Hunting | The survival encyclopedia - Part 16

First Grace steppe

I peered intently into the thicket on the opposite side of the gap in the hope of seeing the beast still among the treesIllustration: MANUEL SOSA Whitish, nearly colorless dawn slowly gaining strength. The outlines of the vast fields with scattered amongst them and birch groves Rakitova gradually emerging on the left and right of the desert steppe road.With the dawn began to be painted in the steppe the usual yellow, green, white tones of harvested wheat fields, reeds, vast spaces, overgrown with wormwood, and separate islands birch forest. Finally, my friends, and Volodya Jura Read more [...]
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Danube and Tisza between

Some hunting grounds and in order to guarantee a successful hunt boars bred in a fenced area of ​​200 to 1,000 hectares.Photo: Leonid Sonin What better way to hunt? Only hunting trip! For those who share this view and for whom the hunt itself, and wanderlust change places seem to be the best vacation, we can not recommend a visit to the For this purpose the good old Europe.[mkref = 1229]Such transport scheme, civilized approach and high organization inherent in all European countries. Hungary — one of them. Hunting of all European countries due Read more [...]
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Hunting with Estonian Hound

At the exit from the forest Gonchakov voice again started to get someone's trail, but quickly fell silent and skololsyaPhoto: Georgy Marchenkov With Andrei Gorelov I I met by chance three years ago. Reading in Once again, the local newspaper, drew attention to the Ads with the telephone number of the loss vyzhletsa Estonian hound.I myself Hunter and Russian hound owner, and when I saw close to their work clearly strayed bow «Estonians»Then I decided to call. Gonchakov to unfortunately, it turned out to strangers, Read more [...]
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For half an hour till the spring

During the spring hunting importantly - avoid shooting females and minimize disturbance to pleasePhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK Spring begins, and with it comes a pleasant hunters waiting for the opening of the new season. On the eve of this holiday I would like to talk about what is for us to spring hunting and how it should behave hunter.Spring hunting at all times been criticized, and the main reason for it was the behavior of hunters. Alas, for some part of their trip to spring hunting is primarily active with gun, and It means for shooting in flight overflying Read more [...]
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Be still, sad, silent!

Some misconceptions German borzyatnikaThere is a certain type of people (which, for example, belonged to the Master of the Chinese nation, Confucius and his followers), which «antiquity» It seems kind of "golden age", and the whole subsequent history – a continuous succession of degradation. These errors, which is certainly the case and the conviction of Adolf Herman that in Russian Borzoi "merged the grace and nobility, phenomenal agility and desperate courage, strength" is really able to waft "sad thoughts".That such a belief - only misleading, says at least the fact that all Read more [...]
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Caution: rake

As you know, rake, although simple, but necessary in the rural farmstead tool. However, despite its usefulness, if the rake throwing haphazardly, it risks inadvertently step on them and become the proud owner of bumps on the forehead.At the end of XIX century in Russia there were proper hunting society. Already at that distant time when game and fish were infinitely more, many understood the meaning and importance of the right of hunting, taking care of the future. Since the grace of hunting and fishing times a lot of water under the bridge. The yard Century XXI, significantly shrunk hunting grounds, Read more [...]
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Hunting for deer «in one»

The current generation of hunters hunt deer has become much more difficult. The reason - the reduction in the number one game "soul hunting" and far from a fair system of distribution licenses and exorbitant cost them. The vast majority of hunters simply do not have the opportunity to gain experience of hunting for deer and sometimes even "get" coveted license, just do not know how to properly get the beast, even a large team.Sure defeat the purpose of the shotgun is possible when the distance is not exceeds 50 meters. FROM fixed optics and when a great workout distance can be increased Read more [...]
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Hunting the hare on the trail

Not all hunters keep the hounds, but each draws on the huntIllustration: Bruno Liljefors AND So when the night falls and snow hares, putting things before dawn on maturation, done at its fresh tracks, the hunter goes to gun and without the dog trails hares. The trail is meant to find a trace of hunting with the hare feeding on and a day of rest on the trail to reach maturation.In this way, hunted and on the hare. But at the forest is difficult in a timely notice hare his snow-white coat. Tropez hare profitable Read more [...]
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The Passion of boar

Wild boar - a popular object of amateur hunting. Has a powerful strength and courage, these animals deserve the glory and respect for the hunters. Get a large cleaver prowess has always been at the Russian princes.Has a powerful strength and courage, these animals deserve the glory and respect for the hunters. Get a large cleaver prowess has always been at the Russian princes.Boar — popular object of amateur hunting. Hunting He of all hunts ungulate, probably the most difficult. AND not because permission to its production is not always easy, and not Read more [...]
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Small but tasty

