Law and order — for all!

Dissatisfaction with the lack of proper Hunting Act, the policy of the ruling elite and local Barinov, who just hunters in many places has not given in the woods come in, maturing and spills in the form of poaching - poaching willy-nilly. On the one hand, if the private economy bred boars, protects land, there are more game, I see it as an example of "their" land. This, of course, is good, but for me, a village with hounds is not allowed: fear that the dispersal of wild boars but moose. It's a shame to feel like outcasts in their own country. Of course, it is clear that the government seized the Read more [...]
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Fowl Russia

Competing in the world has long reached the level of survival. With the level of good or bad, but living up to the level - living or not. Remember the old saying? Or in the stirrup leg, or stump head. Find or artificially create a competitor "vulnerabilities" to impose sanctions - "instruments", proven over centuries, and our neighbors, and "partners" have a long practice of using them. Unfortunately, hunting Russia in recent years - one of these vulnerabilities, and vulnerability completely "man-made". Photo by Alexander Krasheninnikov Famous «statesman», Director Read more [...]
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Take the child to pull!

The most poetic of the poetic hunting - is hunting for woodcock at night cravings. How hozheno on the hunt, only God knows. But a new season, and it all starts again experience the first time.This spring, remembered Sergei took his son for the first time for the spring hunt for traction. He went to the last group of kindergarten. We often went with him to the forest for a walk. He took it, and not just for mushrooms and berries, but took on the hunt for the first time. We went to the old Kolomenka the road "heater" that they called. It is only recently did, and it has not yet been broken by timber. Read more [...]
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Confused Paradoxes XXI CENTURY

Hunters of my generation, to whom had to makehis first shot in the thirties of the last century, were well aware that in order to maintain the process dicherazvedeniya in the hunting grounds they shouldThey were inter alia to shoot stray dogsand cats. By the way, about this and had read the rules of the hunt,Hunter and responsibilities listed in the permit.In Germany, a similar shooting relied more and an award of five marks, and I was always with great zeal of prey were shot vagrants.And here's the paradox of our time number 1.During the shooting of the dog supposed to possible criminal liability Read more [...]
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Exemplary pens

On a clear day, the middle of November had visited Nalibokskaya hunting in the forest. This large forest, located near Minsk, was preserved thanks to the Polish magnates who hunted there. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova The organizer of hunting hoofed game manager has been farming Vasily Vladimirovich Shakun. On the work of managers and rangers, and the results of the hunt you want to tell.Start the day failed. In one of the vehicles struck the wheel – a slight delay. Finally, our manager hunt Vasily Vladimirovich admitted that he forgot authorization form – I had to go back. Read more [...]
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At pheasant with kurtshaar

The hunt for new locations to a new game - it's always a mystery, inviting the unknown. In their dreams, we imagine what it will be. Imagination paints a vivid hunting scenes and beautiful shots. And we are not in a hurry - not in a hurry to open the veil of secrecy, to see how things will really. We are just enjoying, savoring every moment of her knowledge ...I love the beginning of hunting. It occurs to me, not in the woods or in the field and at home. When the dead of night bell alarm clock, calling in a way. Sip hot coffee with milk dispel remnants of sleep. Items collected more in the evening. Read more [...]
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The initiative hunting fun

"Azarnoy, in the wake of Karajan, tried on, invested, but parted with Rusak easy and swift animal in an instant otros from him and found himself on the turn, and while Slade and vozrelis dog - he was already far away ..." - the heart of Russian Hunter beats stronger when he reads this classic hunting literature EE Driyanskogo. The complete hunting participate greyhounds hounds and hunters aides. The cultural heritage of their ancestors — is not only masterpieces of architecture, music and literature, but and ancient hunting techniques. Through the Read more [...]
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Hunters must be respected

It seems that you can enjoy - ended another long-awaited spring hunting. Many hunters and including myself, satisfied with their modest trophies. But, having arrived home, I first attacked the published during my hunting new numbers, "the newspaper of the Russian hunting" and ... From the very first pages wafted alarming reports as the battlefield. Then you and about «Spring “strategic” exacerbation» (A. Linkov and Rozhkov Yuri), and soothing «The position of the Department of spring hunting and entry into AEWA»Where A. Bersenev states:«Output Read more [...]
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Its dog closer …

The media and the internet flooded with angry calls hunters and representatives of the canine organizations. The reason for indignation was the order of the Ministry of Russia from 10.12.2013 № 581, which excluded the existing discrepancies concerning nataski nagonki and dogs in the hunting regulations (Order of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia № 512 from 16.11.2010).Photo by Sergey Fokin Paragraph 48 of the Rules in the early edition required at nataske have the documents specified in paragraph 3.2, including permission for production of hunting resources, which Read more [...]
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Hunting for grouse

Summer hunting marsh game with gun dog probably one of the most striking. Is that shooting grouse broods even more breathtaking. Quiet early morning of August. Huge floodplain meadow shrouded in milky fog. Besides biting lashes shepherds herd kicked out after the morning milking, unless Warbler breaks the silence. Ah, yes, here's a gun impatient whining, ripping off the leash in the search.Hunter steps on wet hummocky, pats on the head, trying to calm the dog shaking with excitement, finally opens the collar and give the coveted team «Search!» Pointing decompressed Read more [...]
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Kuban Bay

