Gun incidents

The main "tool" is his gun hunter rifle, so before you go or output to hunt it should be carefully monitored in terms of serviceability and completeness. Overconfidence (always it was normal!), Or the rush to collect hunting lead to unfortunate mishaps already on the hunt. Here are a few cases that were with me and my companions at different times and at different ages, which may help readers avoid making similar mistakes.Photo: Mikhail Semin TRUST BUT CHECK! In the 60s of the last century I had to go on a business trip in late August for two weeks to three. My friend found Read more [...]
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In Taiwan, a landslide covered the freeway

Hillside collapsed on the main highway in Keelung, Taiwan. As a result, three cars were buried under the ground. Authorities blamed the incident long rains, and could not find the drivers. (National Airborne Service Corps / Associated Press) In Taiwan, came down from the mountain landslide collapsed on the National Highway. As a result, about 300 meters flyovers were under the rubble of earth and mud. At the moment of the scene being excavated. It is unknown whether there is a car under the rubble. According to the Prime Minister Wu Den-Uiha message about the incident was received at 14:35 local Read more [...]
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Failure of the soil in Dnepropetrovsk

Photo: Truck ZIL half fell to the ground today around 8:20 on the corner of Furmanov street and Karl Marx Avenue, opposite the stub 10 th bus-stop. This was reported by an eyewitness of the incident Yuri Andreev. According to him, at the bottom of the resulting failure was water. Presumably, the cause of the incident was a utility basis of the road surface waters from an underground reservoir. Literally 10 minutes later at the scene came the ambulance, the driver suffered only minor injuries. Source: In The City Read more [...]
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In the center of Yekaterinburg again collapsed roadway

  Source: The company REThe failure of a size of about one meter was formed on Wednesday morning, 28 July, on-site roadway March 8, opposite the circus. According to preliminary data, because of the accident no one was hurt. As reported JustMedia witnesses, present at the place of the accident are the traffic police. Pit surrounded. The press service of the city traffic police clarify the causes of the incident. Recall that this spring, a similar incident has complicated the already difficult lives of Yekaterinburg drivers. may 3, on the street Malysheva in the capital of the Read more [...]
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Off the coast of the Netherlands faced the two vessels, at sea fuel flows (updated)

Greek tanker collided with the container ship @ AP Off the coast of the Netherlands in the North sea on the morning of Tuesday, October 12, facing the Greek Cypriot tanker and container ship. After hitting on Board the tanker spilled fuel. As RIA \"Novosti\" with reference to Reuters, the incident occurred at 9:00 Moscow time (7:00 local). The two vessels were not able to go 30 kilometers to the West of Sheveningen - one of the districts of the Hague. In the incident the tanker was a hole with a diameter of about 6 meters. His hold was to drain the kerosene. None of the sailors were not injured. It Read more [...]
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Torrential rains in the USA has led to flooding and the incident at the airport

In the USA several States covered by the strong flood. Most suffered Arkansas and Oklahoma. Evacuated several thousand people. Closed the largest of the track, in many cities, marked by shortages of electricity. Torrential rains led to the incident at the airport in Chicago. «The Boeing 737» when boarding was rolled out of bounds. Onboard there were 130 people, nobody has suffered. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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India: groundwater Levels have risen in the city Olpad

on June 19. A strange incident - groundwater levels have risen in the city Olpad (Olpad, district Surat. In the city the water began to escape from aquifer wells and flow. Interestingly, the incident was not limited to one area, but was fixed everywhere in the city.Salt water was replaced with freshon June 17. Fresh water from wells is full salt water and turned into fountains in the coastal village Olpad in the district of Surat. Read more [...]
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Thousands of dead fish washed up on the coast of Chile

November 13, 2013. Coast of Chile strewn with dead fish. In Chile again faced with a strange incident. On the coast of Puerto Montt threw thousands of dead fish. Authorities are not yet able to explain this mysterious phenomenon. A strange incident on the ocean coast in Chile. In Puerto Montt on the shore found thousands of dead fish. It is medium in size hake and mackerel. It is unclear what caused their mass death. Fish were removed from the shore, some of them will send you to the study.Eduardo Aguilera, national fisheries Chile: \"the Coastal area was checked, but we could not find any Read more [...]
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Argentina: a Massive landslide in the province of Misiones

July 26. Two hectares of land were deformed as a result of unexplained phenomenon on Wednesday last week. At night there was heavy rain, but not much more than usual. At dawn the next day the first man who brought before him the picture was shocked and could not believe my eyes.Still the incident no one finds explanations. The incident occurred near the town of Colonia Aurora. The settlers lived here for decades and say that you have never seen anything like it. Yesterday the representatives of the National technical Institute for agricultural technology, for the first time examined the Read more [...]
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In Turkey massively kill birds

In Turkey there was a case of unexplained mass bird deaths. Dead starlings found the inhabitants of the County Karugaba in the province of Bursa. On the road were dozens of carcasses of birds. About the incident promptly reported to the local authorities, an investigation was launched into the incident. Currently, specialists carry out the necessary tests. However, while they failed to establish the cause of death of starlings. According to ITAR-TASS, according to one version, a flock of birds could hit a few heavy-duty trucks, marching one after the other. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Mass bird deaths in Canada

