Chasing the winter

Photo Yuri Morozov People far from outdoor activities, it may seem absurd or pretense. Indeed, any normal person is of sound mind and memory will be chasing cold and seemingly uncomfortable time of year – end of winter? Are capable of only hunters cerned with chronic and incurable ailments, whose name is a passion.After the winter, the spring, yet did not have time to get the bird nests, comes a short period when you can hunt for the male species permitted by the rules. Independently only worth hunting for geese where a shot, unfortunately, fall and females. The North region, Read more [...]
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Respect animal rights!

According to the rules of hunting, trapping and shooting of game animals is necessary "to carry out the process, is not permitted cruelty to animals." In June last year, it was forbidden to use traps that bring the fur-bearing animals before death long and incredible suffering.Fishers in hunting them samolovy required to apply the new model, the so-called "humane", instantly killing traps.However, in the pages of "horn" often found articles in which the authors openly express their opposition to humane traps. And once they publish the edition, so she proponent of animal cruelty.According to scientists, Read more [...]
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Laika boar

- You listen, lad, Th tell you - no joke grandfather Ilya got excited. - You're here to say: Che supposedly huskies, then Vitka Bryazgin hurt ravines - Duck is not from a great mind!Photo by Victor Lewandowski Durolomom rod Huskies only on tests, I've been to them. And what? A piece of the forest enclosed by mesh. Experts sitting on a bench under a canopy. The dog started – she fool glad to try. She found the beast in the zoo and let it overcome, twists, making acumen. Experts from almost cry with joy. And I say it sucks! For hog fingerlings with a dog can walk, but for the Read more [...]
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The problems of young hunters

Many hunters hunt begins much earlier than 18 yearsPhoto: Alexey Factor Hello, dear editors «HORN»!He writes you a hunter with 35 years of experience. Years subscribe and enjoy reading your newspaper, but the newspaper I never came across an article about the problems of the younger hunters. I understand from the new Hunting Act, will now be able to write ohotbilet only to the person who has attained 18 years of age. My son is 16 years old. He was 10 years old with me on the hunt. Good shooting at a round booth for the youth team, but in the hunt but a backpack, I can Read more [...]
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Motley stories from the hunting life

Wherever and however you will not find at the moment with his teammates on the passion, if you spoke to them - you will certainly need to hear from them that hunting is now reduced to anything; He became nedobychliva; dogs get decent nowhere.From the collection of Pavel Gusev Wherever and however you will not find at the moment with his teammates on the passion, if you spoke to them, – you absolutely have to hear from them that hunting is now reduced to anything; He became nedobychliva; dogs have no place to get a decent; fellow hunting – take any of the tail and throw Read more [...]
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Poaching as a phenomenon

Seventeen years, I hunted alone. What a TOZ-BM uncle, the paternal IL-58, then IL-18, then IL-17. And there was a poacher. It was stimulated poaching: I would not mind to legitimize their hunt, but could not. Photo: Ilya Antoniuk Seventeen years, maybe, before I hunted alone. What a TOZ-BM uncle, the paternal IL-58, then IL-18, then IL-17. And there was a poacher. It was stimulated poaching: I would not mind to legitimize their hunt, but could not. Like today, when young hunters can not hunt official.In my personal opinion, the main reason for poaching – impunity. What gives Read more [...]
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Who will guard the hunting grounds?

The rate that the private owner will take care of the rented property, not justifiedPhoto: Sergey Fokin I have to say: I am opposed to private hunting leases. And it is not a big supporter of fixing of hunting grounds in general. But under the circumstances, can not be choosers.The current policy of the authorities can be expressed in two words: «to give everything». Like, all the market itself «ustakanilos»: Demand will create an offer, the competition will lower prices, private owner would take care of their property. But, in practice, nothing like this Read more [...]
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Well if Woodcock in France?

French hunters are concerned about the future of woodcocksPhoto: Mark Kras This year the winter woodcock flew to France to a much smaller number than usual. Autumn migration has been sluggish almost everywhere, and experts and hunters have a low density of forest waders.Despite the extremely low number of woodcock in France as a whole, their distribution in the country is extremely heterogeneous. There were areas of mass gatherings woodcock with a very high density. Unfortunately, in these areas, and passes the basic hunting.According to experts of the National Office of hunting Read more [...]
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Goal achieved

I do not expect that my article «Need to think…» (EGR number 25, 2012) will force people to do just that – think! Like and not an editorial, and the topic is not the most current (our people loves to criticize the laws, often without thinking). But no, it turns out, there are still among the specialists of hunting those who have not forgotten how to think. This is gratifying.In any case, the main goal has been achieved: the people are thinking and express their opinions. Contributors «Caution: the same rake». «And to think and do» Read more [...]
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I want «nareznyak»!

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova «Here at last, and a dream come true: The past five years of ownership ’’gladkostvol’’And, according to Russian law, I can now become the owner of the rifle!» – I think so many novice hunters. It seems now something no animal will not go away. But suddenly it turns out that a shotgun was much easier, but with a rifled more questions than answers. But let's talk about all under the order.GAUGESWhat's so special, you might say. The first issue is the designation caliber and directly associated designation of ammunition. Read more [...]
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What it takes to be a hunter or a holder of a weapon?

