On the question of strategy

In early July, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation signed a decree that approved the "Strategy for development of hunting Russian Federation" (hereinafter - the Strategy) for the period up to 2030. The Strategy indicated that it is based on the principles and norms of international law, as well as federal laws. I on this occasion arose big doubts.Photo by Vitaly Koshkin As follows from the document to the main development targets of hunting are:– increasing the number of major game species to the level corresponding to the ecological carrying capacity of their Read more [...]
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African-Eurasian agreement?

On our site ohotniki.ru published an alarming message: "In Russia, in 2015 to ban spring hunting in the waters."Photo by Andrey Fedichkin It was by this time planned to ratify the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds. And this international document prohibits hunt prey on the migration routes of birds that pass through our country. Links supporters of ratification of the agreement, that this document will take reservations, which keep the traditional spring waterfowl hunting in Russia is questionable.Ministry of Environment has prepared a draft Read more [...]
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On the wood pigeon with profiles

Wood pigeon - a handsome man. At least among the pigeons. And the biggest one and a half times more than Caesar, so well known to us. Smoke color with a slight pinkish tinge, osobennona goiter and neck. On the neck a white stripe, clearly visible even in flight. On the shoulders and elongated white spot, but smaller. Legs are reddish-orange beak krasnyy.Hvost longer than other pigeons.Photo Zyuza / WIKIMEDIA.ORG Judging by Slowly and smooth flight, slightly delayed, with imposingly shade movements, wood pigeon — What a dude pigeon tribe. It is purely Forest Read more [...]
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The first hunting

Now, dear "colleague", you finally got to the hunting trail. Procession on it will bring many happy, happy days. You will see wonderful places and be surprised that they are almost there, in your homeland. Do not go to overseas countries. Photo by Alexey Belyakov And how you will meet the beautiful morning and evening dawns… Seeing how nature wakes up from hibernation, you hear the discordant chorus of spring birds. Breathe deeply the smells of spring forest and hunting experience the strongest emotions that are unknown to the common people, obsessed with daily chores.But Read more [...]
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Do no harm!

That day was Petrov. But after it was once hunting in Russia opened in Peru. Photo by Sergey Fokin Hunting — That's life story,Where every step of his promises;Not just for the sake of your conscienceAnd it blackens and whitewash.B. AshcheulovOn Friday, July 25, our fellow hobby went with their four-legged assistants to hunt for the little things. We will not envy them. They have earned that right. Soon on our street will be a holiday — the opening of hunting waterfowl.My favorite for most of us — hunting ducks. I not I stop to think about Read more [...]
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All, like the others?

From 22 to 26 June 2015, Prague (Czech Republic) under the auspices of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) with the support of CIC, the Czech-Moravian Hunting Union, the Ministry of Agriculture and Research Institute of Forestry and Hunting of the Czech Republic held a seminar devoted to the problems of hunting Central Asian countries. Since 2006, this is the fifth meeting. Why FAO — an organization whose primary purpose is stated to food security, namely guaranteeing regular access to high-quality food needed for an active and healthy life, Read more [...]
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Caution: the same mistake!

Photo by the author That's really really can not agree with Elena Gorbunova, argues in his article («HORN» Number 25, 2012) that it is necessary to think. Unconditionally: think of everything. And it is especially hard – people with the mandate power, the solution of which depends not only the fate of millions of ordinary citizens, but also of entire sectors of national economic activity. From the very first lines of the article «Need to think. Good thinking» I had the impression that everything has already been written once read or heard. When Read more [...]
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And to think, and to do! who would have to steer the hunt?

Delving into the essence of the article Elena Gorbunova "We have to think. Good thinking "(" EGR "number 25, 2012), I became not that be nice, but just think. Photo by the author On the one hand, this article about the great achievements of the Rosselkhoznadzor obedience when he was hunting the Ministry of Agriculture. (Especially me laugh «progress» this department to monitor the production and marketing of sable on God-forsaken and abandoned by the state hunting Siberian expanses). On the other hand, it is about the horrors of the activities under the current subordination Read more [...]
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Let’s think!

Photo by Alexey Kulinich In the media articles began to appear, calling back hunting management of the country in the bosom of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, to be exact, Rosselkhoznadzor, with the transfer of control and supervisory functions to the federal level. The main argument of the supporters of the transfer is that not all the regions coping with delegated powers in the field of hunting affairs and Rosselkhoznadzor have no possibility to effectively combat African swine fever (ASF). After discussion of the proposals with experts hunting farm and caring hunters would Read more [...]
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In the heat of passion

Tomorrow is the opening of hunting ducks. Long Road, efforts to obtain the permits and authorizations for the extraction of "hunting resources" ... And finally, you are in favor of - or in the company of one of his comrades. Spend the night in a hotel? No, it is better on the beach. Remember that this year's fires in forests and peatlands is prohibited. Drought something out how! Photo Natalya Fokina Located, prepared for the night, a bite, a little rested and quickly — choose a place, and if the terrain familiar, then hurry to take them. Suppose a lake or reservoir is large, Read more [...]
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Pay for what?

