Hunting clothes SITKA GEAR

Company SITKA GEAR, perhaps the most famous of all American firms producing specialized clothing for all types of hunting in all weather conditions.  Company It was founded in 2005 and quickly became one of the most famous US companies producing clothing for hunting. Fame came despite the fact that the company is small. In 2010 it employed 10 staff.The first models of clothes were designed for lovers of mountain hunting. Later the product range was added clothing for hunting in the forest and other specific areas. Besides hunting clothes SITKA It offers a variety of accessories and clothes Read more [...]
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Reflections on hunting clothes

In the past, a man, going on a hunt, put on that simpler and postaree. Photo by Andrey Fedichkin Now, hunters are invited camouflage clothing and various colors for different seasons. However, for some reason, the fashion for the so-called hunting camouflage preserved only in the CIS countries. The culture of hunting in Europe is different. Maybe that's why the European hunter and suit, which pleasure to watch, very different from the garments of our hunters. Following the tradition that came from the ancient hunter in North America, for example, would have a view of safety vest Read more [...]
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Walking in circles

Accelerated «implementation» capitalism in our country has resulted in the national economy, and with it the decline of hunting. Today, nobody talks about the fact that the state gives the hunting industry. Peering into the depths of past years, and peering into the day today, I dare say that the amateur hunting has always been linked to social and economic conditions of the people, and the important role it has played the dominant ideology in society.Once the theme has been the slogan of our society «Man to man a friend, comrade and brother». Arbitrarily you can laugh at Read more [...]
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Private hunting grounds users and local hunters

I was interested to visit one of the private farms and see how you stack up today relations between villagers living on the farm, and its founders.Photo: Alexander Grishin I was interested to visit one of the private farms and see how you stack up today relations between villagers living on the farm, and its founders – people invest their own money in the protection of land and infrastructure organizations.It should also look at how affected the population of wild boar and elk past, almost catastrophic in its effects on humans and animals Summer… For this I went to Read more [...]
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Evolution of laziness on the hunt

One of the most important parts of undisturbed stay in the forest is the presence of fuel. Heat and damp is not only when an ample supply of firewood is created. This process is one of the most labor-intensive.In the forest, away from the property, you can count only on themselves The fifth of May. Like in most of the world should have come spring. Somewhere it has already occurred and accurately declared itself the first green, bright yellow spots dandelions, warm nights, the scent of blossoming cherry. Spring looks a little different from the lodge door, lost in the vast tundra Read more [...]
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Foppish prichindaly

Read review Vitaly Chuvalova "Sunglasses hunting" and was glad even for one hunter poborovshis confusion and draw correct conclusions from a single, randomly stacked hunting. I have many years in sunny weather hunt in sunglasses, leather gloves and on some hunts smear protective face makeup. Now it is not so, and a few years ago, virtually all counter hunters accompanied me catty smile.Back to article: «Points on the hunt»Twenty years ago, in the suburban Zabolotsky hunting economy was simply Homeric laughter, the night when I was going to ambush goose with a painted face and a commando Read more [...]
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Why disappear «Turgenev» hunters?

We offer our readers an article dated 19 May 2010, which came in the pages of the iris. Perhaps it will seem interesting and relevant today.In the media one way or another related to hunting and hunting with renewed vigor discussion ensued changes occurring in the industry ...The reason for this over weight. Indeed, the adoption of the Law on Hunting and Game Management transfer to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources promises revolutionary changes in the life of Russian hunters.Alas, it is safe to say that today of all ongoing restructurings, transformations, subordination and other reforms Read more [...]
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Law on Hunting: can not execute the correct

Where to put the comma?Photo Anatoly Ugadchikova Currently, the value of hunting and game management potential of the industry to the economy and population of the Russian Federation are undervalued.Economic evaluation of hunting resources of more than 87 billion rubles. Hunting Branch provides more than 80 thousand permanent and temporary jobs. Annual tax deductions in the field of hunting economy account for more than 3 billion rubles. Commercial investment in the protection of hunting grounds and technical and hunting infrastructure (10.9 billion rubles) 5 times the annual government Read more [...]
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Outfit hunter mountain

Hunting in the mountains require strict selection of equipment, because it affects not only the convenience, ease of movement, but sometimes life of a hunterFor the first hunting in the mountains was a pleasure, not a painful test of will and effort required careful preparation. Let's start with the wardrobe.SHOES AND CLOTHESSince about shoes for mountain hunts Much has been said, it can only recall that it should be comfortable, durable, lightweight and with good ankle support.You can also recommend the metal spikes that attach to the soles of shoes, and facilitate the movement on slippery surfaces.Fickle Read more [...]
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What to hunt?

