Amur region intends to attract tourists from China and other countries hunting, fishing and nature reserves

The recently established Amur Regional Tourist Association (ARTA) develops small and large tourist ring, which include hunting, fishing and off-road tourism, said during a speech at the forum on the development of cross-border tourism between Russia and China association director Vladimir Yusupov.According to him, ARTA established in July this year to expand the types of tourist services in the region. As part of the association of companies and organizations that provide a new tourist service.In the small tourist ring includes recreational activities, concentrated in the precincts of Blagoveshchensk. Read more [...]
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Autumn woodcock without a dog

Autumn hunting valdshnepinyh vysypkah a setter is very interesting, but you have to guess the right time and find the right place. However, sporting dog owners are few, so the meeting with the majority of autumn woodcock hunters are rare and mostly random. I would like to share your experience hunting without a dog in the woodcock as vysypkah and in other ways.Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina HUNTING VYSYPKAHAt the end of September – early October dnyuyut woodcocks usually closer to the edges, facing to the sloping meadows or fields, especially if the last winter crops (green). Read more [...]
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Hunting with decoy

My hunting decoy started many years ago and as it is strange, to buy on the market suburban twenty chickens. Itinerant trade three-day chicks Zagorskaya poultry farms ruined my purse for one ruble, the price, even at the time funny - penny per head is half the cost of eggs.Photo by Vladimir Motkova When asked why so cheap, sellers were responsible, they say, it's cocks, and seeing the incredulous looks (how to determine the sex of chicken in a three-day age?), Joked: «Pants have filmed».          Whatever it was, but Read more [...]
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On a stool at the Lake of Eternal

To hunt in the remote sixties of the last century and passed the hunting paths of different regions of the former Soviet Union, the spring hunting with decoy learned only in Balashov district of the Saratov region.Through this steppe region rivers Hopper and Elan, there are quite a few steppe lakes.Eternal Lake is located about thirty kilometers from the ancient city of Balashov. The lake covers an area of ​​several square kilometers, and the site has a depth of four meters. Its banks are overgrown with reeds, that attracted his flooded mallards, teals, coots, grebes and marsh birds. Because Read more [...]
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Hunting for geese in Kazakhstan

"All happy families are happy alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way," Leo Tolstoy. The words of the famous classic is the best suited to the goose hunt.Kazakhstan in the Eurasian region on the possibilities of hunting goose leader without competition, well, no, of course, and a goose flying through Russia and Ukraine is in Europe, but not in such quantities and superior quality. The Chinese have long days and nights fed, almost selective rice ducks, so that they come to the parameters " Peking duck" . In our country, we carried out the development "virgin and fallow" Read more [...]
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Estonian Ministry of the Environment is preparing to simplify the conditions for hunting wild boars

The Ministry of Environment is preparing amendments to the Law on Hunting, which should simplify the mass shooting pigs to stop the spread of African swine fever in Estonia. According to the Minister of the Environment Pomerants Marco, one of the amendments suggests authorize the use while hunting wild boar artificial lighting and allow hunters to systematic shooting of sows and boars broods.At a press conference on Thursday, the government Pomerants said that if he raids and hunting wild boar hunting is prohibited in areas where ASF identified, the State intends to withdraw the ban.The Minister Read more [...]
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In Mari El was a meeting of the Ministry of Forestry and Hunting and hunting users of the republic

July 30, 2015 at the Ministry of Forestry and Hunting of the Republic of Mari El was a meeting with the users of hunting grounds of the republic and state inspectors for the opening of the summer-autumn hunting season.At the meeting held the Minister of Forestry and Hunting of the Republic of Mari El A.I.Shurginym 30 July 2015, discussed the application of the right to hunt and the parameters of the hunt in the hunting grounds in the country.The meeting was attended by over 100 people — it's hunting grounds users, game wardens and rangers in hunting area, representatives of the Mari interdistrict Read more [...]
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The first auctions were held hunting. In the Caucasus, will now hunt for new ways.

Over the past six months there have been several auctions. Now in several areas of the province hunting grounds have already been distributed. Minprirodnyh resources of Stavropol has posted on its website the official information about the auctions. It reads as follows:«Ministry 5 and September 12, 2011 an auction for the right to enter into agreements ohothozyaystvennyh. Based on the results of auctions ohothozyaystvennye concluded an agreement with the limited liability company «South Region» on the hunting grounds are located in the Turkmen region and Stavropol regional public Read more [...]
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Hunting in the Altai want to ban a few years

Experts believe that poaching in Altai has become such a colossal nature, which is likely, we can speak of the war waged against the animal world. The greatest damage to nature brings hunting snowmobile. If in 2008 in the Altai region they were only 58 pieces, then four years later, the figure has passed for 1600. As a result, the number of mass poaching of game animals in the province drastically reduced. However, the official figures suggest otherwise. Experts believe that the information on census hunting animals deliberately overstated ohotopolzovatelyami to obtain more licenses and therefore Read more [...]
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Terms of hunting on a feather in Kamchatka

In Kamchatka, until December 31, is allowed to hunt upland game (capercaillie, white and tundra partridge) with the island and continental pointers dogs, retrievers and spaniels.Hunting season for upland game hunters who do not have these dogs will open on August 22 and will end on February 29, 2016. Until November 15, will be open hunting marsh meadow game (grouse, snipe, ruff, Grey Plover, Ulitka, godwit, Whimbrel, Terek Sandpiper, Turnstone) with the island and continental pointers dogs, retrievers and spaniels. Hunting season for marsh meadow prey for hunters who do not have these dogs will Read more [...]
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My hunt with a decoy

