Choosing gifts for hunters and fishermen!

 Photo provided If you do not know what to ask for a birthday gift, feel free to insinuate that the online store and retail stores «Empire clock»  in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don has a unique clock, which hunting and fishing will always be successful!Yes, wristwatch, which «cool bite» exist!Of course, every fisherman and the hunter has his impressive arsenal of 100% of existing methods, bag of special tools and a box with a secret bait. And here is the right clock  prompt the most favorable conditions Read more [...]
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The ethics of hunting

I want to talk about hunting several seemingly abstract terms. But whether it will be abstract, if my goal - to observe the behavior of the hunter on the hunt. I will try to get away from the platitudes that drinking is not good, and aim at the stomach neighbor ugly.Photo: Sergei Narozhnova Actually, very much different thoughts lined up in my head, when I decided to write this article. Only talk about hunters and hunting, not noticing the many negative changes in the nature of Moldova, and in society, it is impossible. Perhaps it would be better to call these notes «What Read more [...]
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Denying life

Hunting, if this hobby seriously, takes forever and becomes a passion (sorry for the pathos) noble and necessary. Special relationships and behaviors existed among the Russian hunters. First and foremost, equality hunting. It is worth remembering the works of Leo Tolstoy, when the gentleman who committed blunders in the hunting business, justified before the fortress huntsman, without even thinking about the huge differences in social and financial position. Yes, and the landlord does not occur to deny the common man hunt on their lands. There were acted concepts such as conscience, shame, decency, Read more [...]
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Dangerous if the boar?

Dangerous if the boar for a man? I think that for a normal, peaceful man is not dangerous. The fact that the forest people are very sensitive and he is trying to avoid meeting people, which is why we so rarely see it, even though we live in the neighborhood.From personal experience in sport hunting economy with high numbers of wild boar, I made a firm belief that these animals may pose danger to us only in two cases: when the mother protects her cubs in the first months after birth (spring and early summer); when a wild boar wounded and very angry, and his assailant accidentally tucked a man come Read more [...]
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Driven hunt

Most hunters hunt pens associated with winter time - white trail. But not only snow-free November and December, that in recent years are not uncommon, but a number of hunts held at an earlier date by chernotropu, forced to reconsider its attitude to the driven hunt, as a purely winter pursuits and understanding of almost compulsory participation in pens four-legged helpers . Summer shelters for birds, mostly pheasant, hare in September, is not a complete list of summer-autumn battue hunting. Like any hunting, and especially the collective demands of the hunter not only strict compliance with the Read more [...]
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Quiet! Boars in salary

Hunting for wild boars subject of many interesting stories. Yes, otherwise it can not be. In addition to excellent meat, hunting gives him valuable trophies (fangs, head, skin), gives a lot of vivid impressions and thrills. Production boar in various ways. When he was working hunters in Ukraine, many of which I have used and are well known. I will try to name the most common and give them a brief description.HUNTING ambushIt is podkaraulivanii boars at night in places, something attracts them. Some farms boars ravaged collective farm maize. At the request of the chairmen of collective farms on Read more [...]
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There is another kind of "clothing" accessories, Luzan, which is in wide used by hunters of the Northern Urals, Russian and Komi. Actually, it's a hybrid of the pack and jackets-capes, typical poncho with internal pockets. Wear Luzan through the hole for the head. Make it, of course, artisanal method. And don't sew, and weave of thick wool (from sheep's wool) yarn, which, in turn, made at home spinning wheel. Traditionally, the color of the threads in the series alternates - some white, some black (dark or brown sheep, unpainted). Thick woolen fabric protects against rain and snow, perfectly warm. Read more [...]
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survival tales at night

Someone has convinced man that he is the "king" of nature. And yet this situation is very controversial. The author of these lines has met once in the taiga bear the rod and has fully procoal, who's ruler.The Euro Nations of the North, Ural, Siberia has long been felt to bear the fearful adoration. His enormous strength and outstanding brain evoked in them the idea of being divine origin, a gifted mind.The bear struck the imagination of primitive hunter that could stand on its hind legs and walk on them as people. In the fight with him people were convinced that the bear cunning and savvy, knows Read more [...]
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Hunting in the mountains asks a serious selection of equipment, because it affects not only the convenience, ease of movement, but sometimes the life of a hunter. So 1st hunting in the mountains was a pleasure, not a painful test of will and strength, need meticulous preparation. Let's start with the wardrobe.• Shoes and clothesSo how about shoes for mountain hunting says a lot, I can only recall that it must be comfortable, strong, lightweight and good ankle support. Else you can advise an iron spikes attached to the sole of a Shoe and easier movement on slippery surfaces.Fickle mountain weather Read more [...]
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it is curious..

Wolves and foxes are hunters, naturally mined..For the sake of hunting excitement or for the sake of the relative abundance of feral animals (rabbits). But to roast their meat on the fire hunters somehow not in a hurry. Wolves and foxes, usually remain for hunters, though respectable, but only symbolic trophies for the photo. Carcass as foxes and wolves in the best case, take for yourself a Ranger to Petrovci dogs. And in the worst - carcasses and lie on the ground, and not even ravens peck.But all the same? Can wolves and foxes to eat food? Well, with Fox well: in almost all regions, it's almost Read more [...]
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PE on the prowl, beware!

