Retriever — duck dog

In recent years, our dog breeding are intensively searching for the best test and test rules to determine how the dog's behavior corresponds to its pedigree accessory. Discussion and verification of innate qualities almost inextricably intertwined. So often there is confusion, is that we check. Not to be confused with innate qualities suitable for use in a particular job. After all, there is the classification of species of origin, and has for operational use. Each breed there are innate behavioral traits they inherited in much more complex laws than the classical Mendelian. Working Read more [...]
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Society and government

Photo by Ilya Lipin The main objective of organs and structures of the legislative, executive, supervisory authorities and social organizations at various levels is the development of civil society. In spite of the clear and precise position of the country's top officials have repeatedly voiced in the media, as well as requirements of relevant federal laws on compulsory cooperation in the sphere of government and public relations, most of Novgorod officials in charge of the sphere of hunting, as well as the heads of several public hunting associations regional and district scale, Read more [...]
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Caution: parallel world

Photo by the author In the heyday of ohotobschestv question is simple: the whole family went to the exhibition of hunting dogs, the breed chosen, depending on the preferences of hunting and wishes of his wife and children, became acquainted with breeders and take turns to dung. Now, at the time the information boom and the Internet, you inundated with information about federations, clubs and nurseries, which will certainly become convinced that their pet is exactly what you need. But is it?An ordinary hunter needs his dog first and foremost meet its hunting passion. For centuries Read more [...]
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Hunting for hares

Photo by Vitaly Koshkin Belyakov It is so named because that turns white in winter. His favorite place – Sich, burning, clearing, overgrown with tall grass in the summer, young aspen and Wetlands with sedge. Common hare among birch groves of forest-steppe of Western Siberia. Beljak – amateur night and pre-dawn walks. After sunset, it rises with the maturation and goes to feed (utility bills), which can spend the night. In the fall of white hair as dry grass chewing on branches and blueberry willow branches in winter and eats the soft bark of deciduous trees and shrubs. Read more [...]
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Photo Tatiana Desyatov Chuck worked somewhere else in the paddock. Moose move in our direction. Here he stopped a hundred meters from the shooting line. Work dog was well heard. I looked in the direction of a neighbor, who had to go elk. But something sensed, the beast turned and ran to the edge of the trot. FROM THE EDITOR:70 years old experienced hunter and our author Dorian Grigorevichu BESHULE. At the same time, he noted, and another date – 10 years of cooperation with «HORN». His short, interesting and instructive stories always arouse interest among readers. Read more [...]
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Christmas Hunt

Photo by Victor Zalogina After a few seconds, with the explosion, raised five grouse. Releasing a I I cover the trunks, I press the trigger. Sounds shot and buckled wings, Chernyshev clod falls in deep snow. The second smear.Speedometer rewind eight hundred and eighty kilometers, when we finally turned a pointer «Gubino» and having traveled a kilometer, we stopped at the snow-covered houses, out of the pipe is thick white column of thick smoke billowed. They all got out of the cars and groaning like an old man, began to knead limbs, stiff from the long journey.Evening Read more [...]
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On the issue of arrangement of hunting country

Photo by Ilya Lipin Dear fellow hunters! I would like to touch my subject had the necessary resonance in the hunting community, and as a result we were able to significantly improve the joint efforts of the system of hunting country.To begin with, that for unknown reasons to me we are hunters, not as an example for fishermen, completely passively conduct themselves in relation to the current lawmaking authority in the field of hunting. Our letters of indignation, periodically published in «HORN» and other media do not find understanding among the current leadership Read more [...]
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Tears dripped

Hunting ethics, perhaps, the main component of the relationship with the animal world of the hunter, nature, passion matesPhoto: Leonid Carentan If you look wider, we can see that this includes the unconditional observance of hunting regulations, and environmental protection, and the relationship between people and the preservation of cultural traditions of hunting and much, much more.And not for nothing «Russian newspaper for hunters» these issues has always paid and pays attention. After all, upbringing hunter understands hunting passionately loves everything connected Read more [...]
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Whether to get a Labrador?

Labrador in Russia - a complete dog for the Russian hunting or partially fit "polsobaki"?Photo: Eugene Snipes I want to purchase a hunting labrador, as my friend. Watched his work in the field: in the bush is game, it raises a shot after finding prey «Chepyzhov» and delivers it straight into the arms. And making team – it is full of hunting dogs.What else hunter to be happy? And this desire is the background.About a year ago, he came to us, podruzheynikam-hunters, a young man with Labrador. As he told me later, tired of his activities in RKF dog trifles play Read more [...]
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Oh voucher, PUTEVOCHKA!

