Do not allow unreasonable restrictions

To the Editor received an official letter from the Ministry of Agriculture of Moscow Region signed by the Minister AV Rather, explaining the reasons for the postponement of the opening of hunting of the pen in the Moscow region on September 1st.Photo Natalya Fokina Note that the revision does not apply to the Ministry on the issue and sent letters to clarify the situation. According to the letter, a response to numerous letters from citizens, aimed directly at the ministry. Perhaps this is a response to the article authors "horn". The editors express their gratitude to the Minister Read more [...]
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Man with ohotbiletom not yet Hunter

Problems in the system of hunting a lot. And create them, as a rule, the people themselves. In the first place, was in power. Photos Vladislav Schatiloff In my article I want to talk about the problem, the most urgent now for the Bryansk region.Over the past three years in the Bryansk region recorded a steady trend towards increasing the number of injured people in the manufacture of hunting, including fatal. Here are some examples. So, if in 2010 recorded only one case, in 2011, these cases were for 6, 4 of them – fatal. And for the first period of 2012 it has already recorded Read more [...]
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Wolf in Ukraine: Interesting Facts

Photo by Vladimir Bologova The wolf and the man – enemiesBut soon, eh someone you judge?The debts of each of you is so great,And the actions are brought only people…                           Alexander BondarevIn Ukraine, for the period ended 30 years of missing both fundamental and applied research on the biology and behavior of the wolf, the monitoring of its population in the country. Therefore, the modern hunter and hunting grounds users Read more [...]
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Testing in hunting areas

Quite a long period of time between spring and autumn hunting season every hunter uses its own way. But almost all are engaged in the same – preparation of weapons, ammunition and hunting equipment for the new season. And at this period of time, usually working out of labor has to take part in hunting areas (people call it simply, working out). With regard to this interesting event has become a tradition, and I would like to talk about today.The statutes of virtually all public hunting organizations working out of labor participation included in the duties of members of Read more [...]
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Cartridges, do not leave wounded game

It seems that lately the topic of hunting culture faded into the background, and hunters are more concerned with "creativity" of our legislators, anyway budorazhuschih hunting community. Shutterstock Photo  In general, compared to past times, when the circulation of the magazine «Fishing and Hunting» It is approaching one million, and it was hard to buy today «meager circulation of hunting publications contribute to the fact that the total hunting illiteracy and lack of culture are observed in the majority of hunters. But even in these publications pay more Read more [...]
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Thirteenth fateful

Photo by Vladimir Sdobnikova They went out to the field to reap. Here Gaida on nabrody and natekla. As wail – I have already ran shivers down your spine. Hare gave circle – we perevidel. On the second go – Hyde's voice, as if from her skin skinned alive. That year was surprisingly mushroom. In September rains, mid October was a success, it was quiet and overcast. Having loaded Pester mushrooms, we all were going to go to the station as a friend heard the whistle of the grouse in a deep ravine, which ran along the bottom of a forest stream.Trying not to make a Read more [...]
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How to choose a decoy?

Photo by the author With the arrival of spring, many hunters are beginning to think about hunting with a decoy. Immediately questions arise: where and where to turn to for feathered assistant?If before purchase decoy was a big problem, and ads even in our decoy «HORN» It was rare, now no shortage of them. Many hold ducklings perederzhivat their winter and spring puskayutna sale. But where is the guarantee that the hunter who bought the duck, lucky and he will get a good employee?How often a hunter lost the entire season due to the fact that the decoy or silent, or at Read more [...]
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The sailor, writer, hunter

Photo by the author In late March 2012 in Sasovo Ryazan Region took seventh literary readings dedicated to the 135th anniversary of Alexei Novikov-Surf Silych. The event was organized by the staff of the Central Library Sasova, named after the hero of the day, LV Babanova, TI Romashkina and LA Dianova. In the reading room were representatives of the urban intelligentsia: teachers, workers of culture and art, representatives of regional and city administrations, correspondents of local newspapers. Through the efforts of library staff in the beautifully designed shelves were displayed Read more [...]
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This teal or drake?

If it was an anecdote, it would be witty and funny. But, unfortunately, sad ... the headline issue in the autumn hunting asked my uncle counter-hunter, holding in his hand a young kryakuhu. In fact, I like to reflect on the outcome of spring hunting and the so-called monitoring of aquatic species of birds, but to our knowledge of biodiversity will inevitably have to come back.Spring hunting in October Hunting lease Republic of Bashkortostan in 2013 took place from 20 to 29 April in the woodcock, geese and drakes. Requests for permission to mine in the game board appealed the October Read more [...]
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Public associations of hunters Russia

The 150th anniversary of the first Russian hunting society.Illustration from the archives of Anton Zhuravkova By the middle of XIX century in the central provinces of Russia there has been a significant loss the game. Agrarian overpopulation, the peasant land hunger, poverty and lack of livelihood of the peasants who made up at that time the vast majority of the population, leads them to look for collateral earnings in the free hunting.Hunting was carried out by all means available, both within the community of peasant holdings and poaching on the landlords' land. It is even a Read more [...]
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What’s the strategy ?!