"Quail dried, smoked and salted all over. Please eaten fresh, in pies, sauces and fried in a pan with sour cream; but soon they were on their cloying so annoyed that no one could look at them without disgust." - ST Aksakov Notes Rifle Hunter Orenburg Province.It will be mean that quail is very thin, weak skin, so it is necessary to pluck them great care. And Vstepnoy steppe zones of quail hunting is a massive object. I many hunting quail on Black Sea and Azov Sea, where they are sometimes found in large numbers during the autumn Read more [...]
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How to prepare for spring hunting Hunting success is largely dependent on how well will be prepared for this hunter. Terms of spring hunting very short, and sometimes even the most experienced amateurs hunting rifle commit serious mistakes. Let me remind of something and experienced and beginners.GUN.First, check your weapons, if necessary, clean it and make the necessary repairs. If you have more than one gun, it is best to take on both the hunt. A friend of mine «Gusyatnikov»By the way, the director of a large hunting store in St. Petersburg, arrives for some time the only way.Just a Read more [...]
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Don sketches

Tournament created by shooting enthusiasts turned into a unique and meaningful hunting contestPhoto: Vladimir Brazhkin This year's tournament varmint hunting at Prizes Moscow hunting club «Safari» held in Chertkovsky district of Rostov region with 7 to July 10. This is the fifth year in not for me part one of its founders Yuri Rostislavovich Sletov. All five of his last tournament dedicated to the blessed memory.[mkref = 3406]When seven years ago, the first time went on tournament varmint hunting, not I thought it would be Read more [...]
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Separately, about MC-21-12

Six years ago, I wrote a few articles about the guns that are well known and used in many years. In general, notes Hunter. I set out their views on the MC-21. Still, the thirty years of its use.Photo: Mikhail Semin So it does not leave me feeling a certain harshness and categorical conclusions about this gun. Meticulously many years of listening to the views of other hunters of the MC, sought out material in journals and reviews of reputable people in the hunt.Apparently, there was no confidence in the rightness of their categorical: «Browning» – yes, and the Read more [...]
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Mouse Hunt

Hunting wild animals in the wild is not only a basic condition for their survival, but also the main link in the chain of natural selection. After all, as the production they got, especially the sick, defective, or lost their shelters individuals. Ideal predator among birds are owls. Nature has generously endowed them with all the necessary large family «attributes» hunter. Unique soft plumage allows silently flying up to victim. Powerful visual apparatus consisting of a straight-set eyes huge, provides binocular vision in low light conditions. Strong, heavy paw long Read more [...]
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Kalmykia — edge hunting

Interview with Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection and Energy Development of the Republic of Kalmykia YB Kaminov.Yuri, tell us about the nature, the animal world of the country.The edge we have the richest. Well, you are sure to hunt here. On the territory of Kalmykia located ten state reserves, natural park, belonging to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Federal Reserve "Black Land", the huge expanse of water. In addition to the Volga and the Caspian Sea, which can not speak, famous Manych Depression, on which the Chogray Reservoir, dam Tsagaan - Nuur (white throat). Read more [...]
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In the last ten days of September and the first half of October the weather in the Middle Urals was unstable.The relatively warm and sunny days alternated with cold and rainy September 27, the snow fell, which sometimes lasted more than two days. The latter circumstance is pleased: bad weather accelerated molting hare that in the future promised to us who do not have beagle dogs, get on the nature of a present good conditions for hunting the hare in uzerku. Expectations were met.For me acquainted with this kind of hunting season began in 1983. One day in late October, landed in the afternoon of Read more [...]
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Spring hunting

The long, slushy winter befallen the inhabitants of central Russia, already tired. I would like to friendly spring and awakening of nature. April - the month of hunting, which everyone is waiting with anticipation.On the hunt with decoy must use duck decoys. As always, before the next hunting season begin an attack on the enemies spring hunt. What at press, then Internet calls to appear its closure, organized the collection of signatures, activated «green», Sent a letter to the governors. Frankly, hunters already tired of excuses and explaining Read more [...]
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Leopards Zimbabwe

Leopard - the most beautiful representative of the cat family. His round head, long, flexible, muscular body, no tail length can reach two meters and weighs about 80 kg. Africa — a paradise for trophy hunters. In addition to the predators here, you can hunt various antelopes. Leopard fine climbs trees, settling on them for a day of rest or ambush, but hunts mostly on the ground, waiting for prey near the animal trails or watering. First predator sneaking up quietly to the victim, and then making a few powerful jumps, catches up with her. He eats mostly small species Read more [...]
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Russian Ministry of Natural Resources Draft Order «On Approval of the recommendations on the distribution of permits for hunting resources between individuals engaged in hunting in public hunting areas»

On Approval of the recommendations on the distribution of permits for hunting resources between individuals engaged in hunting in public hunting areasOn Approval of the recommendations on the distribution of permits for hunting resources between individuals engaged in hunting in public hunting areasThe draft order of Ministry of Russia «On Approval of the recommendations on the distribution of permits for hunting resources between individuals engaged in hunting in public hunting areas»On Approval of the recommendations on the distribution of permits for hunting resources between individuals Read more [...]
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Governor hunting argali

The scandal, which involved the head of the Altai Republic Alexander Berdnikov, received an unexpected continuation. So the court on charges of illegal hunting on argali, the accused which forms the former deputy prime minister of the republic Anatoly Bannykh, can not take place again. Perhaps this is due to «shady agreements» Berdnikov and bath that are able to keep the governor from retirement. It is reported by the correspondent of The Moscow Post.As it turned out, the last time the defense has decided to require the transfer of trial for poaching in the 2009 Red Book animals on Read more [...]
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