Journal Basic Instinct» № 8, 2008

"Basic Instinct. Hunting and fishing around the world" - informational and educational magazine. Hunting, fishing, active forms of recreation, nature conservation. The target audience of the magazine - the people who are willing to go on a hunting and fishing expedition anywhere in the world or with interest to read about it. The magazine is divided into sections: hunting, fishing, guns, bullets, navigation, knives, hunting and fishing tourism, transport, taxidermy ... Main Columns: - "From the wanderings ..." - reports on hunting and fishing expeditions - "Where Read more [...]
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Hunting for drakes

In birds, ducks are among the first return from wintering Ohotovedcheskaya practice shows that the normalized shooting a number of drakes prevents reproduction of wild ducks. Hunting for drakes quite popular. For her, produced a stuffed duck decoys, lovers and hunters hunting decoy ducks bred. Most often hunt drakes is using decoy. Decoy - a special breed, they are derived by conventional breeding of poultry with wild drake. Through a long selection in birds secured the qualities similar to wild birds, "sociability." Last quality especially useful for hunting. Sociability characteristic Read more [...]
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quot;Weddingquot; of bears

During the breeding season males bears are excited. From the "wedding" is heard a roar. Sometimes one female should be some males and between the incidence of violent fights. Their behavior when dealing with people of different: most animal tries to escape, but the aggression is not excluded. Meeting with the wedding procession dangerous, it is possible from May to September, but the most likely period - from July to August. Cranks. The greatest danger to humans, as already noted, are cranks. Reasons for their occurrence may be few, but most - poor harvest of feed, mainly berries Read more [...]
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Weapons and equipment for hunting brown bear

Depending on the methods of hunting for brown bear should be selected and the appropriate equipment. Smoothbore dvuhstvolka - reliable weapon in the right hands, especially when hunting for oats or den, but it requires good preparation. Need to have a special exposure to sitting on a storage shed, patiently wait until the animal closer to the hunter a distance of 40 paces. Shoot the bear out of shotgun on 40-50 steps should not be, because of possible mistakes, even in experienced hands. Bear - a big beast, and the "killer" place in it - but the heart of the brain, and even fatally Read more [...]
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Great snipe

Snipe snipe much rarer, and most hunters prized above. Usually, snipe referred to as the first, best swamp game. Snipe, sometimes called pyatnachkoy, the bed, and a silence belokuprikom very similar to snipe and differs from it in larger size, solid build, relatively short and high at the base of the beak. Neck grouse shorter than snipe, abdomen not pure white, and gray-dirty, covered with small spots. Snipe weighs up to 300 grams. Grouse nests almost the entire territory of the CIS, not only found east of the Yenisei River and rarely comes across in the steppe regions of the country. Overwinters Read more [...]
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Journal Bulletin of the hunter and angler» № 1, 2009

"Bulletin of the hunter and fisherman" - illustrated advertising information independent magazine about hunting, fishing, hunting, weapons, ammunition, equipment and dogs. This is the best magazine for hunting and fishing, which gives detailed answers to questions and reveals the secrets in a clear and friendly manner. In addition, the magazine is an entertainment and information of interest a wider audience. Download the magazine: Read more [...]
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50 years All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Hunting and farming Centrosoyuz. For achievements VNIIOZ awarded the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. During the half-century work of the institute focused on the implementation of Lenin's plan for the economic use of natural resources for economic development. From the first days of work of the Institute is closely linked to the practice of socialist construction. It has contributed to strengthening and expanding the resource base for hunting, a significant increase in harvesting and export of furs, fur farming Read more [...]
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Clothing and footwear hunter

To the success of a hunting clothing hunter. Poorly chosen color of clothing, unmasks hunter, unseasonably warm or cold clothing, close, not in size and shape hunter dress, preventing free movement, an adverse impact on the hunt. It will not do, and shoes are not on foot - too loose, rub his feet, or, conversely, a strong, heavy, does not correspond to the hunting season, or do not stand up to walk cluttered forest and moist places. Winter and Spring clothing. Preferred especially made warm jacket greatcoat cloth or beaver, as these materials are strong, moderately warm and did not immediately Read more [...]
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Supplementary feeding of birds. Waterfowl

In our conditions, winter feeding of waterfowl is not carried out, as ducks migrate to winter in the south, where winter feed is usually sufficient. However, we know that where the winter is retained even a small area of water frost mirror, often wintering mallards remain, at least - some teal and divers. These reservoirs are in Kaluga, Kalinin, Moscow, and other areas. Large wintering waterfowl observed in recent years, the dams on the Angara River in Sladkolimanskom hunting estate in the Kuban region, etc. In 1957-1960. in Moscow, and later in hunting estate "Moscow Sea" conducted Read more [...]
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Rationing elk hunting

Fishing rules established for each region and for each fishing season strictly differentiated, according to the annual increase in population of elk. To determine the fertility rate must know moose, the amount of waste in all ages, as well as age and sex composition. In different places annual moose population growth is 10 to 20% and a few more. While isolated areas where there is a significant influx of migratory elk from neighboring areas (eg, Volgograd, Rostov and other regions) annual growth elk population reaches 50-70%. In the RSFSR fishing regulations are set in the main load of 10% Read more [...]
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Hunting in the feudal society. Part 5

