How to fix the law «hunting»

July 12 a meeting of the Expert Council for Game and Hunting. On the eve of the participants were presented to the Board of conceptual changes to the Federal Law "On the hunt ..." and some legislative acts of the Russian Federation and the project these changes (apparently prepared by the specialists of profile department in a hurry).Photo Eugene Rozhina.In the photo - the author. As participants in the discussion, the draft did not cover 1/3 of the proposed concept and, more importantly, in many respects it did not match that found in the general chairman - director of profile Read more [...]
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Shooting sports and hunting

You should not prevaricate, but every gun hunter going into the field, primarily hopes to get the trophy. And all the rest, though important, but still secondary. Just for the sake of communion with nature there are few hunters to overcome the difficulties, bad weather, and to rejoice when the game after the shot will go unscathed. Of course, I could be wrong, but have not yet met the entry of fans of shooting, I went to the tattoo on without a gun, armed with only a camera, since hunting is opened.How much advice and tips on shooting at moving targets shot is represented in the Read more [...]
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Appeal to the Russian Federation of Hunters

Russian Interregional Club decoy appeals to support our initiative on the recognition of hunting with decoy duck element of intangible cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.Photo by Dmitry Vasiliev According to historical and bibliographic data of Russian homeland is a decoy in Tula region. Unique vocal Tula ducks cultivated for centuries by our ancestors in the rock, which has become a true product of the national selection.It is known that the duck was an important religious symbol at Vyatichi who inhabited the ancient territory of Tula, Kaluga and the south of Moscow region Read more [...]
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The revision of laws on hunting

Drawing from an archive edition FROM THE EDITOR:Offered to your attention the article was written 115 years ago, but has not lost its relevance today.Voice authorized the governor to oversee the implementation of laws about hunting.St. Petersburg, December 1897There is no doubt that any law then only makes sense when it is executed when the state has a sufficient number of bodies and individuals who have observed the strict fulfillment of the law. Only under strict protection of the law, he gets practical value, and does not remain a dead letter.That's why, when penetrated into Read more [...]
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Once again on the new hunting regulations

Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife Ministry of Russia Anton Bersenev and head of the joint editorship of "Hunting Edition" publishing house "MK" Alexander Lisitsyn. On July 11, the press center «Moskovsky Komsomolets» held a press conference Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife Ministry of Russia Anton Berseneva on issues related to the forthcoming opening of the summer-autumn hunting season. He conducted a press conference the head of the Joint Editorial Read more [...]
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Field trayly, the second article

Photo Alexei Nosov Courage, speed and manner of the search, expressed in the rate of stroke, speed analysis of odors, width and depth of parallels in the rationality of the whole picture search, and finally, in the brightness and beauty of movements of dogs, looking for the smell of the birds, – All of this suggests an instinct no less than the range of the birds and the smell of pot holders accuracy specify where its takeoff. And if you agree that the range of tack depends on environmental conditions and behavior of wild game and that airfield bird after the liner does not Read more [...]
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Rifle suffering

Photo by the author FAILED MOUNT BUTTMost rifles TOZ production, including TOZ-34, have a mounting block to the gun butt by a wedge located on the underside of the trigger guise. The very mask pulled up by a screw, screwed into the threaded shank pads. Metal wedge thus interacts with a return bevel tree neck butt, providing a compound of the metal and wooden parts of the rifle. Vibration shot, carrying the load on the belt, the dynamic load vskidyvaniem guns lead to the tree at the point of interaction with the wedge dominates appears shat between the trunks and lodge. Shat found Read more [...]
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In August the twelfth

If you ask the modern hunter if he can imagine that during the general opening of the summer-autumn hunting waterfowl in August, he will have to participate in a classic shooting geese on compressed band with profiles and mannymi geese, what response can you expect? Most likely follow a counter-question: «And you will not mistake the fall to the spring?» Yet such hunting there! And it has always existed, but now the majority of hunters about her almost nothing is known.South Western Siberia Kulundinskie steppe. Last largest reserve of nesting gray goose. Many steppe Read more [...]
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Legashatnika Happiness (Part 1)

The opening of a hunting gun dog! When the bulk of the hunters still counting the days to the first duck Zorka, you legashatnik and lucky, gird bandolier and throwing shoulder gun, you go down the winding snake path to the broad floodplain of the river, over which even light haze swirling morning mist. Pointing, Dorval to freedom, is worn like crazy ahead, anticipating the imminent holiday. Sometimes she stops and looks where the owner? Her foolish muzzle with hanging a scarlet tongue breaks into a happy smile, and she again is fun and carefree puppy breaks into a gallop gambling. You briskly hurrying Read more [...]
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In the meadows under Navashino

This year, and me and my friend Ivan calendar holidays fell on the same number - H-September. Knowing this, a friend suggested to make a week-long hunting expedition to his summer residence in the city of Nizhny Novgorod region Navashino. After a brief discussion, after weighing all «behind» and «against» This proposal was the mutual approval. In order not to delay plans for later, we planned to leave early in the morning on September 3. But before moving on to the theme of the hunt, I would like to make a very brief excursion into the geographical position Read more [...]
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In Ryazan stud