"... Backpack of the hunter can be one for all occasions, but the contents of it depends on the type of hunting, its duration, the time of year and many other reasons. Hunting, like any other sport has to go to the benefit of human health, so you should try to anticipate and prevent all possible trouble, wait for a man on the hunt. At home, be it a city or a village, it's simple: wet my feet - pereobulsya, wet - dressed, injured - you can help. In the field, especially lone hunter should only rely on themselves, and if the two of us, then to himself and fellow ..."M. Kirsanov In Read more [...]
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With a gun in the autumn

The main merit of this memorable hunt, of course, belongs to our dogsPhoto: Victor Lukashou Each hunter hunting happens in life flowing smoothly. All going well these days. Weather was issued ideal work dogs was flawless, shooting like a sniper, and often the number of shots fired to coincide with the number of trophies. Such hunting remembered for many, many years. It is about a hunt with a gun at the beginning of September, I want to tell.FROM another we Basil We come to the hunting, when dawn was just beginning. Soon we We were ready for to yield land. Read more [...]
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Separate the wheat from the chaff

"I do not agree with any of your words, but am ready to die for your right to say it" VoltairePhoto maholyoak / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Frankly, I to learn about the positive that 10–July 12 this year, held a Festival of hunting with gun dog «St. Peter's Day» at Tyunezhskom hunting economy of Tula region. When I was alive, my assistant springer spaniel Parliament, tried to attend such events.The festival was attended by 61 hunting dog. By today's standards, the festival turned out to be representative. Inspirer and organizer, Read more [...]
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The life of a hunter under the new rules?

Flying another spring hunting season. Now I can meditate, how to hunt in the spring who prevents this and that we are waiting for the 15th of June, when will come into force new rules of hunting.Photo by the author «HORN» Number 22 has pleased his editorial Victor Gurov. I fully agree with the author: ignorance of people who consider themselves hunters, just amazing. Seen shooters who do not understand who they are holding – duck or drake! But the worst thing – they see no need for the ability to distinguish between them. The fact that the hunting permit Read more [...]
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Preparing for the hunt for wild boar

Many hunters, duck hunting, prefer large bodies of water. Based on their extensive experience, I prefer to hunt small areas of forest and field bogs. Why?Write an article I pushed the new rules of hunting, which in largely changed the conditions of production of ungulates. By the way, I am sure that the majority of the ordinary public hunting these very rules does not read. A vain. There these nuances, the ignorance of which can spoil the mood at a meeting with inspector of hunting supervision. But about This below. TO PREPAREFirst — This, of course, Read more [...]
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On drakes with stuffed

The hunting literature you can find many tips for hunters. Therefore, I will not teach, but just remember a few hunts with stuffed and share some of the conclusions.With Sergei Borisovich, my new companion for hunting, sitting on the bank of a ravine swirling water flow and wait for the first glimpse of dawn. Stuffed already arranged, prepared ambush. We are talking quietly and waiting for the dawn. Finally, close to the side there was a hasty doublet. The hunt is on. We wished each other good luck spending.  Comfortably seats in the backpack, I charge both barrels triple izhevki. I freeze. Read more [...]
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Do not deprive us of the spring holiday!

"Why would they decoy duck, if it is possible to include a voice recording of any bird, pokryakat in" heaped Whistle "or high-speed motorboat cut bay fledging resting flock, which was then smartly shot, not bothering to search for wounded game?" - Writes in the article "On the use of waterfowl hunting in the spring," Sergei Buslaev ("EGR" number 21, 2014). Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Article Sergei Buslaeva: «On the use of waterfowl on spring hunting»Against any outrages on Spring hunting and ready to act I but in that, to «pokryakat in heaped Read more [...]
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Queen spring hunting

Probably, many will agree that the queen of hunting in the spring can be rightfully called a decoy duck. We really do not know how far away a century in one of the most poetic and spectacular spring hunting - production drakes using decoy.Photo by Sergey Fokin So it seems like a few centuries ago, our ancestor, Rusich-hunter, sitting in a tent with a bow, and gave spill hot rainfall assistant and nurse. All, as in the present, only the equipment, weapons and goal getter from others.As already reported, our newspaper, the hunters of ducks called variously circular, Cricova, semolina, Read more [...]
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Goose hunting

One of the most interesting and challenging hunts - this autumn hunting geese.Sergei had a lot of time hunting in the Caspian Sea at the time. At first, many times it happened that You plunge into a goose, and another from the pack falls. But even more painful was when once at dawn by slowly pulling risen flock of a dozen birds. They walked meters in twenty-five or thirty of the hunter at a height of about five meters over the surface of the Gulf of Kizlyar.Conceding leader, Sergey third vytselil him goose, but apparently, the excitement of appearing suddenly and silently flying geese haunt. Therefore, Read more [...]
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New rules for hunting: pluses and minuses

In the light of God came this version of the Regulation, which is almost impossible to workPhoto: Yuri Sidorov Came a new order of Ministry of Russia dated November 16, number 512 «On approval of rules of hunting»Registered in the Ministry of Justice on February 4, 2011.I like the older hunters Moscow military-hunting society Central Authority of the Defence Ministry will have to work with these Rules, and by staff members of the hunting farms and hunting SBI require compliance with these Rules.What do I think about these rules? There is in them and the cons and pros. Read more [...]
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Pay still needed

With the adoption of the law "On the hunt ..." things got even more complicated and unpredictablePhoto: Sergei Naumov If the privatization process, the transition to market relations in the national economy developed on the basis of Russian legislation is more or less «ustakanilsya», The hunting economy of the country, alas, we are still looking for appropriate ways.The nearest neighbors (the CIS and Baltic States) by the end of the XX century already had a sensible hunting legislation, the new Russia are not. Development and adoption of the legislative framework has Read more [...]
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