In 1746, on the island of Copper for fur animals hunted Vsevidov Andrew, in 1754, were brought to Kamchatka fur hunter Yugov 790 beaver skins, 755 beaver tails, 7044 blue fox pelts and 2222 - seals. Later, in 1773 navigator PK Zaikov hunted for fur animals for two years on the islands of Attu and Copper, in 1775 - on the Fox Islands, returning in 1779 with a cargo of furs Okhotsk in the amount of 300 thousand . rub. In 1781, with a party of hunters Zaikov of 70 people went to the island Bering, and then, after wintering at island Unalyaska, where he was fishing until 1783, 1784-1788. he again Read more [...]
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Poaching and control

Fight against poaching - a necessary condition of planned hunting. It is the key to saving the state hunting fund and its increase and, consequently, increases the yield of marketable products of hunting and expand the base for the development of sport hunting. General supervision over hunting grounds and state hunting fund and for its operation in the USSR is that the Office for the Reserves and Hunting of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR. Directly hunting Supervision is carried out: a) The bodies of wildlife management edge, regional departments of agriculture in the USSR Read more [...]
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Foxes prey on the Commander Islands in 1917-1922.

Almost all the foxes, obtained on the islands, were blue. For example, in 1922, on Bering Island was scored 562 blue foxes and 9 whites. Traps were produced 423 and 148 gun foxes. Foxes on Bering Island was wilder than the Copper Island, however good hunters sometimes overnight to produce up to 10 units. White fox pelts valued at 50 rubles., Blue foxes about 4 times more expensive. As a result of intensive fishing in the Bering Island on January 1, 1923 fox population declined to 1,500 units. Since the establishment of the Commander Islands Soviet power, ie, 1923, there was work to be Read more [...]
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Harmonization of the interests of logging Hunting

We have already seen that the productivity of hunting land in the woods, not all reduce clear-cutting, and their most common form - concentrated felling. "The further increase in forest management makes is in the interest of forest industry to move from clear-selective cutting "- writes VL Dzhikovich. Clearcuts, apparently, will be used for a long time even after the forest will take for the basis of selective logging. But they should not be concentrated, and stripped-coupe, dispersed over the territory. In the interest of self and forestry economy, as "shifting" system Read more [...]
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Magazine Hunting» № 2, 2009

This is a log of the traditional Russian hunting. Much attention is paid to problems of national hunting, magazine introduces the features of international and domestic hunting tourism, guidelines and rules of trophy hunting, foreign experience. One of the most important areas of publications - use hunting dogs. Magazine article primarily devoted to contemporary problems of hunting dog, field trials. Each publishes expert advice on a wide range voprosov.O theory and practice precision shooting gear secrets rounds, the latest developments in these areas, tell-known Russian and foreign specialists. Read more [...]
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Winter hunting for grouse

Winter grouse hunting is conducted with stuffed. - From late October to January, when the leaf shall fade, disappear and grouse berries begin to eat birch buds. At this time grouse fly in flocks to feed. Neobhodymo explore where and at what time hold grouse, in what directions do flights and what trees usually sit. Hunting with stuffed carried out of the hut. Tents are set in advance on the edge of forests or forest clearings, near the place where grouse usually sit down at the trees. Tents placed near trees, visible from afar. For the manufacture of tents used by native vegetation. Not recommended Read more [...]
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The number of sea lions on the Commander Islands in 1920-1926 gg.

Under Soviet rule mining seals declined sharply and amounted to: in 1923 on Bering Island 351 units, on the island of Copper - 691 units, a total of 1042 pieces. In 1924, respectively 235, 622 and 857 pc. In 1925 . -435, 492 and 927 pc. in 1926, -361, 531 and 892 units. and in 1927, -342, 569 and 911 units. In order to preserve and increase the stock of producers in the islands are only scoring singles. Fishing seals on the Commander Islands in 1928-1940 gg. Island farming was organized with the Soviet government and the other islands of the Far East, in particular Shantar where produce Read more [...]
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The most widespread species of hounds bred in this country, are Russian hounds and beagles Russian piebald (Fig. 116 and 117). The main objects of hunting with hounds - hare and fox. Use them as hunting for wolves, badgers, raccoon dogs and ungulates. Along with the use of these basic objects of some hunters train their hounds feeding ducks, and sometimes the dogs are not inferior to duck hunting cops. Properties hounds - a passion for the persecution of game, polazistost, distinctive voice timbre, fed them on the trail of the beast, a well-developed sense of smell, viscosity (persistence Read more [...]
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Prohibited methods of hunting

Along with the organized way of hunting for deer, which is done by special permission, in some places still apply barbaric, destructive ways of destruction of these valuable animals. Such methods include zaganivanie deer on frozen snow, destruction their packs of dogs, podmaniva-tion on a decoy, especially during the rut, digging holes in the ways the passage of animals, etc. All of these methods have nothing to do with sport hunting and poaching are malignant and lead to the destruction of deer. Read more [...]
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The practical significance of mammals. Fishing for fur animals. Part 2

Below we consider the current state of abundance and fishing opportunities for all kinds of fur-bearing animals of the country. Altai mole (Talpa altaica), inKazakh: CBD-tshkan, Kara-tshkan. Skins are spring species of fur. Circulated only in the Southern Altai in the East Kazakhstan region. The maximum number of pelts produced in 1930 -260 521 pcs. Later harvested for the season 10-30 thousand skins, and in recent years, only 600 pieces. (1966). Fishing is from late April to September. Produced special krotolovkami. With good organization of this animal for the fishing season could Read more [...]
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