8.01.11. There was another case of unexplained mass bird deaths. This time the incident happened in Canada, as reported by local news Agency \"Postmedia news. Fall to the ground a few dozen pigeons occurred in the vicinity of the town of Saint-Augustin-de-Demor (Quebec). It is reported that the number of dead birds has reached 80. Now investigating the incident involved a canadian expert ornithologists. A similar incident with a dead fly the birds was recorded in the same area in mid-December. Then on one plot was discovered 25 pigeons. As the representative of the Ministry of environment Read more [...]
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In the Lviv castle left without roofs and Windows of residents of several villages

August 25,. In the Lviv region was large hail, which caused substantial damage to the residents of several localities. The incident occurred on the territory Skolevsky district 24 August at 14:30, where he was intermittent rain and large hail. As a result, in private homes and other objects of the villages Krushelnick, Pidhorodne and Urich was partially damaged slate floor and glass Windows. According to MOE, the dead and injured due to the incident there. Currently, working groups were established to determine the amount of damages. Source: URA-inform Read more [...]
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A swarm of bees attacked a trading caravan in Sudan, 11 people were killed

on 5 October. Attack of bees on a trading caravan in the West of Sudan has claimed the lives of more than 10 people, wrote on Wednesday Sudanese newspaper «Fortune Telling Lahsa» with reference to the witness of the incident. He said that four people died from the stings of bees on the spot, seven more died later. In addition, according to him, after this incident, about a dozen people remain unaccounted for. They went astray, trying to escape the insects. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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100 thousand bats fell from the sky in Australia

January 9, 2014. Residents of the Australian state of Queensland before were surprised by the unusual and somewhat frightening incident: at the same time about 100 thousand dead bats literally fell from the sky. The incident occurred in rural areas. According to scientists, all because of an extraordinary heat, which is established in the region. This summer in the state of the air temperatures consistently stay above 40 degrees. Naturally, such heat affects not only people but also animals. For bats heat and even proved fatal: when temperatures exceed 43 degrees, from overheating and circulatory Read more [...]
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Strong wind speeds of over 100 km per hour hit Istanbul

on April 18. Strong wind gusts up to 120 miles per hour struck on Wednesday in Istanbul, the result of natural disaster struck the building house, more than 300 buildings were demolished roofs, smashed Windows and injured, reported by the local media with reference to power 15 million Turkish metropolis. Officially reported two victims, but this is not the final data. Bad weather forced the Istanbul authorities to abolish the ferry boat and the message in the black sea Straits. At the time, was dismissed the motion on one of the suspended bridges over the Bosphorus.The most dramatic events Read more [...]
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Texan cut back due to sign a six-year son superstitious attitude to the date 12/12/12

12/14/2012 U.S. police arrested a 39-year resident of Texas, who is suspected in the elaborate torturing his infant child. The "mystical" Wednesday (12.12.12), he cut the body of his son on the sacred symbol.Suspect Brent Troy Bartel himself phoned 911 and reported that "shed innocent blood." When the manager found out that his son has suffered, and asked about the reasons for the accident, a sadist was talking about his superstitions."This is a sacred day," - commented on the motif of violence Brent Bartel.Message about the incident in the house Read more [...]
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In Italy unbalanced passenger jumped from the plane seconds before take-off

10/12/2012 Airport staff of the Italian city of Pisa is investigating an unusual incident in the air harbor Sunday morning. When you try to take off one of the aircraft passenger jumped out of it.The incident occurred at the airport Galileo Galilei. The airliner bound for Trapani (Sicily), already taxiing to the runway to start overclocking. At this point one of the passengers may have changed his mind to fly or something frightened eyes rest opened the back door and leaped down.Fortunately, the "jumper" is not dead. However, he hardly expected to do take their own lives. Read more [...]
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Iranian gas production platform sank in the Gulf

Offshore gas production platform sank in the Gulf Iranian experts when trying to install it on the South Pars field in the Persian Gulf, reports on Wednesday AFP referring to the Iranian media. The incident took place on Monday when the technical construction weight of 1.85 tons of rolled over and sank to a depth of 80 meters on a section of the deposit. It is reported that Iran was engaged in the development of the platform Marine Industrial Company (SADRA), which is one of the industrial units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). "There is an investigation of the incident," Read more [...]
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In the South China hit by two buildings

In Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province / South China /, today afternoon hit by two buildings of the six stores.

According to local authorities, the incident did not result in casualties.

About 16:40 in the center of Guangzhou's Liwan district, there was a subsidence of the soil on a road junction, which led to the collapse of buildings with shops.

Causes of the incident are being investigated.

Category: Factors and accident
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A gas leak caused panic in Rouen

01/22/2013 Lubrizol has occurred at the chemical plant in northern France harmless gas leak triggered panic among users of social networks. The inhabitants of Rouen, where the plant is located, in the morning on January 22 in the air felt a sharp odor. At the same odor complaints and residents of Paris, located 100 kilometers from the place of incident. The government reported a leak of mercaptan, which gives the smell of domestic gas and is harmless. However, despite a harmless situation, the incident provoked a lot of messages in social networks. Users have complained of malaise, headaches Read more [...]
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