Go hunting for wolves

author photoMarch. Even after a hunt, not just pens, but everyones. True left hunting for wolves, which brings together all the teams of the district society of hunters.I want to talk about the last hunt, held 8.9 and 10 March this year.My friend, Alexei Matrosov, will take place in the society of hunters Maksatikhinsky District.Chairman of the society, Vladimir Tikhomirov, every year pays much attention to the fight with the wolves, despite the costs on the hunt, despite the current difficult times for the district society of hunters.March 7 bypassed gamekeeper Alexander Grigoriev, with its organization Read more [...]
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Why should we climb into the forest?

In late April, he called Grandfather. He said that three of the "new Russian" asking them to bring their hunt for bears in the upper Kii. He himself, for whatever reasons, to go home could not have asked them to go with their mate Gospromkhoz Gennady. Gene strong stocky middle-aged man was a professional hunter and such a request they performed more than once. Grandpa offered me to keep them company, and Gennady be easier. Customers on a bear hunt previously did not have, and we have already had with Gena and the combined experience of bear hunting. These «New Russian» Read more [...]
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Tears of science is not to promote

Response to the article of Game Biologists Pushkin "Tears do not put out the fire!".Back to article: «Tears do not put out the fire!»Start necessary with the observation that in the absence of «ether» real professionals, experts in business, academics, practitioners led (everywhere) to the fact that the niche is filled with freed …even afraid to write anyone!Amateur, sensory urgency of the problems, but do not have sufficient amount of knowledge and experience to present their views to the weight and reasoned position. Populists, hurrying to jump on «armored Read more [...]
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On traction in Moscow

One of the most interesting and mysterious cases in my hunting life.Photo: Vladimir Motkova One beautiful spring day the phone rang, it rang my friend, Alex. We had once worked together. A nice guy, kind, sympathetic, too, a great lover of nature. In time I join it to hunt. After some time he realized that he killed for meat animal or bird is not for him.And with this conviction, when we were on the hunt, but was to keep me company while he enjoyed the contact with nature. I began to question him: «How are you, then do not call, which disappeared?» To which he replied, Read more [...]
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Printed words to live!

At the end of 2013 writers, journalists, publishers have expressed concern about the fall hunting circulation publications ("ROG» № 47). In connection with this very timely and held an urgent meeting. However, it is not clear what action would help the hunting fraternity inflamed with love for the literary way, the stories about hunting. It is not easy to understand the situation, to plan ways. Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna Life flows mountain stream: changed abruptly and drowning in their whirlpools undertakings and the fate of generations. For the inhabitants period «average» Read more [...]
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Price shot

My friend Henry, an avid hunter and good shooter, actively hunted in the north, when they built the pipeline Urengoy - Pomary - Uzhgorod, traveled almost all the lands of Ukraine, and in recent years, despite his age, a passion for hunting tourism. The minimum area of ​​hunting grounds for the creation of hunting in Bulgaria is 75 ha, and hunting in the squad must not work less than 20 hunters. Vdel hunting Henry considered himself dokoy but once in mountains during sto- len from the mouflon he suffered a mishap about what he later recalled, Read more [...]
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Long Hunt

It so happens that no luck, no matter how hard you try. Like a beast in the grounds there and do everything right and nothing comes out. Though you burst. It was a full moon, and most of the night we were looking for a fellow ranger boars. Bypassed recently planted peas and corn fields, overgrown with dandelion and grass meadows where day notice it fresh Poro.  Kaban, vanished into thin air. Only in the morning, already sleepy and tired, we came upon a small herd. Legs buzzed from a long distance. Relax and forget to check with the wind, we climbed the oak-covered vzgorok, which was deserted Read more [...]
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Letter to the President RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz

President RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz Aramileva TS from experts on hunting dogs, heads of regional obschestvennyhorganizatsy hunting and fishing, dog handlers, hunters and owners of hunting dogs.Photo Karelka-layka / wikimedia.org Dear Tatyana S.!We have read the contents of the open letter addressed to you, the main aim of which was to discredit the work of the Division of hunting dog of the Central Board and personally its chief MG Kuzin.In the letter, the accusations against MG cousin. contradictory, unsubstantiated and often simply false. Employees of the department are trying to Read more [...]
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Law on Hunting: can not execute the correct

Where to put the comma?Photo Anatoly Ugadchikova Currently, the value of hunting and game management potential of the industry to the economy and population of the Russian Federation are undervalued.Economic evaluation of hunting resources of more than 87 billion rubles. Hunting Branch provides more than 80 thousand permanent and temporary jobs. Annual tax deductions in the field of hunting economy account for more than 3 billion rubles. Commercial investment in the protection of hunting grounds and technical and hunting infrastructure (10.9 billion rubles) 5 times the annual government Read more [...]
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In the end

The last day of my hunting in Latvia. Hunt, I waited for a whole year. Three days swept dizzying kaleidoscope in an instant. Even getting up in the memory left in the business city, and it became a little sad, that all ended so quickly.It was late morning. Wind waves walking on the green carpet of grass rustled in the trees. High and the sun shone brightly. Burned yellow flowering rapeseed field. Nature stormed greenery and flowers. And surrounded by beauty, which will soon have to say goodbye, even stronger heart ached.We checked last ranger storage. Left behind expanses of meadows and fields, Read more [...]
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By frost and snowball for ducks

