Big ambitions Department

The dynamics of stocks of game animals in the first place depends on two factors: births and deathsPhoto: Igor Shakhov In the hands of I got the order number 138 of 30 April 2010, the Ministry of Natural Resources «On approval of the allowable withdrawal of hunting resources and standards for the number of hunting resources in hunting areas». Title Order clumsily handled and tautology. What had to be added to the end of the name: «in hunting areas»When and so it is clear that hunting animals and birds are produced only in the hunting grounds, ie in the wild, Read more [...]
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Or is it just a mistake?

According to the Order 138, shooting to be 10%, which has 10 goals: 2 heads - calves, 8 - adult bullsPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev The question I asked myself involuntarily reading order number 138 Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation on April 30, 2010 «On approval of the allowable withdrawal of hunting resources and standards for the number of hunting resources in hunting areas».To start – quote to those with the order has not yet read, we understand what is at stake: «Standard permissible withdrawal of hoofed animals under the age of 1 year, Read more [...]
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Hunting — not only shot

I must say that my hunting experience a little more than ten years, and the experience of hunting management and all less than a year. But perhaps it's not the time, but in the feelings, emotions and the degree of dedication process.Photo by Sergey Fokin Much time is devoted to online communication with loved me hobbies and lifestyle people on forums, where somehow we are talking about hunting (some of them are devoted exclusively to hunting). I must say that the thoughts, arguments and reasoning, which is filled with the Internet, can not disturb, do not disturb, and sometimes Read more [...]
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A fly in the ointment

In each area, based on federal rules established its regional rulesPhoto: Ilya Lipin After reading the next issue (№ 9) favorite «Russian Hunting Newspaper» from the first page to the very end, I'm a little surprised how? This good news of the approval of the new hunting regulations printed on the very last page ?! And there is much to enjoy. It's important the creation of the Ministry of Natural Resources for the whole year. At last «birth», Though not without the help of the public.And if the case, then, of course, with intelligence and care smashed Read more [...]
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Experiment on the hunter or the preservation of hunting resources?

Interview with the head of Vladimir gosohotinspektsii OV AnfimovaPhoto: Sergei Naumov «Many hunters believe that in the Vladimir region is carried out some experiments with game management and hunters, then to project it to all Russia: charges There are duties and a huge number of private hunting leases, restriction permitting the introduction of a low throughput rate land, exorbitant prices for tickets . Is this true and why it is in our area?»A letter from the hunter to the editor of Murom— Oleg is an excerpt from one letter, and in such editors Read more [...]
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On the issue of spring hunting of geese

Hunting for waterfowl - the most common and democratic form of hunting in RussiaPhoto: Anatoly Azarov The country has officially registered more than 3.4 million hunters, of which at least 90% of the hunt waterfowl.According to the law «On hunting and the preservation of hunting resources»Adopted by the State Duma on July 17, 2009, the basic principle of the game management is to ensure the sustainable existence of hunting and sustainable use of resources, the preservation of biological diversity. It is also one of the fundamental principles of the Convention on Biological Read more [...]
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Gosohotbilet as a hidden form of discrimination

At the time of adoption of the Law "On the hunt ..." RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz directed random people who had neither the knowledge nor the experience, nor the authority, nor the desire to protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of hunters. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova As a result, public hunting association did not designated in sectoral laws and hunters hung themselves on a wide range of all kinds of artificial and fees payments with a pronounced discriminatory Compared with other social groups of users of fauna and nothing fit into any the Read more [...]
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Speaking of the birds …

Advocated a return to the old system of rationing production of hunting resources as unreasonable as the abolition of the Orderauthor photoIn the period from 2010 to 2011 the Department of State Policy and Regulation in the field of hunting and conservation of hunting resources were developed 24 normative legal act provided for by the Federal Law 209- «On the hunt…». Undoubtedly, any document written by «legal» the language is quite complicated for perception and understanding of the need for deeper understanding. With «surface» reading the text of the Read more [...]
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Ethics beater

During the winter hunting season is useful to remember last year not to repeat his mistakes. Raids on elk, wild boar and deer - this is not an individual shooting small game, and responsible hunting, where the concerted action of the team depends on the final result. Photo: Anton Zhuravkov During the winter hunting season is useful to remember last year not to repeat his mistakes. Raids on elk, deer and wild boar – it is not an individual shooting small game, and responsible hunting, where the concerted action of the team depends on the final result.For some, he is remembered Read more [...]
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Collect and share, or a few words in defense ohotobschestva

There are places, bypassed by civilization, but the natural gifts of the rich and famous personalities marked with names. Vesegonsk Hunting and fishing is not just a district town, and places associated with the great fishing and hunting around the fascinating Mologa reach of the Rybinsk reservoir.Moss bogs, pine forests, numerous rivers, creeks and bays, numerous forests deciduous - all habitats of animals, birds and fish. There they caught a record pike, perch, bream, extracted trophy elk, wild boars.But Vesegonsk edge - it's not only hunting and fishing eldorado, here, we can Read more [...]
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Private ohotpolzovanie — the way to biodiversity (Part 2)

