By grouse broods

Grouse broods need to look near the currents. A significant part of July to mid-August broods held not far from the former nest. If at the beginning of the season when hunting grouse, you can use a fraction number 7, the late autumn and winter go on the 4th and 3rd rooms. Characteristic the place of their stay in this time of year — old burning, deforestation and other open spaces with a thick, tall grass adjacent to the bush or forest. In late August broods to migrate edge of the forest adjacent to the moss berry bogs where cranberries are fed, and later cranberries. Read more [...]
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Sweet hop hunting

Skim read printed text, I learned to school and immediately felt an irresistible craving for books. Uncle Basil, the elder brother of our father and a good hunter, had a little library, and in it among puny benefits agriculture and beekeeping stood a big book, beautifully packaged in a tight brown with blue stains cover - filing magazines LP Sabaneev "Nature and Hunting". She immediately interested me, and uncle, making sure my readers' abilities began to give it to me at home. I confess all read it, I completely forgot, but in my memory fragile could survive unremarkable engraving: overgrown with Read more [...]
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Kuban hunting Imperatorckogo His Highness the Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich in 1900

(The magazine "Nature and Hunting", 1902) from the collection of Pavel Gusev. Beginning in № 9/2014Reaching for rocky ridges almost before the start of the Balkans, which are considered impassable hunters, we decided to make a halt. On our ridge… somewhere vybrelo 8 chamois; we have long had fun observing them binoculars.East wind today justified its reputation and the weather did not help: from Psebaya climbed clouds, in many places there was a rain, and We went around the fog.Gathered back. Serna moved to our ways and disappeared. Thus Read more [...]
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In birds trivia

September hunting season is in full swing. For most of us it was opened in August, but ask anyone, especially the owner of the gun dog, and he says that in September - the most interesting for hunting month.Show all cooler nights on morning dew falls abundant and there is heavy fog. But Here prigreet September sun, it shatters mist, obsohnet dew, wind rises and fly cobweb spiders is settled by air — a sure sign of the beginning of the Indian summer. It is believed that it is necessary to From 14 to September 21, but sometimes it comes a little Read more [...]
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Hunting Badger

As badger helped to "survive" me and my brothers in the postwar years.I read in our magazine «Hunting and fishing – XXI Century» Vadim Gudkov article  «Badgers»Very interesting and useful, which, in my opinion, gives more information about the life of the badger and his home to the young hunter (and not only), who wants to or already engaged in hunting (within the law) to this, at first glance, clumsy, but very strong and agile beast.  And I like the old hunter immediately reminded of those old, terribly hungry and cold (not just to eat, but there was Read more [...]
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On the enthusiasm and enthusiast

25 years have passed since the time when I first, then still the Soviet amateurs continental pointers acquainted with the organization and conduct of complex tests and kurtshaar drahthaar. First there was the Rostov region - Nizhnekundryuchenskoe hunting, where they were held team competitions of our continental pointers. Judged competitions and Gisbert Relero Carl Susdorf, and they also showed the work of two of his dogs — Kurzhaar and drathaar. Sverdlovsk club «Drathaar» for participation in competitions not invited It was. Apparently, Read more [...]
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With continental pointers of the beast

First kurtshaar I had in 2001. By this time, my experience has been hunting for 17 years. By 2001, I had long been held and sufficiently experienced hunter. This is what determined the choice of versatile hunting dog - Kurzhaar.About the versatility of this breed I learned from books Oleg Malov. The last push to purchase the dog became a conversation with Vadim Zhibarovskim on display at the Queen. How is it posed Gaby, though aware that talking about it! Therefore, the use of dogs zverovoe was for me a matter of course. And over time, I can say that was not mistaken in this. Now I keep still and Read more [...]
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On hunting in Russia

Article TwoAccording to specialized studies, as compared to the previously unorganized territory «9 years yield of marketable products in Gospromkhoz Glavohoty RSFSR increased 23 times. The yield of marketable products with 1000 ha land has increased by 2.7 times» (Gorbushin, Sapetina, Smirnyakov, 1974.) Reconstruction in the present conditions of game farms without the support and investment of the state at least in the early stages can be considered unfeasible task.The root cause to the sharply increased prices for transportation in all modes. In such a situation there is no opportunity Read more [...]
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Security hunting

Many hunters are waiting for battue hunting for wild hoofed animals. Unfortunately, on these hunts  as a result of violations of safety rules often killed or injured people. In the 80-ies of the last century, I had to lead the hunting management expertise to investigate the death of his son in the elk hunt chairman of the regional society of hunters.Here is how it was. Ended the hunting season for wild ungulates. Stayed last weekend. A team of hunters, led by the son of the chairman of the society of hunters, let's call him Alex, on Saturday morning went on the hunt from the regional center. Read more [...]
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Home Smithy

The museum collections in Moscow and St. Petersburg are many hunting rifles 1740-1750-ies300 years Tula Arms Plant allows the Russian Army. Word «Tula» responds to the heart of the Russian people and cozy heat — intricate and honey cakes breathing steam Graystripe samovar, ready to warm bad weather strong tea. Behind these peaceful manner should not be forgotten the main purpose of the Tula land — be domestic forge weapons.[mkref = 2360]AT distant sixteenth century at the mouth of rivers Tulitsa like mushrooms in Russian Read more [...]
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Boots on birches

