Happy New Year!

Dear friends, we are on the threshold of the New, 2013. And now is the time to talk about what is remembered hunters and our readers last year and outline plans for the future. On this same page, you can congratulate each other on the upcoming holidays.Photo by Oleg Panteleyev From July 15 the basic document on which hunting is permitted, began hunting permit uniform federal sample (OBEFO). Immediately arrived hunting season of the pen, it's time for a tour, but they were issued only on these new ohotbiletam!Our newspaper has published several official statements of the Department Read more [...]
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Discipline and Ethics battue hunting

The growing army of hunters and reducing habitat of animals (construction of houses, cottages, garden associations ...) negatively affect the number of the basic license types, primarily elk, deer, wild boar. To get to hunt members of the public hunting is becoming more and more difficult, the commercial shooting of "eat" the lion's share of licenses, hunters are more engaged in servicing VIP-persons and ohotkollektivu at best, have to make do on their own at one, sometimes even inexperienced Eger, and not in the best rounds. Animals under constant hunting pressure develop certain skills, how not Read more [...]
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On the capercaillie currents

From hunting memories. From the collection of Pavel Gusev.ILLUSTRATION OF THE MEETING GDM Quiet in the woods. He dozes, overgrown with frost, snow-covered. Only in the early morning and before sunset somewhere in the sky proklekochet old crows so restless all day knocking woodpecker, hollowing on a dry tree in advance they made pits, the grain of the pine cones. Obdolbit one lump, smartly, with some particularly chic, throw it over the head of the pit and fly again after the other ...Not rich forest and traces. On snow can be seen only the old, already hardened elk trails, Read more [...]
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Perestrel …

The permit to shoot a boar we were given bypassed gamekeeper Ivan Burenkova. Bypass it was according to the plan of Petushki Hunting and hunting device in 1966 at No. 5. It was called "Central", the total area of ​​2807 hectares. Typically, our team of hunters from the walnut-Zuevo forestry went to the sports ungulates bypassing number 6 huntsman Zhigareva we knew better than most the huntsman. In the spring, we took him on trips woodcock, in August - by ducks. I was busy with a team of hunters from Moscow or another for whatever reason - he ferried our team of hunters to Burenkova. Photo: Read more [...]
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Confidence and self-confidence

Mr Zubkov, a wonderful man, a hunter, a fine shooter. I'm friends with him for many years, with, as they say, you can walk though a reconnaissance. The experience of bear hunting from Alexeyitch as his friends call him, is small. And then still did not exist. In September the bears came out well on oats. We managed to get one Alexeitch. They were shooting at dusk, in advance. Carcass found only the next day. Meat, of course, spoiled, and the skin of a small brown male went to the candle. Trunk hunted bear, we left the same place where found in deep podtaezhke, the path of the bear Read more [...]
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It is time to come together

In late November, the initiative group of the public movement "Russian Hunting Union" (hereinafter - ML RUS) held a meeting at which they discussed issues relating to the state of hunting country after the publication of FZ-209 "On hunting and the preservation of hunting resources and on amendments Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation ", amendments and new rules of hunting.Photo Peter Kuzenkova Having analyzed numerous publications in the media hunters, biologists and officials from hunting, as well as some Emerging negative trends, the participants came to the conclusion Read more [...]
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Hunting for luckies

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Part one.Driven hunt for moose. It would seem that there is a complex? He came, put the number, the beast came out - fired, did not come out - a piece of meat you get in anyone. Host Party, if successful, receiving good money, is interested in the final result.  So it all and was "stagnant" time. Came the market got competition, so should be even better? Ahn, no. Something not getting lately on driven hunt. Remember how you had to stand for hours in the room, waiting for the pen. Moose something often went out without going through the line of shooters. Read more [...]
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Conquistadors in the Caucasus Mountains

Way to a Dreamauthor photo Caucasus Mountains!  They can not not like it. You do not cease to be amazed by their beauty and grandeur. As they looked sternly no, you can always make friends with them. A love for the mountain hunting — a prerequisite to this friendship.For me love It materializes in the mountains hunting. The process of hunting is an incomparable feeling of something secret and explicit in one person. I often wondered, what makes a person go on hunting? Following tradition? Or thirst for adrenaline? A maybe just for the Read more [...]
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Little pigeons can carry great messages

A special pleasure for duiker hunting with pygmies in the rain forests of Cameroon and the Central African RepublicPhoto: MIKEL HENDRIKS It is well known that the cherished dream of every hunter, fascinated sports or trophy hunting is «Big Five». In it, we recall, include such large and dangerous animals like African elephant, white rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo.In my opinion, however, it would be more correct to speak of “seven”Adding to the list of species such as the hippopotamus and crocodile, a successful hunt which often have to use all your skills, Read more [...]
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Seventeen minutes in the life of a hunter

Some of the modern urban hunters may seem that the real hunting with dogs zverovymi long gone, and today's Huskies see themselves bear except in fenced areas of testing stations. We hope that the story of a remarkable writer Andrew Karpov taiga men will help the reader to make the return. Illustrations: Tatiana Danchurova He was born in 1957. After the army, he studied at the geological faculty of the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute. He worked in geological parties northeastern Yakutia. Since childhood, all my soul has become attached to the hunt, and the outcome traveled hundreds Read more [...]
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Every hunter …

