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Interview Nazarova

- Back in 1969 you foresee the collapse of the Soviet Union and how you see the future of Russia, which is projected to some experts, may also be divided into parts? - Many people will seek to divide Russia, but it will not happen. To 2017 in the former Soviet Union will many coups and revolutions, but the end all this the process of change that all fifteen states to unite again. It ends quite interesting. You'll see. I see a lot of gold jewelry, necklaces. What does that mean - my secret ... -I wonder what will happen to the U.S.? - This country is waiting for major changes, major natural Read more [...]
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The new era in relations between Russia and India

In terms of geopolitics, is control over the Indian Ocean is crucial to the geopolitical structure of the world in the XXI century. Situated between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, it is a kind of "middle ocean", which opens free access and giving control of both the Atlantic and on the Asia-Pacific region. A problem of this control is particularly acute for Russia, after all, the Atlantic, Pacific and now under the control of the U.S. priority. After the collapse USSR Russia from a superpower overnight turned into a regional power. Since then, its status and influence rather dropped Read more [...]
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Variants of the Third World: India vs Pakistan

August 15, 1947 on the world map, two new states: India and Pakistan. Formed from the former British colony on communal grounds, they divided the Hindus and Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. Muslims were happy to get their own independent state, but the government of the Indian state newborn could not come to terms with the fact that large areas of the north-west and north-east are out of his control. In British India, there were more than six hundred large and small principalities. Formally, after the British left all these states become independent, but in fact they had to become part of Read more [...]
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The coldest winter in India

The coldest in the last seven years, winter was the cause of death in the northern states of India, more than 400 people, according to Indian media on Wednesday, citing official sources.Cold holding for a second month. In Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi the capital of the temperature at night drops to +5 - +7 ° Celsius. For a heat-loving India, the houses in which traditionally are not adapted to the cold weather, do not have central heating and double glazing, even, it was a real disaster.Among the dead from the cold most - the homeless and day laborers who flock to the capital for work from Read more [...]
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In India, the dense fog and intense cold

Thick fog and intense cold continued to demoralize motion rail and air transport in the north of India. Bad weather has changed the flight schedule at least 170 flights after a Tuesday night in the capital of India Delhi down thick fog. In addition, Indian authorities canceled hundreds of flights around the railway lines.
Visibility on the streets of Delhi in many areas does not exceed 50 m, making it difficult motion road transport.


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India, drought, wheat, prospects

In India, the rise in temperature of 1 ° C would lead to a loss of 7 million tons of wheat. In 2009., Which was the warmest since 1850., change climate, leading to natural disasters, claimed 55 million lives. This is stated in a study by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), writes the Hindustan Times.Global change Climate change is the most serious threat to agriculture in Asia. Climate change leads to more frequent natural disasters, including droughts. Temperature increase of one degree Celsius would mean for India reducing wheat by 7 million tons, or a loss of $ 1.5 billion is expected Read more [...]
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Tornado — India, USA, Russia, Australia

Tornado in India, September 18 and tornadoes in Kansas, September 15Tornado Surgut, September 14"Alternately's generated to three tornado - Managed to shoot at the same time education two. Last year in the month of September in the same area is education such a tornado. "Tornadoes in Voronezh Region, September 14Tornado, Samara area, September 19Tornado in Athens sht.OgayoTornado in eastern Australia, 14 September Read more [...]
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In India, the primary school building landslide

On Wednesday, August 18, at the primary school building in a village in northern India fell landslide, caused by heavy rains. As a result, killing at least 18 children, the search for several more underway.The tragedy occurred in the settlement Bageshvar that in the state of Uttarakhand. It is reported that at the time of the landslide in the school there were 30 people. The bodies of 18 children have already been found by rescuers working at the site. The search for 10 pupils and two teachers continue, however, as noted by local authorities, the chances of finding them alive almost none.All Read more [...]
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In India, the landslide killed 17 people, the fate of 10 unknown

In the north of India in the state of Uttarakhand in the landslide caused by heavy rains killed at least 17 people, the fate of 10 is unknown, reports Chinese news agency "Xinhua" referring to the Indian media.In addition, as a result of heavy rains disrupted the annual pilgrimage was as landslides damaged many highways and roads.In the state of Uttarakhand in 2009. a landslide there killed 80 schoolchildren.Source: RBC Read more [...]
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Earthquake in northeastern India magnitude 5.5

Seven states in the north-east India - Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur - are considered one of the most earthquake-prone regions.Earthquake magnitude 5.5 occurred on Tuesday afternoon on the north-east of India, Indian Bureau of Meteorology reported.Epicenter earthquake was located near the border of India and Myanmar. Tremors were felt in all North-eastern states of India.As reported by IANS citing eyewitnesses, feeling aftershocks, residents located 100 kilometers North-west of the epicenter of the city of Imphal and Guwahati, comes a 260 kilometers Read more [...]
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7.7 powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.7 occurred on the west coast of India near the Nicobar Islands, said on Saturday the U.S. Geological Survey website.The epicenter of quake, which occurred at 23:26 MSK, was located at 448 km south-west of the city of Port Blair, located in the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Its center was located at a depth of one kilometer."Data on the extent of damage and casualties were reported. Declared a threat of a tsunami in the Indian Ocean, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, "- the words quoted by the representative of the Read more [...]
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Earthquake in India


Maharashtra — the state in southwest India. Population of about 97 million people (2001).

