Shoot often!

Unfortunately, in modern conditions Shooting Sport poster is stimulated mainly personal interest shooter or hunterPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Although I am a master of sports in shooting and all the subtleties and nuances of the sport I are generally known, but it is with great pleasure I read an article by Renata Vakhitova «Pigeon» («HORN» Number 25, 2010).I was touched by his conviction: «If someone believes that the skeet – mindless activity or maybe almost inaccessible, he is mistaken in both cases». I agree. And how wrong! But in «HORN» Read more [...]
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Five hunting

Photo by Andrey Kolotilina From the very first steps of the little man begins to get acquainted with the surrounding nature. The flying maple leaf on the ground, cheerful city sparrow or unusual fish in the aquarium can awaken a child's soul.But a trip to the forest for mushrooms, the first fishing overnight lay PV adolescent enthusiasm and passion for sports, thrust to change places, learn to overcome difficulties and hardships.Here and there among us hunters, fishermen, mushroom pickers, lovers of berries and herbs. If nature becomes a native house, either hunting for the soul. Read more [...]
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Tula society proper hunting

The issue of an addition to the team of hunters land was settled in 1926. There has been ohotustroystvo, mapping of farms and work plans for five years, which included the allocation of reserves and production zones, the order of extermination of harmful predators, deadlines and methods of hunting, fertilizing and replanting game and other activities.Photo from the author's archive Article Two.To the credit of the Tula hunters should be attributed to the fact that the chairman of the Tula association of hunters all 20s remained hereditary nobleman, "landowner" as friendly calling Read more [...]
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Crime without punishment, and vice versa

In Soviet times, poaching was seen as a relic of the past, as "birthmarks of capitalism" and the society by all lawful means outliving him.Photo by Ilya Lipin The perestroika poaching flourished, and in the new millennium only grow stronger. Therefore thundering shots all over Russia, falling slain hot lead poaching tigers, bears, moose, deer, wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer – our smaller brethren. And sometimes those who are called upon to defend them: game wardens, rangers and hunt inspectors. Rare Room «HORN» do without reports of poaching. Our citizens do Read more [...]
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At current with a bow?

At the end of April this year, the Russian Club of hunting with a bow "with the support of the Department of State Policy and Regulation in the sphere of hunting and wildlife Ministry of Natural Resources held the first official experimental hunt capercaillie during the current spring with bows and arrows. Photo by the author The hunt took place in the departmental economy department of the Tver region Bezhetsk district (Federal State Institution, the state experienced hunting) FGBU GOOH «She-bear». The hunt took part: Sergey Beshentsev – Hunter, the head of the Read more [...]
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Thirteenth Samara

Indeed, among 13 have something mysticalauthor photo Initially 13th «winter» the show moved to the spring. Then, on March 26 did not take place because of the quarantine for rabies. On April 9, we had the opening of the annual spring hunt in the Samara region, and on the night before the show first spring rain poured down. In short, everything was not entirely successful, but those owners of hunting dogs that annually participate in this exhibition come.In total, the exhibition was attended by about 250 dogs of different breeds. In addition to participants from the Read more [...]
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A rare case of traction on

I remember in the old ohotminimumah Strongly recommended for hunting valdshnepinoy drawn, if you suddenly have an opportunity perevidet couple snipe, shoot at the front of the bird, as it can be female. Photo by the author Perhaps, this recommendation was born in analogy with duck pairs, which usually flies in front of a duck, and it is followed by a duck. Hunting practices strongly refute this assertion. You can shoot both the first and the second: two – males. Females woodcock hunters fall under the shots only rarely, since, thanks to their assigned task of Mother Nature Read more [...]
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119-th Moscow inter-regional exhibition of dogs hunting breeds

May 26-27, 2012 in Moscow hosted the annual interregional exhibition of hunting dog breeds.Photo by the author Among the many canine events held in Moscow exhibition of hunting dogs, organized by the Moscow society of hunters and fishermen, is a significant event, which seems to livestock hunting dogs registered not only in MOOiR, «Dynamo», Military-hunting society, but also in the hunting societies surrounding area: Tambov, Ryazan, Tula, and others. The exhibition was held in the park «Nagatinskaya floodplain»Close to the metro «Kolomenskaya». Read more [...]
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IWA shopping for boys

Everything in the world flows, everything changes. But can we apply this assertion to hunting and fishing outfit? Yes and no. If we consider the evolution of hunting weapons in the past 100 years, we can come to a very interesting, although not "marketing" conclusions.And what the Kindle Fire? Previously used flint and kresalom. Now this «fashion» returns the form of bars of magnesium alloy, of which any steel plate can be a spark. What, in fact, today's super-advanced rifle advertised on the exhibition is different from the old-fashioned trehlineyki Read more [...]
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Notes zagonschitsy

Heavy snowfall in late December, let us make a stir not only in the capital's roads and on roads leading to Moscow forced to recall winter hunting and footprints in the snow, which had to walk more than a dozen  The childhood I spent in the Moscow suburbs. Way to school – half kilometer forest track from Mytishchi «pump house»Laid down under Catherine II, the territory of Losino-sold by the meter reserve, now a national park, – seldom without a meeting with the inhabitants of the forest, and only traces of them had to cross all Read more [...]
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Boar on live bait