So come November ... Forest almost dropped leaves. Only here and there a green dress flaunt tree. Hunting migratory birds ended. But there was another interesting hunting on a feather - chuchelenie. This hunt for the "natives" of our forests and fields - grouse.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Teterevyata finally faded and size equals the «the elderly». Broods long since disintegrated. Birds huddling flocks and are selected the edge of the forest, close to the swamps and garnished grain fields. Attempts skrast they almost always inconclusive, Read more [...]
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The Arctic Circle

This trip to the Arctic took place many years ago. But hunting and experience gained at the time, very useful in the follow our complicated lives. We realized that the hunt in the north requires special training. The North does not forgive any mistakes or laziness. The Arctic Circle there are no trifles. ILLUSTRATION OF THE ARCHIVE PETER ZVEREVA We have several years cherished dream to visit White Sea, and Finally everything We coincided Historically, and we were ready to go. AT Moscow relatively warm and Kandalaksha snow already «on postoyanke». Read more [...]
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On an unsuccessful hunt

It happens to everyone: returning from an unsuccessful hunt, once again in the minds of scrolling script of the day, korish myself for making a rastyapistost. It's a shame to tears. Animals or birds were completely in your backpack, but at the last moment, the unexpected happened: the gun misfired, which had not happened, not the cartridge was in the chamber ... God forbid, if such an incident occurred on a collective, battue hunting, when the beast went out at you. In such cases, ready to sink into the ground from ridicule, sarcastic jokes, and even frankly harsh words from fellow hunting shop. Read more [...]
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Hunting Marquis puddle

(From the collection of Pavel Gusev)Rare spring mallard not arrive first or immediately after the merganser. Illustration: Crowe. Markizova pool is a bay, protected from the winds three sides by rolling wooded shores, and by the sea — Kotlin Island. By the southern shore, from Oranienbaum to Sergius alternate open, part rocky space relatively small areas of liquid rushes. From Sergius — already solid reeds, with small breaks.Spring fairways first opened at the old village on the north and the village EMELYANOVKA on the south side. Read more [...]
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Sheer luck

Villages along the road flashed one after the other, like each other like twins. In early 2009, I had a chance right after the New Year to go to the Tver region for hunting. Even before the celebration, in December, we agreed with our friend Yury that after Christ will gather to visit him to try his luck hunting. Yura log house in the best traditions with Russian stove and bath. All this splendor is in Sandow village, an old Russian settlement where around as the eye can see, stretch endless fields, dense forest and abandoned villages, which are Read more [...]
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Weapons and ammunition for the driven hunt

Driving hunt hoofed popular not only in Russia -in many European countries battue hunting are centuries-old traditions.Piercing bullets for special container "bullet" shotguns produced worldwide. In the smooth barrel in the the initial stage of the shot soft lead bullets significantly change its original shape. AT less change the original dimensions of piercing bullets Container «packing». Of course, the developers knew the bullets «disease» his inventions and to some extent found «medicine»Preventing deformation even in gun. Read more [...]
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From the history of the king’s hunting palace in Bialowieza

Among the many hunting grounds existing in Europe, occupies a special place woodland of Bialowieza Forest - one of the few forest stands, preserved to this day their original stateNo less interesting is the history of the forest in the grand and royal ohot.No our story is devoted to the history of the hunting palace in Bialowieza, the same tragic as the fate of its inhabitants.It so happened that from time immemorial hunted in the forest only the stately lady – princes, kings, kings, heads of modern states. Even in the twelfth century in the Bialowieza Forest had lived Russian Prince Vladimir Read more [...]
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On turtledoves

 A quail is not, with their three Kurtz had shot, and that's it. We got into the habit to go by ordinary turtledoves, but ringed attention not hurt. Saturday morning we met at the request of Roman, a sunflower near Little Belozerka. Do not hope for a good morning feeding, I took the IL-58. As expected, it was rather weak, the time allowed to walk through the forest belts in the search for larger pigeons – vityutney.  We arrived at the scheduled place is piled rifles, he drove the familiar hunter, however, with a fishing rod, but boasted good Koropchuki carp. But you can talk Read more [...]
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Shotgun «IL-K»

In those years I was in Armenia on the border with Turkey in the frontier troops. Once he arrived at the frontier son Arutha, old, well-known to the whole Armenia hunter and told me that my father was very seriously ill, wants to see me and talk. I quickly gathered, and we went to the village Davalii. The famous hunter was dying of cancer.Table medal hunting gun IZH-K 1955-1963 With his grandfather Harut I often went hunting, and learned a lot from him. The fact that hunting and fishing conditions in Armenia has its own characteristics. We hunted with Harut boar and jackals in Read more [...]
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On hunting and hunting opponents

In my opinion, the debate between supporters and opponents of hunting are absolutely meaningless. Arguments antiohotnikov that hunting - the killing, and for fun, and that hunting does not need a man, I think the empty verbiage. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Research found that a certain part of the world there are people hunting genes. From hunting — is not murder, not sport, not entertainment and not a mental illness, and occupation of genetically caused. Hunter are, they are born. As Russian writer M. Bitter: «Born to crawl Read more [...]
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