Physiology of the spinal cord

At the segment level spinal cord closed arc of unconditioned reflexes. For example, a hammer blow on the tendon below the kneecap tendon irritation receptors, further nerve pulse by dorsal root reaches the posterior horn cells, and then transferred to the motor cells of the anterior horn and in the form of motor pulse anterior roots and motor fibers are sent to the muscle, causing it to decrease, causing extension of the lower leg. Knee-jerk reflex arc passes through II - IV lumbar segments of the spinal cord, the Achilles reflex arc-through I-II sacral segments. Reflex with biceps tendon passes Read more [...]
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Occlusive disease 1

Pathogenesis obliterating endarteritis is complex. Schematically it can be represented as follows: its first link - a spasm of the vessel, ie, a functional disorder, which leads eventually to the organic changes in the vascular wall. Their development is due to ischemia of the vessel wall, a violation of its innervation, allergies. Blood supply to the vascular wall is suffering due to compression of vasa vasorum spastic muscles of the vessel. This caused a spasm ischemia is a powerful pain impulses, and in response to the inadequate centripetal impulses changes occur centrifugal vasomotor and Read more [...]
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Pain and impulses

Pain, are known to cause a number of emotional, motor and autonomic reactions, by which one can judge the presence of pain in humans: it turns white or red, bites her lip. We are no longer talking about the screaming, moaning, crying. Many of these signs of pain can be suppressed by efforts. At Guy Muzio Scaevola, the legendary Greek hero, not a muscle on his face did not flinch when he held his hand over the fire. However, there are reactions that our will, it seems, quite are beyond. These include dilated pupils with a strong pain stimulation. Yet there are, apparently, people who are able Read more [...]
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Conductive fiber braking

c) fibers, conductive inhibition divided into central and peripheral. Central inhibition formed by specialized neurons in the brain stem nuclei and the cerebral cortex. In central braking impulses coming from higher centers on the efferent nerve fibers to the sensory organs. Of information overload inhibitory impulses play a big role in the selection of perceived pulse brain. In this case, switching attention to some other stimulus pulse sensor systems inhibited braking pulses, sending the necessary incentives to certain "channel." By braking to filter pulses and their summation, Read more [...]
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