Named parameters of a perfect body

Men and women have different ideas about how it should look like a beautiful body - his own and the opposite sex. Moreover, by placing all of its own constitution too excessive demands and overestimate the beauty of the individual parts.To understand this, researchers from Newcastle University conducted a study using a special interactive 3D-software. In addition, it was attended by 80 volunteers from among heterosexual men and women. All study participants were young, their average age was 19 years. In the study, they talked about how, in their opinion, should be the perfect body. Along the Read more [...]
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Americans are fat and happy

Most people in the U.S., recognizing the extra weight is not going to do anything to bounce back. As a result, the concept of shifting norms.A new opinion poll shows that the representation of the U.S. population of the ideal weight varies according to the increase in their waist.According to Gallup, in 1990, the average weight of Americans increased by 7 kg, and their ideal man is "correct" to 6 kg. As for the Americans, they surged by an average of 6 kg, and the woman of their dreams "scored" 5 kg. Wishes will not change: all this time, respondents acknowledge that to Read more [...]
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The ideal (complex or combined) are constructed

On the preference of a particular system will be discussed below, but now focus on the benefits of the ideal system, if only to know what will catch tomorrow or today if financial resources allow. Before the advent of high-modulus graphite rods, fishermen long time quite successfully treated SPINNING of medium modular graphite. But, despite all the tricks to enhance the structure of the rod in the active work of bending it involves fourth at best 1/3 of the total length. Based on this, you can draw a simple conclusion: the shorter the cheap fishing rod - the clearer his characterization system. Read more [...]
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Moral ideal of the young generation

Some time ago, the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" appealed to all young men and women of the Soviet Union with the questionnaire, "What do you think of his generation?" In 12 clear question included many aspects of our Soviet youth. The questions were the most prominent feature of Soviet youth, ambition, life goals and ways to achieve etc. What response and interest was this inquiry, as evidenced by a single digit, "17466." So many young people gave answers confidential and secret. With the help of modern technology Counting was performed statistical analysis Read more [...]
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Proper nutrition is the health-1

What weight considered normal? And where is the boundary weight above which begins obesity? There are many tables which are the figures of the "ideal weight" for people of different age, sex and physical development. There are even special devices to determine their normal relations. Here is an example. It concerns a very simple calculation of weight: the growth rate minus one hundred. In people with an average level of physical development of the "ideal weight" (by the way, this concept is fairly conventional, but at home it can be used) is the number that corresponds to Read more [...]
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Basic values of Russian civilization

All our work permeates the thought of urgency innovative breakthrough development in Russia. This need is not due to ambition, it is dictated by the imperative of survival of Russia as a sovereign state, as an independent nation. But the sovereignty and independence are based, ultimately, on the original tradition. Therefore, the second keynote of our work is closely related to the first, is the emphasis on the invaluable wealth of Russia - its traditional values. It is in the field of the senses, reproduction, traditional values, principles and guidelines is the solution of such problems as Read more [...]
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