Article Two (See. As "EGR» № 1/2 2013)Photo Nicholas Mordvinova The dream of a steady growth of the population in open ecosystems – it is nothing but a fantasy idle theorists who do not know the ecology of game animals of huge spaces with various zoogeographic zones. Maybe these fantasies arise from the brief period of increasing the number of wild animals in confined spaces at periodically emerging favorable natural conditions. Sustainable growth can not long withstand the impact of the external environment. So that «steady growth» It is possible only Read more [...]
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On the ladies’ hunting and Huntress

It turns out that in our country has formed a stable contingent of female hunters, some of them - professional hunters as education and by occupation. A striking example is the chairman of the Inter-Regional Public Organization of Hunters and Fishermen «Women's Hunting Club» and his Friends» Elena Gorbunova. On the eve of March 8, she responded to questions «Russian Hunting Newspaper».— When and how did the idea of ​​creating «Women's Hunting Club»?— I wanted to do something special and extraordinary. By the time I had Read more [...]
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Errors and mistakes

Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Nearby farms around Moscow were invited to the driven hunt for moose hunters at the same time so that, in their own stories, all forest clearing machines were packed and people – be nowhere.He ended the hunting of moose, and we can sum up the results of the 2011 season, to analyze all the omissions, annoying mistakes and make the right conclusions. It's a shame that the errors are usually the same, and are repeated year after year, whether we like it or not. I can not and have no right to judge all hunters and try to express their opinion about hunting Read more [...]
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Wolf robbery

Photo by Vladimir Bologova Wolf hunting like the hunting of bear, all-time high was quoted in Russia. Of wolf and safecracker – is the highest titles in the Russian hunting Table of Ranks. Not for nothing, wanting to point out the ultimate hunter hunting skills, have long said: «He took the wolf».Several years ago, for one «of wolf» It has more in our Pavlovka.And it was so. Here, in the Saratov Trans-Volga, wolf hunting is carried out occasionally. Local wolf, according to hunters, we have little. But occasionally he comes from Kazakhstan, Volgograd Read more [...]
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Photos of the press service of the Moscow club "Safari" In late 2011, at the initiative of the Moscow hunting club «Safari» for public discussion has taken out quite a hot topic: the introduction of a civil turn short-rifled arms for law-abiding hunters.The club "Safari" has long perfected the form of public hearings. Nothing clarifies the ways of solving a problem, as the round table, where people are invited competent, thorough knowledge of the issues discussed. Roundtable best suits today's realities, and that clearly showed the event, which "Russian newspaper for Read more [...]
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Anniversary Society «Dinamo»

- Eugene A., this week marks 90 years of the society "Dynamo". Readers of "horn" will be interesting to learn the history of occurrence of the hunting community this association. Photos from the archives of the IHO VFSO «DYNAMO» – Sports Society «Dynamo»Uniting employees and military authorities and forces of law enforcement and security, one of the first public sports organizations established in the USSR. In the Constituent Assembly April 18, 1923 was established Moscow Proletarian Sports Society «Dynamo» (INES). Following the example Read more [...]
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Ivanovo region: a simple face-to-hunters

The hunting economy of the Ivanovo region was an important event. A new, according to the law "On the hunt ...", a modern management structure so complex and multifaceted process, as the organization of hunting economy of the whole region.Photo Fotolia None of the other regions of Russia is nothing like scale conversion has not yet occurred. The urgent need for this we have long overdue.For many years in our region remains the case that 92% of the territory exclusively taken control Ivanovo regional society of hunters and fishermen. All attempts to influence his work, aligned with Read more [...]
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Who will protect the hunter?

The exhibition "Hunting and fishing in Russia" held a national forum "The current stage of the development of conservation and fishing and hunting tourism." I also took part in it. So I decided to share my impressions. The greatest interest was the presentation of the report, Director of the Ministry of Natural Resources Hunting AE Berseneva. Anton E. said that it is necessary to increase the level of responsibility for disobedience to the authorized representatives of the state, up to the deprivation of the right to hunt for one year. The question, of course, interesting and delivered in a timely Read more [...]
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Tula society proper hunting

Photo from the author's archive By the middle of the XIX century in the central provinces of Russia there has been a significant loss the game. Agrarian overpopulation, the peasant land hunger, poverty and lack of livelihood of the peasants who made up at that time the vast majority of the population, leads them to look for collateral earnings in the free hunting. Hunting was carried out by all available means, both within the community of peasant holdings and poaching on the landlords' land. It is even a special boldness secretly get into the manor forest and get there game. In Read more [...]
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On fire in the minds, and not just

In a number of reasons the next holiday I went to the first half of May. For me, a big fan of spring hunting, it's a double celebration. We have been actively preparing Nyushey. I - sort cartridges and clean the gun, it is - touch and lubricate the feathers. But, alas ...Photo by the author The hunt for the Big Urals – in Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions – closed. Introduced state of emergency because of the hot weather, forest fires, etc. etc. The fire started long before the opening of the hunting season. This means that the hunter is not to blame. Check Read more [...]
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