Ordnung in Tula

Traditionally, in the Tula region in anticipation of the opening of the spring hunting season breeders decoy ducks gather to vyzarit - to prepare their pitomitsy for the season, and that here to hide, and to measure the voice quality, the manner of his return and other condition of their favorite. There was a even a circle of like-minded friends - Hunting Club with Russian stool pigeon. Gradually, with the beginning of the meetings in 2005, it developed a whole range of estimates and judgments The ducks formed the principles of refereeing and the order of tribal actions to improve Read more [...]
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Hunting paramount

Habsburg Vienna meeting is no accident called the Chamber of the court, and not only protective, but also hunting weapons. There is hardly a single member of this family, which is not carried away to hunt. As a consequence - the accumulated countless trophies and weapons from different eras and nations. Charles VI (1685–1740), the «Spanish» Emperor of all the German Hapsburgs had a nice set of hunting rifles. Silicon hunting rifle and a pair of pistols made for him the Viennese master Johann Georg Kaiser 1731. The entire collection is not at a glance, Read more [...]
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Classic goose hunting

The hunt for gray goose begins with the moment when the young birds will stand firmly on the wing and will make regular flights to the places day and night relaxing on the utility bills. Usually this September for the southern regions of the European part of Russia and in Western Siberia. Classical hunting of gray goose today preserved in the Caspian smoothly and in Baraba and Kulunda steppe. Grey Goose today — one of the most prestigious trophies for hunters Peru. Photo: Alex Stefanovic There exists three classic ways of hunting Geese: hunting flights, hunting approaching place Read more [...]
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Hunters are asked

In recent years, our legislation related to arms and hunting, is changing rapidly, it is difficult to keep up with even the professionals, not to mention the simple hunters! To the Editor receives many questions on this subject, some will try to answer in this article.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova — Recently in the media and on the Internet there was information that from 1 January 2015 it will be forbidden to carry hunting weapons and ammunition in the subway. Is it so?Grigory Petrovich Vaschin, a hunter from the suburbs Dear Grigory Petrovich! Official information on this Read more [...]
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Ceramic knives and hunting

What is needed hunter knife? And talk and discuss on this topic can be infinite.What is needed hunter knife? Firstly, depending on whether, for what you are going to hunt, and you'll pick up his knife. Second, considerable importance is the type of steel of which the blade is made. Third, its shape. Fourth, some handleTest hunting knifeFeatures hunting knife in the first place determined by grades of steel, of which the blade and the blade shape and the way of sharpening. But to compare different kinds of steel blade should create equal conditions for the test. In addition, to compare steels can Read more [...]
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Hunter Axe

Probably, it is difficult to imagine a long hunting expedition or without an ax. In fact, leaving for a few days away from the bustle of the city and there the expedition. Forgive me taiga men, we, the inhabitants of central Russia, a number of other hunting and, accordingly, other requirements for equipment and piercing-cutting, hewing tools. We do not need heavy lager axes, capable of felling cedars "on time", and nightly bonfires of the "nodya" it is unlikely that our hunters have been very successful. Simply take a good tent and a gas heater, but, however, it's not about that.What NEED Hunter Read more [...]
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With the shotgun on his shoulder

Just make a reservation - not going to any of the respected authors argue, the more so because almost every article published in the "horn" on the advantages or disadvantages of a gun, always continue to discover something new, unusual, you find some -That zest, and even spice, but always going on the whole for the benefit of you, enriches you add more experience and knowledge, forcing analyze the reading.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova I would like to tell you about some episodes of his hunts, hunting and I am passionate about these forty years, and I think this cross to bring to the Read more [...]
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From two to five

It is generally known that the development of a society occur in a spiral. So this time we learn a "new" trend in hunting and sports use dulnozaryadnyh shotguns and black powder. What is it - seriously or nostalgia? It seems to me that both, and it is in XXL century. It is a pity that not before. And it is, in my opinion, is not shompolkah not in black powder. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Being familiar with Alexander Alexandrovich Vasilyev and Tatyana Serebryakova (my first two articles were published in the journal «Gun», For which I am heartily thankful), I was familiar Read more [...]
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The revival of the bow

In the wake of increasing popularity of projectile weapons, it is useful to draw attention to the origins of this phenomenonOver the past 70 years, hunting bows, turned from a marginal entertainment industry giant that covers the whole worldTalking about the revival of the hunt with a bow, we can not ignore such a significant for every lover of Fred Archer figure Baer (Fred Bear), who was born in 1902 in Pennsylvania, USA.Almost the entire community recognizes the leading role in the promotion of Fred hunting with a bow and Archer subjects in general. For the first time carried away archery only Read more [...]
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With a bow to the bulls

In a world of only about two dozen countries where officially allowed to hunt with a bow. Among them is the Republic of Belarus. However, until now none of the hunting economies of the country was not ready to accept bouhanterov as call themselves hunters and archers. And in mid-May in the Bialowieza Forest held the first official hunting with a bow in the aviary. Bouhanter from France to block onions got tusker and fingerlings.Photo by Ilya Antonyuk When in 2010 Belarus adopted new rules of hunting in which for the first time the opportunity to legalize hunting onions Read more [...]
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What the developers have forgotten the law?

