Forty years IWA

This year, the most representative and prestigious European exhibition of hunting weapons, ammunition, equipment and other related products every 40 years.Photo: Alexander Bondarchuk, FRANK BOXLER / NUERNBERGMESSE I must admit that, on leaving Exhibition I expect to see a very significant celebration almost with fireworks and fireworks, especially in Memory is still preserved, as noted by the 35th anniversary by handing out special and honored guests reporters anniversary «champagne» (in quotes because it proved conventional carbonated Read more [...]
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Five days Argentina

In late January of this year I had the opportunity to carry out long-held desire - to add to your track list of hunting Latin America and hunt in Argentina.The best period of hunting these areas is considered in March — September and at a comfortable temperature a large selection of the beast. Argentina has a reputation undisputed leader in trophy hunting this continent. AND not accident because this is where there is a developed market for services and hunting It is here that you do not offer only endemic, but and an impressive Read more [...]
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Such different Spaniel

Spaniels - sporting dog breed group, created to work without the stand is attached, and be sure to aportiruyuschih game. It would seem that the purpose of hunting breed group has long determined spaniels are hunters in many countries due respect, since the work of these small dogs is abundant in any type of land. None There are less and noticeable differences in field spaniels in leisure depending on the region. AT What is the cause of these differences and how they affect rock formation in this group sporting dog, seen in this article.Great Britain is the Read more [...]
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RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz: new projects

The opening of the exhibition of the original pre-revolutionary game cardsPhoto: Vladimir Tikhomirov October 27, 2010 at the Museum of Hunting and Fishing Association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz» the presentation to the media a number of new projects in several areas of activity of the Association.One of the most important is the establishment of special hunting trophy nominations. «Five Mountain» It includes trophies (horns) Kuban and Dagestan rounds, Caucasian chamois, ibex and bighorn sheep. Nomination «The Magnificent Seven» It includes trophies Read more [...]
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Woodcocks country soul

In late autumn, when most of Russia is already covered with snow, we are breaking the Caucasus Mountains, were in a country where there is no winter. It Abkhazia. Woodcock is very comfortable, because the birds do not see snow at all. Nature Apsny — as Abkhazians call their country — gorgeous. AT a small country there are mountains with alpine meadows, dense forests and Coast with exotic palm trees, eucalyptus, magnolias and citrus. The closer to the sea, the mountain forests are becoming more luxurious.Initially, maple, and then Read more [...]
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Zverovye hunting

Late autumn came in the steppe. Hunting of the pen over. Can I still had sailed Psyol, walk through the partridge, but "ate", sated by the hunt, who sent me, and I think Don in this field Ugodnik Nicholas, the patron of those who are on the way. Driven hunt are popular everywhere, whether it's taiga forests and forest-steppe. It was: in the summer of quail, snipe, then snipe, half snipe, and finally, on the the first chills, sypanul Lord woodcock (woodcock He is responsible for — divine bird). Chamber, intimate hunting ended, it is time to remember friends Read more [...]
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Dog on spring hunting

Long-awaited spring has come, and with it the time to spring hunting. Some dream come at dawn to watch the singing wood grouse or black grouse fighting out of the hut, others - to hear the cry of geese approaching your batch or decoy ... but my favorite is the most poetic, sung in verse and prose hunting evening cravings.Spring presents the trophies which will be remembered for a long time. I like to spring hunting. It has everything: babbling brooks, discordant birds flying with different sides of flocks of geese, ducks, flowering primroses, not comparable what spring Read more [...]
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Hunting for wild boar is not far off

It starts revival among hunters on ungulates, mostly wild boarPhoto: Dreamstime Aug. Sept – the height of the summer-autumn hunting «writers» on various types of game birds. Here space and for those who like hunting for a duck as the «samotopom»And in the morning and evening flights.Owners sporting dog withdrawn soul with their pets for hunting on the red game, while others can not wait to the end of September and early October, when you can find places to vysypkami woodcocks, where the forest hermits gather at favored by limited areas before flying Read more [...]
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Drummers of the New World

In the United States, hunters for game birds like to quote the words of the famous compatriot Olden Leopold: "There are two kinds of hunting - the usual hunting and grouse hunting for collar."PHOTO AZULEITO / FLICKR.COM For the first time in late April or early May American hunters are required to choose the time to get in forest. Their main goal — enjoy the sounds of surprise musical performance living symbol of spring — for collar grouse.The first European colonists landed in New World, immediately drew attention to the Loud drums sounding Read more [...]
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Hunting — School War

Skills hunter-professionals in the Russian Empire have always tried to use the army life. If the hunters did not have enough, they had to create ...Cossacks-hunters: at Photo Cossacks can see 4.2-linear rifles «Berdan Number 2»; hunting rifle is in the hands the only hunter in nekazaka the center of the photo. V1886, there was quite a significant event in the Russian army — Supreme Order of October 21, 1886 to prepare for all the individual parts of the lower ranks of the military to perform in wartime special Read more [...]
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With faith in the potential of the Russian hunting