My dog ​​drathaar Donna eighth year. This summer, it worked well in the field, only received four diplomas with a reception, three of them in the competition. Last diploma obtained in Beloomut interbreed team competition on July 15 when the heat of about 30 degrees. And then was the discovery of hunting, where she showed true skill. Within two weeks of hunting we had produced twenty-two corncrake, nine snipe, snipe, and three more than three dozen quail. And this despite the fact that my car was laid up, and health is poor. Well, there are friends, and managed to get in the Read more [...]
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For New Glavohotu

Article TwoPhoto: Ilya Antoniuk Why in this article, I paid much attention to the historical aspect of the fate of hunting Russian? Because the one who does not know history, can not draw the right conclusions and make the right for the country, and in this case the solution for the industry. Historical experience provides a glimpse into the future.I not I am going to a newspaper article to list all of the positive and Negative reform hunting ground of former leaders of the country. Let me just note that the welfare of all sectors of the economy in It Read more [...]
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Cunning, or … play politics?

Photo by Natalia Romashova In the third issue of "good old new magazine about nature and hunting" "hunting Herald" published a lengthy and very interesting interview with the Chairman MOOiR VM Kiryakulova. Judging by the title and answer the question, Vyacheslav concerned about how to make the hunt in Moscow accessible and affordable for the residents of Moscow and the region.  Well, God is with him, and with this interview, if not my setter dog and a desire to hunt. Today, the hunt begins, usually with the Internet. Head over to the site MOOiR. Everything is simple and clear. Read more [...]
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In Abkhazia for quail

Several calls to our friends from Abkhazia - as there is with quail? The answer is happy - it's a lot of quail. And here we are on the way. Photo Peter Zverev Autumn this year is not very pleased with warmth. Going from Moscow for Fiat Ducato, we have to overcome about 2000 kilometers from Sukhumi. There we will be waiting for the chairman of the Abkhazian society of hunters Hadzharat Kvitsinia.The tour program is very rich. This exhibition Pointing Dogs and field testing, and, finally, the hunting of quail and corncrake in place of amazing beauty – foothills of the Caucasus.Russian Read more [...]
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Hunting Forest captivity

Beginning of September. This is not a real fall. Shishkin swamp, near d. Shirokov, birch, alder and willow in a green summer attire. Occasionally their thick curls no-no peep leaf gold leaf. Not for long. Nabezhit breeze shake the branches and leaves on the sly steal it. Play, wander a little in the air, as if assessing that how much, and thrown to the ground or hide away in the bushes. In these last days of grace my friend B. Chrome and full of strength and energy Russian spaniel Ares established to hunt ducks on this very Shishkin swamp. During the years of joint hunts we tasted Read more [...]
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Joining Hands!

Photo by Sergey Fokin That's a thing of the past spring hunting in 2012. But the question remains: sooner or later, opened the hunt? As usual, the hunt in the south of the Tver region opened a week earlier than in the north suburbs, where I hunt (and it is clear: in the south of Tverskaya orange blossom, and in the north suburbs snow still lies!). What else to say? At the opening of hunting in the Tver I have not heard a single shot. Snow in the woods (and not only there), it was quite a lot. On Thursday or Friday at the edge of the forest, I picked up the woodcock ...And in Moscow Read more [...]
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Collective hunts

Photo by Alexander Grishin In recent years, among many hunters it became popular the idea of ​​the need to «avoiding driven hunt for ungulates». It is based on the fact that the driving hunt is a major disturbing factor for all the inhabitants of the hunting grounds, and therefore adversely affects the «production figures» Hunting. Such a view strongly supported by some leaders of the hunting industry and amateur trophy hunting, the majority of whom, as you know, people are very influential. Therefore, it is possible that many of your favorite pens hunting Read more [...]
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Most hunting in Rostov steppes

This year Moscow hunting club "Safari" will hold the X anniversary tournament varmint hunting.Photos from the archives of the club "Safari" Over the past decade in high-precision shooting of hunting has changed a lot. the main thing – others were the results. If the first tournament record score was shot at 297 meters, at the upcoming competitions marmots, obtained from a distance of less than 350 meters (in the hunting and sniper classes less than 300 meters), just do not go to offset!Ten years – period of time, which allows, first, to draw some conclusions and, secondly, Read more [...]
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In the wake of a publication

Me, hunters MVOO CO BV, it has been extensively studied art O. Krymtseva "Chasseurs respect the hunters", published in the "horn" number 38 on 09/11/2013. To access the article, click on the link: «Jaeger, respect hunters»I would like to express my gratitude for his years of dedication to Oleg Military hunting society, for the use of its resources and attention to the work of employees Pereslavsky ohothozyay-tion. I do not often see people who really are not indifferent to what is happening, worried about the industry and give their time to create reports about the Read more [...]
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Autumn Motives

Each time, before going on a hunt, determines the direction of the wind. Without this, a visit to land with a gun, and even more so with a gun, is not always convenient, and can not be justified. Adjust, you can always correct, as they say, on the go, but I define it exactly where I'm going. In the courtyard of the beginning of October, so, today's mood for flyway woodcock. Why flyway? Because site-tion now few and he nastegan mushroom pickers that rises at the slightest danger, remaining out of reach, or is clogged in such lining that only legashu possible to come and discover, to take the stand. Read more [...]
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