Mina under the hunting dog breeding

The "horn" number 15 for the year was placed a small article titled "Department" congratulated "Kennel on the Day of the fool, which says that on 1 April this year, the Ministry of Natural Resources issued an order number 581" On Amendments to the "Rules of the hunt" from 16.11.2010 № 512.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev The essence of the order number 581 is that under the new rules of hunting dog training, ie, nataska nagonka and therefore field trials and competitions, is now only allowed directly in terms of hunting. One would think that this is only April Fool's joke or hoax hunter-breeders.Unfortunately, Read more [...]
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My friend Volodya

The bright memory of Vladimir Karpovich Babeshko ... Spring 1971. My father and I are planning another hunting outing. After much discussion, debate and calls stopped on Urzhumsky District of the Kirov region. While the father worked in the Ministry of Forestry of the RSFSR, had many friends in the area, so any problems with delivery to remote, remote and hidden corners of the forest, in general, it was not. Local foresters have always gone forward: on arrival at the large settlements that provide a passing car, the boat, and even all-terrain vehicle.Well, after heaviest backpacks Read more [...]
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Ohotdepartament authorized to declare

In connection with numerous appeals of citizens on the issue of changes to the rules of hunting, introduced by order of the Ministry of Russia on December 10, 2013 number 581, in terms of training (and nataski nagonki) dogs hunting breeds Ministry of Russia said:Photo by Sergey Gulyaev For any kind of hunting resources during the breeding season — a key period of sustainable existence. Most game animals breed and raise offspring in the spring and early summer.Many specialists and experts in matters of teaching dogs hunting breeds than once have developed concerns about the Read more [...]
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POPC — to protect hunters

In the last issue we gave the announcement Treatment Association RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz to the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, SE Don on the amendments to the Rules of hunting in the Russian Federation. Given the importance of the issues raised, we have decided to bring all the appeal of the President fully POPC.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev Dear Sergey Yefimovich!AT «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» April 9, 2014 order was issued the Ministry of Russia from 10.12.2013 № 581 «On amendments to the hunting regulations approved by the Ministry of Read more [...]
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Saving gun

Love and take care of your gun, take care of it and it will tell you reliable operation mechanisms and well-aimed shots on the huntBuying a gun, the hunter hoped that it will serve him for a long time. But this hope was justified, it is necessary to properly operate the gun, carefully look after him and protect him. This requires specific knowledge and skills.Going on a hunt, I always look around a gun. And they returned, too. Even if it was not of single shot was fired. It has already become a pleasant habit – chat with a gun. Maybe that's why I always made sure that my rifle I have not Read more [...]
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Why dog ​​RWC?

Hunting dog breeding in our country is experiencing and better than now, times. Perhaps this is the period from late 40s to mid-80s of the last century. Hunting ordinary citizens, and not only the elite, the availability of hunting grounds, a relatively rational control breeding, lack of commercial approach to dog breeding - all this created the conditions for its successful development.Photo Nikolai Sorokin Is not my «senile nostalgia»But, alas, lost to reality which were many and positive, and negativity. Dissatisfied occurring, as in all times, Read more [...]
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XII tournament varmint hunting

In early July, in the north of Rostov region took a fascinating hunt. Its participants competed in varmint hunting - ability to produce marmots at long range. Already twelfth tournament varmint hunting organized by Moscow hunting club «Safari». The club came up with this format, does not Only a year has taken on the burden of care and organizational costs, but and attracts sponsors, could interest the winners with valuable gifts. AT This year's top prize — Challenge Cup, awards from the organizer and prize money from sponsors, Read more [...]
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Tyunezhskaya practice

In mid-July, on St. Peter's Day, which year birch grove on the shore of the pond in Tyunezhskom hunting estate is filled with people, hunting dogs, tents and ... cheerful din. It attracts visitors and participants of the championship hunt with the practical sporting dog. Superiority on practical hunting with gun dog runs for the fifth year the day when our ancestors discovered the summer hunt. The main objective of this competition — and show tell people about tradition of hunting right cops, Spaniels and Retriever.Terms evaluation of couples Read more [...]
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Dream come true

One of the galleries of the lodge, which shows the interior painting of the Soviet period, a beautiful trophy bison from Montana (USA) saddle donated by the former president of Kyrgyzstan AA Akayev More recently, in 70s of last century, our country practically There was trophy hunting. No one not even an was that such a trophy, why it is needed, how to measure it, to preserve what is taxidermy and etc.… Fans went on hunting, animal or bird hunted, butchered them and prepared meals. AND all.AT the early '90s I was fortunate Read more [...]
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Do we need such a law?

