With karelkoy for capercaillie

This was the third trip to the north of the wood grouse Ivdel. My Karelian Bear Dog went to the fourth year, and it has worked very well for the bird. But the capercaillie in the surrounding woods of Yekaterinburg, where sometimes we travel around the dog, became very fearful and poorly sits under husky. It affects apparently the pressure of civilization. So you have to climb further to the north, where the bird was not so scared, lets work on it and gain experience husky dog ​​and its owner - City Hunter.The weather was not too good. It was an overcast September with short, but frequent rain, Read more [...]
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Modern problems of East Siberian Husky breed

East Siberian Laika, which was formed as the aboriginal hunting dog in Eastern Siberia, is by far the most common hunting dog in this vast region. Photo by Sergey Desyatov The first (temporary) standard for the breed was adopted in 1949, with 1969 started breeding methods in the factory Irkutsk nursery of game dogs, which existed before 1992.C 1992 East Siberian huskies breeding is carried out only by private breeders. East Siberian huskies Record at Russian stud book hunting dog breeding was started in 1975, starting from Champion Djulbars 1001 / Read more [...]
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Hunting with Laika on small weasel

Finely kunimi traditionally called several species of fur-bearing animals, belonging to the same family. In the European part of Russia is the ermine, dark, or forest, polecat, European and American mink. In the southern part of the region added to them light polecat, the habitat of which comes to the desert zone. Behind the Ural Mountains up to the Far East and the borders with China and Mongolia - columns and Solongo. And in some regions of Primorye column reaches high numbers, hunting him with husky do not disdain even the fishers. A day with a working dog can get 8-10 column.Photo: Mikhail Read more [...]
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Fidelity Huskies

An unexpected meeting with an old friend Oleg on the All-Russia exhibition dedicated to hunting and fishing, held in Moscow at the Exhibition Center, remembered one interesting story. He told me the story, thanks to which became the proud owner of a dog breed difficult, unusual for the district of Krasnodar region. Photo randihausken / flickr.com (CC BY-SA 2.0) That's how he began his story: «My friend Andrew brought Far East Siberian Husky breed dog on named Greta. Beautiful, gorgeous exterior; thick, smooth, shiny coat; and the deep blue Everyone understands Read more [...]
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Why change the breed standard?

The "horn" on September 27, 2013 published an article by an expert handler of Laika B. Rubin under the intriguing title "Europeans: a mismatch standard of reality." By and large, this publication could not pay attention - everyone is free to express his opinion.Photo by Sergey Chirkina However, this case, it expresses the opinion expert canine first category specialist who is trusted to determine the breeding value of dogs as well his remarks confidently read breeders, not experienced in rock formation and questions Standardization rocks.B. Rubin did not denies Read more [...]
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Dog — the soul hunting

But there are supporters of other views, believes that the only real hunter who produced game without a dogPhoto: Shutterstock Who ate all the charm and joy of a good hunting dog, the output in the field without their pet can not imagine.The idea that a dog and a sad sack is a field error. Limit the role of the arrow only when you go out in the field with a dog friend who invited you to hunt, but not with her. Yes, and look at the dog only as a means of increasing dobychlivosti incorrect. With it, you really will extract more. But the main thing is not the amount of trophies, and Read more [...]
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GPS-navigator and huskies

Navigation systems for tracking hunting dogs today are widespread among the hunters. The main device that is currently in use, this Astro 320 and DC 50 collars or older models of this line.Photo Shutter button They use them as hunting so on tests and competitions for freestyle vidam.My offer a relatively simple method of evaluating the performance qualities with huskies the use of this equipment.Our method of using the GPS receiver 320 and Astro DC 50 collar on Husky is as follows: on the first stage of check capture (Detection) satellite Read more [...]
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Competitions on marten