Without knowledge of the biology of game animals hunting success becomes illusory. So the hunter to be successful, must deal primarily in the biology of a species of animals or birds on which he is going to hunt.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COMVzroslye male deer in September, are actively involved in the rut, and that built the famous "hunting roar." Catering largely determines the location of the wildlife. And while food may depend not only the time of day, but for example, and the intensity and the nature of the persecution of the animal feeding areas. Boars and bears August — Read more [...]
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Spring hunting for ducks in Kazakhstan

Man proposes and God disposes. In another about spring hunting this year, you will not tell. It all started with the warmest winter in the last forty years, there was almost no snow, no ice of the river rose in February snowdrops. And despite the fact that the hunting grounds could open the hunt almost from the first of March, with hunting kleilos. Reports hunters were dull and not effective, but leave itself did not succeed. When an opportunity to break the hunt, I was firmly convinced that the duck has passed and already at Balkhash.But the spark of hope brought information on what is still going Read more [...]
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Go hunting for wolves

author photoMarch. Even after a hunt, not just pens, but everyones. True left hunting for wolves, which brings together all the teams of the district society of hunters.I want to talk about the last hunt, held 8.9 and 10 March this year.My friend, Alexei Matrosov, will take place in the society of hunters Maksatikhinsky District.Chairman of the society, Vladimir Tikhomirov, every year pays much attention to the fight with the wolves, despite the costs on the hunt, despite the current difficult times for the district society of hunters.March 7 bypassed gamekeeper Alexander Grigoriev, with its organization Read more [...]
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So I was stuck!

Response to the article S. Akinshin 'Vrunopravoved-referent. "Back to article: «Vrunopravoved-referent».Mr. Akinshin, reminds me of home and vividly described Krylov fable character «Monkey and glasses»: «…temyu something to squeeze them, they are on the tail nanizhet, they sniff, they polizhet…».I'm talking about the legal terms and concepts. They were not pieces of meat to be straightforward nashampurivat. And not the ingredients for salad; Do not make them French soup «Bourdais» We are living in Russia and Russian law is quite simple. Read more [...]
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Spring motives

I love spring. And all that is connected with it. And even her expectations. Particularly acute wish to feel her coming to the last cold when the night is still frosty, and in the afternoon sun warms already.Today, these feelings were only memories. This happens every year, and always not enough, it is impossible to enjoy the full extent, so tired. Now the feeling of spring has become dulled, to give way to other feelings. So I, after a pause, I want to revive in your souls the feelings that arise in the run-up to the spring, and that come along with it, and which remain in the memory.Already dvadtsatigradusnoe Read more [...]
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Cast Away

Our small, so to speak, a team of wolf several times in the new year attempted to adjust the number of gray predator. Unfortunately without success. But wolves in their criminal acts very successful - the number of animals in the area of ​​their efforts was a sharp decline.Local Kazakh hunters - activists asked by rangers to collect as many hunters to organize pens, promising at the same time to organize at least fifteen beaters. We relied on the weather forecast that promised every night from Friday to Tuesday snowfall.The first day has been planned in the area Ketmen corral, where a few days Read more [...]
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Satellites hunter

In the morning, as soon as arrived at their hunting elk hunters circled over the crows, guttural cries letting the whole neighborhood of the arrival of humans. When the line was put shooters and corral began again heard cries of ravens. Over many years of hunting I have had to meet the winged companions hunter - birds, sirens, so I want to tell you about the most striking and memorable cases involving birds.For Announcers include forest birds in the family Corvidae. This family combines very different in appearance and lifestyle of birds.To include corvids and crested jay with blue mirror on the Read more [...]
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Time Norn Renaissance

60 foxes took Norn hunter with a good dog for the season in the southern regions of Russia in the 80-ies of the last centuryPhoto: Adrian Kolotilin We, the hunters often humanize the dog gives it the mind, the soul, some of high quality. It is difficult to understand her mind, when she feels the owner, but he came down with a trolley bus and walking to his apartment house panel.There are certain patterns of new breeds of dogs different places. AT of the capital, provinces, these laws also vary. Boom Norn hunting south Russia came in the beginning of the Read more [...]
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I thank the hunt!

From the article of Rachek "Why argue with opponents of the hunt?" ("EGR" number 39 of 2014) and breathes "non-resistance to evil." I have to refer to my article "What is the hunting and the hunters?" ("EGR" number 21, 2013). Otherwise, readers will be difficult to draw conclusions based only on "criticism" Rachek. True hunter, Alexander, not question — there are hunting? Believe me. I was upset about your words Scripture: «First of all, I want to note that not all the people share the enthusiasm for the author to this literary monument». Read more [...]
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Prior to the May holidays, remained little more than a week, through a third party when he heard that in April their friends successfully hunted wild boar. My questions how and where the hunt took place, they found it difficult to answer. What is it, another legalized poaching in private households or science-based shooting game, inviting friends right?Dispel my assumptions helped "Hunting the newspaper." In the "Offer" I was attracted by the announcement: "Hunt, 45 km from Moscow: wild boar, deer, red deer, yak," and thus the phone. I will not bore readers with the details of a long conversation, Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).