Hunting in the pool of the ancient Indtigirki

     Indigirka pool covers an area of ​​360 thousand sq. M. km length of the river - 1726 kilometers. Climatic conditions and the vastness of space make it difficult to systematically survey the area by archaeologists. Traces of ancient hunters here and fishermen were discovered by chance and not so long ago - only in 1950, nine years later, followed by a message on the sensational discovery: just above the delta region was first found parking ancient man. Several layers consisting of residues at different times of life of ancient man, indicate that the parking lot was the abode of several Read more [...]
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Hunting with eagles in the United States

Falconry is practiced in this country about 100 years, but the legislative regulation of this type of hunting is carried out only during the last 50 years. If you talk about hunting with eagles, it is still in the United States hunting with this beautiful bird is still in its infancy. There are several reasons. One of them - a ban on the breeding of golden eagles in captivity for falconry. The few American eagle should take them from nature. And this is fraught with numerous formal difficulties. For the first time an official permission to capture eagles in the wild have been issued only in Wyoming Read more [...]
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Hunting wolves from a helicopter

I have had to take part in such a much-discussed (and add - condemned) the hunting of wolves from a helicopter. I must say that until recently, this type of shooting sport was not considered, and considered purely as a means of destroying harmful predators.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Furthermore — for each killed wolf pays a premium, exceeds the times half the minimum monthly salary of the Soviet (which was in turn dozens of times higher than the minimum wage strange unit, common in now). Is not In addition, that the Soviet state pays for the summer, Read more [...]
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For Severyanka

With the onset of winter in the north, with its frost and snow, gale force winds rush southward northern duck and goose ...On all the way to thousands of migratory birds hunters flock to where there is the opportunity to compete with cautious and alert bird. This period passes quickly. North duck and goose fly to where is still possible to stop feeding and stop here for a few days. Often it is at October until the river, which runs along the migration of these birds, and situated near the lake, ilmenite, not swamp covered with ice. The last stop of Read more [...]
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Partridge Murman

If you are attracted by the Arctic - tundra under a low gray sky, covered with moss; Lake is cast lead; flocks of ptarmigan, who did not know the shots - your way lies on the Kola Peninsula.From the dark of the water column show sailed behind heavy stone blocks, flashed white sand beach. Gray misty morning. At times, light rain drizzles. Desperately flailing screw foamed water tyazhelogruzhenaya «elastic» trying to enter the planing, but not typing the desired speed, heavily falls dashing waves enveloping the passengers cascades cold spray. The crew of Read more [...]
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Tofalariya — the last «bear» angle

In the pre-winter to meet with the bear easily by simply moving around the forest riding40 kg can weigh Siberian moose antlers. At best male spade horns account for 43 of the appendix. Photo: Alexander Protasov Eastern Sayan — amazing land. Only here you can see the real taiga. Sayan generally difficult terrain, whether mountains, slopes are covered with dense taiga, or river valleys covered with impenetrable thickets of willow.Once upon a time in the valleys were horse and deer trails that are maintained in working condition. Now, no one here walks.Windbreaks Read more [...]
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Annals of Russian hunting books

The era after the French invasion of Russia marked the advent of the Our hunting literature «Pocket» and «Hand» books, reference books. Almost all of them are not characterized by originality, but in demand due to the small volume and low price.Nimble publishers simply «pulled out» individual titles from «Perfect huntsman» and «Books for hunters» VA Levshina and and shuffle reducing them to squeeze under the new cover. 13. Shelgunov Basil. A process to bring all kinds of hunting rifles Read more [...]
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IWA-2012: the crisis of the genre?

The international exhibition IWA (the German International Waffen Ausstellung or International Exhibition of weapons), today one of the largest and most prestigious in Europe, focused primarily on the civilian audience. In terms of technical solutions today hunting weapon is not much different from the manufacture of 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. For almost 40 years of its existence it has changed considerably IWA, and deploying Expanding on many areas. AT including thus, for that hunting would be better to develop fair and I should not have. This is Read more [...]
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In the city park …

Each produced a beast or a bird often been of great help to survive the lean yearsfile photo Alexander Lisitsyn Documentation — Mirror of bygone days. Pictures of our common and so far are now living. The fate of people and a non-existent country, the name of which will soon be remembered only the elderly and Historians.The first post-war years. Towns and villages full of people with military awards and badges for the injured. At the station crowded bustle. Among the crowd flashed men in tunics — one empty sleeve, the prosthesis from the knee, and Read more [...]
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Cokolnik new wave

By the beginning of XX century the once massive craze not only of the Russian aristocracy, but also ordinary people - falconry came to a complete standstillOnly in the steppe areas in the border regions of Russia, it still retained its center due to the centuries-old cultural traditions of local, mostly foreign, public, not so long ago became part of the empire. People continue to practice hunting with falcons and hawks, could be counted on the fingers. Among those few fans «elegant sports» – "Art hunt with birds" refers Alexey Marychev.Unfortunately, this man knows a little bit, Read more [...]
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Moscow Society of Hunt

