Border Chronicle

Two days in a row we watched thousandths goose flocks, sitting on the Kalmyk territory and do not want to fly in the Stavropol steppes. Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Kalmykia has decided not to open this year's spring hunting, as well as in the past. We were divided into pairs, sitting in their skradka Stavropol on the ground, just 200 meters from the border with Kalmykia, trying in vain to lure rare geese flying side. But whether it was the wrong place, or hunters too much to please, hard geese flew by.Days of first, second and third (unsuccessful)How many Read more [...]
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It’s time to cook decoy

Spring hunting on the doorstep. Those who hold the decoy ducks to hunt drakes should take care of the preparation of their feathered helpers for the upcoming season. We talk with the breeder decoy ducks Andrei Lochmatov known to our readers for publications in last year's "horn".Photo: Mikhail Semin – Andrei Medvedev, in my opinion, now is the time otsazhivayut drakes of stool pigeons. But in the suburbs and surrounding areas prior to the opening of hunting for almost a month, if not sooner? What dictates your experience?– Decoy must be isolated from the drakes, depending Read more [...]
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Waiting for Spring

The bright days of the last decade of February prompted the spring mood not only in the capercaillie and black grouse. Also, people are not spared the charm of the bright sun. And what to speak about the hunters! It stirred up and fluttered heart and soul settled anxiety. Photos from the archives of the Stavropol regional OOiR For hunters spring – is primarily a spring hunting. That's about it, and we reflect. Terms of spring hunting is now small, only ten days. But in principle, this would be enough to breathe the spring air, feel the aroma freed from the snow lands, feel Read more [...]
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Second Life

Hunting with Hounds - is entertaining and at the same time quite an exciting process. Since hound surveys and then working on large areas of the hunting grounds, it is, of course, lurking out of sight of the hunter for a long time and this time using the accumulated hunting and resulting in the education experience. Recently, a sufficient number of different devices for tracking movements of hunting dogs on the land, but they can not guarantee the safety of the dog, but it very easier to find in the hunting grounds, and provide timely assistance, often save a dog's life when she Read more [...]
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Hunters, who are they?

The reason for writing this article was the small tip of Nicholas Varsegova in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on 03.14.2013 under the horrific headline, "What is the hunt - a disease or just nonsense?".Photo by Ilya Lipin In a word, author, publishing their views on what the hunt, another alternative is to determine how this action is not possible. Article some tiddly, but I think any of the real hunters, having read it, no doubt, will take as an insult to his address.Here are some quotes from the article: «… But the instinct of man… This, in my opinion, Read more [...]
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On-drawn soul rest

Like some (few) hunters, I'm hunting diaries. Primary recording do in a notebook or notebook, but later in his spare time, after the light changes, copying text without corrections on sheets of writing paper. Sheets then stapled. Photo by Sergey Fokin Such filings have accumulated a dozen (up to 100 pages each). In the offseason, selectively reread record in the memory refreshing experience of past hunts. With comfort aware that, when because of senile decline of physical strength or disease go away from me «Live Hunt»These diaries, as well as hunting literature and Read more [...]
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In the rooms

I own a gun for a long time - forty-four years. Of these twenty years I had to hunt every year, because it was in the Navy. Basically it happened in rare spring or autumn holiday in the Don steppes, or Primorye. Photo by Anton Zhuravuova Mainly at «pen» – duck, partridge, quail, pheasant, grouse, capercaillie, depending on the timing of the opening of hunting.The team of military hunters number 1 Moscow garrison consisted of more than three hundred people, starting with members of the Civil and the Great Patriotic War. Meetings of the Society took place in the Read more [...]
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With a gun in the grounds

Applicant - A citizen asked to recognize invalid the second paragraph of paragraph 1 of the Model Regulations, according to which equates to the production of hunting in the hunting grounds to find a disassembled shotgun, located in the boot. «HORN» He talked about the decisions of the Supreme Court:- December 8, 2011 and the case number GKPI11-1616 for recognition partly paragraph 1 of the Model Rules of hunting in the Russian Federation, approved by order of the Main Directorate of hunting and nature reserves in the SM of the RSFSR of January 4, 1988 number 1.The applicant – Read more [...]
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Spring Fever

Vast areas of the country, free from economic activities, create favorable conditions for the breeding of animals and birds. Of course, such places we have less. Cut down forests, there are numerous burns, become soiled river erosion and corrosion problems of the soil, knocked fish, accelerates the beast. These concerns were already done. But again, I want to urge: "People are always people stay!" Photo Eugene Lutsk Especially it is necessary to be attentive to nature in densely populated areas. Otherwise, instead of the unique nature of our sung classics, we soon will see a large Read more [...]
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On Hunting correct and incorrect

In his articles in the "horn" in №№ 30 and 31 Viktor Gurov hunters invited to discuss the theme of right and wrong hunting and hunting for game outlet. While an extensive discussion on this topic has failed. But the initial response is already there. I want to try to convey to the readers of "horn" from voting on these issues.Photo by Alexander Nazarov First. The concept «correct hunting» can not be equated with the concept of «Hunting by rules», According to Vladimir Gurov. For any violation of hunting regulations is simply unacceptable and a flagrant Read more [...]
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For those who write laws about hunting?

