Centuries-old traditions with a modern twist

Bialowieza Forest - the relic forest in the center of Europe. Until now, the memory vivid memories: the snow-covered trees, a herd of bison in the meadowPhoto by Andrey Akimov Bialowieza Forest — relict forest in the center of Europe. A unique place. Last time I was there fifteen years ago in the winter. Until now, the memory vivid memories: the snow-covered trees, almost impenetrable forest roads on which we UAZ hardly get to foresters, a herd of bison in the meadow, Soviet-style hotel without hot water… And so — a new meeting.Central closed entrance barrier Read more [...]
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First Hunt, the first gun

Sometimes I think I was born with it already, and sometimes that's what I absorbed ...When lying on a hospital bed, listening to stories of gray-haired hunters, ecstasy and living with a slight tremor in his voice telling hunting stories, I, thirteen kid, I wanted to evening stories about hunting does not stop.And when in the House all were asleep, I lay on my back, was himself walking with a gun (always with «vertikalkoy»!) For cleft Maliki steppe. And waiting for this happy moment caused boundless sense of happiness. But, unlike some  guys, I have not had a Read more [...]
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Hunting Marshal Chuikov

'41 Ago I was fortunate to meet with the renowned warlord hunting. While Marshal VI Chuikov served as Chief of Staff of Civil Defence. He was then 69 years old.In late September 1969 I, the chief of the Office of hunters hunting-trade economy, caused by the first deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Buryat Republic, VI Dubrovsky and instructed: «Travel to the area and podyschu Mukhorshibirsky three sites in the forest for battue hunting deer — high officials from Moscow arrives». I went in with the district Muhorshibir hunters GM Kurenkov found three places for pens Read more [...]
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“Russian hunting newspaper” 20 years!

My old dream was to create a hunting newspaper. And at the beginning of July 1994, this dream came true. Then it was decided to publish a weekly newspaper metropolitan hunting.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova July 6, 1994 was released in The first issue «Moscow newspaper hunting». Shortly before Then I I gathered in associates and editors the first editorial staff of experienced hunting writers invited: Igor Borisovich Shishkin, Dmitri Valerianovich Zhiteneva, Oleg Malov, L., Sergei Yurevich and Fokine the entire staff of the newly created them Read more [...]
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What awaits the Russian hunters?

Interview with the Director of the Department of Hunting of the Ministry of Russia AE Bersenyev (2010)— Anton E., our conversation is appropriate to begin with the issues of concern to many hunters who believe that the transfer of hunting grounds to legal entities, including private users, will lead to the infringement of the rights of hunters, especially local, hunted here from generation to generation.Now many who criticized the earlier society of hunters once again turned to face them, believing that the best of a bad society, guaranteeing hunting than good private sector, the screener Read more [...]
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Gifts of Kuban

After reading a student "Notes melkotravchatomu" EE Driyanskogo and saw in the movie "War and Peace" hunt Rostovs, and I could not imagine that fate will bring me to the hunter-borzyatnikami and even more so that I would become a party to hunt rare today. Photo by Natalia BUDYCHEVOY Andrei Vasilyev, a real enthusiast, who managed to unite almost all lovers of greyhounds Kuban, knowing my passion for taking pictures of different hunts, invited me to exciting «event».— From his pack of greyhounds, — he said, — be sure to come Konstantin Read more [...]
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Oil Painting

"Tatiana Aramileva that makes you, a woman, to express their aggression against the Russian hunters?"Photo: Andrew Fedichkin At the beginning of work I worked as a mechanic in the boiler room. The oversight as a mentor experienced master Dmitri Ivanovich handed me not only the wisdom of this popular profession, but also shared experiences.«Women, – He taught me a veteran, – it is so beautiful, fragile and delicate creatures that want to take them in his arms and carry through life… But as soon as you tear off a man from the earth, it gets into Read more [...]
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On the 20th anniversary, “Russian hunting!”

My God! How quickly time flies! Back in 1994, I am very pleased to congratulate his fellow hunters with great hunting gift - with the start of the publication of the new edition of the hunting "Moscow newspaper hunting." If anyone remembers, she went modestly on 8 pages in black and white. Especially not standing out among their older sisters brightened Long-lived, the newspaper yet less long on no shelves stale. Hungry for hunting hunting periodicals eyes quickly found in Newspapers «crowd» what he needs. FROM First editions of the Read more [...]
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Hunting historyPhoto: Michael Sankov Set colorful trail. At such times, hunting moose without a dog is not possible. Trail you will not find in salary will be stuck, like a blind man in different directions. And well as podranok? Disappears if far gone.Time is running out. And the question is: what to do? «But Basil Vasilich, say, a dog barking, the moose, – friend told me once. – Talk. With him would start hunting». There were four shooters, and the fifth beater – dog. It was a big hound vyzhlets with several extended block, powerful, with a reddish Read more [...]
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Sad …

In Ryazan land opened huntingPhoto: Vladislav Shatila In Ryazan land of the opening of hunting. It would seem that the soul of the hunter should be happy and at ease (wait finally!), But I was sad. Why? Let's face it.In Sasovsky District two hunting grounds users – «Solovyevo»Members of the Association and RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz Ltd. «Dubrava». With all the difficulties associated with the issuance of permits for hunting, it should be noted that, Ltd. «Dubrava»Where the director A.S.Kalugin, coped with the task quite well. Despite the fact Read more [...]
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Autumn hunting ungulates

Familiar father invited me to a driven hunt. Before that I prefer to hunt alone: ​​thoughtfully bypassed land, patiently stalking the beast and tried to avoid the noisy companies - is in this solitude special charm. But like any hunter, lured me new experiences. I agreed and did not regret.Photo: Fotolia It was an overcast autumn morning, the fog was such that at 10 meters it was impossible to see the dog. The weather messed us all the cards. We gathered at the home a friend and decided to wait. They drank tea and discussed plans scheduled places. During a live talk time passed Read more [...]
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The smoke cleared. What is the result?

