Boudin with youth was silent, precise in his movements and all prospered. He was the first in the seventh grade met eyes with the latest classroom - German woman, and nationality too. By the end of the ninth he was two years was her fancy man, but from the beginning of the tenth announced that is to finish school, leave dёsoy to Afghanistan - let immediately forthcoming. She had not even made a reservation to him about 2-abortion are made, as they poke way walked to communicate without consequences. In the spring, during the collection of scrap metal, He said the chief bandit Krivtsov, where Read more [...]
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Salt Warmer

Warmer saltOnline home was found a great variety of forms of salt warmers. Were as children, Christmas trees and elephants, and insoles, collars, flat warmers.I have purchased a flat warmer, with dimensions unfolded 27h17. Produced 15.04.08. That is, at the very end of shelf life.Just note that it is not liked. It weight 700 grams, which are felt. The second is the smell starts to come from warmer after activation. Reminds inflatable mattress after unpacking. But reuse it disappears completely. Liked reaction warmer went immediately after clicking on the circle floating in the solution Read more [...]
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Attack dogs. What to do?

No one even the most vicious, the dog is not obvious at first person. Therefore, passing animal ominous, never look him in the eye: it can understand your dislike as a threat. And if the dog still rushed to you? Your actions: 1. If a vicious animal is going to attack you in any case do not run and do not turn to him head. 2. Not zamachivalas on the dog and not shout: "fuck off, creature!" Stop and a loud voice say to her: "Sit!" or "Stay!". A trained dog will immediately fulfill your order. 3. You can try to growl at the dog and show her teeth. 4. It is possible, having at hand a stick, bottle, Read more [...]
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Belt bag

It is summer and time to wear shorts, respectively, with T-shirts and T-shirts. Well, as I have a habit to carry a lot of "favorite" things, the need of what you wear. Needless to say, shove all the pockets of shorts like unaesthetic and Handy with "beach" kind of like that too does not fit, I decided to get a belt bag. When you try to buy the judges - found only a "mercenary" option ala-90, and so vile kind. and describe what I do not. Decided to make their own. Well, as it is usual (like above) to sculpt the desire was not, I tried to do everything in the style of "military", well, or at least Read more [...]
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All the good days. On the site for about six months. I have to say that I am not a writer. but rather the reader. I have a question?
Going to build a house. And just thinking about the convenient underground.
To harvest and bury yourself and if that.
I would be very grateful if Gameday just settle respected couple, three ideas.
how to plan the whole thing.
Super hopper pull. all with their hands only.
Thank you.

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What sport

I wonder what became of the submitted stiske sports / lessons (active recreation) survivalist preference. Of course it is good to be able to all … but as you know everything does not happen at once. Let’s just say what would you rather be a master …

I would like to hear a detailed answer why you chose what that particular option.

I have to say I do canyoning and diving … :) survival skills I think mediocre.

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Record heat in Bulgaria

15.01.11. In the dead of winter in Bulgaria recorded summer temperatures. According to the Institute of meteorology and hydrology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, new temperature records on Saturday were installed immediately in 10 regions of the country. Warmer only - 19.5 degrees Celsius - was in Plovdiv, record 1948 was here immediately exceeded by 2.4 degrees. Slightly cooler from 17 to 18 degrees - was in the Central regions of the country, including in Łowicz, Pazardjik and Veliko Tarnovo. As forecasted, Sunday will be cold, ITAR-TASS reported. Source: View Read more [...]
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Belarusian ankle boots. Spike.

Prosherstila Net in search of new winter slap found what I liked immediately. . Well, I think we seek. Roll into our Khimki Grand Hunt to purchase ammunition (cartridges with a bullet PPV "Artemis" are rare, and here Uncle Kolya store rings - come, postponed five packs). Well, priv ... Opa! are shoes! 3650 Rublev. Good? -Ask - Ouitelnye ... Bought.One with a twisted strip with spikes.Evening was -15 C. wife went on a spring. Want, said spring waters. Spring on the lake. Brushed ice - hockey guys in there playing. That poyuzat immediately. Antigololed normally works. And if you strip with spikes Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Festival — vernal ice

In Nizhny Novgorod region held a superb festival anglers. And E decided to show the video of our program so far.Ice will soon come, and he will only be a memoir. And while you can test your skill in the winter fishing, everyone gathered for the current competition. As we heard a shot to start the festival, a pond filled with dark dots immediately fellows with the Boers. Someone immediately disintegrated near the shore, and who then wanted to turn up more hidden away places. We started with the observation of the current fishing beautiful heroine - blonde Ghali.  Read more [...]
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In the reactor, a U.S. nuclear power plant discovered a crack

