Hunter, who are you?

Photo by Vitaly Koshkin When there was a hunting channel in Russia «Hunting and fishing», My first thought was to organize all hunters (at least in Moscow) that they helped their philanthropic investments Leonid Kostyukova convert channel in the All-Russia, at the level of Central Television. For many years we have been waiting for, deprived of the attention of the "blue screen"! Any news, movies for all tastes insanely creepy cartoons that show the frightening children with their unformed psyche; there trite humor transmission with flat-liners and a few sports channels.But Read more [...]
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In that play, «marmoset»?

Last spring, I was able to go hunting before otkrytiya.Vesna was late, the opening was moved, that's possible. Plans to build the hunt is always in advance. A vacation and certainly not perenesesh.Photo ONCFS  I hunt in the Tver region. I bought a house without design, given a little money and live more than ten years. With the game warden of the hunting farm in friendly relations, if not more. He taught me a lot, and now I sometimes help him in preparing for the coming hunting hunters.So this time, he is asked to check the current capercaillie. I gladly accepted. Do not sit Read more [...]
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On the balance of death

Miraculously managed to avoid human casualties as a result of illegal hunting carried out by a resident of n. Arbazh Bogdanov AM The tragedy occurred on November 27, 2013 south of the village Kormishonki Arbazhsky district of the Kirov region, where the day before poacher were installed on three trees made artisanal metal samostrelnyh charged with shooting and combat rounds of 12-caliber unit. I am aware of whether Bogdanov social danger of his actions, we do not know, but the consequences were not long in coming. November 27, 2014, in the first half of the day, deadly weapons Read more [...]
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Hunt in the summer-autumn season, I did not succeed. I not had a chance to admire the work legasha, startled by the sudden and noisy lift lurking in the bushes Chernyshov, complain about the mistake, posobirat quail flown apart and enjoy the downed finally corncrake. Now with emotion and recall abundant night dew, and thick, reaching almost to the Belt grass, and disgusting sticking to feet wet camouflage pants, and and even the pesky mosquitoes gnats, persistently climbing in eyes ears...It would seem that the familiar, ordinary acts — Read more [...]
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Spring «strategic» aggravation

Incompetence Ohotdepartamenta Ministry of Natural Resources has long been "talk of the town." This was a long time and do not hesitate to write and speak as ordinary hunters and leading specialists of hunting.It is enough to look through the many editions of hunting over the last few years. Publications of different directions that focus on different readers, but more often negatively assesses the activities of the state body hunting management.However, any phenomenon, even such a hard-hitting, what from the standpoint of the national interest and common sense is our federal government agency, Read more [...]
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Woodcock on the roof …

Season 2014 has begun at me with a terrible creaking. Moreover, both literally and figuratively. X-rays showed arthritis of both hip joints with a knee it looked much better. I was offered to take the place of the quota for hip replacement on the implants.There is still on carelessness on on the way hunting missed sign in and long-familiar place I left on oncoming lane, where it and in principle It should have been. There is still no way Musket I wanted to understand what he wants from the host, and stubbornly grew by chickens, where it was Read more [...]
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Deadly Philosophy

In the life of a hunter inquisitive happens when he suddenly thinks of the fact that takes the life of a living being that has just delighted by its beauty and harmony of movements, unpretentious expression of instincts and thirst for this very life. I have these thoughts began to stir when first I had to kill a wounded animal…Many of us have friends or even friends, negatively related to our hunting passion. Most of them are, of course, not and vegetarians question — «Do you eat meat?» respond positively and do not catch Read more [...]
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The lake verestovo

The last days of July and early August were marked by heat. Fires flared, and hunters were worried: will open the hunt or be moved to later dates? And It happened. Hunting in Moved to Moscow Region September 1 and Tver on August 30th. August 27 I I went to hunt your favorite lake Verestovo. Approaching Village of Melkova Leningradke, taste the smell of burning peat smoke. It spoiled the mood a little bit, but after driving Tver, dipped in fading beauty of summer.Fairy Autumn already seared yellow flame leaves on trees, Read more [...]
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Lacan wine chase, hound dog!

Music rut that can be beautiful for the soul of the hunter-gonchatnika? Each of his first hunting lays great life experience. And if hunting with hounds, so it seems doubly reinforced; as if this hunt you take the trophy out of the rut of this music, the joy that is experienced hunter, it is simply impossible to describe. This joy and emotion need to experience for yourself, or even just to go there, the energy impressions, the sounds of rutting necessarily be passed even if you have not got a trophy.About one of these hunts first I wanted to tell.It was in the autumn, at the beginning Read more [...]
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Afterword to the competitions

Three dogs Kirov team got to set off, on account of three diplomas of the third degree with the total score of 215, and they claim to 1st placePhoto: Elena Fedulova With the captain of English setters AI Kuznetsov we met just before his departure from Kirov in the Vladimir region in the All-Russian competition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of its adoption by the English Setter. All dogs: Borodina Lel VL, Mumu Krivova AV Gabriel Sergeev PV, Lyme Kuznetsova AI included in the team, I have been familiar, ie. A. Participated in the Kirov trials urban cops dogs marsh game.After Read more [...]
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Facing the hunter

