Spring drake

Or about the ethics of spring huntingPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov On the calendar the middle of April. In nature, clearly visible  signs of late spring: the high bright sun and disappearing in front of snow and arriving to our migratory birds.Waiting for spring hunting hunters impatient revived: phone calls to each other in hunting stores «regiment arrived»And in a hunting periodicals increased spring theme. And I received the latest issue «HORN»I saw an editorial SY Fokine in the protection and «preservation of spring hunting». As my esteemed Read more [...]
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How are you guys?

Here are published the next new hunting rules in Russia, that's brought us another small step to the German model of game management. Slightly crushed driven hunt and seriously "corrected" spring. With spring terms of diversity of waterfowl and upland game a masterpiece - to see at least for this writer, fiction, game management luminary. Still life. Photo: Sergey Sorokin But extended periods of elk and wild boar, and all were given carte blanche. Shots ”private” farms, and even then not all, will now actually interrupted only for one month - May. Thus, it solved one Read more [...]
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On the white tablecloth winter

Our team consists of nine hunters and Russian hound PalmsPhoto: Alex Shkitin A winter day walk on the high drifts of hares, frosty breath, sharp air involuntarily squint from the blinding brilliance of fine soft snow, admire the sky above green reddish wood! ..IS Turgenev, «Sketches»There are among the hunting fraternity tribe of hunters who are ardent admirers of hare hunting. A hunting these are very diverse, but in central Russia are the most common hunting with hounds, «in uzerku» and «of tracking».Imagine a late autumn. Sheet circled, cool Read more [...]
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A little about Greyhound and hunting with him

The main advantage of hunting with Gray - a fast approach of the dog to an animal, regardless of training.Photo: Galina Polyakova We all know that greyhounds have long divided into so-called shows and sports (hunting and cross country) line. There will be a question only of sports grays. Division them on hunting and cross probation. After all, the breed was originally designed as a hunting, its further use on the treadmill just made it faster and more persistent in the pursuit of the object – hare or bait.Exterior sports warming has changed little in the past hundred years, Read more [...]
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Looking into the distant past and the present day

Article contemporaries LP Sabaneev, published in the journals «Nature and hunting» in the second half of the XIX century, are relevant even today. You will visit the bear hunt, where hunters were required by the courage, endurance and self-control. All materials are illustrated with old prints. Hunting ... in people's lives, it has always played an important role. In Russia, among the kings, princes and boyars was loved falconry. The greatest contribution to her organization was «The sergeant falconer way» (1656), written by himself Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. From the history Read more [...]
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The ban spring hunting — a start

The issue of spring hunting on goose for me is fundamental, because I'm a fan of hunting and like many other hunters are worried about the fate of the hunt in Russia.What we offer our hot heads, some of which have never been on a normal goose hunting? Prohibition! Motivation is one - about science - it is bad, immoral, harmful. Photo: Mikhail Semin When I hear that goose hunting is not traditional for Russia, I have laughed. Only recently has the whole country celebrated the holiday on November 4 and then in a tribute on 7 November. Which one is traditional? How much years, Read more [...]
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Tula society proper hunting

Chairman of the Society, IN Vishnjakova in the center of a group of chairmen of district obschestv.Foto from the author's archive After the election in 1970, the Company's Chairman Vasily Fedorovich Mysina k1971, was completed and put into operation the equipment portion of hunting cartridges.Prior to this period, loading of ammunition for parties «parthozaktiva» country and foreign countries (to Stalin, Defense Minister Rodion Malinovsky, Marshal Konev, Mao Zedong, the Afghan princelings and so on.) carried out manually. Best «loader» He was a member of Read more [...]
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Winter hunting for Ustyuzhna

Finally, in mid-January he was able to get out on the hunt. We decided to go to the Vologda region under Ustyuzhna. It was here at the beginning of the XIX century played out events Gogol's "The Inspector General". Photo: Oleg Crimeans Finally, in mid-January he was able to get out on the hunt. We decided to go to the Vologda region under Ustyuzhna. It was here at the beginning of the XIX century played out events Gogol «Examiner». This we learned in a comfortable hotel, which stands on the site of a former inspector general temporary shelter.We have long been familiar Read more [...]
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A dream come true

We offer our readers an article that might interest them.Photo: Sergey Gulyaev In some ways it is linked with the work of writer Hunter IA Aramileva – this year marks the 115th anniversary of his birth. Unfortunately, I do not know his date of birth. On the marble slab abandoned graves (Vvedenskoye Cemetery), for which I have as much care for, is only the year of birth.“In October, when the weather is mild and not all the ducks flew off and when it is allowed to hunt for birds, we did so with the trumpeter: morning and evening hunt ducks on the bays, day Rides hares”. Read more [...]
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As the season opened in Astrakhan

«HORN» on their pages inform readers about what is happening in the organization of hunting in the regions of Russia, showing how positive experience as well as shortcomings. In this paper we describe the changes taking place in the region, much of the quench hunting and fishing passion drive many of our readers. September 22 in the Astrakhan region was open hunting bog meadows and waterfowl, and the extraction of the steppe, field game, fur animals and ungulates permitted from November 10 (in accordance with the decision of the Service of nature and the environment of the Astrakhan Read more [...]
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On the new hunting license

