Roe from ambush

Talking about the hunt for deer from ambush (with decoy or transitions-Lazy), I mean a real hunt in the wild rather than shooting from the towers and stationary Ambush animals coming practically "on the clock" on forage fields and groundbait site. Height horns European roe deer West of the range starts at the end of November, on the east — at December, and from the Siberian roe deer it is held in end of December — at January. I will not speak about hunting solonetzes. Not I practice it, though I Read more [...]
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The English style

Pointer with a wide hook, his head held high, pulled and stood in front, his whole appearance indicating that the next game. The command "Fetch!" And a flash of light-bellied, out of tall grass with a cry breaks snipe. The gun in the shoulder, dry sound of the shot, and after the command "Bring!" Feel the heat in the hands of the red game.Hunting for snipe, snipe and other marsh change is considered to be one of the first Russian hunting, bearing in essence not only a large share of prestige, but also a certain fraction of aristocracy and nobility, that part of hunting, which the majority of the Read more [...]
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A dozen quail

Do not succumb to the entreaties of my colleagues to go to Abkhazia on quail flight was impossible. I have often heard of the wealth there the hunt. And besides, he pulled from their memory caches events of fifty years ago - rest with parents in the Abkhaz village of Leselidze and endless stories about the hunt owner of the house where we stayed. And then there appeared in the wording of the car for a test drive ... In general, everything was settled well: Fiat Ducato and a group of journalists in it.A typical pattern for Abkhazia: sunny morning, hunters go to the dogs hunting. Abkhazia, Read more [...]
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Midsomer Murders

As you know, the United Kingdom consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. And each of them has made a significant contribution to the hunting dog breeding. This burrowing numerous breeds of terriers, island cops, greyhound and whippet. English gunsmiths deservedly proud of their rifles, known around the world. But no less famous and traditional British equestrian fox hunting with hounds special - Foxhound. It is believed that parforsnaya hunting with hounds fox came from France («par force» — through force), and appeared in the UK Read more [...]
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Soul Feast

When spring starts? Perhaps, for some, it begins with the date on the calendar or melting snow, gurgling streams, the arrival of birds from distant countries, with primroses ... But for me, a resident of the city, for many years, it begins with the opening of the hunting season. Woodcocks are known to the great masters of camouflage. You can go to the meter from this motley bird is not noticing her. Only selected from dirty and long ago cleared of snow on the streets nature, you begin to feel that the whole world around really wakes up from winter sleep life Read more [...]
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Hunting — it does not always fire

B central Russia spring hunting is different from all the other hunts transience and unpredictability. In late summer and autumn is clear. Youth fledging, and prior to departure is still far. Find a place where kept game, to identify ways of flight, and hunting success is assured. Photo: Mikhail Semin Spring season, however, is much more complicated. Our climate from year to year presents us with more and more unpredictable weather. More and more difficult to predict the timing of opening the spring hunting. That early, the late opening of the season leads to the fact that all Read more [...]
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For grouse on holes

Name of Alexei A. Maximov, Honored Artist of Russia, Honorary Member of the Military Hunting Society, is well known to readers of "horn". His paintings radiate light, they are realistic, completely devoid of hypocrisy. Painter has vast experience hunting for many game species. Today we publish his story about the shooting grouse well in our recording a freelance reporter.It's getting dark. I go skiing on snow-covered the December woods. Ahead shows the fields, framed by birch trees. I rent a gun from behind his back, taking at the ready. Slows. I can not hear the slightest sound. Skiing, filed Read more [...]
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Is it always a ranger right?

There is a whole range of penalties for misses and unlicensed shooting and rightly so - the hunter must control your shot. But it somehow missed his rights and the rules of conduct rangers (the host country) in these hunts.Very much has been written about the culture of the hunter and his standards of behavior in the battue hunting and hunting for wild boar from the towers. Attention is paid to safety. Conducted strictly briefings about what animals and how to shoot. Clearly it understood that the rangers know their business, and because the state hunting farm is interested in a positive result Read more [...]
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With a gun MC 21-12

Hunters surrounded holder gun with interest considered a novelty. He said that he took out his gun in Petrozavodsk, the lot of them very small and get the gun is possible only through familiarity with the high command.The capabilities of the new rifle hunters have seen this same hunting – I went to the chief elk, and he is quite a decent distance took his fourth shot. Everyone understood: whether in his hand an ordinary shotgun, elk have left. I called the first secretary of the District Party Committee (an avid hunter) and asked to assist in the purchase of a gun. First he promised. Yes, Read more [...]
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Hunting Hound puppy

Anyone who has started a puppy hunting dog, looking forward, but when the workers will show their quality - for the sake of hunting and to make the right choicePhoto Mukhamedshina Raphael Obviously, this is true for gonchatnikov just for burrowing and legashatnikov. However, an early start coursing and principled assessment of its possible obstacles established position that most gonchatnikov considered inviolable and shall act in accordance with them.   These provisions: – you can not start nagonku hound before she turns a year;  – nagonku young beagle should Read more [...]
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The hunting estate of Count Tolstoy

