The exam for beginners

Should the hunter to take the exam in the preparation of hunting permit?Photo: Oleg Panteleev Unfortunately, in the interview, which was given «Russian hunting newspaper»  Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in the field of hunting and conservation of hunting resources AE Bersenev and president of the Association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz» EV Bender is not disclosed, the results of which are scheduled to receive during the next reform of the hunting economy of Russia, coupled with the introduction of the unified state hunting permit. Read more [...]
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Be whether the hunt for free?

The second decade of the XXI century marked a new round of "progressive" reconstruction of the hunting business - abolition of the monopoly game companies for the right to hunt in the grounds. Now, few hunters wondering how this reconstruction will occur because many ordinary hunters already have experienced it on my own «skin»: To devise your favorite lands, and you suddenly just society – and do not give the permit, arguing that the land is about to go away into private ownership. And if very much want to go out there, so ask the master of the new issue «admission». Read more [...]
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My gun hunt in 40 years

Among the hunters there are people proohotivshiesya lifetime with one gun. There are those who change weapon almost every year. However, the majority of our fellow human passions buy and sell their "main instrument" simply because of deterioration (damage) of the previous. Photo by the author In the distant youth by and large I was completely still, with some hunting gun running. the main thing – run, and the presence of «trunk» as such, could carry even a homemade gun having been charged sulfur from matches and one pellet. Get out of it, of course, no one but Read more [...]
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New rules for hunting eyes hunter

Let's be frank: the severity of Russian laws does not imply their strict executionPhoto: Andrew Fedichkin In February, the Ministry of Justice registered the order of the Minister of Ministry of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev on the approval of new hunting regulations (hereinafter – Terms of hunting. – Ed.). After getting acquainted with them in the shower there was a double sense. In general, my personal attitude to the document is positive, but there are a lot of flaws or even unsustainable promises.Most hunters Russia closely watching the activities of the Ministry Read more [...]
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Glory of Santyrey

For that we are grateful to the hunt? For the happy moments of luck when aimed shot immediately duck, grouse, woodcock. Because it gives us the opportunity to know new places, enjoy the contemplation of sunrise and other natural beauties.Photo by Ilya Lipin Glory… That's what we called a young man, a resident of the village of virgin soil, which is now the central manor Santyrskogo Hunting Council Military Hunting Society Trans-Baikal Military District. And his full name and patronymic – Vyacheslav Ivanovich. Surname – Klimov. At that time I served in Chita. Read more [...]
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For moose in Tyumen

Snowless November and a disappointing outlook for early December in Moscow with a small elk population in the metropolitan area is essentially doomed driven hunt for ungulates setbacks. After all, under the new rules the season ends on 31 December.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev You can imagine what will be the influx of hunting teams with the establishment of the white trail and some confusion during the driven hunt. That is why an invitation to hunt in Tyumen was greeted by our team with undisguised enthusiasm. Apart from the fact that in this region the Siberian snow was all right and Read more [...]
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On withdrawal hunting permit

To the Editor received a letter from the Perm region. Hunter amateur G. wrote that 30.10.2011, waiting for the train at the station of alabaster, shrouded themselves with a hunting rifle, he was subjected to document checks forester T. hunting farm "Taiga." To the Editor received a letter from the Perm region. Hunter amateur G. wrote that 30.10.2011, waiting for the train at the station of alabaster, shrouded themselves with a hunting rifle, he was subjected to document checks forester T. ohothozjajstva «Taiga».Given the lack of permits for hunting huntsman T. confiscated ohotnika- Read more [...]
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Vologda spring

After successful hunting geese ("ROG» № 24, 2013), we decided it was time to go and drakes. The water in the river was still a lot, but the birds are abundant something is not observed. Even flocks Wigeons numerous other years, rarely flew by. Victor went to the river and came back with the conclusion: it is necessary to make tents. "How much?" - I asked. "I think the two" - was the answer. On drakesThe morning was beautiful. Because of picturesque woods the sun rose, it was freezing, tokovali grouse. Do not miss this wonderful as the tattoo! Quickly she threw things into Read more [...]
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Hunting without guns

At the opening of hunting I have not got. The day before, throwing snow around the garage that quickly melted, I dug up the post, made me for a son-student and decided to refresh. Several times changed post on a shovel - eventually pulled back. On Monday, in a conversation with a good friend Igor Mikhailovich I got another "blow". He said on Saturday April 13 come in large numbers in the floodplain Nerussa «hunters» shot, a little light, turn in all living things. It turns out, still selling tickets to everyone without asking whether there is a decoy or not. And enforcement of hunting Read more [...]
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Wolf and jackal

Astrakhan region - a land of plenty for many animals. As reported in November last year, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Astrakhan region (hereinafter - the Ministry of Agriculture), the number of cattle breeding is only at the beginning of 2012 amounted to nearly 66 thousand.Photo by Vladimir Bologova Astrakhan region is still the leading region of Russia, where camels are bred – Bactrian Kalmyk breed. Their number is 4.5 thous. Heads (70% of the figure for Russia). The number of horses in the region is 30.8 ths. Heads, of which beef herd horses 17,2 thous. Heads. On Read more [...]
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Match decoy in Tula

