Water situation in Russia on 23 December 2011

According to the territorial bodies and subordinate organizations RosVodResursy in reservoirs, rivers and lakes of Russia water situation is as follows.Amur BWIMode Zeya Reservoir: average - 310.31 m (on 01.12.2011 – 310.87 m), the inflow - 35 cubic meters / s, relief flow - 720 cubic meters / sec.Upper - Volga BWIThe level in the Rybinsk reservoir per day increased by 2 cm and made up 99.63 m BS in Gorky – 1 cm to the level of 83.84 m.Taking into account the reduction of power consumption in the pre and holidays, and for the rational use of water reservoirs with a December 21, 2011 Read more [...]
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Championship of Russia — 2011 is history

25-27 March 2011 took place the Championship of Russia on fishing jigPhoto from the archive of the author The participants of the competition were boys and girls under the age of 18 years. The organizer of the event this year was the Society of Hunters and Fishermen in Nizhny Novgorod. Athletes fished from the ice on a rowing channel in this Volga water.For Pskov young anglers these competitions have become such important debut at the All-Russia competitions. Collect command area was on the one hand easy. Only recently, namely, March 6, at Usvyaty on the lake White passed regional Read more [...]
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Redistribution hunting grounds continues

Photo by Ilya Lipin AT «HORN» continue to receive letters in which readers are reporting occurring in some regions of Russia seizures of hunting grounds.In this publication we will try to analyze what is happening around the hunting grounds, until recently owned Hunting «Aseevsky» JSC «Surskaya manufactory name Aseeva» Penza region (hereinafter – OAO).Here is some of the documents sent to the Editor «HORN».1. A letter from the Chief Editor «HORN» PN Gusev on 26.04.2012 «On the artificial withdrawal» hunters Read more [...]
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Minors Bushkraftery — let’s see how many of us?

! WARNING opinion poll. Please flood or breed! When I came to the site in the first and began to actively explore the article, I wondered: ONE I am? (Probably asked yourself this question many) In 2011 there was one. If I'm wrong correct. The purpose of this article Bushkrafterov young association to exchange experiences and discuss common themes and making joint outputs. Offered to all registered users who have not yet turned 18 years unsubscribe and tell us a little about yourself, better with pictures. Start with yourself: - I live in the city of Saint - Petersburg. - Online since 2011 - Engaged Read more [...]
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European port statistics indicate a risk of recession

May port statistics show a more severe recession in Europe than expected, the authors warn of the last report Global Port Tracker. According to the document, the current level of trading volume shows that the recession has already begun, and any hopes of a peak season gradually evaporate"There is hardly mentioned at least a slight increase compared to 2011, by the end of the third quarter, we predict the beginning of even more serious recession" - analyst Ben Hacket.The total volume of goods imported by sea to Europe is projected to increase by 2.3% in 2012, with 2.8% growth expected in northern Read more [...]
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