Double cab yellow lemon color without top, drawn by a pair of Temnozor bay, at the behest of estate manager Ivan Orlov drove straight to the front porch of the manor house in St. Nicholas - Vyazma.The maid, seeing the crew, plunged boldly into the house, where once he heard her shrill voice, addressed to someone: «Count the guests arrived, sir! On the hunt!».It was an early morning. Over homestead light mist rose, nearly enveloping haze breast apple orchard,  manor buildings and the church viewed through the park alley. With the harvested fields sipped zaburevshey moisture stubble, Read more [...]
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My hunting «universities»

Have I hunt grouse in many ways: in the spring and the current out of the hut, and the surge, and with a spaniel on broods in late summer, and fall one by one with a spaniel in a thick chapyzhnike. But fifteen years have never heard of in our region somebody was shooting grouse from the wells. Recently, on the game sites, articles reputable magazines devoted to hunting in «HORN» and regional editions of the appropriate subjects constantly raised the problem of a complete ignorance of young hunters. The lack of minimum knowledge, not to mention the Russian traditions Read more [...]
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Five grouse hunting

This was in 2003. Green was still a hunter, I decided to try their hand at a new grouse hunting with decoy. I read a lot, how to attract and how to shoot grouse, as well as the most of this wonderful bird living in remote corners of pristine mixed forest near streams and forest roads. Even participate in such a hunt. HUNTING ONEIn the Tver region, together with an experienced ranger and my fellow-hunter we wandered through the mossy ohotbazy surroundings, and our guide to whistle decoy made of the bones of the hind paw hare, grouse podmanivaya. My friend then got grouse, sat down on a pine tree Read more [...]
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It’s time to wake RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz

Conceptual verbiage around the rules of substitution gosuchetov all sorts of methods and methodological guidelines lasted almost 20 years, and they do not have no end. In my opinion, it's time to finish tread water.Photo by Oleg Panteleyev Article TS Aramileva «Debriefing by an adult» («HORN» № 5, 2015) raises a number of questions.The first question. What disassembly grown-up, and from whom? Since when do we have «Tsentrohotkontrol» was the Government of the Russian Federation, determining the order of the accounts?Article 14 number 52-FZ Read more [...]
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With semi-automatic on-drawn

The opening of the spring hunting in Tatarstan to host bets were made on the goose and woodcock. A week earlier conducted exploration in the fields, which showed that the goose had already come and the chances a week to hunt small. Time for the collection passed quickly, and here we are on the spot. But the miracle did not happen, goose by this time has passed, a few flocks of White-fronted and Bean were in transit, regardless of the profile and are not responding to the decoys. The only chance I could not use it, but do not blame the gun.A flock turned to the profiles, but I Read more [...]
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The duck flights

For the overwhelming majority of our hunters summer opening of duck hunting is perhaps the most favorite "holiday" of the year. First of all, because hunting is available and the old, gray-haired veteran, and still very young hunters. After hunting methods are simple, understandable and do not require special equipment, such as for example decoy duck, stuffed duck decoys and, although these, it is not necessary, items of equipment can be used with success.The main objective of gun dog — search supply bagged game. The behavior of ducks This time is characterized Read more [...]
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Psevdozaschitniki game

In mid-March Zabaykalskie news agencies Zabmedia Zabinfo and spread a message of Deputy Director for Science Daurian Reserve, Ph.D. OA Goroshko that "among Russian scientists are collecting signatures on a petition to the president of Russia with the requirement to introduce restrictions in Russia on spring hunting of waterfowl" in view of the catastrophic decline in their numbers. Photo Adrian Kolotilina The information spread on the Internet, and hitting on a hunting site ID «Moscow's comsomolets». However, the site Geblerovskogo Ecological Society and the Russian Read more [...]
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Five days in Vologda

Part 1: A man believes God disposes! Rather not say! Yes, that's just never think about something bad, making plans for the coming spring ... about the authorDmitry Vasilyev, a regular contributor to our long-standing. He sent us a sketch of the spring hunting this spring in the Vologda region, which we divided into several parts. But first about the author. His word.IssueI was born in a family of hunters in 1976. In five years, he became interested in hunting and to this day I can not imagine myself without this passion. In 1994 he became a member of Schelkovskogo hunting and Read more [...]
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What is a good gun fight?

The main advantage of working guns - it is his battle, says almost every author who writes about the choice of guns. But few of them find it necessary to bind parameters to combat shotgun hunting methods especially those for which it is used by the owner. And this detail is important. Without her account we risk rejecting a very good option.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova These thoughts came to me while reading the notes Dmitry Kopaeva «Rifle hunting for running» at «HORN» 44/2006. It offers those who want to have a gun is easier to make a choice in favor of 16, Read more [...]
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Hunting and staging a gun

Ending. Beginning in № 9/2006Transition to the final topic - "dog in the hunt" .On EXPANDED HUNTING (supplements) motivation system BEHAVIORAL COMPLEX cop. PRE-GAME HUNTING NO MOTIVATION WAS NOT. IN THE DOG nataska searches and finds the bird, who would later become the object of hunting.During the "learning process" can not be to catch up, let alone catch a game. Wow hunting, sit, lie down and watch the best as snipe, quail and corncrake, which perhaps have been able to grasp, quietly departs. What a motivation for hunting if there is no positive reinforcement of correct behavior in the form Read more [...]
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