Global warming has gone backwards

If the rise in temperature continues, Greenland will soon be left without snow. Climatologists offered an explanation reduction growth temperatures observed in recent years. According to scientists, the reason for this was the fall of the water vapor content in the stratosphere. The work of the authors published in the journal Science. Its summary results portal Nature News.Despite the fact that the decade from 2000 to 2009 was the warmest year on record, in recent years, growth has slowed somewhat temperatures. Skeptics saw it as proof that global warming does not exist as such. The authors Read more [...]
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The food is much more expensive

Experts predict a sharp increase in food prices in the coming year, which will be associated with an increase in demand for food commodities and reduce inventory of products. Natural disasters such as drought in India and Argentina and a typhoon in the Philippines, have cut back production in these regions. "Inventories are extremely low in a number of grain markets. So the prospect of a further rise in food prices in 2010 can not be ruled out ", - the report says Barclays Capital 10 December. Stocks of grain and rice to fall to harvest in 2010 for the first time in the last three years, according Read more [...]
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Key provisions of the plan for economic and social development of the city of Nizhny Tagil

Key provisions of the plan for economic and social development of the city of Nizhny Tagil, and the city's budget for 1990     December 27, 1989 at the twelfth session of the City Council of the twentieth convocation was approved Plan economic and social development of the city in 1990, and the report on the budget for 1988 and the city's budget for 1990 year.     In terms of economic and social development of the city in 1990 outlined measures for the implementation of the objectives of strengthening its social orientation. In 1990, the growth of the group provided Read more [...]
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By the rivers of Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tambov and Volgograd regions floodwaters destroy ice

And in the Krasnodar Territory in the rivers of water rises due to rain. The process of breaking the ice on the rivers began in Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tambov and Volgograd regions. Rise in water level was 0,5-2,4 meters. Due to ice jams more intense increase in the level of water was observed in the Lipetsk region Don the borough Zadonsk (6.5 meters) and the river near the town of Pine Elec (2.7 meters). Excess water level mark flooding floodplain 155 cm marked on Don Zadonsk the township, on the river Podgornaja in the Voronezh region near the town of Kalac - 80 cm. Forecasters expect March 19 continued Read more [...]
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In Kamchatka, the decline of water

According to the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation as of today on the river near the village of Lovat Vzvad Novgorod region and on Lake Seliger in the Tver region town Ostashkov maintained the highest level of water. By the rivers of Mezen, Pechora (at the village of Trinity-Pechora and Ust-Shchugor) with the influx Ilych, as on some rivers of the Northern Dvina observed a small increase in the water level. In some areas Helena tributaries Vitim and Olyokma, rivers Yenisei basin Touba, Abakan, Taseevo, Kazyr Kizira lasts leisurely rise in water level. Unhurried decline of the Read more [...]
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Dali coming

     Each year, each five-year plan to make a lot of new economic development, public education, health, trade, consumer services Nizhny Tagil. But especially "fertile" city-worker must be present, the tenth Five-Year Plan, when the entire Soviet people with great labor and the rise of political struggle for the implementation of the historic decisions of the XXV Congress of the Party.     Integrated plan for economic and social development of Nizhny Tagil capital investments for the tenth five-year period compared to the previous increase by more than Read more [...]
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Amur flood crest approached the Komsomolsk-on-Amur

For disk imaging RF Hydrometeorological Center on September 11, 2013, the crest of the Amur flood is coming to the village Malmyzh located upstream of the town of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The intensity of the rising waters on the Amur River from the village to the mouth of the river Malmyzh ranges from three to 10 cm per day. On the territory of Khabarovsk Krai floodplains Amur, Ussuri, Tunguska flooded to a depth of 1 to 6 meters. Because of past rains resumed rise in water level in the 7-28 cm a day on the rivers flowing into the Zeya reservoir. On the Amur, Zeya, Ussuri, Tunguska, Bijan remained Read more [...]
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Spring in KhMAO

Temperature distribution over the KMAO in April close to the summer, but only in May completely eliminated the remnants of the winter the temperature distribution due to the influence of relief and enhanced antitsiklonichnostyu. In April, there remains inherent in the winter the temperature difference between the western and eastern regions. The shortest, windy, clear  and the dry season of the year. Spring period lasts  to 40 days. The beginning of spring can be considered as the end of April, during which rapidly deployed spring conditions, so that the temperature in relation to the Read more [...]
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Great influence on the climate has relief in the Urals

  Elongated along the meridian of the Ural Mountains contributes to cold waves within the county and their penetration far to the south. When driving Arctic air masses from the west Taimyr often accumulate them in front of the mountain range in the northern part. As a result of the increase of the pressure gradient occurs breakthrough of cold air masses to the south. Depression, which occurs in the rear of a breakthrough, often deepened due to the increased thermal gradients and accelerate its move to the north-East.   Increasing the area on the right bank of the Yenisei River in the direction Read more [...]
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Download the entire Google maps to his computer

Small and very cool program to download different maps to your computer.SAS.Planeta - This free program it is possible to choose which cards you want to download: Google Maps, "Kosmosnimki" Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, maps of the General Staff, and others, have + to all the layers that will be superimposed over the maps, object names and stuff.Able to download any area, very convenient tool works polygonal selection, ie for example you select only the mainland, or your city, you need to choose and bet on an increase in download. I think you are not to the entire ocean or forest with the maximum Read more [...]
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Monsoon rains poured India

