When memory scratched

Hunters – very patient people. Waiting game or a beast, they have to be for a long time without moving, to endure discomfort for the sake of their prey. Fishermen have also come in the days when it comes to the waterfront and include all your patience. Such fishing are remembered for a long time. Of course, I was prepared for a meeting with midge dignity. I bought a set of smoking spirals, aerosol spray against mosquitoes and, without fail, a mosquito net.When moved Akhtuba flood for the first time after a long, and I want to stay in a place where water flows through the Read more [...]
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Completion wads containers

Write a quick note that I was prompted an article I.Arbuzova "On dampening properties wads" and, most importantly, no comments on this article. It has been said many correct observations, but most simply and accurately put SY : « different types of suspension system wad give different battle…». Those. talk about the properties of the container wad abstract is not quite right, too, and they are different in design and quality.In some shock-absorbing part (some of our import and) powerful, no doubt how this computer works with the shot, no. Others – frail Read more [...]
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Striped Waltz

The news of the carrying on Akhtuba Festival «Salmo-2015» It spreads in the fishing community quickly and unexpectedly as the thaw instead Epiphany frosts. This year we decided to hold the festival a little earlier and I must say, well done! What then started to happen with the weather – simply boggles the mind. In early February, the impression was that the spring for a week looked to Volgograd with a question – wait, no? I do not know how the organizers predicted the a whim, but the event was scheduled for January 31st. The fact that because of the difficult Read more [...]
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Superstitions of hunters

What hunters and fishermen are superstitious people, it is known to all. The causes of these superstitions are rooted in failures in hunting and fishing, and just in everyday life. Crossed the black cat road – to failure, a woman with empty buckets – the same boy you meet around will be, etc.In everyday life I am an ordinary person, but it is necessary to pick up a gun or fishing rod, immediately begin to notice who he met, how he looked, how his wife conducted: if you are good – to failure, if a fight, – lucky. In God I do not believe, but also not displeased with It, although Read more [...]
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My first «sea» carp

Fishing in the vast sea of ​​Volgograd – always able to catch something extraordinary. This is quite rare, but the possibility exists. If we take into account that the ice established a mighty, I just wanted to go on the sea, not the Don. According to my information, on Saturday at Don lovilos bad last week, all the people went back to zero! And like solitude, quiet and waiting for a miracle.I have to be at 5:10 am at the Cafe "Domino". Phlegmatic rise, imposing fees and… and now I'm late! I ran headlong with compartment and ice screws to cafes, fast Read more [...]
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Doublet of wolves

B last November, I happened to be in the hunt in an area of ​​western Kazakhstan. I stopped as usual at the other in a small hamlet five yards, located on the river, thickly overgrown with willow and shrubs. Not far from the property stream is divided into two branches, and a couple of kilometers becomes smaller and ends with a wide estuary bolting reeds that there is no trail to wade almost impossible. Between the sleeves, forming a kind of a triangular peninsula, the family lived in the spring of boars of six individuals. All summer they had not been disturbed, and now it is time to hunt, Read more [...]
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At the end of the season

We thought that the season is over, winter fishing rod got, and here calls Taras offers grandfather in Menzelinsk ride again in a boat to get out of his spinning throw. Photo by the author According to forecasts, after a couple of days of frost promise, so it certainly will present the closing of the season. Grandpa me «Well, rounded up?» I somehow always ready, if only to take. I was bothering? On one boat, but three is not that good spinning fishing. Taras did not want to interfere, though he insisted that with your friends and the four of us went fishing. But I know Read more [...]
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The Frenchman and the beat

French cars have long been a mystery to me. Still would! The "Royal formula" motors Renault to tear to shreds all, and that is best for us - it is the people's, but a terrible Logan. French presidential ride in luxury Citroen and Peugeot, and advanced to the Moscow audience prudish "Germans" reduces eye.The assertion that the Russians love sedans, I do not says it all: just a normal little hatchbacks seen. TO Also in head firmly sat on the story stretched gear ratios of the French transmission, hydropneumatic suspension, stories about servismenov difficulties Read more [...]
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Newly-fallen snow

Newly-fallen snow ... This word evokes in those days I have a lot of emotions! I waited for it so eagerly that he was ready to clap cloud "on their forest." In the evening sitting by the window and watching the weather forecast on the first channel, I waited and when will the long-awaited snow, sweep all the old zhirovochnye and Cattle marks oblique. Courtesy of the author That's one of those days Father in the evening and told me - «Well, ohotnichek, go tomorrow and see how you have a dog running, you dragged it. So I'll see you all day in the woods doing».Uh, I remember Read more [...]
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In Tver currents

He invited me to go to Selizharovsky District of Tver region on capercaillie my classmate at RGAZU Dmitry. And we went to the huntsman Dmitry Kabanov, which in turn is also a classmate Dima, only Forest College. Dmitry was able to take time off from work on Friday. He drove me to the cottage, where, having received a wish from the Batey «break a leg»We set off.Here I would like to dwell a little on the description of the road on which we had to go. Once graduated from the Moscow region, on the international route were first pothole, and the farther from the suburbs, so they became more Read more [...]
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Dirtied is not rich