Currently, hunters expressed a variety of comments and suggestions on our hunting legislation. For its part, proposes to cancel all trips to the so-called public, unlicensed types of hunting resources.Photo by Sergey Fokin What return? Pay through bank (or payment terminal) the same for all regions of the state fee. Paid receipt – this is the permit, and in any point of Russia. For example, I am going to go to such and such a region, such a district. I call them on the phone or read on the Internet, the media and so on. n., which dates hunt what you can hunt, what can Read more [...]
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As hunted 100 years ago …

Count VL ants. Family moose. 1907 Kimry Society, one of many at the time as it was a precursor of modern social institutions of regional scale. Apparently, members of the society were few. But they had their own land, in which you can first of all members of society and their guests.As we hunted our ancestors 100 years ago? What was then our Russian hunting?The "horn" number 29 for the year 2010 we have already told our readers about the "Rules on hunting" 1895, adopted under Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich.Now in front of me another unique document - the "House Rules Kimry hunting Read more [...]
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Reports hunting with cops in the past year our readers

Photo Gennady Halperin The editorial board continues to receive essays hunters about hunting with gun dog in 2011. The main emphasis in them is on the hunt for woodcock. We present our reader two messages. They are interesting in that they evaluate the results of the spring hunting of traction. A new hunting spring will come soon!MY hunting seasonDue to the late spring and early opening date of hunting (ie due to the cycle beginning with the opening of drafts) this year in many areas (especially such as the Tambov) in the early days, and even the first few weeks of hunting opportunities Read more [...]
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The answer is «the Noble Nest»

The lack of "big water" in the lands during the spring hunting in 2011 can be explainedWhen I read the article «Promises "Nobility nest"»Signed A. Bilibin («HORN» Number 24, 2011), I, responsible for hunting on the basis of «Noble Nest» in the spring of 2011, there was doubt that it was written by a man who was really on our hunt. In the book reviews and suggestions base to keep a personal review A. Bilibin on spring hunting that we propose to compare the contents of the above articles.But let's start from the beginning. Lack “big water” Read more [...]
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Fast hunting

When the left as I distinctly heard a "grunting", I realized that this wild boarsauthor photo Having decided to close its season on the boars, I phoned the huntsman friend and learned that he still has a free permit. All the food! But I've never sat on «ambush» after the New Year. Prior to that, all my hunting took place on chernotropu, only penultimate on the first snow fell, and he is almost melted.The first thing I had to do is pick the right clothes. But by the time the frost weakened to hunting –5 degrees. So I decided to do a winter kit. Left Moscow at six Read more [...]
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Save spring hunting

The spring, which means that soon spring huntingPhoto: Alexander Nazarov I look forward its hunters, but not asleep, and its opponents. Every year, especially in the spring, they again raised the subject of the prohibition of spring hunting. This prompted me to prepare this article.Adopted new rules for hunting and how much we criticized the Department of hunting, we should recognize that part of the spring hunting rules biologically literate and thought out. The only pity forgot to include an item on the possibility of extending the hunting when suddenly changing weather conditions. Read more [...]
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The hunting trails Marshal

Leafing again memoirs of twice Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal IS Konev, I noticed two photos showing the author's hunting and fishing in the postwar years. Konev shoots at tarelochkam.Foto from the family archive Konev It is well known that Ivan Stepanovich generalship proved particularly vain and scrupulousness, integrity, thoroughness in all that he had to deal with. It is no coincidence, many front-line operations carried out under his command during the Great Patriotic War, are considered to be examples of the art of war. And as soon as the outstanding leader named pictures Read more [...]
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The ideology of cultural hunting

Part 2Photo: Ilya Lipin Unfortunately, since 1991 the state hunting service is constantly tested underfunding and underwent major reforms, which resulted in the status of public services has been sharply ponizhen.V the search for additional funds for the continued existence of the Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation in 1993, the state introduced a ticket, withdrawing the right to hunt with membership tickets, and thus expected to send funds from the hunters in your budget. (Okrnchanie. Start cm. "EGR №25 from 15.06.2011")However, the Read more [...]
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Waiting for Happiness

I fell ill early huntingPhoto: Andrew Schannikov In the proposed version of the theme of the first gun and hunt the first'm doing, so to speak, and in my two cents.Our village was founded at the beginning of the last century immigrants from Ukraine. My mother told me a legend that once upon a time the son of a big landowner liked the simple Greek girls and against the wishes of her father married her. For this son of the father deprived of inheritance, highlighting his life only some outbuilding outside the manor. Young were poor but happy, although their happiness was short-lived: Read more [...]
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Hunting ethics

Hunting gives a person joy, success, struggle, but there are losses and bitter momentsPhoto: Valery Liushkov In addition to numerous positive and negative emotions, hunting provides a rare opportunity to learn the true nature of man. You do not have to eat a peck of salt with him, pull him to the mountains and go with him to investigate. Just a few times to hunt together.Autumn hunting for a duck. All the famous places are empty. Local duck to avoid them. Floodplain of the Volga. Enjoying the other, which pulls the duck on Vecherko. And there on the island. It is necessary to check. Read more [...]
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Snow fantasy

All those days that seemed more or less suitable for traction is unsuccessfulPhoto: Dmitry Litvinov Winter 2011 was even more snow than the previous one. It seemed such an abundance of snow will melt until May. Those who a week before the opening of the spring hunting was trying to check the status of their on-site land, were forced to go back, they do not try them, even off-road.The place was chosen by me, even forty years ago, I went for five days prior to the opening of hunting to one local hunters, whom I knew from the time when he was about 10. He is a great hunter and a poacher Read more [...]
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