: accommodation, rent a boat, snowmobiles, accompanying hunting or fishing…The representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources, commenting on the proposal, called it «noteworthy». Read more [...]
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Appeal to the Russian Federation of Hunters

Russian Interregional Club decoy appeals to support our initiative on the recognition of hunting with decoy duck element of intangible cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.Photo by Dmitry Vasiliev According to historical and bibliographic data of Russian homeland is a decoy in Tula region. Unique vocal Tula ducks cultivated for centuries by our ancestors in the rock, which has become a true product of the national selection.It is known that the duck was an important religious symbol at Vyatichi who inhabited the ancient territory of Tula, Kaluga and the south of Moscow region Read more [...]
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Once again on the new hunting regulations

Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife Ministry of Russia Anton Bersenev and head of the joint editorship of "Hunting Edition" publishing house "MK" Alexander Lisitsyn. On July 11, the press center «Moskovsky Komsomolets» held a press conference Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife Ministry of Russia Anton Berseneva on issues related to the forthcoming opening of the summer-autumn hunting season. He conducted a press conference the head of the Joint Editorial Read more [...]
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In Abkhazia for quail

Several calls to our friends from Abkhazia - as there is with quail? The answer is happy - it's a lot of quail. And here we are on the way. Photo Peter Zverev Autumn this year is not very pleased with warmth. Going from Moscow for Fiat Ducato, we have to overcome about 2000 kilometers from Sukhumi. There we will be waiting for the chairman of the Abkhazian society of hunters Hadzharat Kvitsinia.The tour program is very rich. This exhibition Pointing Dogs and field testing, and, finally, the hunting of quail and corncrake in place of amazing beauty – foothills of the Caucasus.Russian Read more [...]
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Collective hunts

Photo by Alexander Grishin In recent years, among many hunters it became popular the idea of ​​the need to «avoiding driven hunt for ungulates». It is based on the fact that the driving hunt is a major disturbing factor for all the inhabitants of the hunting grounds, and therefore adversely affects the «production figures» Hunting. Such a view strongly supported by some leaders of the hunting industry and amateur trophy hunting, the majority of whom, as you know, people are very influential. Therefore, it is possible that many of your favorite pens hunting Read more [...]
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Most hunting in Rostov steppes

This year Moscow hunting club "Safari" will hold the X anniversary tournament varmint hunting.Photos from the archives of the club "Safari" Over the past decade in high-precision shooting of hunting has changed a lot. the main thing – others were the results. If the first tournament record score was shot at 297 meters, at the upcoming competitions marmots, obtained from a distance of less than 350 meters (in the hunting and sniper classes less than 300 meters), just do not go to offset!Ten years – period of time, which allows, first, to draw some conclusions and, secondly, Read more [...]
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In the wake of a publication

Me, hunters MVOO CO BV, it has been extensively studied art O. Krymtseva "Chasseurs respect the hunters", published in the "horn" number 38 on 09/11/2013. To access the article, click on the link: «Jaeger, respect hunters»I would like to express my gratitude for his years of dedication to Oleg Military hunting society, for the use of its resources and attention to the work of employees Pereslavsky ohothozyay-tion. I do not often see people who really are not indifferent to what is happening, worried about the industry and give their time to create reports about the Read more [...]
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On the bear from the ambush: the secrets of success

Hunting for oats is a favorite for many of our hunters. As you know, in the southern and central regions of the protagonist of "action", a bear, a little or not at all. Often thirsty pokaraulit clumsy necessary to embark on long journey to other regions, spending solid money and time. It's a shame that all the efforts and expectations of the beast in the tower are fruitless, bringing only disappointment. Photo t_buchtele / I have in this respect his opinion. The fundamental error of hunters and gamekeepers, seeded oats field and amassing them towers, is that there is Read more [...]
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We — hunters!

Early October, the rains poured us a little subsided, the mood has improved, and being in a good mood, and go hunting is not a sin. As a member of the SBI and living in the city of Korolev, that is located next to the Yaroslavl highway, I love to go to Pereslavskoye hunting area. Prices at this year's duck hunting, of course, «grown»But that in our country cheaper? .. Yes, and hunting farm it is necessary to carry out their activities. The costs are not small, and if not we, the members of society, will put the money, then who? And what will happen to the economy? Read more [...]
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About the wolf should not be forgotten

Photo by Vladimir Bologova In the conduct of hunting and game wardens Jaeger composition are constantly monitoring for the presence of wolves in their lands: their presence whether they lair or zahodnye from neighboring territories, what is their number.Examining the land, find out the deaths from wolves hunting animals and determine the significance of the damage.If the number is clearly dangerous gray zischnikov should take measures to them to be shot, or in the subsequent season of hunting economy will miss not only one or two dozen young wild boar and elk, but also adults. Read more [...]
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Selection: gorizontalki or vertikalka

Most hunters believe the best double-barreled shotgun. New Hunter, sooner or later, too, want to buy a double-barreled shotgun. And before him is inevitably a problem of choice: it's better – horizontal or vertical arrangement of trunks?A matter of taste, choose a shotgun, but still need to know what these guns are different on a real hunt for all the similarity of the main characteristics and design solutions.Indeed, a bed, a box together with trigger mechanism, the weight of the gun is almost the same for both. And the main characteristic – the battle – they are basically the Read more [...]
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The opening at the Tver hunters

Phew! All troubles behind. In the Tver region duck hunting was opened in time for hunting under the new rules. To exit all prepared. Phoned friends from local hunters on August 15 set off. On arrival the first thing asked of a duck. The boys laughed: «Enough for you». Problems with the acquisition of permits and authorizations were not, and I got «sezonkoy». My boat caulk and painted, so that tomorrow on the hunt. Time before the opening I have plenty, and I went to Lake Verestovo look at the situation and to prepare themselves for the hunting hut. Place Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).