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued a U.S. nuclear power plant engineer in South Carolina immediately eliminated cracks have appeared in the main reactor. If the situation gets out of hand, it can create the risk of nuclear catastrophe. The group, which is responsible for the security of nuclear facilities in the U.S., argues that there is no cause for concern, but measures to eliminate cracks in the reactor plant SCE & G in Dzhenkinsville must be taken immediately. According to The South Carolina State Newspaper, the plant management announced in a statement on October 30 that they Read more [...]
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Snakes Voloshinskii places

In January 1936, in the Black Sea off the Crimean coast in net fishermen got a living creature with a horse's head. Frightened to death people immediately broke tackles and release him, and themselves returned to shore.But the story of the famous writer Vsevolod Ivanov about what happened to him in Koktebel. "Dolphins flock moved along the bay to the left. It must be moved back mullet. I turned my eyes to the right and just in the middle of the bay, in 50 meters from the shore, noticed a large, 10-12 m in circumference, stone, overgrown with brown algae.Smoking a pipe, I started to Read more [...]
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Medications and how to treat

I take with me as a first-aid kit and two toothpicks being treated by pushing the corresponding points on the palm. But I was taught this specifically. I can teach you, too. If you are a man - a point on the left palm. If a woman - on the right. Imagine that your thumb - the head, pinky and index - the hands, middle and ring - feet, among them - the stomach at the very hands and bodies all around projected as arranged in the body. Suppose you have a stomach ache (such as gastritis). You take the wood (this is important) and a toothpick in turn apply pressure on different points, first in Read more [...]
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Went last. As captain

In 1986, a moratorium ceased to have effect. In the gallery laid nuclear device. Preparations have begun to explode. A few hours before he was supposed to evacuate all of the major military and civilian personnel on ships. Stroybatovtsev took BDK large landing ship, Other residents of the North went on board SKRov and transports. Commandant Miliutin ought to send a vessel, and so-called Group of survivability - firemen, electricians, motorman, communications that provide a full life of the village, and then all the guards commandant, and the weapons they were ordered to leave in place. Nicholas Read more [...]
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Powerful typhoon Con Son has led to severe floods in China. Video

The turbulent flow of water easily washed away not only cars, but also the whole house.In the south-eastern parts of the country the situation is close to catastrophic, there have evacuated tens of thousands of people.According to the latest tropical cyclone killed more than 70 man. Apparently, this is not the final figures. In the area of disaster rescue workers continue to work.And in the South China Sea during a storm sank several Vietnamese ships. Now specify the number and the number of people who were on board.In the north China blew up an oil pipeline in the south of the typhoon passedIn Read more [...]
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Intelligence gathering

There are several kinds of intelligence: 1. Home information (for example, it is known exactly where in the Russian troops camped). 2. Accurate information - Is detailed knowledge about a particular object exploration (of the plan camps, home to the commander, where - his officers, the number and types of weapons). There are types of information that you must gather during exploration: where (their purpose) buildings enemy number enemy infantry, their weapons and challenge defenses and weapons (trenches, bunkers, pillboxes, bunkers, guns, machine guns, etc.), mines and barbed wire, the time Read more [...]
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Problems of raising children-4

Teach the child to distinguish between what can and what can not, be reasonable and carefully use the word "no". In your child should ban one started to slow down the action and start another. But it is very difficult for him, because braking is still very weak. And when a child constantly hears "do not you dare", "no", "stop", he is stubborn, angry, and sometimes overstrain of the nervous processes can be expressed violent motor reaction - he throws himself on the floor, screaming, pounding feet. When the manifestation of the same stubbornness should Read more [...]
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Principles of education for the mentally healthy child-1

One day recently, I had to watch the next scene. In the courtyard of a group of children playing ball boy of six. Suddenly one of the windows opened and it appeared a woman's head, apparently the mother. The mother looked at her a moment playing son, and met his eyes, said, obviously indifferent tone: "Bennie, enough to drive the ball and go home, not a sin" - and then close the window. Bennie from her tone clearly understood that going home is not necessarily that it is because the mother said, among other things, and she immediately forgot about it. He continued to run around Read more [...]
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Extract from cracks and avalanches

Removing failed to crack should occur very quickly, otherwise the victim may freeze. Immediately after the accident to determine the state of a failure. If the victim is able to move around and help himself, he lowered one or two pitches, and he's way Prussika or rising up in the stirrups. If the victim is helpless, later he takes it with friends. When avalanche accidents immediately after the accident to come down to the place of the avalanche circus (if possible) and see the area in search of the projecting parts of clothing, equipment or body. Be sure to put the signalman, who Read more [...]
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Actions GTB detection IAF base

In the event that militants or overt signs of intelligence IAF base in the survey area commander GTB immediately report the matter and the decision to his superior. Found near the base of the militants, GTB team group commander stops any movement takes around defense and sets watching them - patience will be rewarded ... In actual combat examples (06.2002 g, 17/11/03, the 27 - 28/12/03, the) in a lengthy covert surveillance opened almost all the elements of the base, the approximate number of militants and their weapons, the nature and the extent of readiness. When the need for additional exploration Read more [...]
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