Swallow Typhoon Hits Philippines

The typhoon presently annihilating the exchange Philippines is possibly the strongest ramp always.Ace Typhoon Haiyan made landfall other Friday forenoon and continues to enter 4 over-the-counter Philippine islands crossways the archipelago. With sustained winds of 195 mph and gusts as substantial as 235 mph, Haiyan easy meets the door for a Class 5 hurricane, the highest family on the shell.“The intensification of Crack Typhoon Haiyan is organism fueled by ‘saint’ environmental weather—videlicet low winding fleece and quick sea temperatures,” The Internal Pelagic Read more [...]
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2013 Hurricane Mollify Weakest Since 1982

On November 30, the Internal Pelagic and Atmospherical Brass leave ending the books on the 2013 Atlantic hurricane flavour. With sole 13 named storms in the Atlantic washbowl, 2013 had the fewest bit of hurricanes since 1982 and ranks as the sixth-least-active harden since 1950.NOAA is attributing the dip in hurricane product to unfavourable atmospherical weather concluded the Disconnection of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Sea. “A combining of weather acted to runner various clime patterns that historically get produced participating hurricane seasons,” explained NOAA's Read more [...]
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In 2010 Atlantic hurricane season will be more active

Colorado State University meteorologists are predicting an active Atlantic hurricane season next year, according to a statement posted on the official website of the university. According to scientists, in 2010 will be from 11 to 16 tropical storms, 6-8 of which will become hurricanes. In this case, three to five of the above-mentioned number of hurricanes reached the third category or higher on the Saffir-Simpson scale. A team led by William Gray meteorologists (William Gray) and Philip Klotsbah (Philip Klotzbach), one of the leading specialists in Colorado State University meteorologists Read more [...]
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Powerful hurricane in Yalta

In Yalta, eliminating the consequences of the hurricane. "This hurricane in Yalta not even remember the old-timers - wind gusts reached 35 meters per second," - said in a submitted message City Hall. "Affected schools in the village Koreyiz - quite badly damaged roof. In total, according to preliminary data, 50 houses suffered roof Yalta. Their repair will be associated with the most costly city to eliminate the effects of the hurricane, "- said the press service. Because of the strong wind that knocked trees on gas pipes, gas pipeline accidents have occurred ten. "At the time managed to turn Read more [...]
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According to Tbilisi hurricane. Video

Also see the last news on the topic.Because of the hurricane that struck on Monday at Tbilisi, many buildings were left without roofs, one person was killed. On one of the streets of a tree fell on a car, whose driver died on the spot. As reported by "Interfax" in the Tbilisi office of the emergency in the car were two people who were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. During the day, the service received 800 calls. As a result of strong winds in many streets of Tbilisi uprooted trees, many buildings demolished the roof, in a number of areas damaged power lines, fires broke Read more [...]
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Hurricane tore the roof in 24 homes in the Samara region

July 25, 2013. Hurricane, the last of the Samara region, partially destroyed the roof of the 20 private, 4 apartment buildings and schools. As told in the press service of the local EMERCOM of Russia, a strong storm front was marked in the village of Progress Khvorostyanskaya district area.

Source: Conduct

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Natural disasters, or How to reflect the blows: Hurricane, Tornado, Storm

Gales - one of the most common natural disasters. Especially dangerous hurricane winds, cleared up in open spaces, in the wilderness, on the shores of the seas. Any strong wind may be accompanied by winter snowstorms, blizzards, summer - dust, sand (hence the name - dust and sandstorms).During a hurricane, it is necessary as soon as possible to hide in sheltered places - for monolithic obstacles, gustolese.Dangerous to hide under protruding above the upper boundary of the forest trees. They can not withstand the onslaught of the first element. Better to choose srednelese where trees take the Read more [...]
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Georgia swept hurricane

Georgia swept hurricane. Ripped off roofs from dozens of buildings. Knocked down hundreds of trees, damaged power lines. And due to the rapid melting of snow in the mountains and constant rain in western Georgia overflowed two rivers - Kvirila and Rioni. Near Kutaisi Kvirila destroyed the bridge, and not quite as land locals. High water levels and landslides threaten village to village in a few areas of western Georgia. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Evacuation in Fiji because of the hurricane

Destruction caused by the cyclone in Fiji. Photo © AFP Cyclone fourth category covered the northern part of Fiji, suffered considerable damage buildings on the coast, thousands of people were evacuated inland, said on Monday the Agence France-Presse, with reference to local authorities. Fiji authorities ordered the evacuation of about 6 thousand. Man with several northern islands because of the collapse in the region of the cyclone, "Thomas." It is reported that in spite of the wind gusts up to 280 km / h, accompanied by flooding and damage, the local population has been prepared in advance Read more [...]
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Natural disasters — a view from space. Part 1

Before impact Hurricane Ike in Texas. Employees of the company GeoEye made a selection of images from his companion, who makes a very detailed pictures of the Earth surface, dedicated to natural disasters. Basically, in the compilation of forest fires, floods (before and after), impacts of cyclones and hurricanes. In addition to the United States there are pictures of Europe and Asia. According to the online photos show how much land can be unfriendly. All pictures are clickable.After impact Hurricane Ike in Texas. Flooding in Galfporte, Illinois. Forest fires in California. Coast of Indonesia Read more [...]
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Hurricane de-energized thousands of homes in Australia

