Indonesian cities suffer from climate change

Sprawling city at the equator the world's largest archipelago — Indonesian - are already suffering from the effects of global climate change, but their power to try to prevent damage coming, said Friday the newspaper Jakarta Globe, talking about passing in the Indonesian capital of the Joint exhibition programs of cities on climate change. "We can not predict the weather, using traditional methods," - says the mayor of Bau-Bau on Buton island in the province of South Sulawesi Amirul Tamim (Amirul Tamim). Global climate change is already manifest themselves there as unpredictable Read more [...]
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South of the Indonesian capital flooded in spite of the dry season

Almost 600 homes in the South of the Indonesian capital, remain in the environment under the meter layer of water after coming out of the banks after heavy rain the river Pesanggrahan flooded them the day before, reported the website of the newspaper Jakarta Globe. Authorities Jakarta explain this situation in the midst of «dry season» what happened 14 months ago, the collapse of the dam reservoir SITA-Guntung near the capital, which killed more than a hundred people, has raised the water level in the river Pesanggrahan 40 centimeters, and restoration work has not been completed. Read more [...]
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Indonesia earthquake of a magnitude of 5.2

The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.2 happened today to the South of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. According to the representative of the national seismological service, the epicenter of earthquake was at a depth of 26 km and 145 km from the city of Tapan. They were clearly perceptible in the radius 206 km Information on casualties or damage were reported. According to experts, the occurrence of a tsunami is unlikely, according to ITAR-TASS. The Indonesian archipelago consists of more than 18 thousand Islands stretching along the equator on 6,5 thousand km. Largest island country surrounded Read more [...]
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Flooding in Indonesia. Photo

Due to heavy rains flooding in the Indonesian province of West Papua brought in Monday to the deaths of at least 13 residents of the district of Teluk-Wondama, dozens missing, according to the website of the newspaper Jakarta Globe.«Lost a lot of children», — said the official representative of the district titi Ningsih Winter (Titi Ningsih Winzer). Started day ago heavy rains overflowed the lake above the city Wasior. It overflowed, and streams of water struck the town, tearing up by the roots of ancient trees and tearing down homes, reports online news portal Read more [...]
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The number of flood victims in the East of Indonesia has reached 150

© REUTERS The number of victims occurred ten days ago flooding in the district of Teluk-Wondama the Indonesian province of West Papua on Thursday morning increased to 150, pass the national media. Previously reported 146 dead. Heavy rains overflowed the lake, located above the regional centre Wasior, and taking it to start the river. October 4, they were overflowing, and streams of water up to three meters fell upon the city and its surroundings, pulling up by the roots of ancient trees and tearing down houses and bridges. The true scale of the disaster in this extremely remote and sparsely Read more [...]
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In addition to the volcano in Java, another 20 volcanoes in Indonesia are active

© REUTERS/ Stringer Simultaneously with the eruption of mount Merapi, located in the Central part of the most densely populated Indonesian island of Java, increased activity demonstrate two dozen of 129 active volcanoes in the country, reported on Wednesday on the official website of Centre of Volcanology and reduce geological risk (CSGR) Indonesia. The fourth (highest) degree of anxiety announced only on Merapi, whose the eruption claimed last week 38 lives, however, just one rung below are two more «fire mountain». This IBU volcano on the island of Halmahera in Eastern Indonesia Read more [...]
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From the crater of the Indonesian volcano Bromo began lava flows

JAKARTA, 30 Dec. From the crater of the Indonesian volcano Bromo, located in the Eastern part of the inhabited Islands of the country of Java, last night began the lava flows, reports on Thursday, the national news Agency Antara with reference to the Indonesian volcanologists. «Flaming lava broke through the night», — said one of the leaders of the Centre of Volcanology and reduce geological risk (CSGR) country Gede Suantika (Gede Suantika). According to him, Bromo, known as the most beautiful «fire mountain» Indonesia, where only active volcanoes, there Read more [...]
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Two strong earthquakes struck off the coast of Indonesia

Photo: EMSC Earthquake magnitude 6,3 and 5,3 happened on Tuesday off the coast of Indonesia, according to the website of the U.S. Geological survey. According to the service tremors were registered at 20.08 local time (16.08 time. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Molucca sea 135 kilometres North-West of the capital of the province of the North Moluccas city of Ternate. Its center lies at a depth of 42,8 kilometers. Information on casualties or damage were reported, there is no tsunami threat. A few hours earlier, 15.03 local time (12.03 MSC) another earthquake of a magnitude Read more [...]
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Indonesian volcano erupts after 400 years of silence

January 2, 2011. Indonesian volcano, mount Sinabung, located in the North of the island of Sumatra, was thrown in the air column of ash and lava monster on Sunday morning, followed by another explosion on Monday morning. This is the first eruption of the volcano after 400 years of silence, and it caused panic in the nearby villages. [...] 21 thousand people were evakuirovannym and live in temporary housing. [...] It is not known when the volcano stops erupting, but it is unlikely that volcanic dust will drift into neighbouring countries. Translation: Ko Source: All Read more [...]
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Woke up one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia — Karangetang

8 August. On the Indonesian island of Siau woke up the volcano Karangetang. He is considered one of the most active volcanoes Indonesian /Malay/ archipelago. According to a representative of the local authorities Tony Capita, a pillar of gas and dust reaches 600 m 600 residents living on the slopes of a volcano, urgently evacuated. Suffered by one person. Information about the destruction has not yet been reported. Karangetang height 1784 m is one of 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia. Its most powerful eruption was recorded in 2006. Then the disaster has led to the evacuation of more than 4 thousand Read more [...]
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In the East of Indonesia earthquake magnitude of 6.7