The new Minister Gordeev - hunter, and therefore sees and knows the problems in this areaPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev After reading in «Russian hunting newspaper» (№ 7, dated February 10, 2010) an interview with the Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev, decided to share with readers his views.It is encouraging that, unlike the former «chief» Russian hunting Gordeyev, the new Minister of the hunter, and, therefore, should see and know well the existing problems in this area. Remarkably, he did not accept hunting actively cultivated in cages, mountain packed Read more [...]
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Pelicans staff

Louisiana Swamps are most similar to the "rumblings" of the Volga delta. Huge shallow area with large fields and small islands of aquatic vegetation. At the bottom of a thick layer of mud, which has something to look for a numerous duck populations: mass fish for diving ducks, the seeds of aquatic plants for herbivorous. The nearest rice or soy fields again, just pull the wing ... Photo by Igor Babayev The road from the city to Lake Charles boathouse where the boat is kept Brian Harris, who kindly organized us this hunt, have won we have the strength of 30 minutes–40 Read more [...]
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Shotgun past century

I am trying to uncover the gun IL-54, but it is something that has not been disclosed. Out of habit repeatedly stepped on his left hand on the bottom of the receiver, and a rifle was revealed. Evening at valdshnepinoy drawn from the right barrel shotgun misfired.May. Spring hunting in the Leningrad region in full swing. I just experienced trembling moments hunting capercaillie. I'm in the hands of an ancient bird, spring songs where mammoths still listening.I am trying to uncover the gun IL-54, but it is something that has not been disclosed. Out of habit repeatedly stepped on his left hand on Read more [...]
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Man and hunting

To begin with, I am flattered attention to a man like Yuri Nikiforovich tundyk who responded to my writing ("Why do we hunt or hunter killer" ("EGR" number 34, 2011) in his article "Hunting - my passion" ("ROG» № 44, 2011). Photo by Anton Zhuravkova In his article "Hunting - my passion" ("EGR" number 44, 2011). For me, as a man of Russian (and therefore the Orthodox, because the confession of Orthodoxy has always been a sign of Russian ethnicity), the word "passion" has clearly expressed a negative sense: translated from the Slavonic "passion" is suffering. In Orthodoxy, Read more [...]
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Deadly Bullet

That long-standing summer eighties dawned in Chuvashia hot and dry, and fires threatened forests of the country. Photo by the author By the end of autumn, when the situation returned to normal, the Government of the Republic of the Ministry of Forestry has encouraged workers permission to arm us hunting shotguns. On our team we have been allocated five hunting rifles. Chairman of the Union to implement this decision and soon brought five vertikalok IL-27E 12 caliber. Our small ohotkollektiv exulted. Approaching the opening of hunting for prey. The children were Read more [...]
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An interesting case on the hunt

Hello, dear edition! I would like to share with the readers of "horn" interesting incident that happened with me and my dog ​​on the hunt. Photo by Andrey Anosov Everyone knows that hunting and fishing occur sometimes these cases are difficult to imagine, but some cause laughter and permanently etched in my memory. Surely everyone in his practice something like that happened. All of the following is the real truth, although some stories and look like a hunting stories. Now therefore.ExchangeEntertaining incident occurred in the Tula region Kimovsky district. With a dog we picked Read more [...]
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Black dog

In recent years, often I recall the prophetic words of my friend Hunter - forecaster events, uttered during the "bourgeois revolution '91."Photo by Dmitry Kashirina «You mark, Vova, my word, — said a convinced tone of good-natured fellow with «rye» Hair, who was on the other side of the barricades, — It will not hunt under the Democrats. Will you, the troubadour of democracy, remembering hunting under communism».I remember. Even as I remember! You, the Jura, as the water looked. Perspicacious your mind, but I, naive, I thought that you live in Read more [...]
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From the history of hunting woodcock

As originally Russian hunters called woodcock and snipe cravings? What to know about it and how to hunt in the old days? These questions are addressed to the editors known in Russian hunter-bibliophile Mikhail Vasilyevich Bulgakov, who kindly agreed to collect material on the subject. We offer our readers the first results of the difficult quest. Photo: Sergey FOKINA The first mention of woodcock hunting in Russian literature was found in the first printed book of hunting in Russian «Manual man practiced in the hunt, and a conversation between two friends, hermit and lesolyuba…»: Read more [...]
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Hunting was

On the rare and almost unbelievable cases occurred in the hunt for the pen, the newspaper had published three short stories ("ROG» № 29, 2011). Photo Darya Shatov MOOSEIn 1970–1980 in hunting farms of different subordination license held shooting of wild ungulates – elk, deer and wild boar – for delivery of meat products produced state. Carcasses of animals surrendered taken at fixed prices and in public canteens, rest houses and health centers, children's homes, as well as in the trading network.In Moscow shops «Gifts of Nature» you could Read more [...]
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I do not believe!

It was sometime in the magazine "Fishing and Hunting" column "Blue Fox on a branch", which published all sorts of biological incidents, mostly from various periodicals. I must say, this heading enjoyed success with readers' OiOh. " It should be noted that the various mistakes found in the pages of specialized publications, where the text should be viewed and edited by experts. I am confident that care should be taken not only to edit text (including biology, law, ethics and so on), but also pictures. Why do we have an abundance of photographs laid out game, when everyone knows that most of them Read more [...]
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