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Insecticide Kills 23 Children in India

Pesticides sustain been damned in deaths of about twenty-four schoolhouse children in rural India. The students were served corrupt lunches Tuesday at their schoolhouse in Gadamal settlement and began fainting inside hours. By the Wednesday, 23 children, ages 5 to 12, had died.According to officials, the rice in their meals had been corrupt with organophosphates, a plebeian insecticide, and was not water-washed right ahead it was cooked. A container of the insecticide was constitute in the civilise’s cookery expanse but it is not known whether it was the root of the taint.Organophosphates Read more [...]
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Crampon Finds Appreciate on Mont Blanc

A French mountaineer has establish a trove of jewels approximate the top of Mont Blanc. According to the Shielder, the boyfriend came crossways a alloy box, containing emerald, rubies and saphires, that is mentation to birth semen from an Air India clang around 50 geezerhood ago.CNN reports that the stones are not beingness explicitly identified, but that their deserving is estimated 'tween $175,000 and $332,000.The mounter is organism commended for handing in the box at a local constabulary place. "This was an honorable fellow who rattling speedily completed that they belonged to soul Read more [...]
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Indian Man to Set Earthworm-Eating Book

India's Bathroom Putz, 23, has an interesting dieting: a breakfast of dosa and earthworms, a dinner of dal and dragonflies, and 10 or 20 lizards for a mid-day nosh.He's now preparing to set the Guinness Mankind Immortalize for nearly earthworms eaten in a hour. (To realize what this could entail, cognise that India's C. Manoharan entered the Playscript of Earth Records in 2003 by swallowing 200 earthworms in 30 seconds.)"I wishing citizenry to regard me similar they do Gestate Grylls," Dick told the Day-by-day Send. "Multitude are sick when I eat material similar earthworms and cockroaches Read more [...]
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Earthquake in India

Maharashtra - the state in southwestern India. Population of about 97 million people (2001). Today, about an hour ago, there was an earthquake in Maharashtra, a magnitude of 5.1. Information about the victims and destruction yet. Source: based on USGS Read more [...]
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India, drought, wheat, prospects

In India, a temperature increase of 1 ° C will result in a loss of 7 million. Tons of wheat. In 2009., Which was the warmest since 1850., Climate change, leading to natural disasters, killed 55 million. Lives. This is stated in a study conducted by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), writes the Hindustan Times. Global climate change is the most serious threat to agriculture in Asia. Climate change leads to more frequent natural disasters, including droughts. Increasing the temperature by one degree Celsius would mean for India wheat crop reduction by 7 million. Tons or loss of $ 1.5 Read more [...]
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Earthquake in northeastern India magnitude 5.5

Seven states in the north-east India - Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur - are considered to be one of the most earthquake-prone regions of the world. Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occurred on Tuesday afternoon on the north-east of India, the Indian Meteorological Office reported. The epicenter was located near the border of India and Myanmar. Tremors were felt in all north-eastern states of India. As reported by IANS citing eyewitnesses, feeling tremors inhabitants located 100 kilometers north-west of the epicenter of the city of Imphal and Guwahati city, Read more [...]
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Flooding in India claimed thousands of lives

July 17, 2013. In India, the floods around 6,000 people are still missing. Indian authorities believe that the majority of people are still surpluses in this mournful list, appear to have died. According to the official statistics, in the current floods in India, killing about 800 people. Recall that the heavy rains during the period from June 14 to 17 resulted in severe river flooding, landslides and floods Rescue services have speculated that the number of victims of the disaster may be increased by 10 times. It is worth noting that the country continues rescue operations. Local authorities Read more [...]
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The coldest winter in India

The coldest in the last seven years winter was the cause of death in the northern states of India, more than 400 people, according to Indian media on Wednesday, citing official sources. Cold hold for a second month. In Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi the capital of the temperature at night drops to 5 - 7 ° Celsius. Thermophilic India, houses in which traditionally are not adapted to the cold weather, do not have central heating and double glazing, even, it was a real disaster. Among the dead from the cold, most - the homeless and day laborers who flock to the capital for work from remote places Read more [...]
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In India, dense fog and intense cold

Thick fog and intense cold continued to demoralize moving rail and air transport in the north of India. Bad weather has made changes to the flight schedule at least 170 flights after the night of Tuesday to the capital of India Delhi dropped a thick fog. In addition, the Indian authorities have canceled hundreds of flights around railway lines.
Visibility on the streets of Delhi in many areas does not exceed 50 m, making it difficult to car traffic.