In early November last Tambov open competitions marten. Pre-take part in the competition expressed their desire to about 30 members, but only nine were brought to compete huskies.Courtesy of the author They have been tested in the framework of the competition, two huskies received a diploma (2nd, 1st degree). Pervodiplomnitse Char 1311/11 NLB was awarded the title of Champion Field.In the history of freestyle competitions are the first types of competitions marten, so to speak first attempt, honor and praise them to the organizers, the first is always difficult....The competition Read more [...]
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In the wild boar with huskies

Sad forest in November days. He stands, empty and faded. Trees have long dropped leaves, frozen skeletons clinging to bare branches of a low gray sky. In a damp ravine smell rotting leaves, rustling softly under his boots.Thickets of nettles and faded fireweed perished rusty, nailed to the autumn rains and the ground frosts.Thinned and Palisade melyatnika became lighter. Only the thick spruce still in summer green.The forest is unusual silence. Not voices of birds, not rustling the trees overhead. Even funny titmouse, restless, always scurrying for the Read more [...]
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From the above mouse

Already in the months of age the puppy tries to catch a bug or a frogPhoto: Sergey Tkachenko More than forty years, I hunt with huskies. It argued that in urban areas to grow a good husky more difficult than in rural areas, where it is easier to keep a dog, and hunting grounds close by.And yet we know many outstanding dogs bred in the city, which work better than huskies from nurseries or «village». It all depends on the efforts of the host pet.Interest to all living creatures, which surrounds it, Laika exhibits from early childhood. Already in the months of age the Read more [...]
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Dog woes

April 1 hunter-breeders have received from the Ministry of Natural Resources of an unprecedented gift of a change n. 46 "right to hunt." Now it exists as follows: "Education (nataska and nagonka) dogs hunting breeds is carried out without the use of hunting weapons in hunting seasons provided in these Regulations, in special areas allocated on the territory of the hunting grounds in accordance with the scheme of use and protection of hunting grounds."Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Prior to this amendment, the situation already was comical. It previously was allowed to train dogs without Read more [...]
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About karelke pain and hope

6-7 June 2015 the long-awaited Russian Exhibition Karelian-Finnish Laika. Long eleven years did not spend it in Karelia. But the Karelian Bear Dog, like birch wood, to become a national treasure. However, this very Karelia apparently not yet realized.Champion of III All-Russia Exhibition - Ivanhoe Shishlyakova AA Photo courtesy of the owner Everyone expected that the exhibition will be a significant step towards progress in the conduct of the breed. After the last meeting of the All-Russian Dog Training Board (EAB) in 2015, it was decided that the exhibition will be held the conference, Read more [...]
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Laika What do we need?

Imagine, if you offer a gift to the hunter-fishers from the provinces, not spoiled by numerous activities and competitions huskies testing stool for the beasts of the field of absolute champion of Russia on the bear and boar, the first of his joy would be no limitPhoto by Sergey Fokin He is likely to say that it is available in the grounds of the bear and boar population greatly diminished when he starts hunting champion. Only a problem as the roots do not destroy this population with the famous dog, but the puppy from the champion, he will not give anyone the neighbors, too, have Read more [...]
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The first pancake is not lumpy!

In early November, the Tambov land held an extraordinary event - the first in the history of the field of competition huskies marten. Were they in the Tambov region, about twenty kilometers from the regional center on the basis of test and training station "Pihtelyay." Photo S.Chirkina Surprisingly, in this place, located near Tambov, no mobile phones, electricity comes from diesel generators, which at times turned off, and the nearest grocery store is 15 kilometers from the base. But when the experts and the participants met with the head of the base, Sergei Nikolayevich Kriventsova, Read more [...]
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Rabbit Hunt with huskies

Many amateur hunters with huskies for hunting waterfowl and upland game, as well as various animals, in recent years more and more often use their huskies and for hunting hare, especially in those places where there are no hounds, and where the only and main species Hunting dogs are Eskimo dog. Currently training huskies, especially hunters, amateur, pay much more attention than before, so if you do not want the dog chased a rabbit, then hunter can easily recall had come with hare husky as he withdraws it and barking at squirrels when hunting this animal is not already open. In many areas the native Read more [...]
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