From age to ageParticipation of Alexander II in the hunt hosted by the Moscow hunting society, positive impact on the formation and development of the Company, as represented proof that built it not for empty fun individual, and there has been a serious public-benefit purposes, or the emperor would not have had it so personal attention.It was the first time the participation of the monarch in the hunt conducted by the NGO. Since then opinion «white stone» in relation to the Moscow Society of hunting varies strongly in favor of the latter. Candidates wishing to become members of the Read more [...]
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That was a long time ago…

1969. My first expedition to Western Siberia. I'm twenty years old, I am a student of the Moscow Topographical Polytechnic. Detachment, consisting of 12 people, it is necessary to pass from the second class leveling Verhnembatsky village that is located on the right bank of the Yenisei River in the Turukhansk region, almost to the Gulf of Ob. Folk crept patchy and interesting. Time romantics desperate and dedicated people ...In the taiga brown bears — true masters. They are not scare expeditionary camp and they with curiously watching who appeared on their territory. Smaya Read more [...]
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My Fair IWA

For almost forty years, in Nuremberg in the spring lovers of hunting, fishing, shooting, outdoor recreationFROM Every year on this exhibition there are more beautiful women's faces. They are increasingly among the leaders of weapons, ammunition, and selling autfiterskih firms – exhibitors. In many countries, women appear hunting clubs, Women getting on show more.[mkref = 2358]In Europe, it is certainly the most representative assembly. It happens that our people say that the Moscow exhibition Arms & Hunting is in line with the Nuremberg exhibition, but, in all Read more [...]
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Wings over the silver country

Hunting trips outside Russia exclusively for the hunting of the pen is still uncommon for our huntersThere are, of course, fans of bird hunting, traveling regularly to them in the Old World, mainly in the Balkans. But the undisputed leader in providing a wide variety of bird hunting, is today the new lights and indicators, and especially Argentina. Simple arithmetic calculations show that hunting in this country today is not more expensive hunting trip to Belarus, which is often chosen pen lovers from Russia in the last decade. But the Belarusian prices every year all the more painful bite, and Read more [...]
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Selecting a carbine

Most hunters who complete five years' experience of "possession shotguns, think about purchasing rifles. Their friends are beginning to advise, they do recommend that only they possess themselves, considering their opinion the ultimate truth.In central Russia and the near abroad enough any "nemagnumov" line of 7,62: .308Win (7,62x51), 7,62x54R, .30-06Spr (7,62x63). How many people, so many opinions. I can not classify themselves as connoisseurs, or the more experts in the field of hunting weapons, but still based on their own experiences and those of my friends want to make observations Read more [...]
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Mani him mani!

In fairy-tale charm of the awakening of nature, a celebration of life, waiting for something unusual, mysterious spring hunt can not be compared with any other. Evolution continues hunting skradka these days. More and more companies taking part in the their manufacture, and in general, it is beneficial to hunters. Only in the spring you can enjoy the magical charm of the silent night in the forest Drawn to hear early in the morning or with nothing comparable performing courtship ritual song of wood grouse, which listened to more mammoths. A grouse Read more [...]
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Sweethearts of the Snow Queen

45 million heads in good years is the number of ptarmigan in autumnPhoto: FOTOLIA Ptarmigan in the years of my youth hunting was plentiful and often it falls under the shot of the hunter. In this bird is a lot of local names. Cockerel called kuropach, pitun drummer (because of its current voice); female — chicken, partridge, kuropat, Talovka, white grouse, and Olhovka Berezovka.It is found in ptarmigan European mixed taiga in strip of tundra, forest tundra, birch forest-steppe of Western Siberia, Sakhalin, Kamchatka and in the Read more [...]
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If you really want

Rowan to have some where to start to turn yellow leaves, but still firmly preserving the beauty of the dress, in the juice, thanks to large clusters of red berries, looking out the window chamber. Rather, I look at her, though she is the soul stirs. Recalls brings something from what schemit starts somewhere inside you.Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna It is necessary to look at a little delay berries and mouth appears distinctly pungent, penetrating flavor, with memorable childhood. Undeservedly forgotten berry with decent vitamin C is not used only in folk Read more [...]
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Falcon hunting

Historical Sketch of falconry (from the collection of Pavel Gusev)The first attempts to hunt birds of prey should be referred to days of antiquity.By Bram testimony, art accustomed to the falcon hunting has been known for the ancient yet 400 years before AD AT 480 Mr. AD Falconry is not It was more common in Romans because Sidonius Apollinaris celebrated in those times the son of the Roman emperor of his time, Alito Gekditsiya for that it First introduced in hawking their country. Soon, however, addiction This lesson Read more [...]
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The best hunting

We are a welcoming forest hut and lunch of fragrant soupPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK End of August. The city is always noisy and lives in a frantic pace, between the stone boxes scurry cars okatyvaya stinking smoke. Around noise problems — I am tired of everything! Yeah so sick of that cast for a week all cases, and not very important, and going into the woods.I threw in a backpack everything you need, drove the dog and the permit and — out of the city. It has long dreamed of visiting the old, abandoned cabin on the lake and the forest. Once upon a time was not far from the Read more [...]
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