The Indian ocean has progol the earth’s crust for 10 meters

The 2004 tsunami in South-East Asia is considered one of the worst natural disasters in history. Photo Reuters The earthquake of 26 December 2004, with an epicenter in the Indian ocean near the Indonesian island of Sumatra followed by a giant tsunami caused the deaths of more than 155 thousand people. And not only in Indonesia but also throughout Southeast Asia and even in Africa. The tsunami in Southeast Asia, almost all experts believe one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history. Caused it underwater earthquake of magnitude 9 on the Richter scale - the most powerful over the past Read more [...]
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A tropical cyclone in the South Indian ocean

In the middle of last week in the South Indian ocean formed tropical depression that had developed to the stage of a tropical cyclone, named \"Bengisu\". Out on the North-East of Madagascar, the storm lost some energy and have the prefix \"ex\". The wind speed in it does not exceed 15 m/s But, moving further West, he will be in the warm waters of the Mozambique Bay, where popitaetsa warmth and moisture, and bring back the regalia. By 18 February, the wind speed in the cyclone will reach 33 m/s Hurricane wind and rain it comes down to Comoros and move to the South-West of Madagascar. Source: Read more [...]
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East Africa is threatened by severe drought

MOSCOW, February 2. /AMI-TASS/ Over the last 20 years in East Africa recorded an increase in the frequency of droughts and, according to forecasts, this negative trend will continue with increasing mean annual temperature in the world. Frequent seasonal droughts create an increased risk for millions of people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, as the population of these countries are already facing food shortages. The accelerated warming of the Indian ocean is responsible for the continuing decline in rainfall in East Africa, and warming, in turn, associated with global climate change. Scientists Read more [...]
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In the North-East Indonesia earthquake of a magnitude of 6.3

The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.3 occurred on Friday in the North-East Indonesia, according to the USGS. (Magnitude 6.3 HALMAHERA, INDONESIA Friday, October 08, 2010 at 05:43:10 UTC) According to seismologists, the epicenter of the tremor was in the Molucca sea and 235 kilometres North-East of the capital of the province of the North Moluccas city of Ternate. The earthquake was located at a depth of 145 kilometers. Of the victims, the destruction and the threat of a tsunami is not reported.Indonesia is part of the so-called «Pacific ring of fire» (powerful tectonic fault): Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 5.8 occurred in Indonesia

Photo: EMSCThe earthquake of magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale occurred on Saturday morning at the North-Western coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Tsunami warnings were not announced, reported by the National administration of meteorology, climatology and Geophysics (OMCG). The tremor's epicenter was in 44 kilometres South-East of the city Sinabang located on lying off the West coast of Aceh island of Simeulue. Its center was located at a depth of 37 kilometers below the surface of the Indian ocean. Information on casualties or destruction is not currently available. Indonesia Read more [...]
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Near the island of Java earthquake of 6.3

The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale off the southern coast of the settlement of the Indonesian island of Java was felt during the day on Saturday in almost the entire Western part of the island, including the capital Jakarta and the provincial capital of West Java city of Bandung, where it caused panic among the population. Information on casualties or damage yet. \"At this point we have no data about any damage, and we are checking the position in the city,\" said online news portal official representative who was near the epicenter zapadnogermanskogo city Read more [...]
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Indonesia and Sumatra sink

The level of the Indian ocean over the last hundred years has risen to 13 see the Truth, he rises unevenly. Climatologists have found: residents of specific areas time start thinking about relocation. That global warming will lead to an increase in Global sea level, is no doubt difficult. Many climatologists believe that the water will rise significantly before the end of the XXI century. However, exact numbers of scientists are different, so take them from different source data and models. For example, the intergovernmental panel on climate change believes that the oceans by the end of the Read more [...]
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For tourist: Indian elephant

Indian elephants - Elephas maximus - have impressive dimensions - old individuals achieve 5 tons, height at the shoulders is 2.5-3 m Total duration elephants 60-70 years, sexual maturity at 8-12 years. Indian elephant is autochthonous overlooking forest zone of the Peninsula and the Central Cordillera mountains of Northern Thailand. Once feral elephants met in wet-tropical forest on the banks of the main rivers of the Bangkok Plain and Upper Plain, also in vlazhnotropicheskph forests of Southeast coast. According to estimates of the number of royal herds of elephants, manufactured by the Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Moray

Morays (Latin Muraena) - Kind of fish from the family of acne (Muraenidae). Achieves a length of 3 m and weight - up to 10 kg, but there are usually about a meter long specimen. Naked skin of a fish without scales. Found in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean extensively vserasprostraneny and reddish sea. Ecology Moray eels live in the bottom layer of water, we can say for a day or. Happy morays are sitting in the crevices of rocks or coral, sticking his head and usually twitching them from side to side, looking swims prey NIGHT MODE selected from shelters to hunt. Read more [...]
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Three quarter of the Himalayan glaciers decreased in size

NEW DELHI, may 16 — RIA Novosti, Evgeny beseka. Three quarter of the Himalayan glaciers, which are the main source of the largest rivers on the Indian subcontinent over the past 15 years has decreased in size, the newspaper Times of India with reference to Indian scientists. The intergovernmental panel on climate change in 2007 is also presented on this topic in the report, which asserted that by 2035, the Himalayan glaciers will melt. Later in the report were found inaccuracies, and he was disavowed. The latter data were obtained through the analysis of photographs from space 2190 Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Bluefish

Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix), the only member of the family unit lufarevyh Perciformes. Bluefish has a strong, laterally compressed body, two broken spaced dorsal fins. First (stitching) fin shorter than the second, is in the groove on the back. Body elongated (up to 115 cm), laterally compressed, weighs up to 15 kg. Scales cycloid. Bluefish inhabits subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian and South Pacific. In the western Atlantic boundary of the bluefish in the north is the Gulf of Maine, in the south - north coast of Argentina. In the eastern Atlantic bluefish found from Portugal Read more [...]
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In India, the victims of the hurricane were 37 people

NEW DELHI, may 19. The hurricane that struck the Indian States of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, claimed the lives of 37 people. Reported by the BBC, referring to the data of the official Indian media. According to some reports, during a storm a tree fell on a car in which there were people. Killed eight people. In addition, there are reports of numerous injuries houses and power lines. Recall the last time a cyclone struck the East coast of India in may last year. Then from hurricane Laila killed 23 people. In total were evacuated about 30 thousand people. Another powerful cyclone that hit the Eastern Read more [...]
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Navies To Conflict Pirates, For Skill

Mood scientists are teaming up with the U.S. and Australian navies to deploy weather-tracking probes in areas of the Indian Sea where pirates are alive. The scientists bear asked the navies to dismission six-foot-long machinelike Argo probes, which apiece toll roughly $19,000, to cumulate data on salt and pee temperatures. The devices service foretell conditions patterns and cartroad clime alteration in the Indian Sea, data vital to Australian meteorologists as they approximation the nation's rain and photoflood risks. In the yesteryear, scientists let victimized hired ships and commercial-grade Read more [...]
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Indians To Contend Severally in Sochi

The trey Indian athletes competing in following month's Wintertime Olympics leave do so below the Olympic droop, preferably than the Indian sag, according to a story by the Associated Closet. The decisiveness follows a December 2012 IOC abatement of the Indian Olympic Affiliation stemming from corruptness charges against multiple officials.The IOC has sworn to heave the respite abaft the IOA holds new elections, but the India leave not clutch its adjacent law-makers until February 9, two years subsequently the Sochi games get.The Indian athletes reacted contemptuously, with 32-year-old slider and Read more [...]
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Plagiarization Fears Personnel Glide Backwash Re-Route

Organizers of the Volvo Sea Run aforesaid Thursday that they testament variety this yr's run row terminated concerns astir buccaneering in the Indian Sea. In the consequence's arcsecond leg, competitors leave part from Mantle Townspeople and drumhead to an unspecified porthole earlier organizers conveyance the boats to the destination in Abu Dhabi. The outgrowth bequeath be perennial in the thirdly point, which runs from Abu Dhabi to Sanya, Chinaware. Pirates kidnapped more 1,000 sailors finale twelvemonth unique, many in the Indian Sea, and slow-moving sailboats are peculiarly vulnerable to onslaught. Read more [...]
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Roz Brute Completes Indian Sea Row

Roz Barbarian, the British open-ocean oarsman, ruined a 4,000-mile, five-month travel crosswise the Indian Sea when she arrived in Mauritius on Tuesday. She is the offset womanhood to row crosswise the Peaceable, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. Blast, 43, has rowed more 15,000 miles in her 23-foot-long sauceboat. On Saturday, she proclaimed her retreat from row.

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Is Good Wish Amerika!

    Exposure: Trick Goodman IF IT'S Truthful that you are what you eat, so I am a big, oily kielbasa. I brought this on myself: For the preceding workweek I get been bivouacking with a consecrate banding of carnivores who privilege transcribed centre and an alarming change of sausages. We're trench in the Brdy Hills, a pealing bandage of beechwood woods as magical as a stargaze, around 30 miles southward of Prague in the Czech Commonwealth. The air is wide-cut of the feel of honeysuckle, the abuzz of bees, the chirruping of bluebirds, and the red-hot of core. The but homo tracks Read more [...]
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Indian ocean: the active fracture increases the risk of tsunami

4 February. Hitherto unknown system of active faults in the Indian ocean was between the borders of the Indian and Arabian plates. The French group of researchers has discovered an 800-kilometer fault, he is still active and often causes huge landslides. Therefore, the risk of earthquakes and tsunamis in the Indian ocean should be evaluated in a new way, conclude geologists in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters\".The theory of plate tectonics Alfred Wegener, finally from the 1960's it became a doctrine, and the \"joints\" of the earth's crust - the subject of intense research. Read more [...]
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Strong tremors were felt in the Indian capital

on 7 September. Strong tremors were felt on Wednesday evening in the Indian capital new Delhi, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Buildings trembled glass, rattled furniture. Many people ran from their homes and remain on the street for fear of aftershocks. According to the information TV channel NDTV, the magnitude aftershocks 6.6. Reports of victims or damage has not yet been reported. Source: RIA NovostiRead more [...]
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In the Indian ocean discovered fields smokers where they should not be

Combined image of one of the smokers in the South-West Indian ridge (photo by authors). Clickable. on December 21. The discovery of large fields hydrothermal vents in the South-West Indian ocean was surprised and excited scientists: it was thought that they just can't be. \"Craters - some height reached 20 m - spewing black smoke and was full of life, and volcanic rocks glittered with gold. It was a magnificent view,\" recalls Tao of Chunghwa The second Institute of Oceanography Hangzhou (China), head of the Chinese-American expedition 2007. The discovery came as a surprise to many oceanographers. Read more [...]
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