Sunday, December 1, in the Eastern part of Indonesia earthquake magnitude of 6.7. The tremor's epicenter was in 357 kilometres South-East of the capital of the province of Moluccas of Ambon city. The earthquake at a depth of 40 kilometers under the sea surface and the Gang. The threat of a tsunami has not been announced. About the victims and the damage is not reported, according to RIA Novosti. Indonesia is part of the so-called Pacific ring of fire, a seismically active region. In the year there is six or seven thousand earthquakes. One of the last was recorded in early November at the Western Read more [...]
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On the island of Java has a strong earthquake

on 4 June. A strong earthquake of magnitude of 6.1 happened today on the Indonesian island of Java. This was reported by the USGS. Information about the victims and destruction has not yet been reported, according to ITAR-TASS. The last strong earthquake happened in the Indonesian archipelago in the middle of April. The epicenter of numerous aftershocks - the magnitude of the most powerful of which was 8.9 - was in the sea near the island of Sumatra. As a result of natural disasters killed five people. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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To the collapse of SSJ 100 led coincidence

To the collapse of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Indonesia has led a range of factors. Agrees with this conclusion and the Russian and Indonesian side. In the Ministry of Industry said that you can not lay the blame entirely on either pilots or on the controller. In addition, the role played in this tragedy and objective circumstances. And in Jakarta, and in Moscow one of the main causes of the tragedy in Indonesia in May this year, called the set of crew errors and controllers. "Could not any one, the chief, the only reason - critical. There are a set of non-fatal errors and inaccuracies. Read more [...]
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In Indonesia landslides killed nine people

Two landslides caused by heavy rains on Sunday attacked the village of Tanjung Sani on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.Torrents of mud, earth and stones destroyed or damaged 20 dwellings. At the scene rescuers pulled bodies from the rubble of the five local residents, there is an operation to locate 17 missing.Near the village of another landslide destroyed the barracks where the workers had supper, four people were killed, according to online media.As reported, on January 18 the governor of Jakarta, Indonesia imposed a state of emergency, after much of the city was flooded due to heavy monsoon Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred in the east of Indonesia

Magnitude earthquake 5.3 on the Richter scale occurred on Friday morning in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago, no tsunami threat, RIA Novosti reported at the National Directorate of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (NUMKG) of Indonesia. Quake epicenter was located at 117 km south-west of the island of Ternate in the province of North Moluccas. Its center was located at a depth of ten kilometers from the surface of the Molucca Sea. No casualties or damage have been reported yet. Indonesia is the most seismically active area of the planet and is part of the so-called Pacific Read more [...]
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Volcano erupts in eastern Rokatenda Indonesia

Thousands of residents in the eastern Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara, fled their homes after the roofs of their houses collapsed rocks and ash from an erupting volcano Rokatenda.On the slopes of the volcano lava flow, residents evacuated. "Volcanic ash falls into four villages - Nitanglea, Rokirole, Kesokodzha and Lydie - on the slopes of" fire mountain "- said the head of monitoring volcanoes Center of Volcanology and reduce geological risks (TSVSGR) Indonesia Hendrasto (Hendrasto).Located on the island Palue near the northern coast of Flores Rokatenda volcano, which Read more [...]
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Rokatend volcano. Ash emissions

Nearly 200 residents of the slopes of the volcano Rokatenda in the eastern Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara have been forced to flee to the nearby town of Maumere due to emission of ash, said on Saturday newspaper Jakarta Post.According to the Office for Disaster Area Sikka (BPBD), the emissions of volcanic ash from the crater of a "fiery mountain" also forced hospitalization in Maumere at least six people with diseases of the respiratory tract and skin and eye irritation.Centre of Volcanology and reduce geological risks (TSVSGR) of Indonesia has announced a month ago on the Read more [...]
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Volcano Rokatenda intensified in the East of Indonesia

on October 16. Volcano Rokatenda intensified in the Eastern Indonesian province of East Nusa-Tenggara, reports on Tuesday, the national news Agency Antara. \"Volcanic ash falls on four villages — Detangle, Rocherolle, Casacada and Lidi — on the slopes «fire mountain», — said the head of the Department of monitoring volcanoes Center of Volcanology and reduce geological risk (CSGR) Indonesia Hendrasto (Hendrasto).In this regard, the center announced on the slopes of the volcano alarm second (penultimate) level and called about 6 thousand inhabitants Read more [...]
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Indonesia: Less likely to find the missing

An increasing number of victims among the inhabitants of the archipelago of Indonesia Mentawai Islands, where on Monday, an earthquake of 7.5 points, and after him followed by a tsunami. Today, there are 413 dead and 298 people are still missing. "We do not have enough beds and medicines and requires much more oxygen. Many patients need oxygen masks, and our reserves are depleted, masks almost honeycomb. Old people and children are especially in need of oxygen "- says Dr. from a clinic. The delivery of humanitarian assistance to poor weather conditions hampered and the remoteness Read more [...]
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In the West acting Java the landslide occurred

on December 11. The heavy showers, which became the echo of Typhoon Boh, had washed away the soil in the Western half of the Indonesian acting Java and caused the landslide. As a result, one miner, who works in the mine near the site of the disaster, was killed. 21 employee working illegally mine for gold mining near Sukabumi still unaccounted for. Except mine landslide was razed to the ground 12 houses and two bridges connecting Sukabumi and Banten province. This area of the archipelago of Indonesia due to its mountainous terrain is often exposed to various natural disasters of a similar nature, Read more [...]
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