We can not rush the development of the basic principles of the organization of hunting fishing areas, farms and areas for amateur and sport huntingPhoto: Sergei Naumov In our opinion, the tendency for commercialization of forest, agricultural land, water and other natural objects, except for the above-mentioned negative aspects, there are far more dangerous side.First, the lost integrity ohothozyaystvennoy industry through loss of its former structure; secondly, it has increased significantly the number of private game farms, which greatly prejudice the realization of the right Read more [...]
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Short cartridge in the barrel length

Of course, the talk will be about the rifle. Traditional discussions ballistics of smoothbore cartridges in the cartridge chamber 70 mm at 76 or 89 mm is not even in sight. Under short-cartridge pistol meant 9? 19 mm. A long barrel - a barrel of the rifle at the caliber of a well-known Italian company, rulers carbine - Storm.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev With regard to the weapon (caliber) expressed a lot of criticism. I will not engage in a discussion, share a number of considerations about the proposed «system» — pistol cartridge in the barrel length.I will start Read more [...]
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Time to collect stones?

We have 40 years of track two indicators: the area of ​​land suitable habitat for the animals, and the area of ​​land, inhabited at the time of registrationPhoto: Michael Vustin Recently he released a series of orders Natural Resources Ministry, the implementation of the provisions that greatly complicates the already difficult life of hunting users.So, in the order of June 29, 2010 № 228 «On approval of the adoption of the document of approval limit production of hunting resources, making changes and the requirements for its content» it is unclear on what Read more [...]
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Hunting «trifles»

When it comes to safety handling of weapons, there is no detail. It is clear that the value of the sleeve shall not exceed the length of the chamber, swivel and rifle shoulder straps must be properly and reliably good, if the fuse closes not only the slopes, but also whispering, and certainly must be careful handling the gun to hunt or on the bench, if there is cartridges in the barrels or gun is unloaded ...But we should not forget that the successful shooting, and not only sports, made up of seemingly insignificant details, which most hunters often simply do not pay attention.About fitting gun Read more [...]
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Hunter Equipment

On the condition of the equipment contained hunter, often depends on his health, so that all Hunter outfit should be as convenient as possible and should be kept in the same manner as the gun. Before each output or exit on the hunt is necessary to carefully check all the equipment of the hunter, and seeing it at least a minor fault, immediately remove it. What subjects hunter must have, in addition to weapons and ammunition? In other words, what the hunter outfit? Equipment Hunter - a lot of things, but it is clear that no one takes all every time with you. At various times of the year, in different Read more [...]
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Hunting for the wealthy?

Homeland hunters begins in childhood, with the first meeting with the hunting book, the release of a boy with a gun in the field, stalking, with first trophyPhoto: Ilya Lipin Sly, step by step, how during tracking the beast hunter, in large parts of Russia is captured hunting grounds rich owners.For the first time in the Russian Empire rules of hunting it was approved February 3, 1892 by the State Council, but they are distributed on separate territory and did not enter estate restrictions.The project is the first law «On the hunt» It was discussed in 1909 in Moscow Read more [...]
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Sadly, gentlemen, comrades!

Spring hunting of migrating geese, drakes ducks, woodcock, capercaillie and black grouse is for the Russian hunters centuries-old traditionPhoto: Basil Sumaruk Recently, hunting and okoloohotnichih media published materials on the Internet, devoted to criticism of the hunting regulations (hereinafter – Regulations), which at the beginning of March this year, came into force.Recently, hunting and okoloohotnichih media published materials on the Internet, devoted to criticism of the hunting regulations (hereinafter — Regulations), which at the beginning of March this Read more [...]
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Necessary equipment hunter

The first thing you need to buy a cartridge belt with a capacity of not less than 24 cartridges. Outdoor or valve, it is as you wish. It is desirable to have a mesh bag to carry small game: field, meadow or marsh, suspender belt to hang, such as ducks, geese in the shadows at the base, and a backpack with a capacity of 10-15 liters. I think it is not necessary to tell a lot of adults, how to dress for whatever the weather. For the hunter, this is not an idle question. To hunt out the long-awaited holiday does not become a pain associated with the common cold and other threats to Read more [...]
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Crafty digits

Article TwoPhoto: Vitaliy Koshkin All ohothozyaystvennye enterprise (hunting grounds users) have different directions in their work. Of the five plus one thousand hunting leases are hoping to meet the needs in the hunt as many hunters, others – to obtain the greatest product in the form of meat (fur-related products), others – to obtain high-quality trophies, fourth – to carry out commercial hunting on favorable terms, the fifth – to organize hunts for a narrow circle of persons (holders of hunting farm, his entourage and the right people), etc. Each Read more [...]
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Work on the bugs

The executive authorities in the field were simply not able to organize the issuance of new game ticketsPhoto: Leonid Sonin The media published the Federal Law of the Russian Federation on June 14, 2011 № 137-FZ «On Amendments to the Forest Code of the Russian Federation and Article 71 of the Federal Law “On the hunt…”»Providing for, among other things, the extension of the hunting of game tickets and membership for another year.Russian hunters sighed with relief. A officials from the Hunt, who participated in developing and adoption Read more [...]
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