I sat once a beautiful autumn morning performance at the edge of aged felling grouse currently posvistyval.Popalas soundly Sushina huge boughs - that sat on it, otinuvshis back on a sturdy branch, like back in his easy chair. The gun on his knees, threw a bag at his feet. Golden autumn in the pore itself. Leaf has not moved off the ground. Birch edge is like a mirror – bright sunlight reflected from yourself. Playing golden birch leaves, rdeyut crimson aspen, and thin strands of web that clung to the young growth logging, even in some places hold on the silver morning dew from the night of Read more [...]
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Cabaña dnevka

Nearly the middle of summer, and not a drop of rain has not fallen since the spring on the Usman forest. Trees, all for no nothing - deep in the soil of their roots and pine needles fresh bloodshot, ozonated district. But on the fringe of grass withered, and ferns in the lowlands lost former beauty widely ramified branches - their faded green and began to tend to the earth ...Phil du Valois (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) What would seem to do in mushroomer this time? But I was too bored on PCMF-Zharenko of freshly picked mushrooms tubular and despite all obstacles weather, Read more [...]
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Labor hare

The most coveted beast for me hare. To hunt for chernotropu, I walked along the plantations, searched the overgrown chapyzhnikom ravines and thick bushes. A couple of times I managed to raise the skew, but it happened by chance, due to the strong noise made by me in going thorny bushes. Therefore, all raised rabbits safely fled without firing a shot, and I was satisfied at best the contemplation of their flashing heels. All hope was on the fallen snow. But it fell in the year just a lot. On the way to the land I mentally rubbing his hands in anticipation of first production, but there it was. I Read more [...]
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Good late autumn! Fallen down leaves from trees, but pleasing to the eye that the Azure wild berries blackthorn, hawthorn the coral, the ruby ​​viburnum.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM And little bustard delight considering alpine slides made from taste and knowledge of the matter. Able's my godfather from almost improvised material miracle. I go to the his house. After a brief ceremony of welcome and distribution of gifts sits in chair, slowly considering whimsical, and carefully crafted driftwood caps and and various kinds of handicrafts made Read more [...]
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On burned peatlands

After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.Photo: Andrew Fedichkin At the end of the village Karbolit – the final stop of all buses. After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.We made our way, overcoming Read more [...]
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It took about five minutes, maybe ten, and I heard the sound of retreating into the forest boarPhoto: Sergei Naumov History under the name «Podranok published in «HORN» Number 3, had its continuation.The next day was devoted to an inspection feeding grounds Laid-feed. Only in the evening we returned home. Over dinner Nikolaevich with a sly smile said:– I sow the garden of oats for cattle, in early August began to come to cleaver-five-year plans. The son tried to take him, shot several times, but the boar still runs like a charm! And they started something Read more [...]
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Stories hunter Matthias

After a few days, namely on Monday, July 17, I again went to Mistra. This time I took a bicycle across Aasheim Kvernnesky bridge drove to the Cape, where he lived a tailor. I was driving on the main road and gave somewhere mile hook. File photo Natalia Budur On a clear day, in One Saturday in November 1836, I went in the farm Nittedalene to old friend. Although I and been there quite a while, it took me customary hospitality, inviting lunch and then offered coffee. I I was very happy with the hospitality, because I walked two Read more [...]
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The story of the fish «Rascasse»

Alexander Kuprin dearly loved his native Russian nature, was an avid hunter and fisherman - this clearly demonstrate his wonderful stories such as "On the grouse", "Listrigony" and proposed drugie.V story clearly felt Kuprina talent - rich Russian, full-blooded landscape , accuracy performance, easy humor and hidden irony.Illustration SHUTTERSTOCK.COM (Published in the reduction) Now I I will give an explanation for this somewhat awkward title. Many fans and tasty juicy meal should be familiar with the name of a sharp, hard Provencal soup, or if you prefer, southern soup — Read more [...]
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Whose cones in the woods?

Photo by Andrey Fedichkin Pending the emergence of a bear is always disturbing, especially when you know well that toed somewhere close and maybe even hear as you climb to the storage shed, trying to get it back, to see him, the owner of the forest, in all its glory. Languishing ear, pulling out of the silence of the forest every suspicious, strange sounds, trying to unravel its origins. Strained eyes, wandering around christened, is taken into the booth, trying to have noticed the appearance of a bear. But the forest is silent, only small Ptakha swirling in the trees, but noise Read more [...]
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If you really want

Rowan to have some where to start to turn yellow leaves, but still firmly preserving the beauty of the dress, in the juice, thanks to large clusters of red berries, looking out the window chamber. Rather, I look at her, though she is the soul stirs. Recalls brings something from what schemit starts somewhere inside you.Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna It is necessary to look at a little delay berries and mouth appears distinctly pungent, penetrating flavor, with memorable childhood. Undeservedly forgotten berry with decent vitamin C is not used only in folk Read more [...]
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