Today, about an hour ago, there was an earthquake in Maharashtra, India, magnitude of 5.1. Information on casualties and damage yet.

Source: Adapted from USGS

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India: Harvest can be delayed because of the rainy season

Harvesting cotton and sugarcane in India, the second largest producer of the above products in the world, may be delayed due to continuing monsoon rains. Delay harvesting effect on reducing the world's supply, thus causing price increases, according to news agency "Kazakhstan-Grain" with the reference to "Bloomberg".Monsoon season is the main source of irrigation for 235 million Indian farmers. According to meteorologists, the monsoon season may be delayed.This is the collection of cotton and thus leads to an increase in domestic prices, says VK Nair, secretary general Read more [...]
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About 150 people were killed in southern India by the rains and gale-force winds

NEW DELHI, Dec. 6. The number of victims of torrential rains and gale-force winds that hit the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, about a week ago, reached 150, according to TV Times Now.Cause of bad weather in the south of the country has become a low pressure area, which formed over the Bay of Bengal.Almost all the rivers near the state capital Chennai burst their banks, overflowing the largest reservoir in the area. Transport in the city stopped in traffic because of flooding some areas and streets. Schools in Chennai and Pondicherry are closed. Destroyed tens of thousands of hectares Read more [...]
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In India, 20 people were killed by heavy rains and squalls

In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, 20 people were killed in heavy rains and squalls in the last day. As reported today in the meteorological department, the east coast of India threatens storm cyclone, which formed in the Bay of Bengal.Because of the rampant floods in Andhra-Pradesh suffered a total of about 400 thousand people living in coastal areas. Over ten man missing. Downpours that have caused floods destroyed more than five thousand houses in the villages in the regions of the Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Nellore, Chittoor. Authorities evacuated 26.5 thousand man, are placed in temporary Read more [...]
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150,000 Indians were affected by floods

More than 150,000 people have become refugees in eastern India due to floods caused by strong rains, said on Saturday the agency IANS citing local authorities.Showers with storm winds began in the east of the country in the middle of the week. Squally wind broken trees, interrupted wire power lines and telephone, in some highland areas went mudslides.In the eastern state of Assam in the flood zone were about 250 villages. Livni also caused floods in the states of Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura. According to media reports, refugees are placed in railroad cars, buildings of government agencies and Read more [...]
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The floods in India killed 60 people

In India, the floods due to heavy rains killed about 60 people, more than half a million homeless, "Interfax-Kazakhstan" with reference to the Interior Ministry.The most difficult situation is in the south, in the states of Assam and Kerala. Over the banks of lakes and rivers flooded many villages in the lowlands. According to the Prime Minister of Assam Tarun Gegoya "help people and rescue operations are underway in full swing." For Search and Rescue joined forces. Deployed about 700 temporary camps where evacuated peasants.Recall that in the result of heavy rains in the Read more [...]
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India is preparing for large-scale flooding

India has announced a warning about the possibility of flooding. Several regions in the north-west of the country are already preparing to counter the effects of flooding due to incessant rains.According to BBC, BBC, and many highways are blocked by landslides, under threat of flooding - farmers' fields. Water in several rivers, including the Yamuna in the capital, Delhi, has reached the maximum level.According to local authorities, the amount of precipitation in August in several parts of the country has already broken the ten-year record.Recall that in early August this year in the Indian Read more [...]
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Floods in northern India affected 2 million people

At least 2 million people in northern India suffered from severe flooding caused by spills of the Ganges in the torrential monsoon rainsIn the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana people homeless, flooded by 1.2 thousand villages, damage to crops in an area of 500 thousand hectares.According to forecasts, flood may reduce the production of cotton and sugar cane.The total death toll in northern India due to rampant elements exceeds 80 man, ITAR-TASS.Earlier it was reported that due to the flooding in the eastern Indian state of Assam evacuated 1.8 million man.Source: Focus Read more [...]
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Flooding at the walls of the Taj Mahal. Video

Flooding threatens the principal symbol of India - Taj Mahal. Mausoleum is located on the banks of the river Yamuna. The level of water in it has reached a critical level, flooded homes of local residents.Currently being built mounds, but all efforts may be in vain because of the heavy rains, which did not stop for two weeks (in India during the monsoon).Taj-Mahal, a UNESCO jewel of Muslim art, its beauty admired around the world, like NTV.India. FloodSource: NTV Lead Read more [...]
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