Can Overmuch Umber Pop?

Can overmuch chocolate obliterate?     Exposure: Teo Tarras/Shutterstock"Slant and fit citizenry did not seem to be at increased jeopardy."Java and wellness are backbone in the tidings with a new discipline in Mayonnaise Clinic Proceeding exhibit that enceinte umber drink (28 cups per hebdomad) increased the adventure of all-cause deathrate in multitude less than 55 by approximately 50 percentage in men and two sheepfold in women. This discipline is the about late of a farseeing business of oft contradictory inquiry in respective populations display that java is goodness, Read more [...]
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Recitation: Beneficial for Trunk and Encephalon

Exercising has farsighted been joined to increased yield of a protein known as the "brain-derived neurotrophic component" (BDNF). BDNF is all-important for creating and maintaining tidy neurons and thereby delaying (or maybe preventing) neurologic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.Participate cellular biologist Bruce Spiegelman and his colleagues from Harvard Aesculapian Cultivate and the University of Michigan Aesculapian Mall. The researchers suspected FNDC5, a protein induced during exercising, was responsible increased levels of the "impertinent protein" Read more [...]
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St. Petersburg has not seen such a snowfall since 1881

According to the Hydrometeorological snowfall took place in St. Petersburg in the last day, was the strongest since 1881. As REGNUM News today, Dec. 24, the press service of the city administration, the night before in St. Petersburg 9 cm of snow fell, and from midnight until dawn today, the snow level has increased by 14 cm. As emphasized in the press service, the fight against heavy snowfall derived all the available harvesting equipment. At this point in cleaning the city from continuing snow occupied 1,216 units of cleaning equipment, 340 trucks, 162 truck. Also, snow removal is carried out Read more [...]
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Atmospheric pressure for the fourth time breaks a record

Thanks to our extensive anticyclone, in the center of Russia still extremely high atmospheric pressure. Today also marks another record. By 11 o'clock the atmospheric pressure in the city (according to the reference weather station ENEA) increased to 1027.4 hPa (770.61 millimeters of mercury). The maximum amount by which the pressure was increased on January 21 was 1027.3 hPa (770.54 mm Hg) and was observed in 1973 Set fourth in the current January record of atmospheric pressure. Monthly record is in 1972, when under the pressure of anticyclonic weather in Moscow rose to 780.74 millimeters of Read more [...]
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TOBOLSK of p-tion n. Tyumen region., Is located in a bend of the river. Irtysh at the confluence of the river. Tobol, 247 km north-east of from Tyumen. T. DOS. Cossacks in 1587 and has long been p. In Tobolsk. Siberia. On the lips. reform of Peter I 1708-1710 was T. c. Siberian province., Which included nearly all of Siberia and W. (1708), then q. Governorship of Tobolsk (1782) and, finally, c. Tobolsk Province. (1796). Originally us. T. were service people, but with the development of industry and trade and increased Posadskoe us. In the XVII-XVIII centuries. in were plentiful. tanning workshops, Read more [...]
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State farms (owls. X-va)

State farms (owls. X-va) State. c / x enterprise. First established in 1917 on the basis of the confiscated estates. Were designed to demonstrate a cross. advantages of a large s / x Mfr. based societies. property, to contribute actively to the reconstruction with. S. was state property. property and assign them on a full host. reference. In November. December. 1917 on the basis of the nationalized estates W. organized 8 C. The process of their creation intensively held in 1918 at the end of 1918 there were about U.. 100 C. They possessed considerable in those days mat.-tehn. base. S., org. in Read more [...]
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Baked brick, baked themselves

     Back in March 1947 I first entered the checkpoint refractory plant. In my eyes, he grew and developed, and why it is so dear to my heart factory team with his troubles and joys.Start fireclay plant. 1934 file photo.     Construction of the main branches of fireclay plant was completed in 1934. Refractories were needed throughout the country, and especially Tagil, where he began to build a giant industry. Underway erected Coke, the first blast furnace.     Hardest part was the beginning, not enough qualified personnel: molders obzhigalschikov, Read more [...]
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Population characteristics of the national and social structure. The position of the masses of the Urals in the XVIII century.

  The transformation of the Urals in one of the largest industrial areas of feudal Russia led the nature and intensity of social processes that unfolded in its territory. Consistent development of the mining resources of the Middle first, and then the South and partly Xie­faithful Urals and promotion of agriculture in the south in the southern Urals and Bash­kiriyu appeared the consequence and cause of incessant influx here alien population of Pomerania, the central provinces, the Volga region and other parts of the country. The pace of settlement edges were not as intense as in the Read more [...]
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Industrialization process of creating a large-scale machine mfr. in all branches of cum. x-va primarily in prom., by p. new and reconstruction of old prom. predpriyay based on the latest technology, providing mechanization and Naib. high productivity. The first (early) phase I. Russia carried out as a result of prom. revolution in the late XIX early. XX century., When modernization undergone Ch. industry cum. x-va metallurgy and mechanical engineering, chemistry, w / d transport. In the period from 1863 to 1900, incl. was built 18 met. s-ing, in Vol. h. 1880-90 in th 16 Among them were Chusovskoy Read more [...]
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Yegorshinsky TPP