Questions issuing new game tickets were discussed at the meeting in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian FederationPhoto: AA Savelyev The meeting was attended by the heads of 83 state authorities of the Russian Federation, authorized in the field. At a meeting in the ministry, it was noted that a single federal hunting permit will be issued to the sample from 1 July 2011.After the meeting, revision “Ross tion hunting newspaper” He asked the Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and conservation of hunting Read more [...]
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Wildlife SOS

Part 1Photo: Vitaliy Koshkin Natural resources – our national heritage, requires special and careful treatment. It has repeatedly drawn attention, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Hunting animals and birds – annually renewable natural resources. But their use is poor.The reasons for the low level of game management are many, but the main one — an insufficient number of qualified personnel, particularly top-heavy, which depended depends, and will depend on further development of the industry. That they develop imperfect laws, rules, regulations, orders. Read more [...]
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I wrote to you …

The site Ohotniki.ru posts around the creation of ROS (Russian Hunting Union) developed a fruitful discussion. In general, the right idea was more a slogan than a serious undertaking, having a base of a thorough (including material) and organizational experience. In the comments I reported his address to the country's leading politicians about the current state of hunting in Russia and asked for their help in organizing the movement to protect the interests of ordinary hunters.In April this year, I have been sent a letter: the presidential administration (at the time of Dmitry Medvedev), the administration Read more [...]
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For whom the Bell Tolls?

In June 2008, “Russian Hunting Newspaper” It was published my article «Whose are you, grouse?»Which was published under the title «Hunting – only for the rich?». Then, in continuation of the theme in May 2009, published an article «Among Strangers». In these articles, I raised many thorny questions that have arisen in our hunt for the last decade. This relationship problems hunters and hunting users, and the crazy prices for the hunt, and    often meaningless membership, and the craze for merchants from hunting pig-fazanovodstvom Read more [...]
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Unusual misfire

Hunting and the hunting, you have to be always on the alertPhoto: Petr Zverev Young hunter after a long wait of permissive documents purchased IL-27 rifle. Being a sociable person, he quickly joined the hunting team, which successfully fired on several hunts for wild boar and hare.Hunters congratulated guy with successful acquisition and each hold in hands, wondering to vertikalku shoulder. «Toy yes and only! — admired shortstop. — Lucky got good copy. Thing! Able the factory workers, when they want, to make quality». Read more [...]
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The most important advantage Mucha was that he never left in the lurch in the leading pack vyzhlovku HydePhoto: Sergei Kudinov Muhtarka born outside the master plans of his mother. Mom, purebred Russian piebald hound the wrong day and broke out of the enclosure… two months later he brought seven puppies from village dogs.Vyzhlovka summer was gone, he did not return from a walk. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens. All dogs were indifferent to Vasilich fox burrows. Also hounds hunter held from two to «of a few» yagdtererov. Once the fox greatly appreciated, hunting Read more [...]
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Dedicated Dem'yanov Victor Petrovich - a hunter and a great friendPhoto: Andrew Fedichkin Together with Viktor, an elderly hunter to which I Friendly appeal «Vitya», we on podsluhe evening counted with half a dozen roosters. The current was small but which is located in couple of kilometers from abandoned village, where we park your car.From the village of next to nothing left. Only zadichavshie stunted garden trees, several pits from former peasant cellar, barely perceptible primer terminates at Read more [...]
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Tight hills and hunting

Answer Alexandra basin which a reader's question about the tight descents ("horn», № 19, 2012) revived in my memory about the first impression in the life of independent hunting. Photo by Andrey Pasyuta I was then 14 years old. Two years before that, having been on the hunt for the first time with an adult neighbor-hunter and made his first gun shot in life, I had a great desire to find his own gun. By that time, in my heart I have long been a hunter. Count on the support and participation of parents did not have: the earnings they were small, and in the family, except Read more [...]
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On the ground, Kaluga

Unnoticed morning comes, but the ducks, we have not seen. Obviously, dnevki as a shelter, they have chosen a more attractive ponds. From under the opposite bank with squeaking breaks oystercatcher Chernyshev pulls across the pond in the direction of Basil. Hoots echoing his shot, and wings folded, snipe disappears in coastal thickets of cattails.Photo by the author Everything was optimistic and rosy, and, at first glance, nothing no signs of trouble.And where it was taken? The summer was normal: the rains periodically moistened the ground, there was no heat wave, so strange it Read more [...]
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Russian hunting

In Russia among Russian Borzoi has a tendency to division within the breed livestock on hunting (or work), decorative and entertainmentPhoto: Alexander Kashkin In recent years, in use of Russian experts on the owners of greyhounds and greyhounds were terms «decoration» and «show». Try to understand what these terms mean, and whether they are applicable in respect of Russian Borzoi.In the early 90s we had formed the Russian Kennel Federation (RKF), whose founders were three Federation RWC (Russian Federation hunting dog), RFSS (Russian Cynological Federation) Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).