From time immemorial to the present day came a wonderful spring hunting of the pen, hunting for a drake decoy duck. Through the efforts of our ancestors were bred gremevshego across Russia Tula, Semenov, Voronezh, Penza and Saratov semolina CRICOVA duck.Photo Anastasia Sedlenek Some researchers hunting stool pigeon speculated that gave the first description of the hunting Darwin. However, AV Kulishova, co-chairman of the Club of fans of Russian decoy (Tula), was restored Russia's priority in this matter.In the book «Perfect ranger ...» Rus-sky educator VA Levshina published Read more [...]
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Passions on spring hunting

Published in the "Journal of Russian hunting" number 4 for 2013, two articles Sophia Rosenfeld "Will close if the spring hunt?" And "Where are our geese, and how many of them?" Intertwined as "bark in a row" in the general chorus of opponents of spring hunting. Attempts to limit, and subsequently close the spring hunting in Russia in the new millennium were made more than once. Photo  The biggest danger for the government is not even a poor and resentful people.KorolenkoTo begin the evening, the debate, on 9 December 2003 in Moscow, on topic – «Spring Read more [...]
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Inhabited Island

I turned into this faith and his brother helped him to issue a weapons permit, purchase accessories for equipment cartridges, etc. And he began to come to our region, not only to fish. Photo by Andrey Zenkov One day, surveying the waters of the Grand River, we have stuck to an unfamiliar island. Feeling a sense of Robinson, moved deeper into it, wade through thickets of willow and nettles, and suddenly saw a lake. Yes, the lake in the middle of the island! That's where the ducks flee, scared at the opening of hunting, that's where they hide! But there were no ducks. However, someone Read more [...]
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About shrouded Weapons ticket and other things

Media and Internet resources brought news that once again stirred up the most knowledgeable amateur hunters. "The Russian newspaper for hunters," and then and other publications reported that the Supreme Court has recognized a walk in the woods shrouded with a gun hunting.Photo noyava / December 8, 2011 the Supreme Court decided the case GKPI11-1616 number (available in legal data banks and the Internet. – Note. author) recognizing partly paragraph 1 of the Model Rules of hunting in the Russian Federation, approved by order of the Main Directorate of hunting and Read more [...]
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The vagaries of fortune

One of my favorite books on hunting - "Seventy years of hunting," Sergei A. Rusanov. In this book, I was surprised how evolved hunting poster on collective raids on the hoof. Here is what he writes: "... raids on persistent bad luck pursued me ... never and nowhere the beast in my room did not go. More than once, that the closest neighbor to the right or to the left, and then both fired almost point-blank, and I stand, if under a spell. " It turned out, it is one in one of my case. Photo by Vitaly Koshkin In the past «starry» hunting time, in 70–80 years of the Read more [...]
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Hunters Society is no alternative

Some concerns have caused readers article by Igor Suslov "extra element" ("EGR" number 27, 2013). Positive developments in hunting and hunting economy of the country, he does not see. Hunting users themselves have repeatedly acknowledged that "hunting management almost no profit." Photo by Andrey Fedichkin "To be effective, protection and reproduction of wildlife needed quite a lot of money ... Modern hunting grounds users and hunters can not find them," - says Igor Suslov. In his opinion, this requires a state structure that does not depend "not only on the users of hunting grounds, Read more [...]
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Dual slip

The opening of the autumn hunting of wetland and upland game, usually falls on the weekend. However, the hunting grounds at this time influx of mushroom exceeds all expectations. Fans hunt upland game, especially grouse, it is impeding. In one of the most beautiful days of autumn hunting, I and my Comrade Putin got in an interesting situation. Early in the morning, checking its readiness to conduct the hunt, we went to a familiar place where allegedly grouse. The weather was calm, windless. Choose a convenient for shooting locations and using the natural terrain masking, we started Read more [...]
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Full details of the order and the place of receipt gosohotbiletov in Moscow and Moscow region

For residents of Moscow: The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:if any (optional): hunting license or membership of a hunting license issued before 1 July 2011 and the validity of which has not expired;Two personal photographs in black and white or color performance without the brackets 25 x 35 mm with a clear picture of the person strictly full-face without headgear;A copy of the identity document (the main page, the place of registration).Admission tickets to the applicants hunting 01.12.2011 is strictly in the place of residence (registration) competitor hunting Read more [...]
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What’s going on with the hunting grounds

Hunting Russia for the period since 1991 was subjected to a severe test. Operate in the control system of the RSFSR hunting facility was completely "dismantled". Moreover, for some time hunting area has a "new" Russia was in a state of legal vacuum until the government of Russia did not start the process of formation of a radically new system of hunting management. Photo by Ilya Lipin An important step towards the consolidation of the hunting grounds in the adoption of July 24, 2009 Federal Law № 209-FZ "On hunting and hunting on the conservation of resources and on Amendments Read more [...]
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Narrow your views and permission to hunt in the Moscow region

 Decision of the Governor of Moscow region of 31.10.12 №319-PG "On the types of permissible parameters of the hunting and hunting in the hunting grounds of the Moscow region"      GOVERNORMOSCOW REGIONRESOLUTION31.10.2012 № 319-PGKrasnogorskOn the types of permissible parameters of the hunting and huntingin the hunting grounds of the Moscow region  In accordance with Part 5 of Article 23 of the Federal Law of 24.07.2009 № 209-FZ «On hunting and hunting on the conservation of resources and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Read more [...]
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