Open letter to the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Head of the Federal Forestry Agency, Vladimir Lebedev AlbertovichPhoto by Sergey Fokin Dear Vladimir Albertovich!Tverskaya inter-district environmental prosecutor's office conducted an audit of public hunting organizations, the Tver Region. By the results of the checks public hunting organizations have made representations to eliminate violations of the law.In particular, During the tests carried out it has been found that hunting public organizations, According to the Read more [...]
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With huskies on a free bear

Kamchatka and Primorye Territory: exhibitions, competitions and huntingPhoto: Valery Liushkov AT the end of 2010 I I visited Kamchatka Primorsky Krai. The purpose of my trip — Expertise on exhibition and at competition for huskies bear. And, of course, hunting huskies on bear.Not so long ago GZ Nasyrov convince me that with huskies in the "earliest" the hunt for the bear was not arbitrary. And now he doubts this and gives the following example. Voylochnikovy by conducting a survey among hunters, paid special attention to the Read more [...]
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Memory gonchatnika

"Vaska Pavlov said that his young vyzhlachok began work. I invite you to listen. Maybe Congress? "- Vladimir Konstantinovich Romanov, the oldest member of our hunting us, looked at us quizzically. VN Pavlov at ringside judges Russian hounds. Assist BI Sergeev and N. Krasheninnikov. Next Saturday we were in Siverskaya. There's a large military airfield in those years served as Major Vasiliy Pavlov. We got back in the deep darkness. Vasiliy with Rogdai leash long led us through some fields and woods, and finally, we entered of tall fir trees. Here he threw his young vyzhlachka. Have Read more [...]
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Spring is coming, prepare ammunition

Each year hunters eagerly await the onset of short, but extremely busy period - spring hunting. All Recently we keep in constant tension: open - do not open. Fall short section of the permitted hunting flight or a couple of years ago, miss. Spring hunting in Peru in terms of selection rounds is quite varied. On the one hand thrust valdshnepinaya shooting for small and middle distance, on the other — hunting for ducks and geese in particular — strong game on the wound and with the limit for shotgun distances. Try to understand what you need to recharge our ammunition Read more [...]
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A caravan moves on

The adopted law and the new "rules of hunting" do not cause much enthusiasmPhoto: Fotolia Law «On hunting and preservation of hunting resources and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation» It entered into force on 1 April 2010. Although the people and associate this date with the day of humor, but the hunters are not amused. A Ministry of Natural Resources on the basis of the law has developed and new «Game-laws».Write that in these statutes is good and what is bad, does not make sense. We as law-abiding citizens are required Read more [...]
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Duck Eldorado

At the end of the 80s is a fabulous duck "kingdom" at the Balkhash Bay found my partner. Ducks and coots in those not frequented by hunters because of the unavailability of lands, was a huge amount, but to get into the "kingdom" was not easy.Photo Janke / Wikipedia.org (CC BY-SA 2.5) Distance to It was small, only some 70 kilometers, and Time of departure from home before the start of hunting it required nearly four hours. Half an hour took the road. On Bank, the mouth of the ducts, we reserve transportation and inflated boats thirty–We sailed Read more [...]
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Check vigilance

The opening of hunting in the Krasnodar region hunters are always noted in the friendly and cheerful teams as a long-awaited event begins in the fall and ends in the winter. Spring hunting in the southern regions of Russia is not seen. Photo Anton Novoselov / flickr.com (CC BY 2.0) That's They are jealous of us hunters of central and northern areas where we share with their impressions preparation, implementation and obtained trophies during the spring hunt. Despite long breaks and a six-month training as ourselves, and his faithful Read more [...]
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Spring Forest Fairy Tale

Despite the apparent reluctance to leave the winter central Russia, taking his allies south-westerly winds and the warm sun, the spring wins in this annual battle. And with the advent of the first thaw in the meadows and forest roads from warm countries pampered Europe and North Africa back to our land one of the most interesting and mysterious game birds — woodcock.It should be noted that not all hunters have the desire to spend long-awaited day of the short spring season, a modest, weighing about 350 grams, prey.What a difference a goose! All the more so vociferous goose Read more [...]
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Dreams Come True

Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant has been two years does not produce small-caliber ammunition rimfireauthor photo At last! At the last exhibition «Hunting and fishing in Russia» I found what I was looking for that for a long time, – small bandolier, cartridge 2–4, which can be mounted on my nipple (yes, that's right  I call her the IL-18, MH-caliber .223 Rem). In the butt, and closer to the chamber.This idea is not new. Even at the dawn of a unitary cartridge when the rifles were singly, these accelerators loading wandered around the armies of the world. Read more [...]
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From spaniels to epanolyu

For many years I keep Russian Spaniel. It so happened that my first hunting dog was a spaniel Russian, and I've fiddled with her nataska. The reason is simple - my inexperience. As a result, many cones stuffed, I made out of my Lada II a very good working dog. After that, I fell in love with Russian spaniels and always kept them only. Photo by Vladimir Krutov Hunting with these dogs is different passion and dobychlivostyu, this breed is best suited to me by my hunting requests, my character. But the nature of my restless, static hunt, long sitting in tents or other ambush — Read more [...]
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