Hunting remained banned until 18 September, which was almost equivalent to its complete banPhoto: Anton Zhuravkova It is very difficult and tragic was this summer. African heat without any rain for a month and a half, of course, could not but cause fires: dried on the vine to the state of straw grass, brush and deadwood, which are filled up to the obstruction of our forests, flared at the slightest spark of Focus in shards of glass beams.I witnessed as a passerby who was walking in front of me threw a cigarette butt on a city lawn. Sprinkle peat and covered with yellow dust the Read more [...]
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I’m hunting for a shompolkoy!

Judge for yourself: the low rate of such a system is armed it will cause minimal damage to the hunter nature. And the pleasure of hunting with guns is akin to what you get from walking all day on the open field under the scorching sun for a flock of quailsI am writing to you young hunter from the provinces. From the hinterland — not because it lives in the two hundred and fifty miles from Moscow, but because «Russian newspaper for hunters» sometimes we have not in every newsstand and read it falls in the badly battered as a third or fourth in line. Glossy magazines about hunting Read more [...]
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Wanted as better …

FROM THE EDITOR:At the end of 2014, when the sidelines ohotsoobschestva raging storm of emotions caused by the persistent desire Ohotdepartamenta force hunting users to spend a winter trip records in accordance with the recommendations Tsentrohotkontrolya, editor in chief «Russian Hunting Newspaper» and the magazine « Hunting and Fishing twenty-first century» together with the president of the Association « RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz» Ministry of Natural Resources to the Minister SE Don letter about the pressing issues of national hunting. The letter contained a request Read more [...]
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Birthday Kaiser

October 12 birthday of Kaiser. Dear fans of history, not the rustle of leaves directories, do not press the keys of your computer - this date to any of the German rulers did not have the slightest relationship. Just like the name of my hunting dog breed German drathaar.Photo a.saliga / flickr.com (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) However, Kaiser — it only official documents: in pedigree, with raportichkah various events that often, and It shows that it is much less common. A for me and all of my friends legashachim cases, it is simply the name of the Read more [...]
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Hunting society and our youth

First, let's say a little about hunting economy of Russia. This, my dear readers, there is a total collapse and the abyss. A "help" in the officials directly responsible for its prosperity. Photo by Aleksey Dzyubchuka Of all the shortcomings of the Law «On the hunt», Hunting rights and other important legal documents or who just wrote and wherever may say. But no one hears! Even previously issued an appeal to the president (because only the strong-willed decision can be all at once and irrevocably change!) Had no effect. Poaching of senior officials for the sake of Read more [...]
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Forests proud sire

So I called capercaillie poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. This is the largest forest of Birds symbol taiga forests Rossii becoming more and more valuable as a biological as well as in relation to hunting. Capercaillie - Russian traditional object of hunting, tasty trophy for foreign tourists. Indeed, in most countries where grouse have survived, hunting them is strictly prohibited. In our country, hunting for capercaillie currents are still open, but requires strict regulation and strict observance of rules and regulations for Conservation of hunting. They have long been known to followers of the right Read more [...]
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Festival retrievers: look professional

The festival took place on September 25 Great Dane dog show of retrievers: Labradors, Goldens, FletaPhoto: Eugene Snipes From 24 to 26 September 2010 was held a traditional festival «Russian Retrievers 2010»Dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the club «Hunting and Dogs» retrievers and hunting movement in Russia.The event was attended by more than 150 dogs from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Tula, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl.The festival officially opened by the Deputy Governor of the Tver region VM Krasnov and the head of administration Read more [...]
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Hunting marten in the lower reaches of the Volga

On the hunt for this animal to me a few years ago, my classmate told Shreds Yurtsev, which, unfortunately, like his father, a successful hunter, is now in the country of eternal hunt ... During my last visit to this small country I have unfinished manuscript was found and modified. Weasel in the Astrakhan region consists mainly of pine marten, while the western border region of the Caucasus can go stone marten. Forests in the Astrakhan region a little bit, so marten, which reached the lower Volga region, adapted to local conditions. It is difficult to recognize the predator, big  of the time, Read more [...]
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“Foxy” corral

Ghosn approaching. After three hours of pursuit in deep snow leaping hounds crying Russian donoschiv I was just as at the beginning of the hunt, but nadryvisto sounded weary. Among the trees gleamed reddish-brown silhouette. It has long been going to gallop step, falling limp to his belly in the snow, the old woman fell out of the Rogue elnichka. Hard rearranging bloodied paws, she wistfully vzlayala, shrill high note taking and ending not a groan, not a long-drawn, whistling breath. Vyzhlovka nuzzled hare, buried in his disheveled white fluff and drawing a magic Read more [...]
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