August 1, 2013. It is reported that heavy monsoon rains in India have caused an increase in the water level in the river Ganges. In Uttar Pradesh recorded numerous floods. The constant increase in the water level in the river has forced residents of Allahabad to collect their belongings and move to a safer place. Ganges River overflows annually during the rainy season (July - September), at which time the water in the vicinity of the cities of Varanasi and Allahabad may rise to 15-16 m. Since the main tributaries of the Ganga - Yamuna and Cauchy - very low banks, the disastrous floods - not Read more [...]
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Antarctica is hidden from warming the ozone hole

Paradoxical increase in ice off the coast of Antarctica in the global warming associated with the so-called ozone anomaly in the South Pole. According to the representative of the Arctic Research Institute Alexander Klepikova, reduction of ozone leads to a cooling of the upper atmosphere, and the strengthening winds, protecting Antarctica from warm air, reports RIA "Novosti". "Over the 30 years of observations that we have satellite data, we increase the ice cover in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica, more than 4%," - said the scientist. At the same time, the amount of drift ice at the Read more [...]
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The increase in solar activity

The sun starts to increase its activity, which will be reflected in the world is not the best way. To solar storms are not caught by surprise, the scientists gathered to discuss how best to protect the artificial earth satellites and other vital systems from the solar weather. Solar storms occur when sunspots erupt modified particles that can damage power systems. Solar activity usually takes 11-year cycle, and is now approaching an active period. People of the 21st century rely heavily on technology. However intellektnye power transmission apparatus, GPS navigation, air travel, radio Read more [...]
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Ukraine comes desert

The fires in Russia and neighbouring regions of Ukraine drew attention to the problem, which has long spoken in Europe, but which was little disturbed by Ukrainians. For Kharkiv climate change may indicate the onset of the steppes. At the conclusion of biologist by profession, Chairman of the Kharkiv environmental groups \"Pechenegs\" Sergei Shaparenko, climate change has accelerated. According to him, Ukrainians today obviously see what the environmental organization said in the beginning of 1990-X. In the Kharkiv region, says Saraireh already installed restoratively climate — Read more [...]
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Scientists explained the reason stabilize global average temperature

August 29, 2013. Scientists engaged in the study of the process of global warming, said that, despite the increase in the share of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, over the last 15 years, the average temperature of the planet was almost unchanged. This fact suggests the presence of a deterrent, ensuring stabilization of the temperature. It was found that such a break is provided by abnormally low temperatures in the tropical Pacific ocean. Scientists at the SCRIPPS Institute of Oceanography in California Yu Kosaka and Xie SanPiN in an article published in the journal Read more [...]
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Israel expects the strongest drought

While the entire Jewish people praying for rain, meteorologists predict unprecedented drought. Winter 2009—2010 years has not been particularly rainy, but still differed from those of the preceding six dry years. Summer 2011 year, however, promises to break all records heat. Winter this year will begin very late, and precipitation is very little. Israeli Control of Water Resources , after hearing the bad news, immediately launched a campaign for raising water prices. Prices, no doubt, will increase, however, the problem of water shortage, the price increase will not solve. In 2001, Read more [...]
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Thailand will face the role of Atlantis

Some locations may simply go under water According to the results of the research, Professor anon Sanitwong, Director of the regional centre for South-East Asia non-governmental organizations START dealing with the problems of climate change, predicted that the average temperature in Thailand will grow by 3-4 degrees over the next 35 years. In their research START has divided Thailand for eight climate zones and built a model of climate change in each of them for the next 35-55 years. Due to the increase in temperature in General will change the climate in the country as a whole. In the rainy Read more [...]
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An overview of the grain market

2 September. World grain prices in the past month showed a significant increase, however, prices of wheat grown since June, most significantly and reached a peak in early August, subsequently declined slightly. Continuing uncertainty about the extent of losses due to drought in Russia and other countries of the black sea region has resulted in the beginning of the period increase the number of speculative buying up futures, despite generally adequate global supply of grain.Confirmation Russia on August 5, a temporary ban on grain exports was caused on this day, the next leap in prices for Read more [...]
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A major fire is raging on the territory of the Baikal national Park

© Photo: press service of EMERCOM in KHMAO Fifty hectares of forest burning on the territory of the Baikal national Park in the Irkutsk region, the MOE does not exclude that the area of the fire, despite the efforts of firefighters may increase, according to the press service of the regional administration. «He acts for two days, its area at the moment — more than 50 hectares. It is not excluded that by the morning of the perimeter of the combustion will increase further. Power for fire suppression continue to increase. Involved Agency staff forestry, aviation base forest protection, Read more [...]
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A record number of whales beached on the beaches of Brazil this year

© Seventy-three deaths on the coast of Brazil marked the beginning of the year, reported by the Institute of environment and renewable biological resources (Ibama) in the country. According to the Agency, it has already become an absolute record in the history of observations up to the end of the year may increase. Environmentalists say the most significant increase in mortality among the most common in Brazil humpback whales — 66 cases. This is 60% more than in 2007, when it was found 41 animal of this species. First place the number of dead whales occupies Read more [...]
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