What are you guys doing?

Letter to the EditorPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev The hunting season for fur-bearing animals in 2009–2010. me and my comrades came to hunt the two cases, which I hasten to tell the readers and may be found in real hunters sympathy and understanding.Everything was as always rise at four in the morning, despite the fact that went late. Breakfast, feeding the hounds, their paddock, as one had to go about a half hour in the car, a friend, who only five months, to stay at home. And now, in the middle of the sixth meeting with friends at the appointed patch. It does not take into account Read more [...]
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Forgotten Russian hunting

Over the weekend, the first decade of December finally managed to get out to hunt in the village for two hundred and eighty kilometers from Moscow.Last December, as well as several previous ones, the snow has not yet spoiled, so the hunt was planned in uzerku. I thought I'd look for a rabbit in the forest islands in the middle of fields, so try to take on the grouse spruce forests along streams, but most simply want to look like, see, breathe slowly to cool winter air.Walk was a success, but the first day of the trophies are not pampered. Apparently, already whitened hare got into the forest timbering Read more [...]
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The opening of the hunting — a holiday of the soul

This is a long-awaited day - August 17, the opening of hunting for swamp game! We were waiting with great impatience. Summer turned hot, with no rain. Photo by Dmitry Kashirina And of course, it affected the lands. Dry meadows. Inventory showed that all the birds accumulate in a very strong field, where it was just a little damp. I was surprised that under the Archangel in early July, in the evening, I heard the quails, who beat loud enough. But once started mowing (the 20th of any month), it has been found difficult.We hunt mowed water meadows, where grazing cows from one year Read more [...]
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In White Russia

Of course, the exotic Africa or Latin America - it's interesting. But fun is not cheap. And if you want to hunt wild boar and the ordinary fowl, where to go? And here it is appropriate to remember our closest neighbors - Belarusians. Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Moreover, that plus this tour a lot. No language barrier, the Russians do not need a visa, it is easier with the paperwork, and go far. Tell you more about the features of hunting tourism in Belarus, our correspondent asked the Acting Director of the Republican Unitary Enterprise Ohotohozyaystvennogo «Belgosohota» Read more [...]
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It was in the early 60-ies. We lived in the Kuban region, on the shores of the Kerch Strait. My father - a soldier, was fought across Europe to Berlin; Returning from the war, he became interested in hunting, was an avid hunter and always wanted to buy a hunting dog.Photo prc1333 / flickr.com (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) This case was presented to him, and He bought market Kerch a sporting pointer hunting dog breed. When he crossed over to the her ferry across the Kerch Strait on Kuban land, the last bus has already left. There was only one — Read more [...]
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Dog vocation

Well, no village dogs Russian beauty breed hounds, food poor, and in the rest of the time hunting dogs tend to just sit for months on the circuit before the booth, representing security dog. But the quality of their work ...And let us with the brother distribution list for the day: to make out the wood, bring water, cattle feed. And in the evening, when my father came home from hunting, I will older brother ran up to him and asked: «What have you brought?» And the father, always good-naturedly making fun of me, answered the same: «Here, you fox goodies handed» – and Read more [...]
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Is there a future for our hunt?

fotolia.com Friends hunters! Most of us are not indifferent to the fate of our Russian hunting. Perhaps that is why the changes in hunting laws cause such keen interest and widely discussed in the press and in the kitchen. In what is being said in the kitchen, a lot of clever and useful, articles written by professionals, even more. The only bad thing: all these dates and clever ideas do not get to the legislature. How many copies of the law is broken «On the hunt ...»Now we discuss new rules of hunting, and the result? They do not listen and do not hear not only Read more [...]
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Hounds Kamchatka today

Previously, it was possible to bring to Kamchatka hound only with the "mainland." Over the years, imported thoroughbred hounds (Russian and English-Russian) but their breeding nest has been established. Dogs are usually not allowed to posterity and degenerating. As far as I know, in the 1980s in Kamchatka it was dozens of hounds, but in 1990 left only two Russian vyzhlovki (one of them belonged to the renowned, unequaled Kamchatka zaychatniku Victor E. Shmykova) and one good Russian piebald vyzhlets C. P. Utlyakova in Petropavlovsk, but the bow from one litter piebald hounds in Read more [...]
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Hunting with Norn

Photo: Sergei Narozhnova Hunting with the Norn for their emotional feelings can not be compared with a jump of greyhounds in the field, with hunting with hounds, or setter, as a setter, taking the smell of the birds goes to potyazhku, slowing down, and firmly stands on the rack! What could be better? Still hunting Norn has many of its charms. Over the years, hunting with dogs I kept different breeds burrowing. But the most vivid impression left haired fox terriers, and among them was the leader of Alpha (1202 / PG p. 23 May 1982).She came from Nord (1133 / FG, owner Read more [...]
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Army or hunting?