Vladimir region has long been one of the problematic regions of the hunting Rossii.Ob evidenced by the mass of letters to the editors of our hunters and hunting users dissatisfied with the activities of the regional gosohotinspektsii long time headed by OV Anfimova.V.A.Kuftin Decision of the Governor earlier this year Oleg was fired. A few months regional administration looks for a worthy candidate for this position, and in May, the head of the Vladimir gosohotinspektsii was appointed Valery Kuftin.In anticipation of the summer-autumn season of hunting, he has kindly agreed to Read more [...]
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Two hunting hare

Zabolotskikh hunting MVOO of the General Staff of the SBI UNOS covers about 60.0 million hectares. The farm known and original, located in rural areas and more than half the land occupied by forests. In addition to hunting for ungulates (elk and wild boar) is widely practiced hunting hare in the fields of economy and hare - in the woods.Photo: Vladimir Motkova I remember nemudrenyh equipment huntsman. Light and comfortable clothing, faded by time, exposed to rain and snow under the sun and fog. Hunting bag with a sandwich, a few rounds of shot and buckshot for the season. In the Read more [...]
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The moonlit night

The newspaper "horn" write the first time, although it has always buy and read to cover all; a very useful and interesting newspaper. I like all sorts of hunting with a decoy, pens, samotopom, but most of all I like to hunt for an ambush.Photos Kamil / WIKIMEDIA.ORG I want to tell the readers of one case. It was in distant 80s when a fox pelt was worth 150 rubles, without dressing, my salary was also a crane somewhere 145–160 rubles month. So that hunting does not bring only joy, satisfaction, but and a decent income family: my sister, my wife and I Read more [...]
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The regulated areas for protection of hunting resources?

The editorial board received a petition from the Kuban hunters: "Many of our hunters have questions about such thing as a" zone of protection ", which is stipulated in the Law" On Hunting "and hunting regulations.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova But concepts such as «reproduction section» and «intraeconomic Reserve», Neither in law nor in the rules. Many are now at their discretion on the stencil write one thing, something else that's more like a «the right to collective». What do you think about it? I would like to hear your opinion of lawyers. Maybe Read more [...]
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Lady Luck

"Your honor, lady luck, who are you good for anyone else ...". The words of this song from the famous film "White Sun of the Desert" is not just experienced the many hunters. This whimsical lady is not always supportive, but it has happened to me to be a favorite of fortune.It was in the height of hunting season white trail. The snow has covered the ground dvadtsatisantimetrovym layer. For a dog that does not interference, and Hunters also move still good. The working week is over, were ahead of the weekend, and weekend — it is, accordingly, Read more [...]
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The ban will not work!

On March 18, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation (hereinafter - the Public Chamber) held holding "round table" on the theme - "Cancel the spring hunting of aquatic birds." These proceedings were initiated by the working group Public Chamber on the treatment of animals. Photo Nikolai Sorokin Opening the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the group Daria Khmelnytsky noted that the reason for holding the hearing served as a broad public debate unfolded around the issue, and appeal to the Public Chamber of the initiative group has collected 39,780 signatures in support of the topic.«We Read more [...]
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Vote for the right to be a

"The Russian newspaper for hunters," refers to every hunter and everything ohotsoobschestvu Russia and calls attention to the destructive activities antiohotnichih organizations to cancel the spring hunting.Photo by Andrey Fedichkin We have repeatedly written about the ongoing effort «green» arouse public opinion against hunting in general and the spring hunting in particular. The argument antiohotnichih forces traditional, aggressive and assertive. We hunters are accused of brutality, lack of love for nature and wild animals, called murderers, nonhumans, and the country Read more [...]
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In the spring of ulomu trophies

Ulomov historically associated with the city Vesegonsk today cut off from his Mologa Reach deserves attention not only for hunters and fishermen, but also any lover of history and nature. Although this land today, Vologda, and researchers for the veteran Russian expanses it still Vesegonsk region, a place where history was made, Russian.Photo Eugene Lutsk In the early years, thanks to its geographical position, the current quiet and Vesegonsk closest to it often appeared in settlement thick of historical events. Initially, the land around the modern Vesyegonsk were Read more [...]
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Predatory approach

Wolf - is the bane of our hunting. Cleduya approval Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneev, very greedy wolf — at one time it eats up to 8 kg of meat, which is enough for him for a few days. From this we can conclude that for the year the wolf consumes more than 500 kg of animal food, and in winter when the ground is covered with snow, the wolf eats only meat. There was a time when the collective farm chairmen and owners of private holdings numbered damages caused by wolves in winter, a considerable sum.Pets are trying to protect from the wolf fangs. On serolobyh predators organized battue Read more [...]
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To keep up with the times. Interview with TS Aramileva

Interview with the President POPC Tatiana Sergeyevna AramilevaPhoto Nikolai Sorokin Established practice, when some leaders, the newly elected or appointed to positions of leadership, after a hundred days say that they have done in the occupied post. In our case, it took ten months, and in the version I was offered to ask you a series of questions, the answers to which will be of interest to readers of "horn".- Tatyana S. You satisfy built vertical of power, does not plan to enhance it if RALOs? Many hunters would like to see it more rigid, top to bottom. As you work with the members Read more [...]
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