And they sat on a perch

Beavers! They forced me to go that day to hunt.  His huskies for this event, I did not take as beavers, having a good sense of smell and hearing, feeling hunter long before it arrives. This, of course, for me, the old fishers, funny stuff, but it is written in the book "Hunting the beaver." Yes there the presence of the hunter! The authors of this book are advised to go on this hunt with anything else, as the eighteenth with a gun caliber! The morning was not very pleasant. It freezes, around foggy and damp from the frost. Coastal meadows are abandoned, sedge yes thistles. Add to this two-meter Read more [...]
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Hunting - it is always a joyful expectation of meeting with nature, friends and, of course, the desire to get the trophy. Photo by Ilya Lipin Hunting – it is always a joyful expectation of meeting with nature, friends and, of course, the desire to get the trophy. Everyone dreams, and hopes that it will come from an animal pen. Although lucky, who took him there alone, sometimes two hunters, with successful hunting mood of all participants in high spirits, and return home converted into a holiday.And what a painful mood is when after a hard day search of the beast going home Read more [...]
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Hunting in our literature

With age, knowledge and experience of my assessment of the hunting literature became more balanced, or as it is now said, adequateIllustrations from the archives of Pavel Gusev I guess I was not the first who, having started once as a child (or youth) to read «Sketches» IS Turgenev and not finding them how ever deployed hunting scenes, have experienced some frustration. Nevertheless, the book I did read, and some places even with interest, for example, stories «Bezhin Meadow» and «Knocks».But the essay «Forest and steppe» I did not Read more [...]
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What is the verbiage?

I called my friend Dmitry Ye Kaluga Petin and asked: "What can you say on the content of the article" The legislation on hunting, "lawyer Vladimir Mikhailov?"Valentin BodunkovFoto Sergei Gulyaev I explained that in January of this year, sent to the Editor response to his comments on withdrawal of hunting permit, but it was not published. In this connection no longer any desire to respond to the article «Hunting Knife»From which it is impossible to understand why and where he recorded a hunting knife. Knife instead «hunting cold bladed weapons»! Alas, «We Read more [...]
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Legislation on hunting: return to the topic

The "horn» (№19, 2012) was published article "The legislation on hunting," which did not remain without attention of our esteemed readers. This material was intended to legal education of our readers. Vyacheslav MihaylovFoto Sergei Gulyaev Therefore, revision and author decided to return to it whenever possible to clarify issues that have not been accepted by some of our active and zealous readers.I came in «HORN» and a review in which the authors called the material was accused of verbiage. According to these ardent readers material «Legislation on hunting» Read more [...]
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It must exist!

Spring hunting is absolutely not prejudice the naturePhoto: Sergey Fokin The question of the complete closure of the spring hunting once again sharply raised in the press. This is dedicated to conferences, meetings, discussions. In short, the topic is still painful for those who can not imagine themselves without spring hunting.Spring hunting — an integral part of Russian culture, no matter what those who advocate its complete cessation. Close spring hunting — thus depriving thousands of thousands of our compatriots happy hunting. Of course, we understand the poignancy Read more [...]
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When the arguments are lame

Spring - a capricious lady, hardly ever the whole period of hunting in the fall a good timePhoto: Igor Maksimatkin Article Bonch-Bruevich got on the front page “HORN” (№ 21, 2011) — about it, and I would like to talk. I must say that in general, with the author's critique of cases perpetrated now in our hunting ground, I agree to: “brothel”How to Bonch-wrote, is missing. But given their arguments clearly limping.What can you do last spring brought us another surprise. Snow at the opening of hunting was much, however… “Spit on the circumstances, Read more [...]
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Benefits and harms of spring hunting

The selectivity of the spring due to the biological characteristics of shooting polygamous forms of marriagePhoto: Sergey Losev The appropriateness of spring hunting in Russia called at the time a lot of disputes and contradictions. The largest number of publications on this topic is necessary at the end of the 60's — the beginning of the 70s of the last century, during the period of the ban this hunting. It motivated by different reasons, chief among which were reduction in stocks of game and poaching. As a result, supporters of the ban were in the minority, and spring hunting Read more [...]
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Divan Hunter

That summer-autumn hunting season in 2012 will forever remain in my memory as a very successful. Throughout the hunting season has been an abundance of ducks in our Meshchora Gus Crystal Vladimir region. Particularly successful closing of the season dawned, which fell on November holidays.These great weekend for a period of four days coincided with the mass flight as the northern duck and kryakovoy. Two hunting Zorka us for three, me, my father and my brother, managed to close the rate prescribed in the permit.The following yields were not as effective, the reason for this was Read more [...]
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Wildlife SOS

Part 2Photo: Andrey Akimov In Belarus, for the preservation of rare species of animals and birds quite a lot of protected areas, the area which in 2006 amounted to 1525.1 thousand hectares or 16.3% of the country's forest resources. Besides them there are in the country resettlement zone, which by the regime ohotpolzovaniya also amount to reserves.In addition, we have 1300 kilometers of open borders only with the Russian Federation from the territory of our land which are constantly replenished by predators. For example, in hunting “Krasny Bor” Ltd “Interservice” Read more [...]
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Paddock or ambush?