Yegorshinsky TPP beg. p. in 1916 on the bank. Bobrovka near the miners' village. Egorshino Perm. lips. In 1917-1919 p. Suspended and resumed in 1921 on the ba. electrification plan. In October. 1922 Electra. gave the first talk, to-ing produces two turbogenerator British firm Thomson-Houston powerful. 500 kW each. Were later equipped with two turbine generator Leningrad. metal s da powerful. 1,5-2 thousand. KW and one Swedish company Yungstrem by 11.5 thousand. KW. By 1941, Art. had established powerful. 24 megawatts, serving Yegorshinsky coal bass. Giving current in Eq. energokoltso. During the Read more [...]
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Vorontsov ur. mine owners. The first owner of V. z-ing W. became a senator and a gene-l-in-chief Roman Kutuzov (1707-1783), to-ing in 1758 bought from the state for the 35 th. Upper Iset zd. Reconstructed, it has achieved increased productivity and the s-organized it copper smelting Mfr. He also undertook a number of unsuccessful attempts page. New s-ing. Having failed, RI with the help of his brother Mikhail Kutuzov (1714-1767), who served as chancellor, has made the transfer into the hands B. Visimsky, Motovilikhinsky, Pyskorskogo, Yagoshinskogo copper z-ing. In enterprises organized page. New Read more [...]
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GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR 1941-45 War of the Soviet peoples. Union for freedom and independence against Nazi Germany and its allies, the most important and decisive hours. World second. War, 1939-45. Significant contribution to the common cause of defeating the enemy made a Lv. region, incl. in 1941-45, a Molotov (now Perm.) Sverdl., Chelyaba., Chkalovskaya (now Orenbah.), Coorg. (Formed in February. 1943) region., Aut. Rep. Bash. and UDM. Ter it. by 1941 reached 856.9 thousand. sq. km, with a swarm population 13.5 million people. By the beginning. W. War was one of the DOS. bases of heavy industry, Read more [...]
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In the Arabian Peninsula the climate is changing

The Arabian Peninsula is undergoing significant climate change. Seasons change and the intensity of rainfall, registered a record rainfall, the number of sandstorms, said Monday a prominent Emirati meteorologist Ibrahim al-Jarvan.Categorically that climate change in the Arabian Peninsula, will be possible only on the basis of not less than 25 years of observations, but now, according to the database, obtained in recent years, we can say that the region "has become the arena of climate change. The new data do not coincide with the values ​​that were recorded during the three decades before Read more [...]
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Bakal MINING founded in 1919 in the district of Satka Chelyaba. lips. on the basis of siderite ore Bakala, stocks to-ryh approx. 1 billion tons. BR includes a fully finished ore mining cycle open and closed method is crushing and screening and sintering p-ki, obzhigoobogatitelny complex preparation siderite ore for smelting, quarry and f-ku processing quartzites. Beg. development Bakal group of fields yellow. ores associated with the page. Simbirsk merchant Tverdyshev IV and VI Myasnikov Kata-Ivanovsky h-huh. From the date of development Bakalskii mines in 1757 and up to the beginning. The twentieth Read more [...]
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Asha STEEL WORKS Regular. in 1896 a merchant Balashev in Asha Minyar district near the station. Vavilov Samara-Zlatoust railway consisted of a blast furnace and auxiliary shops. Ore base was Bakal deposit, fuelwood supplied rafting, pig iron fed to Zlatoust met. zd for further processing. In 1906-12 started up a second blast furnace and two open-hearth furnaces, which allowed Mfr. a soft metal of high quality. In 1913, 34.9 thousand smelted. Tons of pig iron, 48.8 thousand. Tons of steel. In the years. roar. and civil. War zd reduced Mfr. and by 1927 only reached the 1913 level of steel production Read more [...]
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The Trump Condensation Leotards: 2XU Elect Condensation

Elect Compaction.     Exposure: Courtesy of 2XUA:The describe of the troupe is 2XU, out of Australia, and it promises that its clothes bequeath offer “increased venous procedure,” “more oxygenated ancestry delivered to the muscles,” and “lactic zen red from the muscles.” That’s a improbable club for a duet of besotted drawers. Yet we learn many 2XU users spout most increased survival in longsighted workouts and races, also as quicker retrieval. The $139.95 Elect Densification modelling features bactericide and wet wicking framework, besides Read more [...]
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In the west of Antarctica, everything changed

American research vessel Laurence M. Gould in Antarctic waters The climate of the Antarctic Peninsula is in three record for the rate of change. Its coasts are changing all the components of ecosystems. Scientists are trying to understand how it is possible to keep up with such a rapid process. Scientists from several American universities, led by Dr. Oscar Skolfilda (Oscar Scholfield) from Rutgers University in the pages of the journal Science, analyzed the most recent data on the state of ecosystems of the Antarctic Peninsula, and trying to figure out how best to explore this part of Antarctica.Antarctic Read more [...]
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Hypertensive crisis — symptoms, consequences and prevention

Read more [...]
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Famous scientists from 85 countries of the world sent out a communiqué Geochange about global warming

In the published report The International Committee Geochange the changes in statistical and energy characteristics of natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires), as well as some important geophysical parameters. In his Appendix provides forecasts on the basis of which there will be a maximum of two of these disasters is the first in 2011 and more significant in 2013. Forecasts based on analysis of patterns of manifestations for previous years. Scientists believe that global climate changes occur according to the same Read more [...]
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Hypothesis: Scientists recorded the world decrease the speed of the winds

The velocity of the surface flow in some parts of the world has declined significantly. This conclusion was made by experts of the French laboratory science about climate and the environment (LSCE), analyzing data from 800 ground stations for the last 30 years. Found an explanation for this phenomenon. The average annual speed of air flow in some places dropped from 17 to 14 km/h, i.e. by 15%. Scientists noticed that where there was recorded the strongest slowdown in recent years significantly increased the number of trees and other vegetation. Scientists have calculated that this may explain Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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