Forever bygone gun

Hunting path length in the 60 years I basically walked arm in arm with the Izhevsk shotgun. But the most sunken into the soul and leave a mark in my mind were two guns - IL-54 and IL-12. In this article, we will focus on double-barreled shotgun IL-54, I bought with it.…gun – lightning and thunder in the hands of a hunter and a certain distance makes him the lord of life and death of all living creatures. ST AksakovHistoryOn the basis of the technical documentation obtained from Germany, production was organized IZhMEHe double-barreled shotguns on the basis of eight models «Sauer» Read more [...]
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Meeting an old friend

My friend has a gun Anatoly K. IL-26, acquired by him in the distant years lieutenant, work pieces and tools which he is satisfied with the present day. But this exit at the opening of the summer-autumn hunting of the pen, he often complained about the mistakes of him and began to suspect his faithful friend in the loss of "anger." I offered to check the gun fight at 100-longitudinal target. Although IL-26 rifle for me presented no special secret, but once again it with pleasure several times to assemble and disassemble. It's the same gun IL-54 only with some changes and additions Read more [...]
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54th of the fifty-seventh

Of course, this article will not be comparing IL-54 with its "modification" in the 16th caliber, - IL-57. On court rifle hunters exhibit IL-54 release in 1957. Thrust many hunters to traditional gorizontalki makes lovers of old friends and to look at a thrift shop shotguns rifles period «stagnation», Knowing that the 50-year-old IL perhaps in appearance and loses weight more advanced foreign models, but it looks very dignified in his discharge (which include the most affordable (priced) model dvustvolok with horizontal shafts: «Faust Dea» and «Sabatti Read more [...]
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Folk gun

The EGR number 52 was published my article "Guns, sunk into oblivion." I would like to finish this topic. What after IL-54 and IL-57 izhevtsy offered to hunters? IL-26, which I have mentioned, then IL-58; and finally, they have pleased us "people" IL-43 rifle.Photo: Mikhail Semin Back to article «Guns, sunk into oblivion»These models I know well. At one time hunting with a gun IL-58 16-caliber. A return to the IL-58 to the trigger, and combined them with the striker pulls «Revolution» in the weapons business. The plant, releasing another model, urged the Read more [...]
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Guns, sunk into oblivion

Hunting path length of 65 years, I basically walked arm in arm with the Izhevsk guns. But the most sunken into the soul and leave a deep impression in my mind were two guns — IL-54 and IL-12. In this article I would like to talk about some of the details of the creation of this gun, especially the devices and share impressions about hunting with a gun IL-54-R2 performance piece, I bought a hand in the distant 1961.Equipment and technical documentation received from Germany on account of reparations for IzhMehe deployed producing double-barreled shotguns on the base model «Sauer» Read more [...]
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