The beginning of my hunting career took place with production of the first duck that I had shot at the autumn hunt in the Kaluga region on the beautiful and scenic river Ugra. The first duck this for a long time left in my memory those vivid memories that I wanted to share with you, dear readers of the newspaper hunting ... Photo: Mikhail Semin My first hunt took place in the second half of August 1994, 30 kilometers from the city Yukhnov. While I was resting on a camp site near the sports camp Bauman. With the vouchers were no problems, and Yukhnov society of hunters and anglers Read more [...]
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Spring opening of the pen in Kazakhstan

Usually the opening of the spring hunting of waterfowl here in Almaty region takes place in the week of March 20's on holiday with pagan roots - Nauryz (the spring equinox, symbolizing the Turki beginning of the year). Therefore, this hunt I always felt like the first of the new season.And the attitude to it is particularly anxious. This year, thanks to the initiative of competent hunters and thoughtful position of the National Audit Office, the opening of hunting was dismissed March 14 and users of hunting grounds (hunting farms) granted the right to set the opening date, depending on the real Read more [...]
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Hunting areas of Stavropol go into the hands of private owners

Stavropol became the first country in the region, which has earned a new law on hunting. The land is now divided into hunting grounds and 70 per cent received plots transferred to private users for up to 50 years. And more recently, a public organization of hunters and fishermen had a monopoly. Almost all of the hunting grounds of Stavropol was her fiefdom. Now, as all who wish to do the hunting economy, society should take part in the auction, where the main thing - no reputation of the applicant, and the ability to pay.Deputy Chairman of the Stavropol regional public organization of hunters and Read more [...]
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On Approval of the recommendations on the distribution of permits for hunting resources between individuals engaged in hunting in public hunting areas

In order to implement Part 7 of Article 31 of the Federal Law of July 24, 2009 № 209-FZ «On hunting and hunting on the conservation of resources and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation» (Collection of Laws of the Russian Federation, 2009, № 30, p. 3735, number 52, p. 6441, p. 6450, 2010, № 23, p. 2793, 2011, № 1, p. 10, number 25, p. 3530 ; № 27, p. 3880; № 30, p. 4590) and in accordance with paragraph of the Regulation on the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, approved by the Government of the Russian Read more [...]
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The exhibition «The world of sport. Hunting. Fishing. «April 5-8, 2012 in Krasnoyarsk

Location: Russia, Moscow, ul. Aviators, 19, MVTS «Siberia». 5-8 April 2012; from 10:00 to 18:00Main sectionsWORLD OF SPORTSSports equipment, equipment, accessories (clothing, footwear); sports associations, clubs and centers; premium products; Equipment sports halls, fitness centers; sports nutrition, cosmetics; technical and transport means for the sport.HUNTINGHunting equipment, clothing, knives, optics, storage and maintenance of equipment; Weapon cabinets and safes; masking agents; hunting souvenirs, trophies; hunting dog breeding; hunting tours.FISHINGFishing equipment, tools, Read more [...]
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Ministry of Natural Resources plans to limit the area of ​​the hunting grounds

Ministry of Natural Resources is going to set limits on the size of natural areas, where hunting can take place, for a variety of subjects of Russia, the ministry said. As explained in the message, "commissioned by the Ministry of Russia studies (on hunting activities in the Russian Federation - Ed.) evidence of the ineffectiveness of the reproduction and development of hunting resources as too small or too large areas".Ministry of the Environment presented a draft order on the site office."The draft order (the establishment of a maximum area of ​​hunting ground - ed.) The proposed Read more [...]
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Hunting without a shot

Pick-up, moved down to the asphalt, stands on the bumpy side of the road. Far away from the green strips of wood for vymahal already waist-deep sowing rye, is white fresh stёsami recently staged tower.Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Taking things out of the car, I slowly came down the road waving in the wind Sea rye. «Mitsubishi», Humming dizelkom, drove more…Breathing in deeply the fresh and slightly humid air approaching summer evening, I paused for a moment, enjoying the happiness Nakata only begin to hunt. After spending his hand on the rough plastic carabiner Read more [...]
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Marshal Rokossovsky hunting

On his famous grandfather as an hunter, says the grandson MarshalaK.K. Rokossovskogo retired colonel KV Rokossovsky.FROM THE EDITOR3 January marks 75 years of one of the authors «HORN», Editor in chief «Hunter» Gennady Panteleevichu Kaszuba. Readers clearly noticed quite a vast geography of his materials: Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands, Primorye, Khabarovsk Krai, Transbaikalia, Northern Caucasus, Leningrad, Kaliningrad regions. Well, of course, the central region of the country… This is not only the fact that Gennady Panteleevich fidgets from the category, but also Read more [...]
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The first time the ducks

I began to hunt quite late, and, unfortunately, turned out as something usual, but had plenty of experience. But my father was all a bit different. Where he lived, hunting was something special, so every kid looked forward when he, like his father, would be a real hunter.The first steps of their hunting I started doing already for fourteen years. His gun I had, and visiting hunting with adults, I often found himself on the «sidelines». Prepare firewood for the night, make a fire, boil the tea and perform a number of other minor works on arrangement was not a burden to me, but the lack Read more [...]
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Huntsman of Argayashsky District awarded medals Korol’kova

When the board Argayashsky society of hunters and fishermen were discussing candidates for nomination for an award established by "RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz" - Korol'kova medal, somehow itself surfaced surname huntsman Lazarev. However, as you will see later, there is nothing surprising.But above all, for the uninitiated, let us say, who is Alex Korol'kov and why in his honor established a medal. So, Alexey Korol'kov — public figure, honorary member of the Austrian, Finnish, Bulgarian and a number of other world societies of hunters and fishermen. He graduated from the Agricultural Academy Timiryazev Read more [...]
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