On Friday, July 4th State Duma in the first reading adopted the Law on Hunting. Experts VNIIOZ believe that this version of the law is unacceptable. They word.The project is laconic - it fits on ten pages. Explanatory note almost half less. It marked existing problems, and what should be decided by law. Unfortunately, these goals are not achieved is considering legislation.For example, "Every citizen has the right of access to hunting resources." "This federal law is designed to ensure the right of citizens to have access to hunting resources." Realization of the right? Elite (now prosperous thieves Read more [...]
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Spanielinye passion

Recently, hunting pressure has several articles devoted to testing spaniels, an expert from the Nizhny Novgorod SA MatsokinNow there is a new edition of the rules of field trials spaniels. The old rules, adopted in 1972, laid a good foundation, which has allowed to maintain a high level of working qualities of the breed Russian Spaniel. These disadvantages are vague wording, resulting in some discrepancies in the estimates of experts from different regions.Questions about the new edition of the rules have been discussed at meetings of experts and on the National Conference spanielistov where a Read more [...]
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Before you watch the wild boar

Hunting for wild boar is different. But I would like to highlight two ways: hunting from towers, and Ambush.Photo: Sergey Fokin Hunting for wild boar is different. But I would like to highlight two ways: hunting from towers, and Ambush.HUNTING WITH TOWERFirst, consider the hunt from the tower, as it is easier to ambush hunting.Located at the towers and Ambush virtually identical. Towers set in the woods on the wide meadows (distance to the feeders should mainly be based on smooth-bore weapons, and range from 30 to 50 meters), on the edge of the forest, where almost always in hunting Read more [...]
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Forest correspondent

In 1927 he published a book "The Forest Newspaper". Its author was Vitaly Bianki (1894-1959; hereinafter - VV), "leskor" Soviet literature. Later V. He said: "I wrote" The Forest Newspaper ". The book was a success. Then I thought about it ... But then and now I have one, and has remained the goal, one desire, passionate and irresistible: to talk, to talk, to cry, to sing to people about the joys of the life that they forget passed by indifferently considering it something more than in my life. " For nearly a century, this book - the bible of the young naturalist.Photo from the author's archive My Read more [...]
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Dogfights in the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources

Summer. In many regions of our country are major exhibitions and field trials of hunting dogs that allow to draw conclusions on the status of breeds of dogs in general. The main difference between the Russian system of hunting dog is that when assessing the livestock used zootechnical approach when performed Valuation of taking into account several parameters: exterior, origin, and working as an exhibitor Working quality offspring.That is why the spring — a hot time for owners and cops beagle dogs. AT it takes half the time of competitions bog Read more [...]
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On the edge of the village

I woke up somewhere in the beginning of the fifth morning. Tossing, tossing - not asleep, he decided to get up. He drank a cup of tea and took a backpack, his gun on his shoulder and went to the garage. On the street the darkness, drizzle drizzle, and in general this autumn was rainy. Photo Hans westbeek / flickr.com In the last fifteen years This time the club «Woodcock» together with Edited by «HORN» carried out on account of woodcocks night cravings. I sometimes These events involved. AT This time On Saturday 31 May Read more [...]
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Hunting in Bashkortostan

Republic of Bashkortostan is located at the junction of Europe and Asia, and has a great diversity of natural landscapes and resources. Photo by the author The presence of 5.2 million forest area, 1,120 rivers with a total length of more than 20 thousand. Km of lakes and 2770 to determine the optimal environment for the habitat of wild animals, birds and fish in the country.On the territory of Bashkortostan live 286 species of birds and 76 species of mammals, including the resources allocated to the hunting of 66 species of birds and 27 species of mammals.The total area of ​​hunting Read more [...]
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Nataska: it is necessary to agree

The problem nataski, nagonki hunting dogs, so suddenly and so keenly emerged in April this year, has not yet been solved and continues to occupy the minds of breeders and officials. The problem was put to special meeting of the Council Hunting MNR, but and it is not It helped. Decision and It was not found. The Council decided to refer to the process of discussion specially created working group, which has already carried out by Two meetings of the topic and… also is the problem I decided.At the last meeting of the working group, which Read more [...]
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On the new department rationalization proposals

The topic raised in the article "New Department were several hunting MNR of Russia" ("EGR" number 23, 2014) prompted me to voice their opinions.Photo by Vadim Tikhomirov Ohotdepartamenta rationalization proposals on the separation of permits for mining rights to two new species: a) non-hunting resources and b) referred to the hunting resources,in my opinion, another legal nonsense.Problems of hunting have a legislative basis. TO time of the adoption of the law on hunting in the country has already formed the legal hierarchy: a) The Constitution of the Russian Federation, Read more [...]
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Why argue with opponents of hunting?

This article was born in agony. The only excuse - I'm a longtime reader wordless "the newspaper of the Russian hunting" and have the right to a single statement in its pages. Fully I admit that my opus would be similar to the bunch in a puddle, so I apologize in advance at the venerable subscribers.I do not write poetryNot write.It is better to take a walk And breathe.Pen hastilyDo not touch.From the table awayUber.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev Each one task — it is correct to see reality, adequately evaluate itand accordingly hold.Ivan PavlovWhat prompted me to take up the Read more [...]
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We discussed everything, and decided minority

August 18 Ministry of Russia received an official letter number 5OP-2/1485 to the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, SE Don of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation with the signature of the Deputy Secretary of the Chamber of VV Mushroom as follows:Sophia Rosenfeld «March 18, 2014 in Public Chamber of the Russian Federation held a public hearing on the Topic: «Cancel spring hunting waterfowl». Forwards the recommendation of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Following the hearings, please consider Read more [...]
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