We recently started a story about the private hunting grounds of their cooperation with local hunters, interesting and productive work to increase the number of game. The example was given "Baturin" Victor Labusova hunting area.In a similar scenario to develop other, neighboring, Nesterovskoe hunting area. His leadership also began its work by establishing contact with the locals. For Tver hinterland creating 35 new jobs turned the whole event! That so many people got here a formal job and a stable salary.With the village hunters in Nesterovskoe also agreed. Local residents have never been organized Read more [...]
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In the fall or fox game giveaway

Autumn offer hunting for fur-bearing animals. In this connection, and I want to offer hunters well, very exciting and does not take much time hunting, you have the option of hunting for a cautious and highly remarkable beast, which is the fox.Hunting is transient, rarely lasts about an hour, generally takes less time. It can be carried out simultaneously, with adherence to the principal place of hunting, scheduled for this day. In short, dynamic and interesting event. The main point is to get closer to a shot, or just substitute a beast, mouse early in the morning.Often, moving the car on the highway, Read more [...]
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Whether to be a massive type of hunting?

Each year, well before the official announcement about the opening of the hunting season (in this case we are talking only about the hunting of woodcock in the thrust spring and a duck in the fall as a truly affordable and mass), all hunters still able to keep guns in their hands, begin preparations for it. Everyone is starting to look for a place where one could go hunting.Many former base of hunters moved with the land to new owners, to which no tight Moshny better not to meddle. To go to the next with the Moscow region – too grandmother in two said. For example, in the area of ​​the Read more [...]
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The hunting season for game birds in Belarus opens March 9

In Belarus, March 9 opens the spring hunting season for game birds, the press secretary of the State inspection of protection of fauna and flora of the President of Belarus Olga Gromovich.During this period, the hunters are allowed to produce geese (white-fronted, Bean, gray, Canada goose), males (drakes) wild ducks (Mallard, Teal, Garganey, red-headed ducks, tufted duck, shoveler, gray duck) and woodcock .The inspection emphasized that hunting is organized in accordance with the applicable rules of game management and hunting.For example, hunters should be aware that from March 9 to May 12, in Read more [...]
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I do not see — do not shoot

They say each hunt anything teaches, and the case, which I want to tell you, I hope, will give reason to think about the need to always keep yourself under control when handling the weapons, and especially at the moment when the finger ready to press the trigger hook. After another shot, unfortunately, we have to think about the irreparable.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova That November day, a few years ago, I decided to go to his co welsh terrier in a strange place to look around, look for the new hole, and if lucky, and get the beast. Fox, marten or raccoon dog – not really matter Read more [...]
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September 19 was called to hunt waterfowl in the Astrakhan region

The regional service of nature Astrakhan region September 3 on this occasion it took place a formal event. During his regional representatives of hunting users received explanations on the issues of hunting waterfowl in the season 2015-2016 gg.August 19 Service, the Resolution number 16-p «About the marginal rate of production resources for hunting the Astrakhan region 2015 hunting season–2016.». This resolution, adopted in according to Art. 34 of the Federal Law «On the hunt» and other rules of the law, called standards were approved.Getting Read more [...]
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Spoiled hunting

The disequilibrium in nature occurs when people mindlessly intervene in the processes occurring in the living world. In the eighties, when the lovers of our younger brothers began to actively preach the love of living creatures, almost every family lived cats and dogs, at railway stations and markets were going to pack for ten to fifteen individuals (and now there is the same), in various enterprises lived lured the animals.But in the nineties of the ruin and bankruptcy of enterprises and closing them has led to hundreds of dogs are abandoned to their fate, getting off in flocks, rushed to the Read more [...]
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About the Code of Ethics of the hunter

We talk a lot about the subject of hunting ethics. But as such a document or a single list for all, fixing the content of its main provisions, no. The rules of hunting ethics and moral conduct hunter formed on the basis of experience that is acquired in the course of hunting disputes, disagreements and agreements /Photo by Ilya Antonyuk So far the ethical standards of conduct hunter transmitted and spread like a folk epics and legends orally, or some of their provisions are covered in the hunting literature and the media.I somehow came to mind, and why until now, none of us realized Read more [...]
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Peru in Belgorod

Continues hunting on a feather in the Belgorod region. There was a celebration of the opening, where the hunters were at least duck hunters is now switched to your favorite types of hunting. For me it is - a field game. Bird in the fields there, but the hunt is complicated plowed stubble and an abundance of soybean and maize high and powerful in places where I used to hunt and established a fairly long hot and dry weather."Trample" stone drought stubble in the heat of 30 degrees in the shade - a grueling exercise, and for hunting to choose a short evening. Dogs in this heat refuse Read more [...]
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Professorial gatherings

Bersenev hunters went to work in Gazprom. Probably, to develop a new strategy for development of gas fields, or preparing their "reincarnation" as the leader of the hunters under the roof of the foresters. Lead game management appointed lawyer, whose last place of work was a factory of plush toys. Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna What traditionally Editorial «HORN» I decided to collect leading Russian scientists in the field of hunting and ask them to comment on the events of the last three months. Events, waves, probably all who are not indifferent to the fate of our country Read more [...]
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