Hail that fell in Perth 22 March 2010. Photo: ABC News As a result of the ravages of a severe hurricane on the west coast of Australia no light left tens of thousands of homes in the city of Perth. Zheleznodorodnoe and road connections broken. Damage from the hurricane is estimated previously $ 100 million, reports BBC. The hurricane left without light 100 thousand inhabitants of the town.Hurricane, accompanied by heavy hail and squally wind, left without electricity for about 100,000 residents of the Australian city of Perth, AFP reported on Tuesday, 23 of March. Because of the hurricane, Read more [...]
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Georgia was the victim of a severe hurricane

According to West Georgia walked a hurricane. According to local media reports, the victim of the elements in the Van region of Imereti region became one person. A resident of the district center in the yard at the time when she was torn down by the wind the water tank. Located near Kutaisi Kopitnari settlement wind blew the roof of the building, populated by refugees. In Tskaltubo damaged two of the sanatorium "Geologist" and "Metallurg", where there are a lot of families from Abkhazia. In all areas of the emergency headquarters set up. Source: BBC Read more [...]
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What runners volition hold me erect on murky trails?

Hurricane Ridgeline     Exposure: courtesy, MontrailHurricane RooftreeA:For starters, Aaron, I wouldn't intimate one skid, I'd hint two (and no wisecracks from the chinchy seating approximately run with one horseshoe; you acknowledge who you are). It's hanker been passably effective advice that runners of any form ought to let two pairs of place, so one couple has more hardly 24 hours to dry and get approximately of its sole-spring backrest. That's peculiarly unfeigned of lead place, which most by definition get cockeyed, dingy up, and loosely beaten to a flesh. Devote them a day Read more [...]
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In France, due to the hurricane affected more than thirty people

July 29, 2013. Last Saturday, France was in the grip of a hurricane and torrential rains. The bad weather was expected - on the eve of the central departments of the country was declared a storm warning. Fears were not in vain. Holiday brought a strong wind, the speed of which reached one hundred and sixty-five miles per hour, reported by the news agency "RIA Novosti", referring to Sunday's information from Agence France-Presse. More than thirty people were injured, seriously injured when because of the terrible wind hit the big top tent in Joinville in the west of the country. Showers and thunderstorms, Read more [...]
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Destructive hurricane in Vancouver. Video

On Friday, the hurricane broke the power supply in the Vancouver area. Wind speed was 60-80 km / h. As the representative of the power company "Sea Bee Sea", about 90,000 homes were without electricity. Because of the strong wind was broken Ferries from Vancouver to Victoria and Nanaimo. On one of the ferries were damaged during loading alignments cargo hatch, through which I stop the car on the lower deck of the ship. As the representative of the shipping company "Sea Bee Ferriz" Mark Stephenson, stoppers securing the hatch could not stand squally wind, ITAR-TASS reported. Source: Conduct, News Read more [...]
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In the Orenburg region in shock from the strongest elements revelry. Video

Orenburg region was a powerful hurricane. At the epicenter of the city turned out to Orsk. Wind gusts were so strong that the roof torn off houses. Knocked down trees, power lines are broken - now hundreds of homes remain without electricity. In several areas there is also cellular, internet does not work. All the forces in the city thrown out in order to eliminate the effects of the weather. Source: The first channel Previous News: · Serious storm c tornadoes in North Carolina. Video · The devastating hurricane in Vancouver. Video · Strong hurricane does not fly to the Japanese · Read more [...]
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Meteorologists forecast updated Atlantic hurricane season in 2010

Meteorologists Colorado State University published the first update to its original forecast for the Atlantic hurricane season in 2010, specifying the degree of probability of collapse of a powerful hurricane on different parts of the Atlantic coast of the United States, said in a statement posted on the official website of the University.According to some data scientists in 2010 is expected to 15 tropical storms, which will be named, eight of them will become hurricanes, with four - and more than a third category Saffir-Simpson scale. Originally meteorologists predicted that this year Read more [...]
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Storms and strong winds. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Upon learning of the approaching storm, close and secure all doors and Windows. On glass stick crosswise strips of tape. 2. Prepare candles (can be switched off electricity). 3. Disconnect the electrical and external television antenna. 4. Do not leave on the street is nothing that can take the wind. 5. If approaching hurricane, try to stay away from the sea, from rivers and lowlands: you there can overtake raised by hurricane waves. 6. In the village house move in the most spacious and durable part of it, and best of all in the basement. 7. If you Read more [...]
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Photos of the consequences of a hurricane in China

Gusts, which lasted in the disaster area almost daily, reaching 11-12 points. The wind speed exceeds 32 meters per second. Over the south-west China was the strongest hurricane, which brought in the Chinese city of Chongqing area large hail and heavy rain. Damage from the elements revelry that lasted night, more than 61 million dollars.Torn hurricane wind roof of the building. Strong wind, accompanied by hail and rain, hit the 12 districts in the suburbs of Chongqing in southwest China on Thursday night. According to recent reports, a hurricane destroyed in the region of more than 6 million Read more [...]
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The day of DISASTER 2: doomsday.

Around the world rages unprecedented hurricane. The sky literally explodes. The Eiffel tower is converted into scrap metal. From the Egyptian pyramids remains only a pile of garbage among the dead of the desert..Came the day, had warned him about scientists studying the threats associated with global warming. And this is only the beginning - a deadly hurricane is still gaining momentum, threatening to achieve apocalyptic seventh category. The possibility of the end of the world is becoming more real..The day of disaster 2: doomsday [Part1] 1:22:09The day of disaster 2: doomsday [Part 2] (2005) Read more [...]
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