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Photos from the

Soufriere Hills volcano erupted on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. (AP Photo / Wayne Fenton) In this photo review pictures from different parts of the world where fixed abnormal weather conditions. Many of them have received the attention of the press, some mentioned in the slides, either intentionally or by accident we do not know. After seeing the post integrity can imagine what is happening on the planet. The main thing is that the fact remains - it happened and it goes on. Photos are clickable.Man and dog sitting on the steps of the historic monument, surrounded by morning fog, Read more [...]
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Way up

    Our meeting took place, as it often happens by accident. The career duties of a journalist I got to the celebration, dedicated to the veterans of war and labor NTMK. In the hall gathered the men and women who had put on the the occasion of their combat and labor awards. They were such abundance, these awards, which seemed even that shining decorations and medals adds light the holiday table.     Head of Department Social Security Works Ivan Good on the question of who better to talk to the subject of publication in the newspaper, and not strongly hesitation, said:     Read more [...]
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Giant flood 2 million years ago flooded China and India

July 24, 2013. Geologists have found in China and India, traces of a giant outburst floods mountain lake. This flood is the largest known natural disasters of this kind. To such conclusion the American scientists from the University of Washington, whose article was published in the journal Geology. The authors examined the traces of a mountain lake, which was once located near the south-eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, just above the gorge of the Tsangpo (as it now is the river Yarlung). Judging by the coastal terraces, the volume of the lake was about 800 cubic kilometers. After a sudden Read more [...]
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How can I batten my gang piece travelling in India?

A:That should be quite escapade. I've ne'er been to India, but sustain foresightful precious to impose that role of the mankind.I guess near of what you demand is moderately aboveboard. Surely, for the charger, I'd merely issue any you use now for a courser and buy a transformable hack that leave ferment thither. Near plugs in India are what are called Eccentric D, which lie of trey beat pins (one of them is a undercoat). Potential, interestingly, is 240, doubly the received hither in the U.S. So be surely you get a "reduction" convertor to modification the 240 volts to 120, or get a Read more [...]
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The whole island was submerged

New Moore Island (New Moore), for the right to have that for about 30 years, India and Bangladesh have argued, went under water due to rising sea levels, said Wednesday the newspaper "Indian Express", citing data from oceanography. The island, also known as South Talpatti Purbasha or an area about 10 kilometers away in the Bay of Bengal. There has never been a permanent settlement, but the island was known due to the fact that he was the subject of a territorial dispute between India and Bangladesh. In 1981, the Indian Border command even sent a group of sailors here with the task set on a deserted Read more [...]
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Indian heat kills people

Because of record high temperatures in the last month in India killed at least 80 people. The temperature in the northern, north-western and central parts of the country is around + 44 °. This heat wave has come for the first time in the last 52 year. According to forecasters, the weather will last for at least two days. — The unprecedented heat was established in the north and east of India. Thermometer through the roof of the forty-degree mark. This is an extremely high figure for April. In some cities set new temperature records. So, in Dzharsuguda, located in the state of Orissa in Read more [...]
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Monsoon rains poured India

August 1, 2013. It is reported that heavy monsoon rains in India have caused an increase in the water level in the river Ganges. In Uttar Pradesh recorded numerous floods. The constant increase in the water level in the river has forced residents of Allahabad to collect their belongings and move to a safer place. Ganges River overflows annually during the rainy season (July - September), at which time the water in the vicinity of the cities of Varanasi and Allahabad may rise to 15-16 m. Since the main tributaries of the Ganga - Yamuna and Cauchy - very low banks, the disastrous floods - not Read more [...]
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Melting ice may lead to starvation

About 60 million people living in the vicinity of the Himalayas, are threatened by hunger, or at least food shortages in the coming decades. This is due, according to the scientists, the melting of ice, which entails the shallowing of rivers and drought, and consequently - a poor harvest. However, the forecast compiled by Dutch scientists this year, less pessimistic than in 2007, when expected the hungry will be no less than 100 million people. In any case, the problem will affect the population of India, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Correction was introduced due Read more [...]
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7.7 powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.7 occurred on the west coast of India near the Nicobar Islands, said on Saturday the United States Geological Survey website. The epicenter of the quake, which occurred at 23:26 MSK, was 448 kilometers south-west of the city of Port Blair, located in the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Its center was located at a depth of one kilometer. "Data on the extent of damage and casualties were reported. Declared a threat of a tsunami in the Indian Ocean, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, "- was quoted as saying the representative Read more [...]
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Flooding in the south-west of India

At least 46 people were killed and more than 20 people unaccounted for as a result of severe flooding in the south-west of India. Powerful rainstorms have caused major damage to the administrative center of the state - Mumbai. There's flooded streets, knocked down trees, power lines disrupted. In one area of ​​the financial metropolis wall collapsed multi-storey building, killing 8 people. Paralyzed transport links in Maharashtra, canceled at least ten flights, trains followed a long delay, ITAR-TASS reported. As a result, showers, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, destroyed Read more [...]
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The floods in India killed 60 people

In India, floods due to heavy rains, killing about 60 people, more than half a million homeless, according to "Interfax-Kazakhstan" with reference to the Interior Ministry. The most difficult situation is in the south, in the states of Assam and Kerala. Emerged from the shores of lakes and rivers flooded many villages located in the lowlands. According to the head of the government of Assam Tarun Gegoya, "providing assistance to the population and rescue operations are already underway in full swing." Go to Search and Rescue joined forces. Deployed about 700 temporary camps where evacuated peasants. Recall, Read more [...]
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