The use of various types of weapons and ammunition for hunting debated among hunters and gunsmiths since time immemorial. Photo Fotolia Sometimes the discussion were connected to government officials. In our country, as a rule, this has led to a ban or restrict the use of hunting or other weapons or ammunition.Some bans subsequently canceled and then re-introduced. Some of them are today. Only in recent years has repeatedly imposed bans on hunting ammunition for smooth-bore weapons, equipment and buckshot round bullet, ammunition Army sample to the rifle, prohibited hunting with Read more [...]
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About storage of guns is safe

But now I would like to raise a very important for many of us a topic related to the change in rules governing the storage of hunting weapons and ammunition.But now I would like to raise a very important for many of us a topic related to the change in rules governing the storage of hunting weapons and ammunition.We all know that a few years ago, the law expanded the limits of self-defense of a Russian citizen. We are now able to protect the honor, dignity and life in an emergency, even by destroying penetrated the home of the offender. Thus, we have the right, protecting access to your home and Read more [...]
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About threaded cartridges

Get not what they wanted, but that was just available from a financial point of view. Everything revolves around the availability in 7.62: whether the cartridge 39 or 54 - it does not matter, just to shoot and was blocked shot of a smooth barrel. Read article IE Suslov in the category «Hunting usage» «7.62, or 9?» Today, the topic is very relevant in many respects I can agree with the author, but with something to argue. Let's start with the fact that the Law on Hunting; it is bad or good, I can not judge, in another case, or rather, in the decision of the Russian Government Read more [...]
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Muskrat and waterfowl

Just make a reservation: its relation to spring hunting I will not impose. This article is only a point of view of an independent expert. It so happened that spring hunting ducks for me over more than 15 years ago. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Especially the hunting of geese, I never worked. The problem of reducing the number of our ducks and Goose — fait accompli. Those who are obliged to take measures to solve the problems found guilty or appointed. It turns out that the main reason for reducing the abundance of migratory waterfowl — hunting in this Read more [...]
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Meeting of the All-Russian Dog Training Tips

December 5th, 2012 the regular meeting of the All-Russian Dog Training Tips for hunting dogs.Chairman of the Board opened the meeting V.M.Kiryakulov traditional minute of silence in memory of experts and prominent figures of hunting dog breeding, departed from us in the last year.After approval of the agenda of the meeting highlighted the results of the XI All-Russian Exhibition of hunting dogs and preparation of the final catalog, which is scheduled for release in February 2013.Substantive agenda began to long-standing issues in the introduction of a single action «Evidence of a hunting Read more [...]
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Hunting season for hare and fox is finished, and I do not naohotilsya not enough. I do not put a decent point. Weather ... What has been written about it this year! Early March, in mockery, outstanding and snow, and warm, and quiet, and sunny. March 4 acquire a ticket to nataska-nagonku and I go hunting. Without guns, of course, but with a camera. Three days ahead of the holidays. Photo: Mikhail Semin 5th of March. The sun! Fresh snow sprinkled a hard crust. Quiet. Weather perfect. Or almost perfect. Traces – sea. Hare in the garden, under a designated area for dogs nagonki Read more [...]
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Surprises from husky

For many years I hunt with huskies and I know they work on a duck. However, I have not had occasion to dogs endured game to the other side, as I hunt or on a large river, or pond, but they willingly searched reeds and, taking broken and wounded game, has always endured game is not necessarily my feetPhoto: Sergey Koldarara For many years I hunt with huskies and I know they work on a duck. However, I have not had occasion to dogs endured game to the other side, as I hunt or on a large river, or pond, but they willingly searched reeds and, taking broken and wounded game, has always Read more [...]
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Root rod amateur hunting

I was involved in the hunt, having picked up this "disease" from his father. A strong impact on me and had read as a child drunken fascinating stories in hunting magazines and anthologies, which he subscribed. Photo by Victor Gulyaev. Demobilized two years after the victory, my father was invited as a senior accountant in the southern grape-apple farm and got a chance with her mother, a primary school teacher, without the terrible postwar poverty to support a family of five.I think, in search of opportunities to somehow elevate to the level of a glorious past officers measured Read more [...]
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Annals of Russian hunting books

Our first hunting books were printed editions of 300-600 copies., But they gathered dust for decades in storage closets booksellers remaining unclaimed. Already in the 19th century. they became "nenahodimymi", and today some of them are not all Russian basic libraries.7. VA Levshin Perfect ranger. m. 1-2.SPb. 1791, 2nd ed., vol. 1, XXIV + 336 p., m. 2, XIV + 355 pp., 120, p. 6 rub.Tekst book follows the publication in 1779 (see. Number 5). It is changing only its structure and added a new part, fully reproducing the text of the book GB "Dogs Hunter" (see. Number 6) .On the title pages of both volumes Read more [...]
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Wild Saxony

From 60 to 120 animals on average, produced in Germany in the course of a single day in the paddock, however, lasting exactly three hours, with German punctuality. About this hunt I've heard a lot, a little hunting seen on TV, but I have wanted to take part in it himself. PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Flight marred only another change in the rules of registration of transported "Aeroflot" weapons, increase the duration of the procedure as much as two hours. On nemetchiny all it took about 5 minutes. Road to the rental car, with the Russian language in the navigation system from the Hamburg Read more [...]
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Small fighter

When going into the woods, I tied a bandana head, many people call me Dersu. And it pleases me. Even as a child read with admiration, and later watched a film about the forest good man. It is not to find a hunter who at least once did not get to be in a critical situation. And this Dersu Uzala - a vivid example.Photo avtoraYagdterer has a lightning-fast, nedyuzhy force and a powerful grip. To become an hunter, you need to love nature, to have so many important qualities. I think that without such qualities as self- Me and courage, better the forest is not enter. Read more [...]
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