Forgotten hunting

As a teenager, I pretty much hunted with hounds on the steppe expanses of Lipetsk. Went with another's dogs, because we were already living in the regional center and in his native village are considered. Distant relatives are denied, they took with them, the more that I did not claim trophies.Photos of Angelica Tatarintseva I would also like to tell you about the dogs that we hunted. It was more co-operative than a pack consisting of a maximum of two purebred (in appearance) Russian Borzoi, a pair of greyhounds obvious mongrels and up to a dozen joined them raznopestryh, assorted Read more [...]
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All-Russian obiralovo

Photo Natalia Ilina Each year, a hunter having a setter, looks forward to the opening of hunting season for swamp game. Last spring, with competitions and exhibitions, grouse and snipe grown and prepared for rapid fly back. Finally, after going through the bureaucratic formalities, you go out into the grounds, sending the dog in the search, and that's it, then, for what you have worked for several months – Stand the dog on the game. «Forward!»And before you snipe flies shot – clean miss. Oh, I had to let go!Pleasure? Of course! And how much does it cost? Read more [...]
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Hunting biathlon — a family holiday!

Competitions hunting biathlon club "sherna river" become a tradition. On the day of St. Tryphon, February 14, held the second open-person team competition hunting biathlon for the prize of the Club of hunters with gun dog "sherna river." Like last year, the event was held in conjunction with the Central Administrative District of Moscow OOiR in favor of Noginsk ROOiR. Photos of Hope Trofimova The weather was windy, but not frosty. For spectators everyone was organized bonfire, hot tea, coffee, candy, biscuit. It was stated 8 teams, including the women's team «Diana Read more [...]
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Partridge Christmas

The idea for the holiday cook partridge born as soon as it became clear that the New Year and Christmas will meet on my native land, in the Astrakhan region, in a society favorite father and mother. I want them to treat dish of dichinki, especially since my father more than a decade ago, ended his hunting career.Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing Partridge I had known since childhood, as almost every winter hunting season, my father was producing several of these chickens. Without further ado mother cooked soup of them. His first partridges I got in his youth, when he started independent Read more [...]
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The hunting pressure has become fashionable to assign himself and his friends, amateur hunters, the nickname of "pro". How does this happen? Without a sense of the fantastic nature no hunting or hunter (E. Permitin)A man buys a license to shoot any animal, such as wild boar hunting facility called up with the time and place of hunting, arrived by car at the appointed time makes the relevant documents, arranged, and at a certain hour ranger drove the guest to Labasa.These animals come to feed every day on farm workers lined feed. Well, then a trick: the shooter chooses agreed with the huntsman, Read more [...]
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Well, we dare?

Now, in the midst of the winter I would like to once again remember the last summer-autumn hunting season for ducks in the Tver region. Well, wait! All floats. Interest in the Bezhetsk hunters as they weather. Soothe: dry, not something that fills you in Moscow. To exit all prepared, and 14 August, I hit the road. Photos shoe the Linux Librarian / Arriving, I first inquired about the availability of ducks. I reassure you enough. Problems with the acquisition of permits and authorizations were not. Especially since I had an authorization signed by the Minister of Natural Read more [...]
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About the bait and clothing

Making an artificial bait on foxes in our area was occupied absolutely hopeless, and even meaningless. In winter, when the fox pelt was worth much around our expeditionary village strewn lot of carcasses of dead saiga.Photo by Ilya Lipin They mowed dozens of jute (ice crust on top of the snow), half-eaten throwing wolves, stags died from exhaustion occurring during the rut, — word with red meat products at the gossips were all right. When removing the skins caught the eye of excessive fatness. Trying to master hunting bait, I have found a place of feasting foxes, that is Read more [...]
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Alien Hound

It happened one Sunday when I was returning from the hunt. I felt bad, and without undressing, without cleaning the gun, lay down on a sofa on the terrace of your wooden house. Photo by Sergey Gulyaev  In the courtyard there was a Barking my Gonchakov, Russian piebald Thunder. Looking out the window, I saw a friend of the hunter, our regional hospital doctor Ivan Sergeyevich. As soon as we kindle the samovar and cup of tea, as the yard will be even a guest who approached the cage and began to scold a dog, and glad that caress his arrival. I invited him in and offered to sit Read more [...]
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PCA — hunting rifle?

Can we consider PCA hunting rifles? I think there are few people who recognized this old veteran arms, suitable for hunting. The relatively low power cartridge, angular forms, huge, for hunting carbine, weight, and he looks, frankly, very specific. Imagine think mushroom met in the woods with a man in a padded jacket PCA? Oil Painting - "Hey, man, the Germans in the village have?". But laughter laughter, and these weapons are now available in a hunting store as a hunting rifle. This is due primarily to our legislation, other ways to certify rifles for civil transactions we have.And Read more [...]
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On the edge

"Protecting nature, to defend the motherland."- Michael PrishvinPhoto by Ilya Antonyuk A little bit about their country, its advocates and other ...Recent events have led me not only to remember the words of our famous writer and hunter, but also try to understand them. And these three events. The first of these — This trial hunters Mosoblohotupravleniya Dovydenko Alexander, who was arrested in February 2010, some «not simple» brakoshey two dead elk, and has appeared as a result of the triennial musoleniya with the change of leadership of the nine investigators Read more [...]
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In order not fulfilled the prophecy Oriya