It seems Bismarck belong to the words "never lie so much as before an election, during the war and after the hunt." In this connection, I remember a story mid-eighties.Photo Fotolia Meet once his friend Hunter Lenya. I asked him how things were going that good, where he was on the hunt. He said that a month ago the team was hunting for wild boar, and he was able to obtain bulls with luxurious canines. I specify the place of hunting, some details and rejoicing for Lenya, running on about his business. And in the meantime, start to head «run cockroaches».They quickly Read more [...]
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Hunting for ducks porch

Photo Ends September. Hunters' samotopchiki "with a gun dog with relish indulge in hunting for birds. Gourmets still trying to take a snipe, but he became a strict and not always withstand the rack dog. And then they gladly switched to the woodcock. But the majority of fans of Her Majesty Hunt continues to hunt ducks, though, according to IS Turgenev, "for this wild duck hunter is nothing particularly captivating, but in the absence of ..." Earth - a deep source of strengthAnd the mysterious properties of the stock,From soil we pierce currentsIndistinguishable to the Read more [...]
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With the blame on others

In the magazine "Hunting" published an article by A. Berseneva "Who is to blame and what to do?» (№ 6, 2013). Article lengthy, there are many questions and few answers. Photo Adrian Kolotilina On the statements of scientists, experts and the media about the need for the Governmental hunting and game management A. Bersenev states: «Today, the circumstances are such that a new restructuring throw hunting for another few years ago,». You may think that it progressed under the leadership of the MNR far ahead.A. Bersenyev «strange to read a similar argument Read more [...]
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English-style, or some kurkovka better?

In recent years, there has been some «delimitation» in the camp of the hunters. If a few years before many interested rifle trends and technical innovations, now hunters are more inclined to the classics. Old shotgun in a good condition as well on demand, as well as modern model of Browning, Beretta and Benelli.Today called classical shotgun deserves only good «old» kurkovka. Hunting for snipe, snipe and other marsh trifle with Kurkova shotgun is considered to be one of the first Russian hunting, bearing in essence not only a large share of prestige, but Read more [...]
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Do not touch fingerlings ?!

At high fertility boars, holds high mortality of young animals: the birth of cubs die 2,2%, for the first month killed 21.8% to 15.3% 6 months. Observation 831 farrowing found that up to 8 months, only 60% of live births. Photo Fotolia In accordance with the terms of obtaining of wildlife, of game, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation of 10.01.2009 № 18, the timing of hunting, for example in the Republic of Bashkortostan, are as follows (excluding hunting adult males):• elk, all gender and age groups: November 1, – 31 December (n. 16); • wild boar, Read more [...]
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World champion and the surrounding area

Photo by Sergey Fokin What prevents the breeding of dogs with preservation of working ability? Prevents misunderstandings ordinary hunters values ​​pedigrees (by the way, is one of the long-standing reasons why FCI does not recognize a number of excellent hunting breeds in Russia, where there is no single database, – they were at one time decorated properly). Prevents the conversion of purebred dogs in a dog companion, ie in dogs for anything, which is accompanied by a sharp fall in workers' skills. Actions officials prevented. So, for the sake of wealthy clients, which Read more [...]
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The radio on the hunt

I'll start with the most important, with what values, it seems to me, any good hunter. There is in the nature of portable radios (radio in some circles to call walkie abbreviated), working in the forest at a distance of 5-15 kilometers. No responsible specialist never promised specific figures, because anticipate all the nuances of the terrain, time of year, weather conditions, humidity, point of a hill, solar activity, the angle of the radio with the conventional (regular) whip antenna during its use et al., Affecting the quality and range radioobscheniya another hunter (same Read more [...]
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Hunting — it comradely

Cup of Orekhovo-Zuyevo ROOiR Mid-September. Mushroom's time. Get in the habit of drizzling rain. Rejoice every fine day or heating and a little autumn sun. Duck, though on perelinke, but with the help of a dog Well quite dostavaema, corncrake and quail, overfed before leaving for warmer climes, taking off from the dog slowly and heavily, as if in slow motion, and the hunters shoot – fall, smear ... Hunting! It's all there!How many years – God only knows! – already roam «a sporting dog» people debate about what is best setter spaniel, dobychlivey and Read more [...]
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New hunting rules come into effect from 15 June

Photo by Dmitry Kashirina In accordance with the RF Government Decree of 26.04.2012, № 395 abrogated with June 15, 2012 decision of the Government of the Russian Federation:- July 18, 1996 № 852 «On the rules, terms and lists of authorized use of tools and methods for obtaining wildlife»; - on January 10, 2009 № 18 «About the procuring of fauna of game» (in the red. from 25.02.2009, № 171). This means that from June 15, 2012 will come into force and will be applied throughout the Russian Order of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology Read more [...]
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One hunting day

Slowly it dawns in the pine forest. Everything is shrouded in chilly predawn dampness. Black crown on his long legs, masts, obscuring daylit east blue expanse of sky, silently looking at me. Clutching shotgun in hand, I stood under one of the pines, keenly listening to the sounds of the awakening of the forest: somewhere above audible clicks current dry rare capercaillie song ...Photo by the author Capercaillie ZaryaSlowly but surely the clicking of rolls in a quick shot, and under the recent knee, not like the quiet rasp, not on the muted chirping, I take a few steps to the side. Read more [...]
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