As a rule, get raccoon dog is not difficult - it is produced during the hunt for other fur-bearing zvereyili coursing fox and hare. At the end of the sixties far we, brothers Semenov, Oleg, me and Nicholas, to join the hunt father — Hunter to the bone. Our first hunt was held with Russian piebald hound Era, accidentally fell to the us in the hunt.One weekend my father took us on a c island among ponds. Oleg as a senior, he was already about nine years, one­stvolkoy 16 caliber and the dog got into the reeds in Seredka island and we Batya Read more [...]
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On grouse with kurtshaar

Hunting with a dog - this art in every sense of the word, as any art so well that it is necessary to constantly improve. Grouse - one of the most favorite objects of my hunting during all seasons. The beautiful and majestic bird, encouraging and inspiring the soul and hunt for it! Of all hunting for grouse August is the easiest and least time-consuming, yet its complexity and nuances it contains.Photo: Mikhail Semin With liner bird takes off literally from under their feet. I raise his gun, and at this point with an interval of 1 second from the first take-off, before the shot Read more [...]
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Commemorative hunting

The middle of the hunting season. Snow lies on the margins steadily, but not so much that it made it difficult walking. In the lowlands, where the vegetation is thick, it is hung on the bushes and reeds on the hills it was blown by the wind.Photo by the author The middle of the hunting season. Snow lies on the margins steadily, but not so much that it made it difficult walking. In the lowlands, where the vegetation is thick, it is hung on the bushes and reeds on the hills it was blown by the wind. the wind, which was the night before the hunt, Peremel and all traces of the fields. Read more [...]
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The ability of the dog to understand the animal tricks made hunting with Karan is very interesting, as is often the beast under him went on circlesOnly good dog will give you the opportunity to experience the hunt ... The famous Karai II Zhulisa. Photo: Dmitry Mikhalevich.Convinced with hunter cops, I I am trying to understand the charm of hunting hounds, but vain: not a dog worked. What at the forest is very dry, then it is wet, then the weather is hot, and the cold. I think: who needs such capricious on working dog? That was until I I Read more [...]
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The October quail

For the second year, for some reason it does not reach these places. Only a few individuals come across while hunting in the marsh and meadow game in the northern and eastern suburbs. Some things were better with quail in the south of the Moscow Region in Kashira, Zarajsky and silver-Prudskoy areas. But even here, the number of quail was much lower than previous years. In these areas, quail concentrated only on certain small areas Nekos or overgrown with weeds, previously plowed and then abandoned fields.It ends the first decade of October, when our small company kurtshaaristov decided to re-visit Read more [...]
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A late holiday

Abnormal dawned summer of 2010, which brought record heat and, as a consequence, severe drought and forest fires, which covered the central regions of the European part of Russia. Photo: Victor Lukashou In this regard, the long-awaited opening of the hunting season for game birds in the Moscow region came very late. Although, in my opinion, the hunt would be open and the first Saturday of September. Not afraid to do the same in Vladimir, Tver, Kaluga regions bordering the Moscow region.But officials suburbs existed a special look at this issue. Scalded milk, they began to blow Read more [...]
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Theoretical Standard

90 km / h - a speed can develop greyhound catching the beastPhoto: Eugene Buslaev The editor of the magazine The Rider & DriverYour Majesty!I am pleased to respond to your request and provide you with some information regarding my quest worthy of greyhounds.Yes, there is a standard, According to we try to keep the breed, but so different available our disposal manufacturers on what it requires to be standard that the achievement of the ideal seems quite impossible. Lack of greyhounds, which are at least approaching this ideal is the cause of dispute Read more [...]
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Cut off!

That was the name of the story of Vasily Shukshin, where local peasant Uel visiting colonel by speaking about a bunch of nonsense, deny that anyone in their right mind is simply not able to - how in the XXI century to prove that the earth is round ?! It is this story I remembered when I read «Reflections on the hunt» Mr. Bonch-. And now in order, and I quote: «Hunting, colleagues on hobby, – this is not a sport. This passion usually coming by blood or acquired, but more often – Fashionable and «Useful» business get-together»… In the first part Read more [...]
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«Elm» strong roots

On the massive hunt is issued to local residents about 100 sezonokPhoto: Alexander Grishin Ability to create private game farms, which appeared every person by the law «On the hunt ...»Nevertheless generates an alarm. Would not that familiar from childhood lakes, flood plains and woods will now be «lordly sanctuaries»Where they can hunt only visitors from the city and where the locals living here for centuries, hunting will be prohibited?Observing the way there and developing private farms in Central Russia, suggests that without a fully-fledged partnership Read more [...]
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A duck on the south not in a hurry

Abnormal phenomena in nature still left their mark on the flora and faunaPhoto: Sergey Fokin As if yesterday was bustling, open or not to open the hunt for summer fires, and has already come winter. But we are a long time will remember our autumn hunting.After the brutal summer heat, fire and finally the long-awaited autumn grace. In Moscow and in other regions of the opening of hunting and conversations were not conducted. I recognize that in the Tver region hunt supposedly open to September 1. All meals. August 28 I was in his beloved village. Yeah, Vidocq her, I tell you… Read more [...]
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