Often the editorial and my personal mail come such issues as well as issues on the terms of paperwork for weapons and all those connected with it. I decided to make a brief memo in this regard, to continue to draw readers to this article. After completing all legal activities and buying weapons, you do not become a hunter once, so read ohotminimum, literature, learn from the experience of senior colleagues ...  On this topic:The flowchart of purchase (re) long-barreled smooth-bore hunting (sliced) weapons purchased for class hunting or self-defense1 First Step — obtain Read more [...]
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Zador, flute and other

In May 2012, for the sake of hunting «North Hill»That Krasnokholmsk district of the Tver region, were carried out next, the 26th of its kind, the regional competitions of hounds. They involved a dog and in other regions, in particular, of Moscow and Novgorod regions. In the team standings with a score of 1 place score of 161 (degrees II and III degree) won the team Vyshnevolotsk regional society of hunters and fishermen.In the individual championship title «The winner of the competition» representative team won Vyshnevolotskaya vyzhlets Zador Breed Russian Read more [...]
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Lesser evil

Photo by Andrey Selivanov Dear Valentin Bodunkov with his usual categorical categorically and hit the hunting society in his article «Bitter truth is better than a sweet lie» («HORN» Number 19, 2012). And you know, I completely agree with him. Valentin Bodunkov absolutely right when he says that «association of hunters split into two opposing camps – full-time employees and members. Revenues First – Second is the cost». Who can deny it? But I would not say all full-time employees. Well ranger working for 5,000 rubles a month, he Read more [...]
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Fertile hunting is time

The pain of the loss of his beloved dog recovers, as we know, the acquisition and as quickly as possible, a little puppy. It happened in our family. Exactly nine days later, we buried our Nora, in the famous in Russia and abroad kurtshaar kennel puppies from famous parents: German by birth Kira II and Finn with the Norwegian-Swedish roots Balder. Take a puppy from this kennel has advised me of my old friend «kurtshaarinym Affairs» a passionate hunter with cops, professional and expert Andrei nataschik Schemirov.UtahTwo months of waiting, an eight-hour trip from Moscow Read more [...]
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For New Glavohotu!

Part 1Photo: Yuri Semyonov AT his recent publications «HORN» I I sing praise, and then a funeral song Glavohote in a system which has worked 28 years. Before I still think this system the most appropriate and suitable for the industry of hunting in such a vast and especially countries like Russia.Despite Hard as I I think centralization, it retained elements of democratic autonomy of individual regions (autonomous republics, territories and areas). AT 60–70s of last century Glaucus intensively Read more [...]
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In search of a compromise

Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing For the past 17 years (from the date of adoption of the law «On Wildlife») Is the reform of Russia Hunting and hunting management and hunting. And what is most interesting in this process – officials in all their endeavors interests of hunters take out the brackets.In their understanding of the hunt - a frivolous thing, just leisure with a gun, while they forget that hunting without a gun, foot, naked and barefoot not go. It seems they do not understand that in order to hunt all over the world, there are whole industries, specializing Read more [...]
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Where hunting Nekrasov

Passed Suzdal Cucumber Festival. Has rung festival songs on Fatyanovo "sunny meadow". Vyaznikovsky emptied famous cherry orchards. In them with a soft rustle of leaves gradually started to fall. The time came, and the Vladimir opened the summer and autumn hunting in Peru. Irrepressible Roman Vyazniki invited me to mention in the meadows fashioned hunting feast of St. Hubert on practical hunting: «See our Vyaznikovsky sporting dog at work, give them a rating…» Especially bribe me his message, that, well, according to ancient legend, in those same places, even Read more [...]
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Hunting with the entrance on the boat

This method of hunting ducks is very interesting. In terms of organization it is very simple and within an old classic scheme is as follows.Hunter accompanied rower leaves on the boat and slowly, cautiously moving along overgrown aquatic vegetation pond bypassing reaches, backwaters, overgrown with reeds and rushes at the edge or swimming over crowded around their rush, pushing on it with a view to raise the wing of the crepe a rest for the day of ducks. Hunter is located on the bow of the boat with a gun at the ready, always ready to fire. Paddler sits or stands at the stern and steers the boat Read more [...]
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Useful experience

In the "hunting of the Russian newspaper» (№ 27, 2013) was recently held Article VI Suslov "extra element". Its meaning is that the hunting grounds users, including ohotobschestva not needed.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova All land offer to transfer control of the state, society leave as the club association, and the former owners of land assigned to provide only the possibility of providing services: accommodation, rent a boat, snowmobiles, accompanying hunting or fishing…The representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources, commenting on the proposal, called it «noteworthy». Read more [...]
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The long-awaited celebration

So it's a long-awaited July 25th. Under the new rules of hunting is now the date is fixed for the period from the opening of the hunting gun dog. This innovation has become a sort of semblance of St. Peter's Day (July 12), when almost everywhere hunting for game birds. Good or bad - every hunter in this respect there is an opinion. For retirees and vacationers is probably a good thing, but working hunters fixed opening date of the season that fell on a weekday, it creates certain difficulties. We have to pester the offices of high officials to hook or by crook to get off on this Read more [...]
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