Hunters must know that in hunting platforms are needed not only for huntingPhoto: Andrew Fedichkin Specially preserved «HORN» Number 28 of 2011, where in the article hunters of the Nizhny Novgorod region Victor Ivanov «How are you, man?» was written: «I read here to «HORN» Zalogina a couple of articles about the exciting twists and turns of the night killing of piglets from the tower. Threw would you, Victor, a hunt, or at least did not describe her signature '' game manager. '' Well, yes, we shoot and enclosures are lovers. This is normal: Read more [...]
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Hunting in the country

I had only just kryaknut as from different sides showered replies from at least five kryakuhPhoto: Victor Zalogin April 16. Tomorrow is the opening, and I have not prepared a place for hunting geese. First wanted to spend a weekend in the country and hunt in the Rumyantsev economy, but when I learned that all the water reservoir in the ice, he decided to call a friend, huntsman in Ruza OPD.When he learned of that sitting on the sidelines thousands of geese, has decided to jerk to Batey. So, take time off from work and pick up her father from the country, at 16:00 we are in Lidino. Read more [...]
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Galloping hunting

Hunting! What associations does the word! And what is often a chore!Photo: Sergei Naumov Many accounts stomped on the lands to zapolevat hare or a fox, found in a blind animal corral bigger. But even without a dog. But in each  There are exceptions to the rule…I went once on a business trip to Chuvashia. And combined with a pleasant helpful – Gdańsk to visit an old friend, who is also «sinks» hunting. Happy at work, and in the evening – Mikhail. We sat with him and talked. In addition there was a dark stripe through life, so he can not change Read more [...]
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Spring hunting

Lake Verestovo almost completely free of ice and motley duck in full brothers mastered their favorite nesting placePhoto: Victor Gurov After snow and frost in March in the air spring. Hunters revived, began to plan where and with whom to hunt. However, in April he disappointed them. Claus, heavy snowfall, and the long-awaited heat is not.April 9 hunt opened in the Moscow region. But the first outputs of the forest waiting valdshnepinoy traction did not bring good luck. Occasionally his eyes across the geese flying at high altitude. Hunt did not bring satisfaction. Link woodcocks Read more [...]
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For boars in Belarus

Driven hunt for wild boar are not very complicatedPhoto: Fotolia Take the easy one salary couple gilts or fingerlings – business as usual. But when the task to obtain a copy of the trophy, wild boar hunting requires not only careful preparation of salary, skillful action beaters, but precise shot to the room. A shoot of wild boars, even when the herd entered the room slowly, rarely have a clean place. And if the animals went to mahah here do not yawn, catch in progalke boar's side, hoping that the bullet successfully gets going with thickets of bushes and trees. That is why Read more [...]
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Lost priorities

Why is society deprived of hunting grounds - is the main issuePhoto: Sergei Naumov Twelve thousand hunters Ivanovo region completely lost orientation in the activities of game management. In my notes, I do not aim to subject the industry-depth analysis, and do not have the necessary data to do this. I would like to express its point of view only to change.Basically Ivanovo hunters ask why society eliminated hunters. It should be understood that, in accordance with Russian legislation, a public organization, no one can eliminate. Hunters Society formed voluntarily, only the efforts Read more [...]
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World champion and the surrounding area

Photo Yaroslav Skvortsov Let's remember that this breed factory. This is primarily a product of human labor. Under the influence of a long artificial selection from a group of animals are fixed or that are useful for the human qualities that are more or less steadily passed from parent to offspring. At first glance, everything is simple and clear: there are hounds to chase rabbits or foxes, and cops – to counter denoted found the bird and pick it up on the wing by a signal of the hunter. The original standards created under the working breeds of dogs. Balance article provides Read more [...]
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Save the spring hunt!

Beyond the very correct, in my opinion, the decision "to ban spring hunting of waterfowl in areas of major migration sites"?Photo by the author In March of this year I wrote an article «Save spring hunting» , Which he tried to justify raised the topic primarily from the point of view of preserving the traditions of Russian hunting. However, I referred to specific figures showing a small proportion of production volume of migratory birds (waterfowl and woodcock) in our country in comparison with the total production of European hunters.But apparently, the idea of ​​closing Read more [...]
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Hunting outfit

Hunting outfit. It would seem that there may be unusual? At first glance, everything is very simple - you need a suit of pale colors of durable fabric, and in the winter also insulated. At first I thought so too.But the hunting experience - it is not just the ability to navigate in the woods, shoot accurately and precisely determine the probability of an animal hole. This is a huge collection of all the knowledge and skills, which ultimately determines the success of our hunting, Fishing trips and hiking on nature. Knowledge versatile! That's because at the time my curiosity led me to understand Read more [...]
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A year has passed as a congress RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz

Surprisingly we are patient people, hunters, and skillfully use these heads of public hunting organizations. Photo by Ilya Antonyuk Following the Congress of POPC year has passed, and the background of dramatic changes in social and political life of the country, the question is, and what actually happened in the remarkable life of the Union, which was followed by changes in the activities of its leaders and how they make life easier for a simple hunter. These questions at meetings, I asked the leaders of the regional communities of hunters, rangers and ordinary hunters. Those Read more [...]
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