"The reader may already be bored with my notes; I hasten to reassure his promise to confine printed excerpts; but parting with him, I can not say a few words about the hunt." - IS TurgenevBy frost and snowball for ducks Rustled summer-autumn hunting waterfowl. After the Intercession in the morning off the coast of increasingly strong zakrayki form and is not always possible to get a boat on the open water. And the soul is asking to continue the holiday, and the legs themselves are my Verestovo lake. Ducks are not visible. Only sometimes croaking fly large flocks of crows. Read more [...]
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Grey Ghosts

Since the end of October were incessant rains. So limp that of viscous slurry sloshing was hard to drag their feet. But in early December, to install solar days, and immediately grabbed cold, pinning down the marsh and swamp water spills.I I hoped that the approach of wolves hear in advance: in a quiet evening it will give even a faint rustle of grass. Behind week River is well chilled, ice donkey and waters from shore to coast acquired trough-shaped form. To pass on the river this ice ungulates not risked.Frosts increased. The night sky was covered Read more [...]
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For hunters — donut hole

The Constitutional Court finally reached the Hunting Act, which in itself is not bad, especially "pleased" press reviews on some resources that you can not select the "blood and sweat" acquired by hunting farm, about what happened that a new tenant will pass away "to all gotovenkoe "...Go to the answer VL Bodunkova to this article: "No one knows the truth, the truth everyone knows, but everyone is their own"And nonstrange no word on whether the so-called “dolgosrochniki”Whose fate is decided at this moment in court, it is not so harmless, and that, for example, receive long-term Read more [...]
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No one knows the truth, the truth everyone knows, but everyone is their own

Definitely I agree with you, dear Albert, that so-called "dolgosrochniki" are not so harmless, and that the receipt of long-term licenses these "oppressed" happening "in Chiharu" divided all "together", or of the constitutional principles of freedom of economic activities, as well as the inadmissibility of monopolization and unfair competition do not even remember.Back to the article Albert Gorbachev: "For hunters - donut hole"So we in the Moscow Region long-term licenses in 2002 were issued in secret, and - in hindsight a run in two years, and then working as a private employee of the Read more [...]
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For someone hunting in Russia?

It has been half a year since the introduction of hunting permit uniform federal model. What has changed during this period as the introduction OBEFO affected the activity of hunting societies, what issues are currently relevant in hunting? With such questions addressed to the chairman of the Editorial Board of the Vologda OOOiR Kaplina VV— Vladimir V., in an interview with our newspaper (18.04.2012) You have expressed their attitude to the introduction OBEFO. As to whether your prediction?— In our society, — completely. March 30 was formed by the annual balance sheet for 2013. Read more [...]
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Satellites hunter

In the morning, as soon as arrived at their hunting elk hunters circled over the crows, guttural cries letting the whole neighborhood of the arrival of humans. When the line was put shooters and corral began again heard cries of ravens. Over many years of hunting I have had to meet the winged companions hunter - birds, sirens, so I want to tell you about the most striking and memorable cases involving birds.For Announcers include forest birds in the family Corvidae. This family combines very different in appearance and lifestyle of birds.To include corvids and crested jay with blue mirror on the Read more [...]
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Appeal to Medvedev DA

To the Editor received a letter from A.V.Firsova familiar to our readers for the publication in the newspaper and on our website. We can not be published and given a letter of appeal.Photo: Fotolia.com, Nikolai Sorokin Chairman of the RF Government DA Medvedevfrom the hunter A.V.FirsovaYaroslavl region, Pereslavl region, Berendeevo village. Dmitry Anatolyevich!I ask you personally, in «manual» understand the following situation, as it is a disgrace to the Russian state and its government. So I ask you to remind assistants that, guided by part 6 of Article 8 of Read more [...]
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In the spring to thrust

In Europe, the most popular object of hunting of game birds is considered a woodcock. It is not hunted only in Slovenia, the Netherlands and Belgium. In the production of hunting birds, he ranks third after mallard and Collared Dove. Total European hunters extracted from 3.5 to 4 million woodcocks year. In Russia, the spring hunting allowed on waterfowl with decoy ducks or stuffed. A reader of mine! In the spring, we tramp, perhaps, we will reduce time to hunting: On the current go il meet on traction… See you, friend! Break a leg! B. Kholostov European hunting Read more [...]
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Soldiers hunting

In the life of a hunter-burrowing are not only pleasant moments when his pet happy beautiful works for competition and hunting. Work Norn dogs are very complicated. No breed of dog, except for burrowing, not exposed to such a risk, and the risk of being injured at a meeting with the beast. In addition, when the work of the dog under the ground lead can neither help her nor to direct its actions. This dog often have to fight with the enemy, which is much bigger and stronger than her. http://veselrojer.ucoz.ru For the first time in my life I saw the work of this remarkable breed Read more [...]
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All life — the fight

German hunters have always valued in dogs versatility, the ability to work on several types of hunting wild game and sought to bring this dog Jaeger. Such a dog for the Germans became yagdterer.Harassment foxes in artificial burrow is used to check the dog's working ability. IN 20–30-ies of the last century Germany from England were dark-colored fox terriers. AT then time Albion was fashion shoot with light colored Fox, and We were in the dark «deep reserve». The Germans quickly realized that these dogs are unnecessary clearly Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).