Chp on the hunt.Spring Almatians not very pleased with the variety of hunting adventures. Short on time and do not hunt migratory game birds only gives the opportunity to stay one's stomach. Bear Hunt, is a serious matter and requires almost a week of free time for redeployment in eastern Kazakhstan, where the hunting is possible. That is, for most hunters are not casual, there is still one quite democratic hunting is hunting for grouse. Northern Tien Shan is already a border zone area of ​​this beautiful bird, it is not much and so many households do not take this kind of limits. We Read more [...]
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Lantern Night Hunter.

I want to introduce you to a useful shtukentsiyu as under barrel flashlight Night Hunter. It's no secret that night hunting for hare and other animals is more efficient than fluorescent. But requires a few more light equipment. Just one of them is the lantern night hunter. From personal experience I would say that hunting brings with him a very tangible results. Well, so how to survive will be held in harsh conditions and all with a grub will not carry away. Hunting is a natural forage on the way to a brighter future. All the specifics of the night hunting will not describe, because it is pure Read more [...]
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The set signal of the hunter along with the missile launcher is designed for use by rescue workers, fishermen, hunters, lost tourists and other persons, for the signal which will be visible from a great distance. It can also be used to deter brutal feral animals in the forest.( Shoot next , and not the animal)The firing is carried out using a special launcher. To do this :Mostwith the lever on the fuse2. wrap the rocketTit starting device with arm's length.The principle acts: the missile with carving and color coded screwed on the threads on the trigger device. The firing pin hits the primer, a Read more [...]
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unusual use of signal hunter .. look Closely, to avoid injury.

The Signal Of The Hunter. Make a fire. 8:12Helen Adeyewa23 Dec 2013 at 9:40|I like316 commentsSergey Bestuzhev 4:3723 Dec 2013|Alexey Ivanov and someone tried to light a fire a gun. I tried, didn't work.23 Dec 2013|Vlad Polushkin said Alexey Ivanov let us next topic - how to light the fire with a grenade..23 Dec 2013|1Alexey Ivanov said Vlad Polushkina Vlad, well this here is the pineapple, just saw a video where a hunter arson fire cartridge 12K.23 Dec 2013|Vlad Polushkin said Alexey Ivanov Yah joke Read more [...]
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Hunting skiing is one of the principal types of equipment. For great long layer taiga snow impossible to walk. The most comfortable method is to walk on hunting skiing. It is clear a number of these skis : kamus, bare, combined. Often hunters make them for themselves, focusing on their own experience and experience passed on from generation to generation for many centuries. Sport skis are not suitable for hunting because of its shape - narrow and longish. When walking through snowdrifts and in the midst of the shrubs is a very difficult movement. In our article we will tell you how to choose skis Read more [...]
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Construction wintering in the taiga

Greetings friends! Here wrote an article about the construction of the taiga winter quarters. I think many of you will be surprised by this, since they have not built one, but others will probably find this helpful.Taiga cabin plays an important role in the life of every hunter fishers. As the main hunting takes place in the winter, then the need for such wintering very high. Hunter trapper, having at its disposal a certain section of the forest - puts network such wintering. The network consists of a basic hut in which the hunter lives and putikovyh huts in which a hunter spends the night Read more [...]
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Once a hunter from camp Mansi that lay in the bend of the river Tagil, long chased by Fox and by the end of the chase stood upon the top of one of the surrounding the camp of the mountains. Here his spear struck the beast. Around taiga, trees, wall standing, and the top of the mountain is steep, without Bush, only black rock sticking out. Raised hunter Fox, sat down to rest near the bow and spear with an iron tip put. Reinforced strength, looked around, and to his Yurt at hand. Began to gather in the street, grabbed the spear and cannot move from stone to tear it, as if it grew to a rock. He Read more [...]
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Signal hunter

Good day to all! At the writing of this little post I feat Terlog-a story about the protection of apples (ps big thanks to him, and written as always excellent and useful information missing). When I was a student, I also had a similar experience, but with the protection of the collective farm dog potatoes, under the contract, from the local police department private security cgrafikom of two-over-two. Occupational fields with a dog, it's Yes! Dog not only others, but also an assistant and a security guard. But we are not talking about a dog. Very interested in "stretching", especially in the Read more [...]
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Now even Chuck "century" 30-06 SPR many hunters perceived as not sufficiently high speed, with weak stopping power, without a sufficient supply of energy.What is there to read about 8х57R, in pre-reform times, "regular" cartridge rifled barrel German tees, dream at least some zveroboja hunter caught in Russia as war trophies, or more modern, brought by the officers in the group of Russian forces in Germany.At the moment cartridges marked with caliber - specific "rarity" is not enough.In the 1-x, rantovoe cartridge is faster ammunition for the combined guns or fitting, tools for comparison with Read more [...]
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survival hunting

SHOOT AS DERSU UZALA. Spring hunting ended, and some hunters are already thinking how to better prepare for the further opening of hunting in August in Peru. Pripominaete offensive mistakes slain in simple situations on the deadlift or goose.Then visit the idea: you have to learn to shoot. Unfortunately, many hunters think about this: to learn how well you can shoot on the hunt. No doubt about it. Of course you can But this learning will take a lot of time and money. And such study long and long years will be accompanied by a wounded animal, not have been found, and a huge number of offensive and Read more [...]
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