Luxuriously-hunting and poaching from him and lawlessness has spread in recent years in almost all districts of the region, due primarily to the absence of the normal control by the power of district and regional structures. And even with the connivance of their direct and sometimes even "equity participation" of the authorities in the transfer of hunting lands to private ownership or lease.Photo by Sergey Polyakov Here are the facts and figures, eloquently speak for themselves. Last year 4 million 700 thousand. Hectares of hunting grounds for the average (non-elite) hunter so-called Read more [...]
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Planck morality

Every time I see other people's photos, which the happy and proud fellow hunters sealed with piles or bundles produced feathered game, I, along with unconditional empathy precipitated them luck, certainly raises the question: why so many?Photo by Sergey Malyshev What for?! We, the amateur hunters, goes hunting for the quantitative or for communion with nature, for the realization of the ancient living in our genes male hunting instinct? What is more important for us: the mountain produced poultry meat or great pleasure from the process of the search game? We who – fishers, Read more [...]
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Barriers for hunters

OPEN LETTER TO THE VLADIMIR HUNTERSPhoto by Ilya Lipin Dear Editors!How long will we have in the Vladimir region will conduct experiments on hunters governor and regional society of hunters with their innovations by the rules of the hunt?By order of the governor's number 45 every hunter has the right to hunt in the summer on the territory of 200 hectares, and in the winter – on the territory of 400 hectares.In 2011, throughout our hunting lease allowed to produce for the winter hunting season: hare – 2, foxes – 2, raccoon – 2 – 5 thousand rubles. We, Read more [...]
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Creek soul hunting or hunting by the rules

Send this article made me the conviction of some of our "scientific minds of Biological Sciences" in use for hunters Russia adoption of the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA), expressed by them in the press. But it is clear that no benefit in this. Why, you ask? Because all this - ordered from Europe, including article. Why do I think the article about the benefits of ratification of the Agreement by registered? The answer is: Now many of our wealthy gentlemen go hunting in Europe. Our lands are not satisfied with them, and allows dual citizenship. And Read more [...]
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Association at a crossroads

May 22 EV Bender resigned from the post of chairman of the Central Board of the Association "RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz." Well, that's his choice. The photo E. BenderPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova I know that Edward V. read my articles where I can be quite strongly, spoke about the activities of the leaders of public hunting organizations. I have always defended and will defend public hunting associations, but that does not mean the acceptance of all the actions of their leaders.What their work well, that and say what is good and if it is bad – I do not expect anything grand. And then, Read more [...]
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Hunters, do not be silent!

End of the world postponed. So, we will live and hunt. I would like to talk about how last year turned out to be, to draw some conclusions and think about the future. First of all about political change. Whatever may be said for and against the radical and liberal-minded citizens, but they are there - the elections, rallies, debates, public speaking and various representatives of the simplified registration of the party. And the hunt is something to think about. Photo: Sergey Sorokin Authorities «We made happy» hunters hunting new rules. Oh, how like officials kicked Read more [...]
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Crimean hare

Sit in a ditch in the middle of the field two hares - the old and the young. Young looks and says, hunters are coming! Old asks: – And among them there are such a small, thick, in a fur hat and glasses?– There is!– Move the ditch to be in front of him. When the hunters will approach 30 meters, jump out and run away past him ...Hunters are suitable, hares jump, run at this guy, he shoots twice, smears, and rabbits are hiding ...Later old Bunny tells the young: – It Sergey. We had six winters together every weekend to hunt.JokeSmiled? Does not that very familiar Read more [...]
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Operation and conserving guns

Going on a hunt, I always look around a gun. And they returned, even if it was not made a single shot, and he was always wipe grease. And if I caused rain or sleet when fired several shots, then clean and grease guns make sure. It became a pleasant habit, and I always made sure that my rifle I have not let you down. Thus, we consider, for I think the most important components of savings shotgun. The reader may ask why only the savings? The thing is that you, dear reader, have got some ideas about operating, cleaning, and lubrication gun its storage during the elections Read more [...]
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Deadlocks some Kirov Game Biologists

Of course, the "horn" - not a scientific publication and is not an academic journal. And the pages of this publication are printed materials are sometimes completely different directions. The authors argue, and sometimes very violently. Well, that's good. Even when the authors describe his "vision" of certain problems of hunting, of which indeed abundant, and this "vision" was involved in the elementary ignorance of the subject, but the author is clearly not indifferent people who are suffering for the cause. But sometimes there is too much, and the all-Russian edition of something, my dear, and Read more [...]
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Goose season

Season spring hunting Saratovschine declared at the optimum time, began with despondency. The first wave of goose slipped overnight, and the second, according to summaries of the Internet, stuck somewhere in Hungary. Average for the spring hunting development perceived this year, with particular disappointment. One of the private enterprises has invited me to come to the spring season as the all-round helper: and visitors to meet and accompany them on the hunt, and information support – where are now without advertising!So, April 13, the opening of hunting. Goose was a small, Read more [...]
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