For many of us it is quite clear that the hunt - passion that does not produce a profit. For the three millions of our countrymen hunting is not only a state of mind, but also the meaning of almost all life.Photo Eugene Lutsk Unfortunately, the all-Russian tendency to replace professional «effective» Managers have ruined not one built for decades and working industry. And hunting country is no exception.What scares the Department of hunting with the Ministry of Natural Resources in public associations of hunters, we can only speculate, but first passed «campaign» Read more [...]
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The September quail

In the fall, when it removed the field comes amazing in its beauty hunting for quail and corncrake. These small birds inadvertently sending shudders and frantically watching from under the feet of a fan or scatters litter alone - there's not yawn, a hunter. Frequent shooting quail teaches young not to get excited, to shoot the measure on the most optimal distance, just missed - and there is no trophy.Photo: Mikhail Semin Early-morning air autumn surprisingly clean and transparent as a tear or a first kiss favorite. I want to breathe, to forget all worldly problems and concerns Read more [...]
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SCM: accounting or monitoring?

In the literature, modern materials and departmental information on the actual number of game animals in Russia do not have a high reliability and regularity, often contradictory and fragmentary. Change the situation had started to operate in 2010, a centralized system of state monitoring of the resources of hunting animals, but it does not change the status of the said issue.Photo Adrian Kolotilina Currently achieved the opposite effect: there was confusion in the terms and concepts, increased the number and volume of departmental reports and, as a consequence, reduce the quality Read more [...]
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Hunting for otters

Hunting otters necessarily requires little preliminary description fotnositelno where otters mainly live or, as hunters, where they are found, and most importantly - their explanations of this nature; for it is an amphibian of its kind for an animal of its rarity not every hunter is quite familiar ...There is hardly a more cunning and Evil animal than otter. Otter, prodovolstvuyas fish, of course, must already Therefore, live or water, or next door to water, the better to make her his fishing. It elects a river or lake, that they were not too deep Read more [...]
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Keeping traditions

Early morning. The trip to work on the car makes being on the road more closely, as flights kryakovyh ducks near water forced them to look to accompany removal from the field of view. Prior to the opening of hunting remained exactly one day. In this season I had a dual responsibility, as I invited along on the classic duck hunting with decoy his longtime friend Paul. He joined our ranks last fall. Theoretical advice he was given a lot, but with practice in the necessary volume did not, as usual, due to a number of reasons.It came the day when we left for the land at the opening Read more [...]
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Picket Ministry of Natural Resources

February 16 at the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation in Moscow, was a man with a placard calling to send federal leadership willingly resigned.Photo Nikolai Sorokin The protesters Andrei Firsov told us: "I'm from the Yaroslavl region, the village Berendeevo, a graduate of Game Biologists, hunter with 30 years of experience. Here, in the picket, I express my personal protest of the state policy, which is carried out in the field hunting economy. I think that the whole policy aimed at the destruction of hunting. Initially, all depends on the leadership Read more [...]
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We reign over us — «you can not!»

Undoubtedly, the biggest shock of the hunting legislation was aimed at maximum limitation of the spring hunting.Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna After more than half a century of searching for the optimal variant of a (by the way, the vaunted Glavohota RFSR on this issue has taken extremely prohibitive position) following the example of Moscow oblohotupravleniya was finally established, it would seem, is absolutely the best option and suits all — 16 hunting days (three pairs of output) in a firmly established acceptable timeframe, as well as two-term opening of hunting in the Read more [...]
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About camouflage hunting

The meaning of disguise - made invisible, invisible to anyone in our case for the animals and birds. Their senses - hearing, smell, sight is so developed that without measures to disguise the chances of a trophy hunter to prey minimal. Birds: the main body — vision throughout the palette of colors and shades (up to 8 times more acute than humans); hear well, but the majority of hearing acuity hunting birds inferior animals. Beasts: the majority — very fine sense of smell; hearing for some species largely replaces the vision, aided by large ears; vision is less important Read more [...]
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Chastnik have private owner

Once a friend of mine, a novice hunter, discovered that in the Novgorod region the opening of hunting moved from April 11 to 18th, became me "torment", they say, let's be opened in the Tula and Kaluga third and mastered Novgorod province with proven decades dobychlivymi places remain "for dessert." When I was ten years, eighty-third year my parents bought the best house in pyatistenok New Life Venevsky village district of Tula region (of course, buy a house and then it was impossible to land, and have issued gift a receipt receiving money). Otpaivali son Read more [...]
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The season is over. P.S

Early bated - for a long time will not melt. In the spring of themselves, and melt-it was nothing (winter was little snow), but luck paid off - spring was delayed and was cold, rainy and dry.     Spring hunting was opened in Moscow, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Tver and some other neighboring areas a week after Easter — 18–April 27th. The period was the ideal, but the weather and the spring itself made their adjustments. Nearly the whole period of hunting was cold, blowing a sharp north wind, often snowed-croup, and only in the last two days become Read more [...]
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